Banner Out In Cleveland

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

Sixteen months after taking over as the CEO of the Cleveland Browns, former Eagles president Joe Banner is stepping down, the team announced.

Michael Lombardi is out as GM and will be replaced by Ray Farmer.

Banner was with the Eagles from 1994 to 2012. He tried to hire Chip Kelly last offseason, but was turned down. Banner later said he felt Kelly was too much of a gamble. Jeffrey Lurie and Banner traded jabs after the Eagles’ owner accused Banner of leaking negative stories about Howie Roseman.

Banner and the Browns ended up hiring Rob Chudzinski, who was fired after one 4-12 season. They eventually hired Mike Pettine to replace him.

Lombardi, meanwhile, was the Eagles’ director of pro personnel back in 1998. And Farmer played three seasons for the Eagles from 1996 to 1998.

Back in 2010, Robert Huber of Philadelphia Magazine wrote an in-depth profile of Banner.

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  • Tyler Phillips

    Laughs heard engulfing the Philly area.

    • luzzjl524

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  • jabostick

    Feel no pity for Banner but, man, Cleveland fans have had enough. No Mas!

    I’d like to hear the inside scoop on this – I read on twitter that Lombardi wasn’t on board with the Chud firing and he didn’t show up at that press conference.

    I can just imagine the amateur hour it must’ve looked like when they were trying to hire a new guy this year

    • I heard Banner wasn’t on board either and the decision to fire Chud was 100% Haslam.

      • Weapon Y

        What a dysfunctional team! They make the Cowboys look rational. Rumor is that Haslam desperately wants Johnny Manziel, but Chud didn’t and that’s why he was fired. I can’t help but picture J.Jonah Jameson when I think of Haslam now: “I want pictures of Spiderman! Get me more pictures of Spiderman, or you’re fired.” “I want Johnny Football! Get me pictures of Johnny Football or you’re fired!”

        • Wait a second. Jerry Jones has worked long and hard over the past 20 years to make the Cowboys into the joke they are today and I’m not willing to past the torch just yet. Let’s give Haslam a few more years before we crown him and the Browns.

    • UKEagle99

      Upvote for the Leonard–Durán II reference

  • NickS1

    I love that this got a post on B247. That dude is an a-hole.

    • Sven

      He shall always be remembered by me as the guy who let BDawk go….curses to souls of his ancestors !!

  • Andy

    What a circus.

  • Tautalatasi Jr.


  • Scott J

    This could help us. Without Banner there, they may not put the franchise tag on Ward.

    • GEAGLE

      Really curious to see what this new hire means for their big money FA, Mack and Ward.
      Ray farmer is now in charge and he actually happens to be a former safety, so I can’t say that i now feel so optimistic about the Ward situation…although, I still don’t know if I see THAT OWNER field a secondary with two MONSTER contracts, Ward and Joe Haden..curious to see how this all plays out in Cleveland, I will say that it’s cheaper to tag the center.

    • anon

      They might just pay him. Pettine is smart.

      • Scott J

        Maybe, but Ward may want to get out of Cleveland.


    I would love to be able to catch Hollis, Trotter or Reese thoughts on huge radio about Banner..

    Anyone know the inside scoop about the “Joe Juravicus dagger”? The play That killed us on the Tampa game that people say “Joe is still running..”? I’m dying to hear the inside scoop about it

    • GEAGLE

      For those that don’t know what I’m referring to…I heard Banner and his dirty contract antics may have had something to do with the Joe Juravicus Dagger. Basically Shawn barber was our Wil and he was pretty damn good in coverage, but on that crucial play, I heard former eagles heard or felt that banners dirty contract leverage antics had barber on the bench for that crucial play, and Barry Gardner was inexplicably on the field chasing Joe…basically I heard two former players start to suggest this, but wouldn’t go into detail….anyone else ever hear anything about this?

      Not sure if players heard rumors that banner had something to do with Barber being on the bench, of if it was just a theory floating around the locker room….

      • RIP illa

        Never heard about that, but he did screw a lot of good core guys on our team when it came contract time. As much as I like the tactic for young up and coming players, it can’t be used in a blanket type of way. He never learned when not to use it or how to pick his battles. Just said a moment ago, Cleveland fans were spared.

