Wake-Up Call: Trades And the QB Factor

Howie Roseman
estimates that he has spoken to two-thirds of the league about possible trade scenarios to date, and will have touched base with all 31 clubs prior to Thursday at 8 o’clock when the draft kicks off.

“It’s calls about moving up, calls about moving back. I think that’s the nature of what we do right now, this time of the year. A lot of it’s going to be determined by who’s on the board, and really, who’s off the board,” he said. 

An example: Roseman and Seattle general manager John Schneider talked prior to the 2012 draft and hammered out a deal that would send the 12th overall pick to Philly in exchange for the Eagles’ first (15th overall), fourth and sixth-round selections. The trade was contingent on the Eagles’ desired target — Fletcher Cox — still being on the board. Cox was, and the deal was executed.

It’s possible the Eagles have similar arrangements set up for this Thursday. Whether a trade ever materializes depends on how the draft unfolds in front them.

One thing to keep an eye on is how the early portion of the first round plays out when it comes to quarterbacks. Peter King hears that at least four of the teams with a top-five pick (Houston,  Jacksonville, Cleveland  and Oakland) are “strongly considering” passing on a QB with their first-round selections. He added that he anticipates Minnesota (eighth overall pick) will wait until the second round to take a signal-caller.

Asked how many quarterbacks he expects to go in the first round, Roseman said there is an internal debate within the Eagles whether the number is three or four.

“I think that’s the interesting part of this draft: How many go before we pick and then how many teams are jockeying to get their guy?” he said.

Might one of these quarterback-needy teams, fearful that their guy is taken before the next time they are on the clock, try to trade into the back end of the first round? Would the Browns, who also hold the 26th overall pick, try to slide up? What about the Texans (33rd overall) or Raiders (36th overall)? The Eagles’ No. 22 slot could have a good deal of value depending on how it all shakes out.

With only six picks, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them trade back at some point in this draft to gather more resources. Trading up appears less likely given their limited supply, but it’s not out of the question. Like Cox a couple years back, the Eagles will have their eyes on a few players in particular. If one happens to come within striking distance (Justin Gilbert? Anthony Barr?) they sound willing to sacrifice in the name of snagging a highly-rated player.

“We would not be concerned with that if we felt like the value of the player is right,” said Roseman. “That’s the name of the game. We’re not going to make any move unless it’s based on our board, so to sit here and know we’re going to move up, move down, if we have a guy that’s in the top five in our draft, and he’s falling? Would we look at that? No question.”


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 Jordan Matthews in the first round? A round-up of the latest Eagles mock drafts.

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 Zach Ertz is expected to have an increased role in Year 2, writes Jeff McLane.

Ertz actually went back to school after the season. He worked out in Palo Alto, Calif., with other Stanford alumni, including Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, from whom Ertz caught many passes.They worked the entire route tree, and Ertz lined up all over the place, as he did in college. The Eagles had him split wide often last training camp, but he ended up running most of his routes from inside or out of the slot.

“He’s got the ability to be a flexed-out guy,” Roseman said. “He can play with his hand down. He can play in the slot. He can line up outside. He’s a hard guy to cover because he’s got really good feet, [and] obviously he’s big.”

Todd McShay isn’t as high on Barr as others are. From PhiladelphiaEagles.com. 

“I thought I was going to see a different player than what I actually saw when I studied the tape after the season. He wasn’t bad, I don’t want to give the wrong impression, but his take-on skills have to improve. He’s not very strong at the point of attack. He does not do a good job of setting the edge. He’s close to a one-trick pony as a pass rusher, in terms of just speed rush. His speed-to-power moves, they stall.

“He can still be a very, very good player at the next level. I just think it’s a lot bigger of a projection, still, than I was expecting it was going to be at this point in the process. To me, I still have a late-first-round, kind of a fringe first-round grade on him … I’ve talked to people recently who say, ‘Oh, he’s a top-10 pick.’ That’s a reach, and I think you’re taking a big gamble.”


Three days away from the draft.

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  • Aussie Eagle

    Fingers crossed if any trades do involve the Eagles, it’s a move back. The only trade up I would be okay with is one where we can package a 2015 pick to do it (or a late 2014 pick and mid 2015).

