Wake-Up Call: The McCoy Media Blitz

With 217 rushing yards LeSean McCoy broke the Eagles' all-time record set by Steve Van Buren in 1949
LeSean McCoy
blew through ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut campus Monday. By the time his media tour was done, he had predicted an Eagles Super Bowl, talked up Johnny Manziel and declared himself the best back in the game. The NFL world can thank him for a few drops of rain in a relatively dry week.

To recap:

Best in the game

When McCoy was asked if he was the top running back in the league, he answered with a “Yes, sir.”

“My brother always rips me all the time, trying to make me play harder. I say, ‘I’m the best,’ and he’ll say, ‘Did Adrian Peterson retire?’ I look at the last three years and everything. I think AP has been the best back for so long, and he’s been doing it for so long, that’s why he automatically gets the best running back [title],” he  said.

“But the last three years? I’ve been All-Pro, first-team, twice. I never leave the field. I block. I catch. I never leave the field. I don’t have anybody do my job; I do it myself. Tons of credit goes out to Adrian Peterson. I’m a big fan of his, for sure. But I feel I’m the best.”

McCoy had almost 300 more rushing yards than his next closest competitor (Matt Forte) last season while averaging 5.1 yards per tote. He averaged 100 rushing yards per game in 2014. Peterson, who had the second highest average, ran for 90 yards per game. McCoy made a strong case.

Fan of Johnny Football

McCoy gave Manziel a vote of confidence during the first round of the draft, calling him the best quarterback in the class.  McCoy thinks he would have been a good fit for the Eagles, but also showed love for Nick Foles. From CBS Philly.

“I’m a Johnny-guy, I really am, since college,” McCoy said on ESPN.  “He’s played in the best conference [SEC], he’s played well, he has tons of swag, I mean he’s an athlete. He’s a quarterback and I thought he’d be a good matchup for us.”

McCoy, who admitted for a second he thought the Eagles might draft Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick, defended his quarterback Nick Foles.

“Nick is good,” McCoy said. “I don’t think people really appreciate him because he is so new. He can play. I think when we move a guy like Michael Vick, and Michael Vick can still play, to put Nick in the position to start he must be doing something good. You’ll really see this year he’s the real deal.”

Eagles-Broncos Super Bowl

McCoy did some of his talking on one of ESPN’s Instagram accounts, where he was asked who will play in the Super Bowl this year.

“Eagles and…Denver,” said McCoy.

Final score?


Presumably, with the Eagles on top.

And that was that.


The Eagles signed two more of their rookies on Monday.

Jordan Matthews on his mindset, and “Murderleg.”

With the Eagles’ roster now at 90, Sheil takes a look at the offensive depth chart.

The Eagles re-signed Arrelious Benn just three days after cutting him.

Marcus Smith believes he has something to prove, Kapadia writes.


Field Yates of ESPN.com lists Zach Ertz as one of 10 players primed to make the second-year leap.

Ertz managed four touchdowns in his last six games as a rookie, a precursor to what looks like a breakout season as a sophomore. The Eagles offense will need to account for the loss of DeSean Jackson, which will be aided by re-signing Jeremy Maclin, trading for Darren Sproles and increased production from a player such as Ertz. A critical cog in his ascension: beefed-up blocking ability, as Ertz has said himself.

Zach Berman caught up with Joe Banner to get his thoughts on Jeffrey Lurie, who has now owned the Eagles for 20 years.

“I view his ownership as an extremely successful run in spite of the fact that his No. 1 goal and my No. 1 goal [a Super Bowl win] . . . didn’t happen,” Banner said. “There’s so many things from where the franchise was to where the franchise is, and probably will continue to be, for the city to feel great about.”…

“We accomplished a lot of great things together, have some incredible memories with each other,” Banner said. “I do think there was a little roughness as I exited, but almost 19 years we had together was amongst the longest partnerships of that nature in professional sports. It was a great run, in my mind.”


Sheil analyzes the defensive depth chart.


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  • Will

    Really looking forward to watching Nick Foles at QB this year…wondering just how good Foles really is…last year was so impressive…can Nick do even better this year as the full time starter?…

    • Haha! I’d say that’s unreasonable because the league basically has a full year of tape on him and they are playing some pretty serious defenses this year in the NFC West. He’ll probably come down to Earth a bit here but who knows? Maybe Chip Kelly will play even faster like some analysts are predicting and add plenty of new wrinkles.

      • Brazilnut

        I don’t understand why people keep using the “full year of tape” argument when A) He already put out a decent amount of tape his rookie season and that didn’t help them last year and, B) This is his first year as the full blown starter, all of the reps and the offense being designed around him, and another year with chip. Just his progress in the system alone should be plenty to negate the tape effect.

        • You have to consider that Foles was also in a system that the league had never seen before so that gave them a bit of an advantage. I will admit that he was also in the first year of that system himself and learning on the job quite a bit. Defensive Coordinators now have a year of Chip Kelly’s system on tape, too. I do think Foles will continue to improve as most players do throughout their career but it’s not a guarantee just as we don’t know how well Chipper will continue to adapt to NFL defenses. Early returns and past success make it look really promising and I would love to see Foles have a 50-to-5 TD:INT ratio. I’m just saying that we need to pump the brakes a little.

          • Brazilnut

            You make good points, I just feel that the whole year of tape/second year in the offense basically cancel each other out to a point where we don’t know whether he’ll be better or worse next year as it’ll be based on his development. Thats why I think its silly to say he won’t do as well because people have tape on him.

