Cooper Reportedly Agrees To Terms; Maclin In Works

NFL: NFC Wildcard Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles are finishing the month with a bang.

After inking left tackle Jason Peters to a four-year extension Wednesday, the attention now turns to the receiver position. Riley Cooper has agreed to a four-year deal to stay in Philadelphia, according to Geoff Mosher.  The 6-3, 222-pound wideout enjoyed a breakout season in Year One under Chip Kelly with 47 catches for 835 yards and eight scores while averaging 17.8 yards per catch.

The Eagles are looking to bring Jeremy Maclin back as well. The two sides are working on an agreement, according to a league source, though there was no deal as of Wednesday night.

Jason Kelce is expected to get taken care of in the near future as well. Howie Roseman did not confirm this directly, but suggested that Kelce is the type of player they are looking to build with.

The early message this offseason is clear.

“We’re going to try to keep, and obviously it takes two to tango, our best players and the guys that we feel are part of our culture and that fit well into the chemistry of our football team on and off the field,” said Roseman. “It’s an important message for us this offseason. When you look at it, and everybody’s talking about free agency, we know these players. We’ve lived with them. We’ve been married to them.”


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  • Rohan Patel

    Get Kelce a deal now! Then our starting O-lineman will all have long term deals = stability.

  • Kushan Patel

    How-wie! How-wie! How-wie!

  • oreofestar

    This is great Kelce will probably happen tomorrow and Maclin hopefully within a week this is great finally some news it has been slow

  • oreofestar

    I am very curious on the terms of the deal I am assuming it is in the $16m range

  • OregonDucker

    Taking care of those who take care of you is good business. Glad to see this on Cooper and Peters with Maclin next up in a few days. Couple this with a few draft wins and the Eagles will rock the world!

  • Tom w

    Howie! Hinkie! Hoping close to 4 yrs for 15 mil w 6 guaranteed … Basically a two year deal we can get out off if the monster wr we draft in rd 1 or 2 this year shows he should be starting … Even then it’s so cheap we can keep coop for 3 or 4 until the rookie (Matthews moncrief Adams) is ready to re-up on his rookie deal if they play to their draft position.

    Lets get Kielce under wraps for 5 yrs at 23 mil and tender Thornton as a second rounder and redo Djax for four years for 36 mil for 16 guaranteed to lower his cap hit by 2 mil to 8 million. Then sign maclin to 2 yrs w a club option for year two w first yr 4 mil and second year 6 mil. Finish it out by cutting avant sorry bud and talk Chung down to 1 mil we owe him and try to trade graham near draft for a pick or package him to move up.

    • oreofestar

      Kelce will be making about $1m more per year than what you said, Thorton is an ERFA so we just extend is tender and we do not even have to worry anymore and Maclin deal makes sense and I agree with cuts and ass casey to that while you are at it

    • Justin

      If we draft a WR in the first round I’m hanging myself.

      • Tom w

        Nah. Wr could easily be the best player on the board for us then and w maclin likely leaving next year and avant probably getting released it is a position that could get addressed and provide us w another weapon like Ertz last year.

      • Richard Colton

        In the deepest WR draft in 10 years? Unbelievably short sighted.

        • Maybe they look at Vandy’s Jordan Matthews in the 2nd/3rd high character guy with size (6’3 209) and speed (4.40)

    • NickS1

      Dude I was right with you until you mentioned something about Chung still being around. Then it went south real quick. Lol.

  • ochospantalones

    Before we celebrate we should know how much he’s making. If he got Brian Hartline’s deal ($6.15 million average, $12.5 million guaranteed) is that good or bad? Seems like a lot for a guy who has one good year, and may be the third best receiver on the team.

    • Tom w

      No chance. This early it’s really team friendly. Coop saw the combine and all the stud wrs and told his agent to close the seal ASAP. Closer to Brandon Gibson money

      • ochospantalones

        I hope so! Something in that range works for me.

