Weekend Reading: Kelly’s Draft Advantage

NFL: Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

There was a common thread among three of the Eagles’ first four draft picks last season: they competed against Chip Kelly in college.

Zach Ertz and Matt Barkley both played in the Pac-12, while Bennie Logan’s LSU squad took on Oregon back in 2011. The only exception was first-round selection Lane Johnson.

Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News thinks Kelly and other coaches who have made their way to the NFL from college have a distinct advantage in the draft:

There’s more bad news for the Cowboys. The Eagles are coached by Chip Kelly, another successful college coach who recruited nationally at Oregon. He spent four years with the Ducks so he has a four-year window when he’ll know the draft board better than the NFL lifers.

He traces the theory back to Jimmy Johnson’s days with the Cowboys:

So Johnson had a mental file of the top college players in the country. He either coached, recruited or played against them on Saturdays. His knowledge of the college game and its players gave him an edge at the draft table over his NFL rivals.

For his first five years in Dallas, Johnson would be studying and drafting many of the same players he had already studied and recruited at Miami. Those five years would cover his five-year recruiting cycle at Miami. He knew the achievers, overachievers and underachievers.

Early returns on the 2013 draft are positive. Lane Johnson had some growing pains, but looks like a player. Ertz acquitted himself well compared to other rookie tight ends. And Logan worked his way into a starting role.

Time will tell if Kelly’s college experience provides the Eagles with a drafting advantage. But in the months ahead, it’s worth keeping an eye on players he recruited, coached or competed against.


Andy Benoit of The MMQB has released his All-Emerge Team. These are players he expects to break out in 2014. Benoit shows some love to Cedric Thornton and Brandon Boykin, along with Brandon Graham:

It wasn’t supposed to take this long for Graham to emerge; the Eagles drafted him 13th overall in 2010. But his development was halted by a late-2010 knee injury, and he never quite found a niche in the 4-3 schemes that Andy Reid’s defensive coordinators ran. In Billy Davis’s hybrid 3-4, Graham operates primarily as an outside linebacker (though he’s also been effective lining up with his hand in the dirt). He should see more playing time with Trent Cole coming off a somewhat inconsistent 2013 campaign. And if he can’t take snaps from Cole, he’ll take them from someone else. Simply put, Graham will be the Eagles’ most dynamic pass-rusher in 2014.

I like bold predictions, but can’t say I’m on the same page with Benoit here. I still think Graham is best-suited as a 4-3 DE. If he couldn’t beat Trent Cole out in 2013, I’m not sure that he’ll be able to earn more playing time in 2014, especially considering the Eagles are likely to add more talent at outside linebacker in the months ahead.


Patrick Dougherty of Rotoworld recently ranked all 32 NFL head coaches. He’s got Kelly at No. 6:

Kelly has spent exactly one of his 50 years on this earth roaming an NFL sideline. As recently as 2006, he was the New Hampshire Wildcats’ offensive coordinator. He earned his first head-coaching job at the age of 46. So how could he possibly be so high on this list? Because he has something nearly all his peers lack: Clarity of vision. From what kind of offense he runs to what kind of music he plays at practice, Kelly knows exactly what he wants to do as a football coach. Others might think they know, but others spend nearly as much time scapegoating assistants as they do winning football games. And unlike say, Greg Schiano, Kelly is not only a man with a plan, but a man who treats his players like men. He’s not a dictator, but a leader. Maybe Kelly will wind up the flash in the pan many are still certain he is. But if he does, it will be on his terms, doing things no one else has done before. He’s literally changing the way the game is played. How many coaches, in any era, can say that? In a copycat league, Kelly is himself. It’s a philosophy more should abide by.

Four of the five coaches Dougherty has listed ahead of Kelly – Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, John Harbaugh and Sean Payton – all have Super Bowl rings. The other (Jim Harbaugh) has played in the title game.

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  • Average__Joseph

    Not to be the grammar police (because I am one of the biggest offenders) but…

    “Ertz equipped himself well compared to other rookie tight ends,”

    I believe should read:

    “Ertz acquitted himself well compared to other rookie tight ends.”

    Also, no way Graham is on the team next season. He will be traded for a low round draft pick or traded to swap picks and move up in a round.

