Sproles: ‘It Could Get Real Crazy’

NFL: NFC Wildcard Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

Having seen from a distance the way the Eagles’ offense performed last season, Darren Sproles was asked Friday what the expectations should be now that he and Jeremy Maclin have been added to the mix.

“I feel that it could get real crazy,” he told reporters at the NovaCare Complex.

It had been a nerve-wracking week for Sproles. First it looked like the Saints would be cutting him, but then the front office realized it could get something back for the nine-year veteran. Of course, that meant the possibility of Sproles having to play somewhere he didn’t feel comfortable.

But in the end, he said, everything worked out.

“When I finally heard it, I was just happy because they could have traded me somewhere where I didn’t want to be,” Sproles said.

The 5-6, 190-pounder turns 31 in June. But to call him a running back probably is inaccurate, particularly when you consider how he will probably be utilized in the Eagles’ offense.

“I feel great,” Sproles said. “That’s just been the thing forever. The times have changed though, I feel. I’m not much like a pounder so I’m not really taking them big shots.”

For now, Sproles’ future is more stable. He’ll get some time off and then start practicing with the team in the spring. But he already has a little bit of a sense of how he’ll fit.

“For me, watching them last year from a distance, they do a lot of good stuff, a lot of space,” he said. “So I like that.”

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  • Luke Ivan


  • mksp

    I like this trade, but its going to be a little sad when the Saints take DAT with the 5th round pick we traded them.

    • oreofestar

      If he makes it that far….I mean people just assume he will be there

      • guest

        People also just assume he will be as good in the NFL as he was in college. Just because Sproles did it, doesn’t mean DAT can do it.

        • oreofestar

          exactly I do not understand the whole should have just waited for DAT instead of getting Sproles as if DAT was going to be just as good as Sproles

    • Brent E. Sulecki

      why DAT?. whats he done? 4.5 40s don’t impress me for a small guy. sproles and his 4.31 40 now that was impressive. DAT like lamichael james before him. nothing to show for.

      • pjcostello

        I was actually hoping (before the Sproles acquisition) that the Eagles might pry LaMichael James away from SF.. he’s buried on the depth chart, and has been since he arrived. Now this season he’ll lose another spot to Marcus Lattimore. He never really got a chance out there.

    • Stuart Philp

      If anyone other than Kelly can use him it’s Sean Payton

    • Eagles4Life

      I thought the same thing lol

  • Will

    The best move so far Sproles should thrive in Chip Kelly’s Offense…

  • Will

    Shifty, Shady and Speedy….Sproles, McCoy and Djax is a wicked combination in of itself….Good luck defending that NFL….

    • sprawl

      Now imagine Brad Smith at QB with Shady in the backfield, Sproles in the slot and Nick Foles out wide with Lane Johnson and Cooper.

      What is it… 176 days until the season begins? =/

      • Will

        55 days till the draft let’s not get a head of ourselves…lol…

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        pretty sick thought

      • Andy124

        Still don’t like the idea of taking your best quarterback out of the quarterback position.

        • devCal

          mike vick?!?

        • southy

          if it happens this year it won’t be in the red zone

  • oreofestar

    Wonder who will we sign, Wilfork will be too expensive because of name would have liked him on a cheap prove it deal, I like Carrington we will see, Clemons or Bush should be cheap by now

    • Will

      I like Alex Carrington as well to put into the ROLB mix….who else is out there?

      • guest

        Carrington plays 5-tech DE

        • Will

          What was Trent Cole???

        • GEAGLE

          Versatile player, can play all over your line, good at two gaping and pushing the pocket getting a pass rush in your Nickle 4man line,,we got Curry behind Cox, but you can’t just pencil in Krugs behind Ced…and on 3rd down he would rotate with Cox/curry as interior pass rushers,,

          Stay healthy and he will be one of the steals of thesis market, especially considering the price tag. This would be a quality signing which improves our rotation, where as a guy like Chris cook is a pure upside signing, feast or famine sort of dynamic, but that’s why he is an addition you make without even guarenteeing a roster spot too…Niners signed him, and that’s a pretty well run organization, but he isn’t GUARENTEED to make their roster.

    • anon

      Think wilfork has proved it. Notice he requested out. Pats aren’t letting him go.

      • oreofestar

        I would like to see him ona one or two year deal in case his injury really affected him, I doubt it happens ad he might be to expensive anyway

        • oreofestar

          But if we do sign him (doubt it because like I said price) and he can return to form then that would really help our D

  • oreofestar

    Geagle’s boy Cook got signed by the Niners

    • guest

      I read this article about 45 minutes ago, but I came back here now specifically to mention to Geagle that Cook went to SF. I also wanted his comment on this stat:

      “Cook started 29 games over his four years in Minnesota without making an interception and also got in trouble off the field that made his tenure even rockier.”

      He obviously was only interested in Cook because of his size.

      • Andy124


      • Will

        we do need CB depth GOD forbid the injury bug hits us….anything to improve upon Roc and Marsh…

      • GEAGLE

        “Cooks was a upside signing for a smart front office(niners)”-roto

    • Max Lightfoot

      First off, this is not a rap on Geagle. Props to Geagle for sticking his neck out and predicting FA players he thought the Eagles would sign. I give him lotsa credit, because I certainly have no clue myself.

