Five Leftover Quotes From Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly

The three-day draft process was a blur.

As the Eagles made their selections, we heard from the new players and general manager Howie Roseman. Chip Kelly made himself available after every pick as well and was generous with his time. We’ve brought you many of his thoughts already in this space, but now that we’ve had a chance to catch our breath, here are five more Kelly quotes from the draft weekend.

1. “You can be a socialist and give the same amount to everybody or you can say one guy is getting 20 and another guy gets 5.”

That’s Kelly explaining the process for signing undrafted free agents.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, teams are allowed to spend $80,362 on all undrafted free agents. These are players who watched the entire draft without hearing their names called. But they can’t sit around and feel sorry for themselves. Instead, they (along with their agents), have to make sure they look at every NFL roster and identify the best fits.

The goal? Find a place where you have the best chance to make the team. When the Eagles made their initial cuts to 53 players last summer, nine players (17.0 percent of the roster) were originally undrafted.

If you’re wondering about the whole socialist thing, that’s not the approach the Eagles are taking. Based on various reports, they are offering different amounts of money to the various guys they’ve signed.

2. “It’s like six degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon?”

That was Kelly’s response when asked if it’s merely a coincidence that the Eagles selected players with NFL bloodlines.

Jordan Matthews is cousins with the greatest wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice. Jaylen Watkins is half-brothers with first-round pick Sammy Watkins. And Ed Reynolds’ Dad played in the NFL.

In short, there is really nothing to this. But in Watkins’ case, Philadelphia fans are hoping the streak of getting the wrong brother does not continue.

3. “That’s why I was kind of amazed that someone would actually want to write a movie about it, because it’s not that dramatic to be honest with you. You know what I mean? You just look at a board and go: ‘OK, what number are we? We pick? OK. That guy is the highest, let’s pick him.’ It’s not what I think some people think it is.”

I get the sense Kelly finds much of the draft a tad bit boring. The last thing the man wants to do it sit around and wait until it’s his turn to do something. During an ESPN interview, he rocked back and forth in his chair. And there’s the NFL Films footage of him before the Redskins game last year, complaining about having to wait for kickoff.

“Yeah, I’m on the move a lot,” Kelly said. “The good thing is we don’t always… we kind of get back to the room when we’re getting close, but everybody is kind of walking around the hallways up there.”

How long do you think Kelly has to be coach here before he allows Birds 24/7 access to the draft room? I’ll set the over/under at 2028. Maybe I should put in the request this week.

4. “We want to be bigger at the receiver position, but you would be crazy if you looked at Brandin Cooks and said we’re not going to take him because he’s 5-9. You know what I mean? He’s also a rocked‑up 190 some odd pounds and a physical player.”

We know by now that the Eagles targeted six players at No. 22, and none of them fell. The guess as to who the six were? Alabama LB C.J. Mosley, Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks, LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr., Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller and either UCLA OLB Anthony Barr or Ohio State LB Ryan Shazier.

But the two that Kelly mentioned specifically as guys the Eagles liked were Cooks and Mosley. The Saints dealt up to No. 20 to take Cooks. If he fell to No. 22, I have a pretty strong feeling that they would have taken him rather than trade back.

On a sidenote, my goal for the summer is to either: a.) Have someone describe me as rocked-up or b.) Incorporate the term rocked-up into more of my writing.

The latter seems more likely to be accomplished.

5. “A lot of times it’s no different than you’re going to pick a job at Google or Liberty Mutual or a newspaper. What do you know about our company? Nothing. How excited is the employer about hiring this guy? Where is he with it?”

We kept track of the Eagles’ official visits during the pre-draft period. Some think this is a pointless exercise. But this year, specifically, Kelly brought up those visits with a number of players the Eagles picked. In all, five of their seven picks traveled to Philadelphia at some point before the draft. The only exceptions were Oregon’s Josh Huff (a player Kelly had coached) and seventh-round pick Beau Allen.

The purpose of these visits vary. In Taylor Hart’s case, the Eagles wanted to see where he was from a health standpoint. In other cases, it was simply a matter of trying to get to know the prospects better.

In Matthews’ case, you could argue that the interviews set him apart from his peers.

“It’s one of those guys, you ever meet someone… and he’s just like, ‘Mr. Roseman, nice to see you. I know you’re a Florida graduate and I went to Vandy in the SEC… and how are your four kids?’ Roseman explained. “It’s almost spooky. It’s like, ‘Alright, I’ve got you, you know who I am. I appreciate that.’ ”

It’s no secret that the Eagles value (are obsessed with?) chemistry and culture. And clearly, they want to take advantage of the pre-draft visits. In other words, this is something to probably keep an eye on next year once again.

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  • JosephR2225

    I hope the team that issues a paycheck to Casey Matthews isn’t drafting based on bloodlines in any way, shape or form.