    Just An Average Joseph

    • anon

      I’d like to agree on Graham, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    • Richard Colton

      I can think of at least 3.4 million reasons BG will be on the team next year. I’m not sure we get anything from him in a trade, and the Eagles need a plan in case the edge rusher they want doesn’t fall to them early in the draft.

      I was just as surprised to see BG’s name in that MMQB article, but who knows? He’s demonstrated the ability to rush the passer in the past – maybe he takes a big step forward in year two as an OLB.

      • GEAGLE

        The problem is this kids been jerked around so much, that it’s hard to know what’s up with him. whether it’s been injuries, or Cole/Babin getting snaps, facts are that Graham has never been able to play significant snaps, using the same techniques, playing the same position in the same scheme two years in a row. So as we stand today, I think there is still a shadow of a doubt/possibility that Graham could go to another team, get a real opportunity and make us look bad!!!!….There is no way we seen the best he has to offer last year. he will be better this year, but HOW MUCH better? So much better that you extend him as the Longterm starter at ROLB? I don’t know what Brandt is seeing that could make him think that…
        BG/Cole IMO is the toughest decision of the offseason. No idea how they play this…safety is simple, we don’t have any under contract

        • anon

          I don’t think he’d look bad given the situation. For instance TX doesn’t look bad for letting Barwin or Meco go. Personally, id be glad if he had a career somewhere else.

        • Richard Colton

          Yea, I see it the same way you do. We know they don’t go into the draft needing a position. So they have to sign a safety or two. If they think Cole/Graham can improve in year two, OR they can upgrade the pass rush from somewhere else (not looking at you Brandon Boykin, OLB) I think the stopgap will, in fact, be going back to last year’s rotation.

          • GEAGLE

            I really really hate that Trent Cole contract.
            I’m also bother by wanting to take advantage of this window of opportunity while we are paying our QB chump change. I really really want to be a serious contender in 2015, and I think it’s perfectly attainable..so if we are going to try and win it all in 2015, I don’t want to be adding too many new pieces next offseason. I want as much of the 2015 team put in place THIS OFFSEASON, so they have 2014 to grow and gel together. Our cap is healthy enough to where we can make additions that can get us to that next level AND keep that team in place for another two years so we can take a real shot at a Lombardi trophy. I don’t want to go into the 2015 counting on too many new, first time Eagles..get the 2015 SB winning Eagles in place THIS OFFSEASON!!!! Barry Finkle says….DO IT!!!

          • kandy830

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        • BleedGreenJames

          I’m with you on that. We’d all welcome a breakout year for him, but it’s hard to imagine seeing as he’s caught nearly every bad break imaginable from injuries, to Babin being brought in, to a completely new scheme. There has been next to no defensive stability since we picked him. Hopefully 2014 is when everything comes together and he finally performs like we always hoped he could.

    • mtn_green

      Graham will be on the team, but as eagles fans that watched every game don’t think any of us saw something that made is excited about graham next year. Only way Graham leaves is on a trade but trades are rare and usually not very profitable to the team with the misfit toy.

    • sdk152

      Changed. Thanks! -SK

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    From the 5th round on we haven’t gotten anyone productive yet so well see how that pans out.

    • Richard Colton

      well we didn’t have a 6th, so that’s a little unfair. You hit on three guys in a draft, for me its a great draft – looks like LJ/Ertz/Logan can all play. I’m one or two more solid games from moving Wolf into that column. Mark Barkley & Kruger? total mystery. I’ll take another haul like that in ’14. Wouldn’t you Brick?

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        If 3 is the number you’re right. I’d like that number to be higher with Chip’s advantage. We’ll see about Kruger but Poyer looked bad and Wolf like you idk yet seems iffy at this point.

    • Adam

      Wolff? and Poyer was swiped from us so it’s tough to tell what he could do.These guys don’t get drafted in the first 5 rounds for a reason, and it’s generally more misses than hits.

      • anon

        Poyer was never going to see the field again. He played crappy at CB, he’s just not big or fast enough, and then he gave up that return TD against the broncos, that was it for him.

        • Adam

          Oh I forgot rookies careers end when they struggle early.

          … did you even watch Roc Carmichael play down the stretch? Poyer would have absolutely gotten another shot ifhe wasn’t poached.