      • NickS1

        “Coop saw the combine and all the stud wrs and told his agent to close the seal ASAP.” I whole-heartedly agree. No way he could have ever felt good about being back in a secure locker room after that. I tend to think that this is nothing more than 4/18 with like 6-7 guaranteed in the first two years. Only way 18 is hit is because of some serious production bonuses.

        EDIT: Just saw your post below.

    • oreofestar

      My thought is this deal will be very similar to what Avant got because like Tom W said it has to be team friendly for it to happen this soon

  • Christian Fuentes

    Do you think now that we have Jackson, Cooper, and possibly Avant, keeping Avant would be great for leadership? But perhaps Maclin could be moved to the slot. It should be a given that Arrelious Benn is not coming back.

  • Rambler

    I like it (depending on guaranteed money of course, which I am sure is team friendly). Get Maclin in the fold as well. I think the continuity for the offense next year (with a couple of exciting rookies sprinkled in) will lead to even better things. I do not use the word “special” very often, but I really do think that their offense can be just that next year.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Great news. Now all I have to worry about is seeing enough breasts at Mardi Gras.

    • Johnny Domino

      “Too much of everything is just enough”

  • im happy. but i still want to draft a WR. lol. i guess 1st round will be out of the question but we could get a good one in the 2nd. but maybe if jace amaro is there at 22 we could take him.

    • Jimmie

      I want one also, there will be plenty of quality receivers in the second round. Got my fingers crossed for Martavis Bryant, Allen Robinson, or Donte Moncrief.

      Jackson, Maclin, Cooper, Rookie, Benn plus Celek and Ertz. Our offense will be loaded with talent

      • Niels

        I would also mention Jeremy Gallon from UM, which I follow a lot. 4.5 speed, like Avant never drops anything, and can be had in rounds 4-6. I think he will be a nightmare in the slot.

    • planetx1971

      I agree. We ALL love Avant. But can you imagine this offense with a fast beast playing the slot?! Maybe one that returns kicks as well? I drool.

      • eagle fan dwn south

        I think Macklin will be in the slot

  • Fly High

    Of course, we need to see what the money was, but I like the philosophy the Eagles are following. It reminds me of Red Auerbach with the Celtics. Show loyalty to the players you have. Let them know that if they do their best and are reasonable, you will do your best to keep them around. What that does, is gives the players security. They do not have to protect their back against management. It frees them to give their all to the team. This only works is you have the right type of players, but I think the Eagles are more and more choosing that type pf player. This philosophy helps players to play above their skill level.

  • Kelce should be a priority.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Like this move. It was clear that Coop & Foles connected & built chemistry. The best thing you can do for a young budding QB is to not take away his receivers that he’s grown to rely on and help him further along in his development.

    For the record, these moves (Peters, Coop, Kelce, Mac) speak in volume to players across the league & can only bode well on the Eagles behalf when looking to sign not only to tier FAs from the outside, but also their own budding stars.

  • planetx1971

    I admit, I was skeptical of Roseman AT BEST. But the way he’s handling things I’m nothing less than pleasantly shocked. The way he’s handling in house player contracts, keeping us up to 30 million under the cap after the expected increase (20 mill. without the increase) is incredible. Smart frugal free agent shopping & not to mention nailing the last two drafts. I mean getting Cox, Foles, Boykin et all is a nothing short of a football coupe. And for the love of the football gods, I nearly forgot to mention the hiring Chip Kelly!! Kudos Mr. Roseman! Crow has never tasted so sweet :)

  • ia

    If Maclin can come back to his old form, they’ll have a great offense.
    I guess the draft will almost totally focus on the defense then?

    • GW.Fisher

      Unless a stud OL falls to 22. I could live with grooming a stud to replace Herremans…

      • Joe L

        There’s no guards in this draft worthy of the 22nd pick though. Lots of mid rounds guy imo.

  • Token

    So they made a priority of locking up some of their guys first. Now they will need to focus on getting some true difference makers this offseason. Thats what they need to take a step forward.

    Offensively, Assuming Coop and Mac are both kept, I think you still add a WR in the first two rounds. And then another late or maybe they wait til UDFA.

