Checking In On the Linc Project

Chances are no matter what time of day or night you drive by Lincoln Financial Field this spring and summer, it will be filled with contractors busily working to complete a massive project on time.

The Eagles are in the midst of the second phase of the their $125 million stadium revitalization project which must be completed by August 1 — the day before a scheduled soccer match between A.S. Roma and Inter Milan. All the snow this winter slowed construction some. They are currently running double shifts (16-20 hours per day) Monday through Saturday to get the job done, and are prepared to go into 24/7 mode if need be.

“Not a panic or anything,” said president of facility operations Jason Miller. “This was scheduled and planned.”

During this phase of the project, new HD video boards are being installed, 1,600 seats are being added in the Northeast  and Southwest corners as well as parts of the lower bowl, and the club suites are being refurbished. The goal is to have the audio/video systems in place by early July so the operators can become familiar with them before the first event. The process of changing out the scoreboards is about 35 percent complete, says Miller, and the project overall is about 60 percent finished.

“We have about 200 contractors in there a day that are working all over place,” he said.

All of the steel has been installed and a pre-cast set on the open corners of the stadium that they are filling in. They are approximately 90 percent done changing out 1,185 televisions throughout the stadium.

The team is still working internally to figure out when they will hold open training camp practices at the Linc. It’s unlikely they would schedule anything prior to August 3, and must work around concerts slated for August 13, 14 and 15.

When Eagles fans do get a look at the refurbished stadium, Miller believes they will like what they see.

“It looks cool. It’s going to be a great feel, a different feel. The fans are going to walk in there and see a different thing. And we’re excited for the team and the coaching staff, too.”









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  • think i just realized why they wont change the shade of green… theyd have to replace all those midnight green seats lol..

  • Token

    Hope it helps keep sound in a bit more. One of the worst stadiums in the league when it comes to that. The field is also horrible most of the season. Chip must not want turf tho. Im sure Lurie would install it for him if he asked.

    • Eagles1018

      Doesn’t turf result in better chance of injury? Especially for a guy like Shady who’s game is built on cutting….

      • Token

        I think they did a study that disproved that. But im not sure. I think the newer field turf is good stuff.

        I think pro soccor hates turf. Im sure that factors in.

        • Eagles1018

          I’m sure some of my theory is based on my own injury history. Flag football I never had any serious injuries playing on grass for like 3 or 4 years. The league switched to a park with turf field and in the playoffs I tore my meniscus. Never been the same since.

          • JoeyJoeJoeJuniorShabadoo

            Should’ve gotten that loss of value insurance man. You had what it took to be a top 10 pick man!

            I’m looking forward to still not going to eagles games though. Flyers and Phillies are good enough for me

          • dnabrice

            That’s an inane comment. Why would you not want to go to an Eagle’s game?????????

          • anon

            He didn’t realize we finally started winning home games

          • All Things Bad@ss

            Ummmmm … what?!

        • cheapmeat

          Grass gives when you start to lose your footing, turf does not. Foot stays in place, ankle/knee continues to move…

          • TripSquadMonopoly

            Interesting. Good stuff.

        • Maggie

          The newer turf is much deeper, better cushioned and the drainage is vastly improved from the early stuff.

        • Johnny Domino

          No big FIFA or EPL games with field turf

      • Skulman7

        This isn’t Veterans Stadium turf ha. The new turf helps prevent injuries

  • Corey Dawson

    I personally don’t like the extra seating. I sit in 204 and we have E-A-G-L-E-S chant battles across the gap with the section on the far side. Feels less like yelling across the gap. They’re leaving plenty of room to add another area of 200 level in the corners as well, which would almost totally remove the gap.
    The gaps also give the stadium a cool look other than a bowl and those funky air flows by the field goal posts. These corner seats will reduce both of those as well.

    • dnabrice

      That ledge was awesome for standing room only…Guess they wanted to stop giving the cheap tix such a good view…Wonder why they built it like that in the first place…

      • mtn_green

        Always got field level with SO tix, so many losers don’t show

    • Adam

      It helps keep the sound in, making the stadium louder.

      • Maggie

        Dawson was right about changing the air movement with the corners filled in, though. Maybe the punters/kickers will become All-Pro! As for being louder, the Sea Hawks field has open corners, but a partial roof over the stands. That is probably the reason for the volume of noise. That and the Seattle fans are rabid!

        • dnabrice

          Philadelphia fans are just as rabid. Longer tradition.

          • Maggie

            True. Maybe it’s the umbrellas.

          • Jeff Asay

            And people wonder why Philly fans are described as defensive and suffer inferiority complex. Hahaha, pathetic response.

    • JARED

      These are all terrible points against the expansion of the stadium. This closes in the 200 level enabling fans to go up any ramp and access their seats from anywhere in the stadium. Previously you had to go up a specific ramp based off where you were sitting.

      This will make the stadium louder, more guest friendly, etc.

      You’re a fool.

    • gruvi

      Not about you, Corey

    • anon

      They did this for henery. Don’t you see how gaps affected his kicking?

  • Joe from Easton

    I’m excited for a louder stadium. We need to make Philly a miserable place to play again.

    • Baloophi

      It’s been pretty miserable of late. Oh. You mean for OTHER teams…

  • Eagle in VT

    Wait, where’s my spider graph of the Linc vs. other stadiums?!

    • Eagle in VT

      And what measurables are important to Chip here? Does the ‘big stadiums beat up little stadiums thinking hold?

      • cliff henny
        • knighn

          Man, how does Calvin Johnson catch anything with those small hands?!
          And why did no one tell Reid and company about Matthews’ total lack of measureables before they drafted him!

          • BleedGreenJames

            We got the only bad Matthews from that entire family

        • Jeff Asay

          But I’m sure Casey impressed at the Senior Bowl with his leadership and flowing Mathews locks.

  • NickS1

    Not sure why they’re adding seating. Dutch had talked to several Philadelphians who would never pay the money to see a Nick Foles-led team.

  • BleedGreenJames

    I wish the Linc would get turf =(

  • glngarryglnross

    Why did we build such a small stadium in the 1st place? We should have built it at 80k right out of the gate