Eagles Sign Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews
The Eagles signed second-round pick Jordan Matthews to a four-year contract Tuesday, the team announced. First-round pick Marcus Smith is the only player from the Eagles’ 2014 draft class that remains unsigned.

Matthews, the SEC’s all-time leader in receptions (262) and receiving yards (3,759) had  112 catches for 1,477 yards and seven touchdowns last season for Vanderbilt. The 6-3, 212-pound wideout is the early favorite to be the team’s primary slot receiver. 

“The one thing we talk about is man coverage, and one thing that he does is he can catch the ball in traffic,” said Chip Kelly. “He made an unbelievable amount of contested catches. He’s got such a wingspan and can go up and get it, can play both inside and outside. We’re probably going to start him inside. If we’ve got Jeremy Maclin on one side and Coop [Riley Cooper]on the other side and you throw him inside, and he has experience…There were only a couple guys in the draft that we felt that you could see on film could play both inside and outside.”

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  • Joe from Easton

    I can’t wait to watch this guy truck DRC on a bubble screen… wait, DRC is just going to get out of the way. Darn, guess I won’t get my wish.

    • PaoliBulldog

      Hope somebody signs Asante Samuel.

    • Kevin

      lol. I hear ya Joe. I was hoping the Giants would sign Chung, just so I could watch Chung miss Matthews and truck DRC.

      • Joe from Easton

        No way DRC will be worried about getting run over by his own player. We all know he’s too busy looking for offensive players to avoid.

      • Hanibal Luis

        Well, Chung would’ve taken out DRC, so either way…

    • daggolden

      I cant wait to see Matthews go up over the middle vs Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. It all sounds good on paper.

  • Anebriated

    And Sean Lee goes down again with a knee injury for the Cowboys. Gotta love that they just signed him to a 7 year deal.

    • Bdawkbdawk

      It has playing time requirements built in

      • cliff henny

        that’s Jones’ money, cap hits and dead money is what matter to us. Lee has pretty sizable cap hits and dead money, basically uncuttable this and next season. could probably move on after that, but it would be more dead money. Dallas rolled dice he would make it thru ’16. wasnt so bad till JJ restructured Lee 1 year into contract.

        http://overthecap.com/cap.php?Name=Sean Lee&Position=ILB&Team=Cowboys

        • Andy124

          Lee has a torn ACL per Schefter.

          • cliff henny

            yeah, reading that now. wow, Dallas is really hosed. worst DLine, lost best player in FA, guy they signed to replace him (melton) is still working back from injury, couldnt upgrade anywhere since Jones has cap so banged up (and we make fun of batting average Howie, hey,least Eagles arent paper thin deep), Ware’s gone, and now 1 quality player they have is out for season.
            really might get my Thanksgiving wish, see Eagles hang 50 by halftime. Hope Romo’s back surgery was successful, about 950lbs was just tossed on his shoulders.

          • Richard Colton

            I knew there was something fishy about that Cowboys 1st round pick. It just seemed too…good. Looks like Zack Martin’s “mean streak” is really a penchant for hitting teammates. Ernie Sims alert.

          • Dominik

            I bet the Cowboys fans use it as an excuse when we run all over their front seven. “Of course it’s not a salary cap problem, we just have bad luck with injuries, you know.”

            On the other hand, I wish no one a torn ACL. OK, I wish it for the Cowboys fans, but not to the player. Sucks for him.

            But even before the injury I would have said: the Giants are way more dangerous for us. Eli is not a QB that HAS to throw 60 INTs – and he now should have more weapons and better protection. If you want to be NFCE champ, you have to beat the Eagles and the Giants, imho.

          • Andy124

            Had Dallas pegged for last even before the injury.

          • G_WallyHunter

            I think I’m really only scared of Washington, even though the D still needs a lot of work. Ginas could surprise but who knows about them, so much depends on that hack eli

          • anon

            The Gina will be better this year — they weren’t terrible last year only g1 game under .500

          • tbwhite

            If has surgery by June 1st, then 6 months takes him through November, so he would be 7 months from surgery come Week 17. He might be able to make it back to help the Cowboys lose the NFC East that week.

        • Anebriated

          13.5 dead if cut this year, 9.8 next, 6.85 the following year before dropping to a more managable 3.9 then .950. I dont like rooting for injuries especially against local kids but I do like seeing the Cowboys shoot themselves in the foot again.

          • cliff henny

            was looking at that. think only number you are off on is 9.8 dead in ’15. since 1.5m is guaranteed, not 2.5m since he wont play 80% of the plays. still, 8.8m dead is alot, then they still have to replace player, most likely in FA, cause they dont have any MLBs on roster. heard plan is to play rookie out of Iowa Hitchens,who lot of eagles’ fans liked, but as a 3rd down coverage LB.

    • cliff henny

      restructuring an oft injured guy 1 yr into 7 yr contract, long live Jerry Jones

      • DoctorRick

        That’s “Jerrah, or Jerruh.”

        • cliff henny

          man, wish it was both, means 2 of them. one running around making assinine decision and the other spare parts so he can live forever

    • DetmerWonAHeisman

      Man it just makes no sense why teams gamble on players with “issues” and hope things will be different this time around….another example: I read that today in OTAs Matt Schaub threw a pick six to Justin Tuck…..surprise, surprise…lol.

      • Honest_T

        There was a Houston Bar last year that had a Matt Schaub special…” Pick 6 toppings for your burger…and pay dearly!”