    • Anonymous

      The only way I think they’d trade up in the earlier rounds is if Barr actually falls around 20 or so. I want them to trade to the bottom of the first and take the BPA on defense, while picking up a guy like Jordan Matthews in the 2nd.

  • Scott J

    Funny how we were told this was one of the most talented QB classes in recent history. Yea right.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      I was just thinking about last draft where the debate was for us to select a QB or not to select a QB. While detractors said, wait a year as this year’s draft was supposed to be much more bountiful at QB.

      I still think it’s a better group then last year’s. But it’s not flooded with the talent we’d thought would be there as some stayed in school.

      • brza

        But even then the only guy who stayed in school who might have been a first rounder this year is Mariota. Hundley would have been picked apart as well if he had entered the draft this year. It just goes to show you that projections mean nothing until the season is over and prospects start really getting scrutinized during the draft process.

        I still don’t understand how Bridgewater is being ranked behind Bortles and even Savage by some draftniks now.

        • Richard Colton

          he’s the best QB in the draft. I don’t get it either. One choreographed pro-Day erased 2 years of bad behavior by Johnny Football, and one bad pro-day made scouts forget about 2 years of NFL caliber film from Teddy?

          These teams at the top of the draft want to draft their cake and eat it too. Clowney and Bridgewater is now a possibility for the Texans. Lets just hope they get REALLY nervous around pick #22. I’ll take their 2nd and 3rd.

          • Hanibal Luis

            That’s the odd thing. I forgot where I heard it, but someone said that he rather watch the tape, watch the guy play. How does a bad workout erase what a guy does in real game conditions? Like taking a basketball player an outside court and the guy misses a bunch of shots or dribbles of his foot a few times, but puts up double doubles consistently in games (I’m paraphrasing).

            Personally, I think Manziel busts, so if he falls to 22, please let a desperate team over pay to trade up.

          • Maggie

            We still don’t actually know what teams think. just the know-it-alls on TV or Twitter or here.

        • Joe L

          Behind Bortles, maybe. With how he played this past year combined with his size and ability I can see teams projecting him as the better player. But below Savage? God no.

  • travis papa

    Best case scenario all teams pass on qbs early & are fighting to get back into the 1st for their guy because it’s huge to get your qb in rd1 now with the 5th yr option on 1strd picks

    • Jay

      The argument against this is if no QBs are selected, then the other positions we covet are going to be off the boards.

      • travis papa

        Which to that would be the reason we trade back into another tier of prospects we like while adding additional picks for later as well

        • Maggie

          Trade back with who? Almost every other team’s fans are saying the same thing. Good thing teams’ management doesn’t listen to the ‘fans.”

          • Warhound

            I agree that everyone else sees the depth but their is some hope. The Niners have 11 pix overall with 6 in the top 100. They probably can’t accommodate that many guys. Good chance they’ll trade up or trade for some pix next year.

          • travis papa

            It’s pretty obvious the team’s in the top 10 that passed on the qbs early to take better prospects. Derek Carr is being told teams like him in the 20s we have 22 so say oak has Watkins fall to them at 5 maybe they want Carr also they see him fall to 22 and want him in the 1st before cle takes him at 26 and they get a 5th yr option on his contract bc of the CBA so they offer their 2nd and 3rd or 4th. It’s not rocket science

  • Tom W

    Need two qbs to go in top 20 atleast so someone leaps past browns to 22 to get a Carr or teddy. Think niners have the juice to move up earlier in draft like all the way to 11 or 13 to get odb.

  • Kevin

    My ideal scenario, trade back in the first round for an extra 3rd pick. Flip the later 1st round pick and our 3rd and graham to Miami for dion and their 2nd. We get quality olb, and still have three picks between rounds 2 and three.

    • Richard Colton

      Nice dream, but player trades like that are becoming increasingly rare. How does Graham for a conditional 6th work for you?

      • oreofestar

        F*** conditional just give me the damn 6th and we got a deal

      • Kevin

        Well we know a first and Graham should get Dion (at least according to rumors), so in order to soften the blow and meet more in the middle, thought maybe if we threw in a third and Miami kicked back a second, it may work. Miami gets to move back into the first round, we pick up another 2nd round pick.

