Eagles To Check Out Safety Bucannon

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There is little doubt that the Eagles will continue to look for safety help in May’s draft.

One name to keep in mind is Washington State’s Deone Bucannon. The 6-1, 211-pounder will take an official visit to Philadelphia, according to a report:

Bucannon played against Chip Kelly in college. Washington State never held Oregon to fewer than 43 points while he was there, but Bucannon had three interceptions in his career against the Ducks.

Here’s NFL.com’s write-up on Bucannon:

Although he’s built like a cornerback, Bucannon’s style of play makes it easy to identify him as a tone-setting strong safety. Has coverage limitations, but brings the aggressiveness and physicality to carve a niche as a downhill box defender and core special-teams player.

We caught up with Bucannon at the Senior Bowl, and he pointed out that he needs to prove to teams that he can cover.

“I’m trying to make it my goal [to show people] that I can actually cover,” he said. “I can actually cover and stay with the slot receivers, with the tight ends and my hips aren’t as tight as what people may think because I’m a big safety.”

Bucannon ran a 4.49 at the combine. Mocks have him going as early as the second round.


One name that’s been brought up as a potential WR fit in the draft for the Eagles is Oregon State’s Brandin Cooks.

Jimmy Kempski of Philly.com recently caught up with Cooks.

“His game is unbelievable,” said Cooks. “The man can blow the top off, catch the deep routes, catch the underneath routes, produce in the return game. He’s just special. He’s a freak. I definitely admire his game. Maybe Chip Kelly is looking to take another speedy receiver in that first round, and that could be me. Who knows? And if that’s the case, a lot of people will wonder ‘Can he do it like DeSean Jackson?’ In my opinion, I can do it like him and do it better.”

Adam Caplan suggested that both Cooks and Texas A&M’s Mike Evans are of interest to the Birds:

Evans is another WR who has been reported as an official visit to the Eagles’ facility. Kelly and wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell were also at his Pro Day with Johnny Manziel last week.

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  • Tom w

    Senior leader captain PAC 10. Very little man coverage experience but has the elite althetic ism and size I was hoping for but didn’t get from Pryor. Love him at 86 but he won’t make it. 54 is pass rusher round unless we think ealy can play olb. But maybe front office knows we are trading down from 22 and getting more picks making Buchanan more possible

    • Will

      There are 3 good Safeties Pryor,HaHA and Bucannon…gotta decide whats more of a priority ROLB or Safety…if you use the 2nd pick on D…the board will dictate by whose left…I think there are more ROLB’s then Safeties…Supply and Demand we go Safety first..I could live with Trent Cole he did a descent job at ROLB and should be better at it year 2…

      • Tom w

        Safety class is horrible. Olb class is good. I don’t like any of the safeties where they are projected to go save dontae Johnson or exum in the fifth. Pass rusher is by far your biggest need. Without a pas rush your safety play means shit. Can’t risk playing a rookie next year at olb and can’t afford or want to play cole 12 mil next year. His replacement needs a year to grow so need to draft him high now. Name of the game is hitting the qb. Only way to win.

        Never mortgage your future. Never know whose game falls off this season or who gets hurt and we need suprise positions next year What if Barwin or McCoy gets hurt end of season what if maclin leaves for more money. What if peters blows a knee. Value in this draft is every player from 25-75 is basically the same … Aside from Barr falling to 18 and a cheap trade up which I don’t want better to trade down and stockpile future starters like van noy Marcus smith Buchanan moncrief Landry Christian jones dozier dontae Watkins and build a strong core

      • GEAGLE

        It’s not even close…ROLB is the BIGGEST PROPRITY on that side of the ball….rather wait til round 7 for a safety and get Jonathon Dowling…heck I would draft TWO OLBs before I took a safety

      • Jeff Asay

        OLB is the absolute priority. Team had NO pass rush last season. And I will keep saying they pick two WR’s. 2nd and 4th/5th, but they will bulk up at WR.

        In a rope-a-dope move, what if they go TE again and run 3 TE formations? Hoping to dominate like the murderer and Gronk did for the Pats, Kelly goes for a top flight pass catching receiver like Ertz again. One WR, 3 TE and McCoy or Sproles in the backfield.