    • Maggie

      Guess you wouldn’t want a Manning or a Sharpe or a Barber or even Anthony Barr either?

      • jesse

        Seriuosly you have the most annoying comments

  • Breakerdog

    You just have to love a coach that gets bored at the draft because there isn’t enough football going on. Hope he never gets married or has kids.

    • Malcolm Jones

      I am fired up that if there is not a game, he is bored….I mean I only imagine how many plays and how much film study he is doing just to avoid being bored. I can only imagine how this offense will look after a long drawn out boring offseason.

    • UKEagle99

      He is married and he has 75 kids at the minute, he’ll have another 15 over the next few months but come Sept he has choose his favourite 53.

      • jesse

        So thats 37 red headed stepchildren

  • Will

    What’s the over/under Casey Matthews survives to the 53 man roster this year?

    • anon

      100% hell play ilb and be a st beast.

      • Will

        LMAO….anon must be Casey Matthews in disguise…lol…

        • James Hathaway

          When I have a bad workout at the gym, I look at Casey Matthews spider graph and realize that I’m still stronger, faster and taller than a LB on a winning NFL roster… And that makes me sick. I’d take $100k a year to be useless, much less league minimum

          • Evan

            You can do 12 reps of 225? Not bad.

          • Joe from Easton

            haha… I don’t see how any NFL player can’t do this. I lifted hard for 6 months going into summer last year (this winter/spring all I’ve lifted is beer bottles) and I was pressing 225 for sets of 10 with ease. Prob could have done 15-18 for a one time burn out set. I’m not tooting my own horn, more like ripping anybody in the NFL that can’t do what I achieved in 6 months of having an LA Fitness membership, protein shakes, and creatine monohydrate.

          • internet tough guy

            I don’t get it either. In college, I hit the gym maybe 3 times a week and at my peak was easily benching 255×12-15 for 3 sets. And I weighed 155 max. Now I get it that core strength, having long levers, having a high percentage of fast twitch fiber, and having long Achilles tendons are some of the many things that are likely more functionally important in football than having the ability to bench press (see: Mitch Marrow), but 225 is NOT that much weight and I start laughing when I see that these NFL players can’t bench all that much.

          • Guest

            Not good either.

          • James Hathaway

            No, actually I can’t. I am an internet tough guy

          • jesse

            I way 198 and can do 22 reps at 225 but that does not a NFL LBer make

          • Admiral Wilson

            Weigh cool, brah.

      • mtn_green

        Casey will play, eagles got one LB as a free agent st specialist and Smith, but I’d guess BG is traded and Phillips (st specialist LB from last year) is gone. If eagles drafted two LB then less chance but only one means his spot is still there. No UDFA is gonna take his job and don’t see a trade.

    • James Hathaway

      There’s no way that he makes the roster. None. Zero. What is less than zero? That number. Divide it by zero.

      • Corey Dawson

        If you divide by zero, or the closest thing you can to zero, you get infinity, which runs contrary to your point.

        • James Hathaway

          I know. I was just trying to be funny. Also, I always thought dividing by zero sort of made the universe implode.

        • UKEagle99

          No you don’t, that’s just plain incorrect. If I divide by zero I get an error, if I divide by something close to zero, 0.00000001 I get a value. Infinity is a mathmatical concept meaning without limits.

          As for the chances the talentless one makes the team, I hoping for zero!

          • juaniflaco

            Ok, granted he’s not an NFL starter but have a little respect….he is 1000x more athletic and stronger then ANYONE posting here. And at any point in your/our lives, not just now. Not a single one of you would survive one practice without leaving in an Ambulance….not one. It pi$$es me off when people rag on marginal NFL players as if they suck….they were ALL superstars in high school & college. It’s not Casey Matthews fault AR anointed him a starter as a rookie 4th round pick….but the man is a 3 year NFL veteran, a decent ST player and backup. Probably won’t make the team this year, but still….

          • Jason

            Um, false. Careful with generalizations.

          • Jboi1979

            Yes great point thank you. 2 separate coaching regimes who get paid a lot of money to evaluate talent thought he was good enough to be on the team. He’s not Dick Butkus but he’s not some JV scrub either

    • Evan

      I’m not a betting man, but I do know that this bet doesn’t even make any sense. He is an Oregon Duck, so if he does make the team it may tell you a little bit more about our head coach.

      • DEY

        He cut Dennis Dixon and Patrick Chung…. winning over duck loyalty, if he keep Mathews, its for good reason

    • Kevin

      He will be on the roster Will, because as Gordon Bombay said… “Ducks fly together”. Can’t wait until Chip unleashes the flying V… I think that is why he sign Murder Leg.

    • Dustin C.