        • GEAGLE

          That about sums it up…doesn’t know when to pick and chose his battles, can’t ALWAYS rule with iron fist.

          It does seem like Howie might have actually learned from joes mistakes. Even when Howie was misfiring on NNamdi and that FA crop, and we weren’t yet sold on Howie.even back then, he was already trying to fix the moral issues that banner never cared about! he was already trying to have better relationships with our players and their agents. You can be an effective negotiator without having our players despise you
          The trick is to continue to manage the cap brilliantly, without it compromising our “family atmosphere” and franchise unity….banner at times had to fracture our locker room to Achieve his cap Nirvana…if Howie doesn’t have to sacrifice moral for the sake of the cap…we will be in really good hands

          • Richard Colton

            Going to disagree with the way you’re remembering point #1

            Banner screwed Trott – as a guy who will always love the AXMAN, you’re right there. I’ll never forgive that FO – including their mouthpieces Spadero and Eskin for the hatchet job they did on his reputation after he left. The fact is – he didn’t play well in Washington. He underperformed his contract there and came back for a team friendly deal. One made possible (by the way) because of the classy way Andy reached out to Trott. The Eagles had all the leverage when Trott came back, even though we had Zip at MLB.

          • JofreyRice

            And he was huge in the 2004 Super Bowl run. Really shored up the run defense. Didn’t he come back on ST’s, and basically won the mlb job after a few weeks?

            Yeah, that was one of Banner’s lowest moments, along with telling Dawk to go pound sand. They were talking about how Trot’s knees were shot. Banner was just such an a!&hole, even when it turned out he was right. Just ruthless.

          • Andy124

            TO situation? Really? Dude signed a SEVEN YEAR contract and wanted to renegotiate it after ONE FREAKING YEAR?!

            I’d have laughed him out of my office.

          • anon

            We did, and we haven’t been close to a SB since. We could have avoided that whole nonsense for a couple of million bucks, but that basically ruined the rest of the era.

          • Andy124

            We could have avoided that whole nonsense for a couple of million bucks
            And that murder victim would still be alive if he just hadn’t gone down that alley. Not’s not start blaming the victims here.

            T.O. was entirely in the wrong. It would have been a total mistake to redo that deal after 1 year. Talk about opening Pandora’s box.

          • GEAGLE

            TO was a piece of crap, but we didn’t even deserve him…tried to get one of the best WR in the history of the game, in his prime to some modest salary. GTFO…you get what you pay for in life, we weren’t willing to pay the price for a top WR, so we didn’t get to keep our top WR….it’s not like TO wasn’t happy being one of the top 5 highest paid WRs in the NFL and demanded MORE money, the guy is a piece of crap, but we werent willing to pay what his services were worth…so F Joe Banner!!!

            Don’t give me that crap about contracts,.NFL contracts mean nothing…they shouldn’t even be called “contracts”…people sign 5 year “contracts” all the time, that realistically are only two year deals….we wanted to be under the cap, and have a top NFL WR, I without paying for a top 10 WR, and sorry, but when you are a SB contender, and under the cap, then you are a F JOKE for allowing us to lose TO

          • Andy124

            I believe we are at an impasse. :)

          • Papa

            TO signed a 7yr $49mil contract and at the time mind you was 2004 would have made him the top paid WR in the league or close to it. That’s still a solid contract 10yrs later. Not smart on his part. I don’t believe he earned the balance of that contract on all his succeeding deals

          • dollamakeuholla

            We Def should have given him the extra Mil or two. The guy risked his CAREER coming back and would have been MVP of that super bowl. That Contract was crap and everyone knew it. That Contract was Back End heavy and if they decided to cut him after 2nd year he wouldn’t get the big money years. The first year was good because he got the signing bonus but that was a bad contract that his agent told him to sign. He wanted more of the back end money in the early years and he deserved that for what he did. When he asked they didn’t want to move that money which shows banner had in his head that he wasn’t going to be here to earn the later money
            And NO ONE tell me that if he sucked the eagles wouldn’t cut him! so Your right contract doesn’t mean shit!

          • dollamakeuholla

            All the big money was in the later years and he wanted the bigger money moved up to the early years. Which should have been a no brainer given the year he had and coming back to have a HUGE super bowl game for us…But banner had to be banner….