    “I still think Graham is best suited to play 4-3DE”???? I still think the sky is blue too lol JK
    Truth be told, tape shows It started to click for Graham late in the season. Wasn’t becoming. Force or anything like that, but he did start making some OLB type plays that I didn’t think he had in him…So Part of me would be intruiged to see how much better it gets for Graham in year two, especially since I think it’s foolish to not expect improvement in year two of a scheme transition..but another part of me just wants to turn the page and get the next era of REAL pass rush OLB in place now.

    It’s actually a pretty simple question for Graham, the problem is, I don’t know the answer.. Is the lack of continuity what has kept him from arriving as a pass rush Force? OR has microfracture surgery robbed him of that FORCE type of ceiling he once had as a prospect?

    This isn’t a lazy kid, this isn’t a dumb kid, or a bad kid..this wasn’t a bad pick. BG was a heckuva prospect, who has yet to overcome the horrible hands he kept being dealt. No rational coach or front office person would look at what BG did this past year, and think that was his ceiling. There is just no way that he is done improving and growing into an OLB. If we bring him back next year, we will have a better player then what we had this year, the question is will he be SO much better that we can expect him to be the Longterm answer at ROLB? I have NO IDEA what Brandt saw that makes him think so…How much has the microfracture surgeries lowered his ceiling? If the answer is NOT MUCH, then he is going to make us look really stupid when he breaks out after someone gives him a real opportunity…

    If he still had two years on his rookie deal, it would be such an easier situation because up to this point, we jerked BG around so much, that there is still a lingering shadow of a doubt, that if this kid actually gets some damn snaps, playing the same position, in the same scheme, two stinking years in a row, he might still grow into the Beast he projected to be as a prospect…or, he will still improve, but microfracture surgery has robbed him of that “next level” of his ceiling?

    The BG situation to me is a giant mind F**K!! No idea if we trade him, no idea if we cut our losses and try to get a Micheal Johnson Chip Kelly prototype in place, or an Everson Griffin type..No idea if we keep him for the year and see him leave in FA…That Trent Cole contract complicates and makes a mess out of this OLB situation. Barwin,Cole and BG are contracted to combine for some serious money this season, so if we keep those 3, we won’t be spending money adding a FA, nor would any FA worth a damn sign on to a team with so many OLBs that would cut into his snaps…If we are keeping BG(can’t lose Cole til next year) then the only OLB addition we will make is a draft pick, someone from a pool of Barr, Marcus Smith,Attaboy, Ford, KVN, Kony (can’t wait til combine)
    Going to be really interesting to see the decisions they make on how to navigate this Cole/BG mess….

    • anon

      Agree, but are we going to give him a new deal based on potential? IF he has a serviceable year i think you have to let him walk b/c a 4-3 will pay him more. Unless he has a breakout year i don’t see us re-signing him or him wanting to re-sign here since he wouldn’t be a full time starter / likely get paid less elsewhere.

      • GEAGLE

        I don’t disagree at all…that’s the conundrum and why I say this is such a mind F**k to me. I really think this BG/Cole situation will be the hardest decision we have to make this offseason…I have no idea what they are going to do at OLB..all I know is that if they bring back Cole BG and Barwin, the 4th spot will be filled by a draft pick and not a free agent. No idea what they do about this OLB situation

        • anon

          No sure who is downvoting that but it’s pretty spot on. I’d rather move on while you can get something back. I think BG would appreciate a trade as well. Buffalo could be the right spot if they move to a wide 9 4-3.

          • GEAGLE

            Problem for me is TIMING!!! Typically trading away Graham wouldn’t happen til draft night/day…well if you don’t trade him til the draft, then you missed out on OLB Free agents..

            Tough to make a big offer to a Free agent OLB if you are already on the hook for a lot of money with Cole, Barwin and BG..it’s even harder to get a FA to want yo come to your team with those 3 cutting into your snaps…I would want to lose BG to free up space to sign our ROLB of the future like Micheal Johnson or Everett Griffin, but if we don’t trade BG til draft night, those players won’t still be on the market by draft time…

            So if you trade BG on draft night, you will either have to draft two OLBs, or you will draft one and have to sign a B or c list stop gap after the draft, which I don’t know to be a better option then keeping Graham and enjoying his year two improvement…
            OLB situation is a a giant clusterF-**k on so many levels. No idea what’s going to happen

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Have to agree that ROLB is a conundrum, which is why I am torn between adding extra picks by trading down, staying pat at #22, or even possibly moving up.