      But the other day, I wrote down Geagle’s FA predictions:

      So far:

      • Malcolm Jenkins, S – SIGNED EAGLES
      • Corey Graham – SIGNED BILLS
      • Chris Cook – SIGNED 49ers
      • T.J. Ward – SIGNED BRONCOS
      • Al Woods – SIGNED TITANS
      • Bruce Campbell – FAILED PHYSICAL
      • Donnie Jones – SIGNED EAGLES

      ***** with an outside shot of getting Jairus Byrd, S

      and still waiting on:

      • Alex Carrington – Met with STEELERS?

      While Howie and Chip (and Gamble?) actually signed:

      • the above Geagle-predicted Jenkins, S and Jones, P
      • Bryan Braman, LB
      • Chris Maragos, S
      • Nolan Carrolls, CB

      and traded for:

      • Darren Sproles, WR, ST, Swiss Army Knife Guy?

      All of the above convinces me that it is impossible, even for a guy like Geagle (who seems to be up on the very latest information) for anyone to know what what the hell Howie, Chip and Company will do next.

      My point is that even the savviest people on this blog are getting surprised every day, because Chip Kelly cannot easily be figured out.

      Still, I’m kinda excited that Chip seems to be getting the players he wants – the Eagles just might set a scoring record next season.

      • mksp

        “savvy” and GEAGLE do not belong in the same sentence.

        • GEAGLE

          You are just a fan..appreciate the publicity tho…doubt you ever entered a thread, and saw me talking about insignificant mksp…exhibiting some female traits lol but what’s new?

      • GEAGLE

        Al woods was backup in case we didn’t get Carrington(who is still on the market)
        Corey Graham the eagles showed INTEREst in, but no way they could pay him the 4yr 16mil the bills gave him, for him to be a ST ace/defensive depth subpackages player

        He hear we showed no interest in Ward…considering I GUARENTEED we would sign Malcom! one out of two free agent safeties signed ain’t too shabby. Better then the BS Mike Mitchell the media tried to feed you..

        Haven’t heard any eagles INTERST in cook, but I’ll read you a quote about him signing with the Niners today…hold on, I will add it in an edit
        Brice Cambell failed a physical..and? Any idea how common it is for a guy to fail a physical with one team, have his contract voided, then pass another teams physical and get a contract the next day? Considering he is the in the middle of an NFC east tour, I’m not so sure you should be throwing him in my face just yet. Failed a skins physical, if that mattered, giants wouldn’t be hosting him for a visit today…
        I had Jammarri Lattimore who hasn’t been signed yet! and not a single piece of news released on him yet, so who knows what the hell happens with him…

        If you expected me to guess 100% right then you are whacked then me! but all things considered! I Genuinly haven’t seen a media members list as accurate. And that’s just the truth…heck, media didn’t even know half the names I was talking about lol…I mean, it’s not that easy to figure out who your team will sign, it’s not hard to know who will interest them, but how the hell do you know what the other teams or thinking, or how much crazy money they show at players?
        Oh and I had the Sproles trade, now you can say whatever you want, that’s fine, but unless you can show me someone with anything close to as accurate of a list, sounds kind of foolish to talk shit to me.l.i gave you 3 eagles free agent signings, 2 eagles draft picks last year, few free agents this year(hit on Jenkins which was my guarentee), lol what more do you want? For me to steal Howies free agent list? Lol geez, tough crowd

        • GEAGLE

          Btw, Carrington is in Pennsylvania right now :)…lol we signed 5 players, 2/5 isn’t really that bad friend..and if you’d expect me to go 5/5 then you think waaaaaay too highly of me

  • Andy

    Sports science is going to renew his career.

    • Stuart Philp

      That’s what I’ve been thinking. Get him with the trainers ASAP

    • EaglefaninAZ

      Yup. Huls will take a couple of years off of him. He’s gonna love it here.

  • Andy124

    Sproles: ‘It Could Get Real Crazy’

    He’s a psychic! He was clearly predicting what would happen to the IB comments section when a certain notorious poster showed up just a couple hours after Darren spoke.

    • cliff henny

      had to check it out. he single-handedly ruins that site.

      • GEAGLE

        Who? Shah?

  • Eagles4Life

    This defense is going to get real crazy too smh.

    Walter Thurmond, anyone? We still need depth everywhere.

    • oreofestar

      I like him but some teams view him a starting corner and he will be paid as such I do not know if he can be promised a starting job so I doubt it, If we really are trying to get a starter there is really just Cromartie which will not happen, I still think we need another vet safety

      • Eagles4Life

        I don’t disagree, but It’s not like both of our starters are top flight. Competition?

        • oreofestar

          He would be expensive competition

          • Eagles4Life

            By competition I meant possible replacement lol. I haven’t looked it up, but I thought I saw it mentioned that we don’t really have guaranteed money tied to either Fletch or Cary. I could be wrong though.

          • oreofestar

            Fletch has no guaranteed, Cary will be cut next year, I mean for the right price I would not mind bringing him in with Thurmond, Williams, Fletch and Carroll we may not have any great corners but we would have serious depth while pissing off Boykin

  • oreofestar

    Browner went to the Pats

  • PaoliBulldog

    “It could get real crazy.”

    Darren, never refer to your wife as “it.”