          • Timmmay

            Except for a few years later when we lose to AZ…..without Owens…

          • theedevilsadvocate

            nfc championship game against the cards was pretty close and with out TO…

          • GEAGLE

            GTFO here!!!

      • Deluxe

        You think, Joe Banner, team president, told the DC, Jim Johnson, to sit Barber for one crucial play in the NFC Championship game- Super Bowl on the line- to make a point about contracts and salaries? And that JJ obliged him? I am no fan of Joe Banner but that doesn’t make sense to me at all.

        • GEAGLE

          No…I don’t THINK ANYTHING. This sure as hell is not a theory I ever came up with…heck, I was too young to even realize barber was on the bench for Gardner. I’m simply asking if anyone else heard any of our former players talk about this in more detail…do you mind?.. Heard a few details in passing, and I’m curious if there was more to this rumor?…

  • RIP illa

    Seriously SMDH @ both Lombardi and Banner. Feel bad for Cleveland fans. Looked like they were finally getting stabilized (up until the firing of Chud) regardless of my feelings on both Lombardi and Banner. I did laugh when I saw the news tho. Perhaps things will start to workout for them. They’d still probably end up franchising Ward, or worst yet…w/o Banner’s shrewd ass, they might be able to reach a deal w/ him. Well at least their fans will be spared from the smartest and cheapest men in the room mentality, and won’t have to endure losing good players cuz they can’t get paid, like we did.

    • Andy

      I feel bad for them too…plus they have to live in Cleveland!

  • TheCatalyst

    Lombardi seems like he was just dealt a bad hand, but Banner I can understand.

    • Token

      Lombardi is and always has been a dolt. It was a terrible hire in the first place.

  • OG Droid

    HAHA!! Stay the Hell away from the Eagles!!

  • usmcnole

    Banner is a dirt bag

  • anon

    Mike Pettine has gotta be like WTF.


    Hahahahah haslem(clev owner) live press conference right now

  • JofreyRice

    I’d bring him in and kick the tires. See if he’s got anything left in the tank–for the Veteran President minimum deal, of course. Then we’d be covered if Smolenski went down for a few weeks with carpal tunnel syndrome or a particularly vicious paper cut.

    • Andy124

      Someone’s gotta fetch Howie’s coffee and polish his shoes.

    • mtn_green

      Banner can scare away the media, after press conferences.

      Kelly: ‘no more questions, I’m sending in Banner better leave now.’

  • PaoliBulldog

    Too bad the Browns don’t play in the NFC East. They’d fit in with the Cowboys and Displaced Native Americans.

    • Sven

      Upvote for the political correctness….unless it was a jab at them.

      • PaoliBulldog

        Definitely wasn’t jabbing the Native Americans …. I was probably jabbing political correctness more than anything.

  • Mr. Wu

    Man this is too good

  • Kev_H

    If this was baseball and the Phillies, Banner would be brought back and put in the executive assistant to the GM pool of former Phillies on the dole.

  • morgan c

    Wow Cleveland is just more of a joke than I ever thought. I feel bad for their fans. This isn’t even about Banner anymore; sure, the guy isn’t that impressive, but firing their coach and GM after just 16 games?! The not being able to hire a coach fiasco? Everyone in the league knowing they are incompetent? I mean, wow.
    Just terrible.

  • jakethesnake

    mwahahahahahaha…..feel no pity for the rich d-bag….still funny that he is now recognized as a incompetent and the Cleveland owner is not as dumb as Lurie so it didn’t take 10 years to fire nickles.

  • BleedGreenJames

    I was dying when Chip narrowed his choices to Oregon and Philadelphia and Banner comes out and says “We decided to remove ourselves from the process.”

  • Dave S

    Hey Joe you ferret faced arrogant sob pos, even the lingerie league wouldn’t have you now. Fired from Cleveland! Hahaha!

    Like Lombardi though, class act. Hope he lands well.

  • dislikedisqus

    That franchise is like a reality show. The problem is there is no survivor.

  • DharmaBum

    Ray Farmer gave up a chance at the Dolphins job, making me think that Jimmy Haslem may have tipped him off that he should stick around. I would not be surprised at all if Haslem not only pulled the trigger on Chud, but Lombardi as well, prompting Banner to say, “I’m out!”.