      I want KVN in the absolute worst way & that clouds my mind even more. I just see him as a player that could come into our current situation and add value & impact from day 1 because he could play at any of the 4 LB spots at a high level. ROLB – Phenomenal speed/agility/athleticism off the edge & can obviously drop back into coverage on the rare occasions. LOLB – While not great at setting the edge, he can do it & is exceptional dropping back. WILB – Good tackler, can play in space & spy the QB, shoot the gap on blitzes with authority & of course cover. SILB – Has the size to take on a blocker & hold his block or disengage to wrap up. Hell you could even use him as a DB in the nickel patrolling the middle flat or in those 3 Safety situations. He could do all of this in his rookie year, replacing Mathews spot on the depth chart & wouldn’t even have to start yr1 & could still see significant playing time. This dude is a baller, a premier athletic talent that’ll make plays all over the field that lift a defense & force opposing offenses into fits.

      Yr2 you can decide whether he’s your ROLB, or ILB to replace Meco, or you could continue to use him all over. He’s a guy that gives you that athleticism that we missed out on when Miami leap frogged us in last years draft to nab Dion Jordan. While he’s 3″ shorter & currently 15lbs lighter than Jordan he is a better tackler, a better finisher and has better instincts coming out than Dion had. I watched a ton of Dion last year & one other thing stands out when I compare the two. They both were all over the field, but I noticed that Dion often was not the guy making the tackle or was taking himself out of plays. He was often the second guy in, whereas KVN just wills himself to make the play.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        For those still hoping that we pull off a trade for Jordan…


        It just so happens that Miami’s concerns were the concerns I had prior to last years draft.

        • GEAGLE

          I’d take Jordan in a heartbeat…just don’t view that as a realistic possibility

      • GEAGLE

        I been drooling over KVN for two years. lol I woulda drafted him last year had he come out lol..Id be so thrilled to add him. Always said he reminds me of a combo of Barwin and Vrabel. I would use him as a Nickle OLB pass rusher next year, and eventually have him take over for Meco. Mykal and KVN would be a scary Tandem…I’ll never forget trying so hard to watch Ziggy Ansah film this time last year. But it always ending up being the KVN show..he jumped out on film last year.
        I haven’t been tooting the KVN horn just because I believe in him, I talk about him so much because I honestly think he will really apeal to our coaches. He provides the versatility all our draft picks must have. He will DAZZLE US during the interview process which will make Chip love him..and he provides schematic disguise lining up across from Barwin which will apeal to Billy Dee. I strongly believe KVN will be high on our wish list….I’m so SOLD on KVN, that I hope he has a miserable Combine lol Hope he has a horrible day, is slow, stiff, cranky and cocky during interviews lol….If we can get that kid, and not have to draft him at 22, I’ll be SO PUMPED!!!!….I believe in that kid, and I think he will appeal to our coaches…here’s hoping…

  • 76mustang

    What I love about Chip is that he has very specific physical, mental, and character-related measurables for each position that helps take the guess work out of scouting and grading. Where I really think Chip has the advantage is in the overall Big Board placement of players as they relate to the big picture look of the roster make up.


    Browns have two 1st, one 2nd, two 3rds, two 4th round picks.

    Really hope to see us trade away our first round pick, get Browns 2nd(which is at the beginning of the round). One of their 3rds AND one of their 4ths.
    That would leave us with no first round pick, but we would have:
    Two 2nd: Marcus Smith/Buchanon OLB/S
    Two 3rd: WR Jarvis Landry, WR Martevius/Moncrief/Coleman
    Two 4ths: ILB Lamin barrow(or best cover ILB on the board) and CB T.Mitch Ducks
    two 5ths: OG and DL
    Hopefully we trade back a few spots at some point and pick up a 6th that we use on DAT or Lyeria

    Trade may actually work for Cleveland. They have 40mil in cap so they can afford 3 first round picks, and it would be a nice Splash to start a new regime. They wouldn’t have a second round pick. But they would still be left with a 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th

    • Richard Colton

      I love how specific you get John.

      It’s not outside of the realm of possibility – the Browns need to make a splash this offseason and prove to the team and fans they want to compete. 3 first rounders and they can overhaul their offense. Johnny Football at #5, Kelvin Benjamin at #22 (opposite Gordon) and use the pick they got fom the Colts on a Jace Amaro or the highest RB on their board? Vikings did it last year.