    Jackson – High pick – Maclin – Cooper – Late Pick/UDFA or lower level FA.

    That works for me. Depending how the draft falls maybe Ebron is the best option available in the first. Think that would be ok too.

    Then they just need line depth this year if they still like Todd. But Todd will need replaced at the latest next season. And a backup QB. I personally am not as concerned about the backup as some are. Truth is if you get to the backup QB you are likely screwed anyway. Im not investing much resources into it. Barkley should know the offense well enough to possibly win a game by now. If they do get a QB I dont want a runner.

    Also need a backup RB. Bryce blows. Polk couldnt hold up under #3 RB carries.

    • Richard Colton

      Evans/Ebron/Watkins – three receivers who would make an outstanding offense even more dangerous on day one. Unlikely that any of them will be there at #22, but all it takes is a surprise. Say somebody falls in love with Amaro or KB’s size or ODBs fluidity? Evans could land in our lap.

      Same thing happened when Maclin fell to us because the Raiders took Heyward-Bey.

      • Wilbert31

        I admire your loyalty to your Evans dream! We have needed a guy like him for years. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

        • Richard Colton

          I just keep seeing FOles to Evans – it’s a DC nightmare.

  • Kev_H

    I think they still pick a wr early. Remember it usually takes even the best rookies a year or so to develop. It would be NFL malpractice to count on a rookie wideout to be a big contributor and expect to contend.

  • dislikedisqus

    Outstanding news! Way to go Birds!

  • Yes_General

    This armchair GM would make a trade with the panthers and pick up steve smith. He would be a great Slot receiver. Let Maclin and Cooper stretch the field. Trade desean to the Bills or Chargers for a 1st or 2nd RD pick. Steve smith has a lot left and im sure would provide more yards after the catch compared to Avant. Then we can stop all this WR talk this year and focus more on Defense. The panthers were forcing him to stretch the field and really didnt give him any help on the outside but if we could limit his touches to just the slot we can use him similar to how the Steelers used Hines Ward in years past. 1st round pick trade up NT Nix – I’m still haunted by the QB sneaks by the saints in the playoffs. a young 3330NT would fix that. 2nd RD Pick OLB – Extra 2nD Pick Safety – Best Player Available for depth in other key areas. With sports science i really think Steve Smith could be that piece that would give us a CLUTCH Possession receiver we been craving who provides big plays and yards after the catch. Make this happen howie!

    • Richard Colton

      What makes you think another team would want Jackson at his #? Let alone for a 1st or 2nd? Not to mention your draft strategy which is completely out of sync with the Birds’ philosophy.

      • Tikkit

        Not to mention that losing a WR that looked like he met only a portion of his potential in this offense via trade is straight clown bro.

        • Yes_General

          For all the reasons you think it wouldnt work i can think of plenty of reasons why trading him could work. But again this is why the Eagles have yet to win a superbowl most fans like you over estimate the ‘potential’ of our players. Watching desean versus the saints is how he’s been his entire career against tough defenses. He is not a number1 receiver. I would take steve smiths physicality in the slot over desean any day of the week. But keep wishing and hoping there’s more to come with desean. That is what he wants you to believe

          • Tikkit

            But your overall plan with all those moving parts is straight out of a Madden trade. Steve Smith has no further potential. His game is a known commodity and has little to no upside because of age. Jackson isn’t that way. For all the passes that he caught and touchdowns that he scored, many more were left on the field. That’s not conjecture, that’s facts. All players have bad games. Every. Single. One. If you want to use DJax having one versus a playoff team as your example you might as well trade the whole damn team.

          • Yes_General

            I said trade Desean not the entire team. Your the one being dramatic not me. One player for a better player. But again I made this same statement year after year and I’m proven right year after year as well. Desean is not a number1 receiver. This is a fact. Feel free to pull up any tape on Desean against top ranked defenses. Steve smith steps his game up even at his old age still makes plays Desean is affraid to make. Desean is a WR version of Tony Romo

  • Jeff Asay

    Great news! Now draft one or two more receiving weapons to develop and this team is in great shape offensively.