        Defense is wondering if they have to go heavy to stop the run, or stay balanced against those big bodies who can run up the seam.

  • Eagles1018

    I like that Cooks has that confidence in himself. I’d love Buchanon if we don’t move on Pryor.

    • Myke Lowery

      So did Fred Mitchell…just saying. I like Cooks over Evans and Benjamin

  • Eagles1018

    And I just found out Jordan Matthews is Jerry Rice’s cousin. Maybe his older cousin gives him some pointers on how to be more successful in the league?

    • Amar (India)

      Of course, this season Clay gives brother Casey Matthews on pointers on how to wreck havoc as defensive playmaker…
      Pedigree is only good for pets.

      • guest

        But remember how much Mike Maddux picked up from brother Greg? Or Jeremy Giambi from brother Jason? Or any of the other “wrong brothers” that we’ve seen on Philly teams?

      • Maggie

        Not entirely true. Harbaughs, Barbers, Babineaux’s, Bennetts. McNabb’s nephew, first round draft pick last year in the NHL.

  • Will

    GOD trade up get Evans, a Safety early Bucannon and then an ROLB….and I could care less…

    • G_WallyHunter

      If u could care less then wouldn’t you?

      • Will

        Think faster than I type..lol…

    • Richard Colton

      thats all?

    • Tom w

      Too many holes not enough can’t mortgage future for Evans. If chip and Howie value getting studs from draft alone then trading away more picks versus trading down and getting more picks would run contrary to that. Would cost way to much to get Evans and need to much help on defense and replace older players a year from now to have only two picks in top of first 4 Rds of draft or give away next years top picks Trade down and get 2 wrs, olb, ilb safety and corner guard in first 5 Rds

    • anon

      Trade back, take Ealy and Buchannon in the second Landry in the third,

      • oreofestar

        Ealy will not be in the second though that is way too optimistc

        • anon

          I think you may be right — maybe if Ealy is gone trade back, I don’t know if you can get a decent 34 pass rusher outside of the first round — thoughts?

          • guest

            Ealy isn’t a 3-4 pass rusher. He’s a 4-3 end.

            There are good pass rushers in the second round. Personally I like Marcus Smith, but there’s also Trent Murphy, Lawrence (can’t think of his first name…something with a D), among others.

          • Jerry Pomroy

            What do you consider decent? There are a couple of guys that register as being decent. Marcus Smith, Will Clarke, Demarcus Lawrence. I personally like the first two.

          • oreofestar

            Sorry for the late response I like Murphy, Attaboy and Smith in round 2 I think we may be going wr in round 1

    • Adam

      Yeah lets fill every hole with starters in one draft, that would be awesome

      • Brandon Boykin, LOL

        I was about to post earlier about how this board has been needing the even analysis of you and theycallmerob. Glad to see you made an appearance again.

      • UKEagle99

        We all just need to concentrate really really hard at the same time and we can do it!

    • OregonDucker

      I agree Will. If Chip can get Evans, then the team has the potential for multiple 60 point games. Defense could be average but the offensive onslaught would devastate teams. With Evans, the Eagles could not be stopped.

      • Amar (India)

        Multiple 60 point games – Unfortunately the Eagles don’t play Tenn Tech this year.

  • travis papa

    Safety would be a luxury pick we already have 3 guys who can start there. Jenkins and wolf/allen this yr. Everyone has a boner for wolf he could start alongside Jenkins for 3yrs than draft a rookie. Safety will be a bpa pick if we take 1 which I’m not sure we will. It’s ganna be wr/olb/ilb/ol/dl priority

  • Joe L

    “Built like a corner”

    At 6’1 210 lbs? That’s a big corner.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      I think they meant that he’s long framed.

    • http://www.flyersfaithful.com/ Kevin Christmann

      I was going to say the same thing.

      Then Bucannon himself says “I’m a big safety”. In what world is “a big safety” also “built like a corner”?