      • GEAGLE

        I’m actually not married to any of those draft picks..just use them to illustrate a point. I’m sure who I want to draft will change drastically after I see the combine…..

        I just starting to feel like it’s crucial to get extra picks THIS year! Take advantage of a deep class, while we still enjoy the major advantage of coach Chip,Azz!Minter,Stoutland still knowing these college kids. I also think we have most of our veterans in place and we need to fill depth across the board with young players who:
        1) Ball out on ST from day 1
        2) provide COMPETANT backup play. No Curtis marsh types
        3) Have potential for our coaches to mold into eventual starters
        There isn’t much room for Free agents, we need draft picks to give ourselves a depth makeover..infusion on young athletic talent…
        Really hoping to add two draft picks between rounds 2-4. That would be HUGE!!!

        • Richard Colton

          starting to get that early April feeling now. Not sure how Im going to make it to May.

          • GEAGLE

            I feel your pain. I can’t tell you how antsy I am for the combine.m

      • anon

        Browns are pretty close to having a team. I’d be surprised they’d let a 3 & 4 go to move up ~15 spots, unless they don’t take a QB and one happens to be there at 22 (doubt it) but teams 22-25 aren’t taking a QB with their first pick. As a fan i’d kill myself if my team gave away a 3 and a 4 to move up and get a RB. Maybe they move up to take a CB, but sort of doubt it. Wouldn’t be surprised if they picked up a midlevel CB, Ben Tate, and then went BPA.

        Ex. Eddie Lacy was a 3rd rounder I believe.

        • Richard Colton

          I think the Browns need to come away from this draft with one of the top three QBs, even if it means trading up. They’ve tried to be clever for years – and where has it gotten them? When you don’t have a franchise QB on your roster, you only have one problem.
          Aside from that one caveat, I agree with you. They have the makings of a solid team – budding stars on offense and D.

        • GEAGLE

          If Carr is on the board when we pick, you can bet your ass there will be a market for him! Every GM will expect Andy Reid to draft him, and KC picks right after us. So you can bet a team will want to jump ahead of KC to snag Carr…The two most important kids in this draft to me are Anthony Barr and Carr. I’m praying one of those F’ers fall to #22. Either one of them falling to us is the BEST CASE SCENARIO!

          • anon

            You mean the QB? KC is trying to extend smith and you think they’re going to take a QB in the first round? OK. Plus Andy has nothing to do with player evaluation / draft, but even if he did it’s clear he can pick / flip mid draft QBs so why would he take one in the first?

            I expect KC to draft a WR / DB / OL in the first.

          • GEAGLE

            I absolutely think Andy will want to take a young QB to start to develop..problem is, I think Bruce Arians and the cardinals are looking for the same thing. hopefully they elect to go with OL.
            If Carr makes it into the 20’s, then I think he will be a hot prospect because the QB needy teams that chose not to take a QB in the top 10, will probably want to move up from round 2 to secure him….take the texans for Example..if they draft Clowney or an OT in the first round, then trading for Ryan mallet or trading for a falling David Carr probably shoots at the top of their list….if the Browns don’t get a QB in the top 5, then every GM will expect them to try to get a QB with the 1st round pick they got from the Colts..so if KC doesn’t create the market for a falling Carr, then the Browns I will
            Create that market(as long as they didn’t land Manziel earlier)…
            Usually you see a run on QBs early, like top 13…and then you usually see teams trying to trade back into the end of round 1 to jump the QB needy teams at the beginning of round 2…Carr is a good enough prospect to create that secondary late round 1 QB frenzy…we just need him to fall past the cardinals…
            But yeah I think the new blue print for coaches taking over teams that have talent and don’t need a full rebuild is trade or sign a veteran QB to implement your offense, and in year two, draft the young QB you want to start grooming…so I expect the coaches who went with veteran QBs last year, like KC and Arizona, to look for a young QB to start grooming this year…

            if Carr falls to us, I think there could be some quality opportunities to trade back

      • GEAGLE

        If they were to have 3 first round picks, I could see them replacing Ward with a top safety prospect..

        • Richard Colton

          they may franchise TJ Ward too. That should drive up Byrd’s price tag.