      Casey Mathews and im a Duck. Wait til Josh Huff sets the tone. Good luck to corners tackle or safety keepin up cya. Plays with his hair
      on fire makes plays all day long.

  • Will

    I wonder how much this Eagle Defense will improve from last years…

    • cliff henny

      no chung,roc or Sop alone has to be 10% improvement

      • dnabrice

        You kidding? Chung alone will be at least 15%.

  • addicted2mula

    just watched some tape on Huff. WOW. His catching ability and YAC is what i like the most.

    • JAMIN67

      Saw some tape on him after the draft. He catches EVERYTHING thrown his way, and seems to play much faster than his time in the 40. Can’t wait to see what he does for us.

      • Explorer51

        Josh Huff = Hines Ward but faster.

    • Anebriated

      I remember watching some Oregon games/film over the past year and thinking to myself that Huff had to be at least 6’3 when he made some plays. Was shocked to find out he was under 6′. Kid plays BIG.

  • IAteLunchToday

    Matthews meeting Howie: ‘Nice to meet you Mr. Roseman…’
    Sanchez meeting Howie: ‘Nice to meet you Mr. Hoseman…’

    I wonder if Chip and Howie said to themselves that it’s that level of attention to detail that led to the Butt-fumble…

  • reb

    $80,000 for UDFA’s? Is that right? They signed 16 of them so thats $5,000 apiece. And they’re not paying the same, so someone in that group go signed for, say, $500 or so?
    That sounds, you know, just a little bit low even for camp fodder.

    • Anebriated

      I believe that is just signing bonus money. They are still paid a stipend for their services as a camp body. Its not much, a few years ago it was about $800/week for rookies and around $1250/week for vets, probably in the general ballpark today. Only the top 51(i think) players/contracts count against the salary cap.

      • Elliptical Man

        Dang. You got the info.

        • Anebriated

          Google is a hell of a drug

      • reb

        Oh yep, good answer. Looks like rookie camp is around 950 now with vets at 1700. That’s not much compared to salaries.

  • addicted2mula

    Chip’s sound fx are hilarious

  • Westy

    & DeSean didn’t either the chemistry or culture
    One thing about DeSean I haven’t seen discussed is the Minnesota interception that DeSean didn’t even make an effort to knock down. The argument with the coach on the sideline happened shortly after that

  • MattE

    I give the draft a B+ for the following:
    1) Going into the draft i did not see Howie getting this much value out of 6 picks. We improved our picks significantly from an overall standpoint.
    2) Yes, I had no idea who the hell Marcus Smith was, but that said he was the top of the next tier of potential pass rushers (1st tier: Mack, Barr, 2nd Tier: Smith, Attachou), and in my opinion Barr and Smith were the same type of long athletic pass rushers that you see ala JPP, Zeke Ansah, Aldon Smith. ALL more athletic more so than technicians
    3) We live in a 3-4 world now so get used to taking chances on LB/DE athletic pass rushers.
    4) Marquise Lee: i don’t trust anyone coached by Kiffin.
    5) Only position that i was disappointed was not addressed is ILB, but DeMeco and Mychal will be fine for another year barring injury (knock on wood).
    6) A new guard would have been sweet (but Sua’-Filo going in the 1st was crazy, i wanted him so bad to fall).
    7) We are gonna have some serious depth at receiver. I’m still on the Benn-wagon that he can produce.
    8) Chip’s draft results still make more sense than any of Reid’s so far.

    • myeaglescantwin

      I’m with you on this one.

      We grabbed a seasoned 3-4 OLB which is hard to find in NCAA.
      We grabbed the SEC’s leading WR, who happens to be 6’3 and rund 4.45
      We grabbed a playmaker that can teach the system he knows from college
      We grabbed a CB with the skillset that matched those drafted in rd-1
      We grabbed a monsterous DE.
      We grabbed one of the best leaders @ S with great size and coverage ability.
      We grabbed a tank DT from the mid-west. His scouting reports said “can squat a house”.

      So, if you want to critique this draft negatively because you don’t know the players or the constantly wrong draft specialist didn’t agree,, rest on the fact that we have a coach that knows exactly what he wants.

  • Clamdigger

    “On a sidenote, my goal for the summer is to either: a.) Have someone describe me as rocked-up”

    Well, it’s not THAT hard. It just depends how much crack you smoke before you go out.

    • devCal

      moon rocks!!!!1

  • Love the Matthew pick more and more,

  • DoctorRick

    “Sheil is a rocked up writer, with a healthy dose of insight and humility.”

    You can quote me on that.

    Doctor Who?

  • Nick Bean

    I was actually impressed with this draft from the standpoint of trusting in chip. At least they didn’t take a player that wasn’t a need and give us the old Andy Reid “you can never have to many good players at ____ position”.