  • DEBO 215

    The Facons sold the farm for Julio Jones a few years ago, and that was top 10…I see Evans going in the top 15, but #22 and perhaps a 1 next year could probably get up there to get him…

    I would do that. Evens is a beast.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      What you have to ask yourself is, in that scenario, is he worth two 1st rd picks? We know this year’s pick is roughly at the top of the bottom 1/3. Next year’s “hopefully” around the same if not later in 1st. Is Evans really worth that?

      I know that I personally want impact players out of at least our first two picks in this draft, preferably first three picks. I’ll take situational players in year 1 that really push those in front on depth chart. But next season, not only do I want starters but guys that impact games and make plays. Maybe I’m being greedy, but with a deep draft and minimal picks, I want to MAXIMIZE the talent of those selections and swing for the fences.

      • Joe L

        In a class this deep at WR, I say no, he’s not worth that.

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Yeah, I’m not giving up two 1st rd picks for Evans. I think there will be players that can make impact if they stood pat. But I can certainly see them trading back from 22.

          When I say swinging for the fences, I mean that I want guys that can be future all pros at high impact positions (OLB, WR, etc). I don’t want to trade back just to stockpile a bunch of mid round picks. If that guy is there when it’s our turn, pull the trigger and don’t try to trade back and play for greater odds by simply having more picks in a deep draft.

  • DharmaBum

    Finally, something I feel like talking about. I like Pryor, but I’m not sure I want to forego a truly great WR for a 1st round safety. I love Bucannon for us with our 2nd or, if we can trade up out of the 3rd to the late 2nd.


    I want Jordan Mathews and Moncreif…. Because Jordan will be ready to contribute Day one, While Moncreif is Raw and will need to be developed this year, but he will be Josh Gordonish in 2015..
    We would be adding two serious WR talents:
    1) 6’3 213lbs, 4.46speed great hands, polished route runner and
    2) 6’2 220lbs, 4.40 needs to hit the jug machine and work on his routes but with the right coaching he will be a monster…

    need one of these pass rushers:
    Demarcus Lawrence
    Marcus Smith

    Need one pf these Hybrid OLb/ILBs:
    C. Jones
    Telvin Smith

    Need one of these two to back up Logan:
    Deandre Coleman
    Justin Ellis
    Antoine Exum..a bigger, more athletic playmaking Cary Williams type..

    Wouldn’t mind another TE, although Caplan agrees with me in that James Casey will have a much bigger role this year:
    Sefarian Jenkins

    • Jerry Pomroy

      You are going to make me sick with optimism my friend. I’m officially on the Jordan Mathews band wagon. Hell if we walked away with Mathews, Smith & KVN, I’d be a very happy camper. I’d even settle for Mathews, KVN & Will Clarke & be happier than a pig in $hit. If we could come out with Mathews, Moncrief, Bucannon & Clarke, I’m buying the first round!

      • Jerry Pomroy

        Isn’t Mathews Oreo’s man crush?

    • OregonDucker

      Not sure if it is son (Jordon) or father (Roderick), but Mathews is a cousin of Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice was considered too slow for the NFL by the way. But we know he had great hands and breakaway speed, kinda like Jordan Mathews.

      You can pick ’em GEagle!

    • dmancine9

      Looks good to me. Add Bucannon into the mix and I’d be thrilled. Love him on tape.

  • ODBorBustAllDay

    ” a lot of people will wonder ‘Can he do it like DeSean Jackson?’ In my opinion, I can do it like him and do it better.” Says young Mr. Cooks. SIGN HIM UP. I love athletes that don’t pussyfoot around questions. For the yout to bypass all the..”it’d be an honor to be be compared,” and “I just want to come in and work”…..NO! He said, “IMO I can do it like him, and do it better!!!!!!!”

    Imagine Bob, and Alfred on the sidelines watchin Cooks catch a slant and bust it up the seem for 65 YAC like a young J.Rice. Meanwhile D’angelo and Rambo are laying on the turf back at the Redskins 46 cuz they just collided & knocked each other out trying to lay wood on the kid. And the whole time Desean is on the bench crying to Cliff Geathers about how Bob never looks his way when he’s wide open. Cooks is back on the bench himself by now, looking at Polaroids, getting ready to try the double move on Hall next possession…………..CAN WE PLAY ALREADY?