          • GEAGLE

            Yup…which is why I’m starting to prepare myself mentally to handle having to settle for Malcom Jenkins,,,,,SMH..Our Only hope is that the teams offering Byrd big money are terrible franchises in terrible Markets…. Most teams need safety but Not all are in a position where they can consider making that type of investment at this point in time..guy like Byrd will get like 4 serious offers..hopefully we are a significantly more attractive location then those 4 teams, and that he would rather take 3million less to come play for one of the hottest teams in the NFL, in a rabid big market then take the highest offer to go be forgotten in Oaklands black hole..
            …I’m assuming Oakland makes him a serious offer
            I’m assuming Skins pay big money to Orakpo and Talib so that takes them out of the Byrd running
            Browns are one of the few team with more cap space then us but they won’t be in play for IByrd because they obviously have Ward.
            Miami will need a safety, but they recently paid Rashard jones so I suspect they want to replace Clemons with a rookie contract.
            Rams and Bears will both be in the market for a safety. GB needs an entire defense so I don’t know how they could pay so much for a safety. They need the batting average approach..

            who else besides Oakland will make Byrd an offer?
            If we keep BG,Cole and Barwin, we can’t add a FA OLB, we will look to the draft for OLB, so what else will we do with our money? Besides a few cheap two year Corey Graham type signings to replace the Colt Anderson and Curtis marsh types?

            If we don’t spend money on a FA OLB, we can’t spend money on a FA DL because if we draft a DL and Kruger makes the roster we will have to cut the DL we draft. We aren’t signing other teams WRs.so WTF else is there to do with our money then purchase one starting safety? Last year we had a million holes to fill so the batting average approach made sense…there aren’t many starting spots up for grabs to offer free agents, so if we only end up paying for one starter, I want that one starter to be pretty damn good

          • Richard Colton

            My FA shopping list is pretty modest.
            1 Big Ticket (Byrd)
            1 or 2 WRs (Maclin and Cooper or Maclin & Cooper)
            A few guys at the right price – which could include Allen and Colt Anderson

            We do that and there isn’t a single position the Eagles MUST go after on the first or second day of the draft – which, of course, is their preferred strategy.

    • EaglefaninAZ

      I like that scenario for the picks. Not sure about the players, but only because I wouldn’t have any idea wtf I was talking about.

      • anon

        That doesn’t stop anyone else on here.

        • Richard Colton

          nice. “nobody knows nutin”

        • EaglefaninAZ

          I’ve seen that. Hence my statement. Lol… don’t wanna be lumped in with those folk.

      • GEAGLE

        Players are subject to change after the combine anyway..I just use them to illustrate the positions we can add


    Sitting here watching football life on Randall on football network..just watche Reggie and Jerome.,,,wonder why all this eagle stuff today. What a treat on a lazy snowed in saturday

  • Wilbert M.

    I think inconsistent doesn’t accurately portray Cole’s season. He steadily improved all year as he learned a new position. He’s not great, but I’d say he’s made himself into an average OLB. With a full season under his belt, he’ll be even better.

  • Joe Thomas

    I feel as though Graham got a bad deal man, or bad luck. He just needs the right opportunity to shine.

  • Ertugal Maxwell

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    • Richard Colton

      My lover is a hard hitting safety who can cover tight ends and WRs. You should see her flip her hips. Can you get her back?

    • GEAGLE


  • Loke1988

    Go back and look at what Jimmy Johnson accomplished draft and trade wise in 1989. Hall of Famers abound. Drafted Aikman, D. Johnson, starting O lineman, traded Walker for picks that became Smith etc etc etc. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the Johnson Kelly comparisons just yet Sheil.


    Heck Chippah wasn’t even smart enough to see Foles was a better option than Vick in year one, something that was crystal clear to me from the get go. Still SMH @ that decision and always will. Guess I’m still not sold, lets see what happens in year two against a first place schedule and the opposing teams star players not conveniently injured prior to lining up against the birds. I hate to pour cold water on this haven for homers but I’m a realist when it comes to the Eagles and no longer a fanatic.

  • morgan c

    To be clear, BG was pegged as a 3-4 OLB out of college, and basically everyone at the time said that would be his ideal role in the NFL. Maybe, after a year back in a system that may suit his size and skills better, he could flourish. But ya, he’s been a bust so far.

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  • Chris Jones

    If we got Kyle van noy or Calvin Pryor I would be satisfied. I cringe at the thought of them taking a guy like dee ford first round…

  • Lovesolutions

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