        • Richard Colton

          That rumor’s been dispelled so many times…between the cap issues and the…I can’t do it again. It’s not going to happen.

  • Glenn

    The Eagles should not move up, and chase a player. There will be many opportunities to improve the team at their slots. They should let the draft come to them, and get the best available player.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      I think that is more determined by who is available and where. If someone slides, they may cover that player enough to make a move. If there isn’t a player on their board worthy of their pick at 22, they’ll probably try to trade back. So much is based on draft day. Which is why it makes sense to have alternatives ironed out with teams prior to the actual draft.

      I would not be surprised if they also still have Dion Jordan in their sight as a trade possibility at 22. Chip has made two attempts to acquire him in under a calendar year.

      • Glenn

        I would agree with trading down when appropriate. I just do not feel there is a need to move up and chase a player. I think there will be a great player at 22 for them, whether its a WR like Lee, Beckham, or Cooks, or someone on defense like Barr and Fuller. Or a trade for Jordan. I don’t see a situation where all of those guys are gone. But I agree with you that if they feel they can grab an extra pick by moving down, since the player they want is not 22 worthy, that would be fine.

  • Token

    Seen PFT ran a story that the Eagles want to trade up for a WR. I think that seems a bit weird. Its a sure thing that a good WR will be there at 22. Not a Mike Evans. But probably a Lee. Why trade assets to move up in the 1st for that? In a draft Howie continues to say is so deep at WR.

    • Eagles1018

      Smokescreen maybe? Howie did say they expect to see a WR available that they like in every round. I think they end up trading back to get more depth. Besides the obvious WR, OLB, S, they also need OG depth, DE, NT, ILB. Maybe not a bunch of superstars but the draft will always have a serviceable guy you can get. The QBs not going in the first half of the 1st rd is to the eagles advantage for the trade back.

    • Joe L

      The only reason I could see is because Evans ceiling seems to be light years above Lee’s at this point. I wouldn’t move much to get him, but I keep reading the 49ers might.

      • Token

        I like Evans. Hes one of the guys Id want.

        But if im looking for flaws. Im slightly worried about his build. He looks like a guy that spends a hour a week in the gym. Will he be able to play his game against NFL athletes is all im wondering.

        • http://www.corcommunity.com/ theycallmerob

          Just for the record, a lot of folks held that same view of Alshon (re: body type/appearance). He turned out ok.

          If we trade up for evans, I can’t say I’d be too disappointed either.

          • Token

            Very true. He was actually kinda fat.

            O yea, if we get him im happy. Im reaching on the negatives.
            I still say Id rather get like a Barr if im trading assets to move up. Theres enough good WRs to go around.

          • http://www.corcommunity.com/ theycallmerob

            100% agree

    • brza

      The whole thing looks like a smokescreen to me. They may be interested in moving up but not for a WR. If this draft is really so deep at WR and Howie really believes there are 10 top tier WRs in this draft as he was quoted, then why would they give up draft picks, of which they already don’t have enough of, to get a WR instead of waiting or even moving down and still getting a “top tier” WR? Combine that with the fact that they outright cut their best WR because of Kelly’s confidence in his system and it makes even less sense.
      I can see them drafting multiple WRs this year but really doubt they’ll move up to get one.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Are we there yet??

    • Joe L

      So close, yet so far.

  • DoctorRick

    If we somehow take an OLB/DE with the first pick, or with any pick for that matter, my perception of needed skills has changed over the past season. In the last superbowl, I don’t think the ‘hawks sacked Peyton all game, but they consistently moved the line just enough to move him off his spot and make him uncomfortable. Shows the value of the DE/OLB not counting sacks or even pressures, not sure if anybody keeps a stat on “making the QB uncomfortable.” The NT position is similarly undervalued by many but is key to driving the QB’s decisions.

    Should be an interesting draft and season.

    Why aren’t we there yet?

  • Joe from Easton

    Where the heck did my comment go? Did it get removed or is my PC just messed up and not seeing it?