        • George

          I saw that too

      • peteike

        you mean like Bynum, Noel or hmmm Roseman used to love guys coming off knee injuries

        • Anebriated

          They could easily do a Bynum Burger in Philly. Pay $20 and you get an empty plate.

          • Andy124

            The next customer only has to pay $5 to get the same empty plate.

      • anon

        You’ve gotta be kidding, half this roster has had an ACL tear or two.

    • JofreyRice

      man, that’s rough for him. Know he’s a Cowboy and all, but I like him as a player. He’s not a Dez Bryant/Tony Romo D-bag Cowboy, he just happens to play for that team (or spend most of his IR’d seasons on their roster, anyway).

      • Anebriated

        Agreed. Hes a PA kid who went to PSU, hated when he got drafted by the Cowboys. Sad to see his career going in this direction but at least its happening to a team we all cant stand.

        • peteike

          hey, maybe he saves his brain and retires and is smart with his money. Oh and can walk when hes 50, theres that.

          • anon

            Not if he takes amy nore ACL tears.

        • Explorer51

          And the Eagles made it possible for the Cowboys to draft Lee by swapping 2nd rd picks with Dallas back in 2010…

          • Anebriated

            not only that, after all the wheeling and dealing the Eagles did with those picks(traded our 55 for their 59 and a 4th) we ended up with 6 total picks. Kafka, Teo-Nesheim, Clay Harbor, Dion Lewis, Ricky Sapp and…. Riley Cooper.

      • Token

        hell of a player. Just one of those guys that will never be healthy.

    • PaoliBulldog

      I feel bad for Lee — but Jerrah can still make me laugh so hard that milk snorts out of my nose.

  • JAMIN67

    And then there was one….c’mon Marcus…sign that puppy and let’s get to work.

  • peteike

    “For some reason, Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara went to a bar mitzvah yesterday. He seemed to have a grand time partying with teens, dancing, and celebrating a boy becoming a man. Next round of Shirley Temples on this guy!”

  • psuphilly

    One thing I was wondering…if Mac still has his speed, why not start him in the slot and put Matthews on the outside in 3 WR sets?

    • Anebriated

      I believe Chips intention is to target the mismatch created my Matthews Combination of size/speed/quickness vs the nickel corner who tend to be smaller in stature.

    • Joe L

      Slot guys don’t always have to be smaller/quicker guys anymore. A few teams put big guys who are matchup problems on the inside and it’s been pretty successful.

      I like the idea.

    • OldDocRoss

      Think they like the size advantage Matthews will have over most slot corners but the reality is we’ll probably see Maclin, Matthews, Ertz, Sproles and Huff lining up all over the place over the course of the year.

      • DoctorRick


      • psuphilly

        Yeah I get that reasoning and it makes sense. Only thing is that means you’re relegating your shorter receiver to the outside to take on the taller corner. It’s an interesting idea and I can’t wait to see how it works out but it seems like a trade-off. Of course, Chip’s ideal WRs would be 8 feet tall with great hands and 4.2 speed so he wouldn’t have that issue haha

  • NickS1

    Just saw a Chad Ford ESPN Insider article titled, “Embiid, Wiggins, Parker in play for Cavs”….. you don’t say?

    • ICDogg

      My favorite recent title was “5 Areas Where the Sixers Must Improve”. I didn’t read it, but I figure it was PG, SG, SF, PF, and C.

    • cliff henny

      was the hard hitting poll question….Oxygen, for or against. my vote, for

  • PhillySean

    Found this while looking for examples of Colston in the slot…It wasn’t what I expected, but its an interesting piece on how the Saints create coverage mismatches and count on their big people to beat-up (or at least out execute) little people.

    “When you look at successful teams around the league over the years, some offenses can win on pure talent alone. One team’s players are bigger, faster and stronger than the ones that they line up against. Other times, coaches outscheme their opponents. The opposition may be more talented, but the coaching staff finds ways to put their players in positions to succeed and win on a consistent basis.

    What happens when there is a marriage between the two?”


    • anon

      What playoff team do you think we’re more talented than? We’re a team of B to B+ players, we have no playmakers except Shady and Foles, maybe Boykin.

      Kelly knows he can outscheme so that’s what’s getting us over the top — you saw what happen in man coverage last year — that’s an expression of talent.

      • PhillySean

        I was thinking of the intended use of Mathews in the slot, the number of TEs on the roster, and Kelly’s comments about beating man coverage when I posted this. If you’ve read the piece than you know its about moving receivers around and that the Saints do a lot of things Kelly likes to do.

        I wasn’t trying to say that the Eagles are loaded up with across the board talent vs other teams but I can see how that quote could make it seem so.

  • DoctorRick

    Dwight Clark of the ‘niners was a great example of a slot receiver who could catch, catch,catch. He couldn’t run but he had great hands. I like Jordan Matthews as someone with good hands who can get some YAC,
    Go Birdz!

  • Guest

    I’m so excited to see Chip uses all of his new toys- An improved Ertz, Sproles, Mathews, Huff, healthy Maclin, and along with Shady and a more experienced Foles. Wow, this team is going to be so much fun to watch.

  • Guest


    More experienced Foles + best/2nd best RB in the NFL + Sproles + healthy Maclin + Mathews + Huff, Improved Ertz= More fun Eagles to watch in a long time