      • Cliff Ainley

        Yeah, because Foles is going to stop developing and getting better after only being in the league two years, right?

    • Aussie Eagle

      I think we’ll be too run focused for a 50 TD effort, but IMO he has the talent where if we were a pass first offense he could pull it off. Things might be different if opposing D’s were playing the pass instead of the run though.

      • Cliff Ainley

        That is the reason Foles won’t hit those types of numbers, I agree. Not this whole”game film” nonsense. Foles already knows he needs to fix some tendencies to get better. He has shown remarkable growth.

    • RLW

      I’m really excited to see Nick Foles in action as we’ll. I feel like he’s a mature football player on and off the field. I think 50tds and 5 picks is a stretch, but I think he’ll be somewhere around the 34-8 ratio at worst.

  • Tim Greene

    Shady just shut the hell up and play ball would ya…..

    • Will

      Shady can’t help it…NFL AM is running with the story who’s better AP or McCoy? For a non news day this is good…lol…Nothing wrong with McCoy thinking he is the best….

      • Brandon Boykin, LOL

        Seriously! People act like football players have to be drones. They’re people too. And why not say you’re the best? You’ve got the stats to back it. He didn’t trash anybody. He just answered questions with hubris. Don’t see anything wrong with that.

        But for the love of Vince Lombardi please everyone vote against him on this madden cover crap.

        • borntosuffer

          Agree on all points – especially the Madden part. There’s a fine line between being honest and saying things that are detrimental to the team. I don’t even think these comments were close to the line.

  • cliff henny

    anybody else, and i’d rant and rave about ‘letting play do the talking’ but Shady gets a pass. heck, if anything, seems quite reserved for the guy.

    • Brandon Boykin, LOL

      YeahI watched the interviews. All he did was answer the questions they asked. And he took a lot of things in stride. Brunell straight up said “AP is better, sorry.” Shady simply said “I can see why you say that.” These are paraphrases, of course.

      • cliff henny

        sure it’s no win for Shady, unless he goes all Folesy and puts everyone in room to sleep, and that’s just not McCoy. i just grade Shady’s off-field antics on a slightly different scale than everyone else. like party bus deal, instead of blaming player’s poor behavior, i made jokes about the woman.

        • borntosuffer

          “instead of blaming player’s poor behavior, i made jokes about the woman.” Damn. That was inappropriate and very politically incorrect. Why can’t I stop laughing? Yea, he was straight with his answers in the interview. Just cause I’d be the boring team guy, doesn’t mean I think it’s wrong to express how you really feel.

  • Will

    Shady be silent doubt it…lol…

  • Eagles1018

    I love Shady but I wish he’d just keep his head down and play. He’s filling up opposing locker room white boards with his quotes and claims. We don’t need the attention, seriously.

    • dnabrice

      We don’t play the Vikings this year.

    • Ian Farley

      i think we are over analyzing this one. he said what he said, but it wasn’t like they asked “shady, what is on your mind?” and that’s what came out.

      he was asked questions, and he answered them candidly. cannot fault him for that. we need to calm down.

  • B-West

    Man…. Things got slow QUICK after the draft. I think I might be even more excited about Chip in year 2 with all these weapons, second year in the scheme, etc. It’s gonna be a long summer.

  • Rohan Patel

    Hey Tim! Could we compare McCoy with AP and maybe the league’s best running backs in how many fumbles they lost last year, or over the past five years? I think McCoy’s ball security is a little underrated and would love to see it presented as another reason to say our Eagles have the league’s best back. The kid barely fumbles!

    • Maggie

      As long as the number of fumbles is compared to the number of touches.

    • Brazilnut

      He has surprisingly good ball security for how he swings the ball around. Great instincts for when to tuck it back in.

  • Cliff Ainley

    It annoys me that he downplays his own QB when he sat there and watched the kid end the year w the highest QB rating in the NFL. Sorry he doesn’t have any sizzle for you to drool over Shady, Foles is nothing but steak. P.S. Manzel is going to be a bust!

    • SunShine

      At what point did he downplayed Nick Foles? The guy said that people need to watch out for him this year. Reaching for straws here

      • Cliff Ainley

        H;ss good is highly as rousing of an endorsement as he gave to Vick at points and the way he slobbered over Manziel was disrespectful imo. Not grasping for straws, just my opinion. BTW, you used a past tense for no reason, but whatever…

  • Cliff Ainley

    And, oh yeah, I can’t let the “Vick can still play” comment slip by without LMAO…hahahahahahahahaaha! Shady stick to running the ball; you certainly can’t evaluate QBs.

  • Tom Kazansky

    I watched the ESPN segment during which all of this was said. Thought Shady was very composed, well coached and PC overall. This stuff sounds much worse in print then it did in real life.

  • Chris Jones

    Mccoy is just being himself I don’t see anything detrimental about his comments. Really interested to see how foles, Matthews, huff, and the defense plays this year.

  • kpm

    McCoy should lower the Profile…

  • Scott J

    Foles better play well this year or the Manziel fanboys will get vocal.

  • Maggie

    This is beyond ridiculous. McCoy says he does it by himself??? PETERSON does most of it all by himself! McCoy has had the benefit of decent blocking and the Eagles have other offensive weapons which the defense has to account for! Yes he catches passes. AD has had no one to throw passes to him. Does being an Eagles fan make people blind?

  • SunShine

    People need to get a grip. Shady is just expressing himself, but not in a excessive manner like TO. With his abilities and production, no doubt he should feel he is the best. He gave a lot of love to Foles, always had. Some just want players to be complete robots in a game full of emotions.