Eagles Sign WR Anderson

The Eagles signed former Bears wide receiver/special teamer Joe Anderson on Friday.

The 25-year-old Texas Southern product signed with Chicago as an undrafted free agent in 2012 and spent most of that season on the practice squad. Anderson has appeared in nine games overall since entering the league, with the bulk of his action coming on special teams. He was placed on injured reserve this past November with an abdonimal and groin injury.

Anderson (6-1, 196) returned punts and kicks some on the collegiate level. He returned five kicks for 82 yards (16.4 avg.) in 2013 for the Bears.


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  • G_WallyHunter

    Ah, Ha!
    Knew Howie had something up his sleeve to replace Mac..

  • Wiztopher

    Here we go, FA. Not a splish splash by any means but I for one am getting giddy here.

    • Richard Colton

      lets not get giddy over camp bodies

      • Wiztopher

        I’m excited for FA in general

        • Richard Colton

          fair. the only thing better than the start of FA is the draft. Only thing better than the draft is training camp…you get the idea

          • GEAGLE

            Don’t know that I’m excited about FA..more nervous than Excited

      • GEAGLE

        That may very well be the case this year Sir Colton…I’m as obsessed over every nugget of news and rumor as anyone, but I really love having those GMs where rumors are never leaked..you don’t hear about anything brewing beforehand…Philly right now is fortunate to have that with both Hinkie and the Eagles front office…I would love to hear rumors and intel about every deal before it happens, but I know that’s not in the best interest of the Eagles, and them winning a SUPERBOWL comes before,my personal wants….

        This is an interesting FA period, and we are still getting to know Chip and how we will draft and sign guys while Chip is here. Howie holds his cards so close to the vest that we have no idea how we will attack, or pass on this FA market….

        I believe we have significantly less holes to fill then what we anticipated, I also think it’s a mistake to not take advantage of paying our QB peanuts, We won the division and made the playoffs this year, and it seems like we have a good shot at making the playoffs again this next season….If 2015 is the year our young players would have grown enough, and this team would have gelled enough and have gained enough experience to take a legitimate shot at that Lombardi trophy, then i feel like it would be a mistake! wasted opportunity to not use free agency to turn a few weaknesses into strengths. I want to make the free agent additions this year, so they have time to gel before we take a run at the Lombardi in 2015…I don’t even want to add a bunch of new starters next summer, and then go into the 2015 season with like 6 new eagles in starting positions….We don’t even really have room for that many veteran additions. If we can turn one stinking weakness into a strength I will consider this free agency a success…

        just sign a starting safety, and draft a safety to compete with Wolff

        If you can get MJ on a Barwin deal, I think you have to do it, but adding free agent OLB is tricky, because I feel like you would then have to get out of Graham’s contract, and I don’t know how easy that is (isn’t the dead money for BG high?)…and even if you are ok with paying about 20million this year for 4OLBs, don’t know if you would have room to draft one, which is important considering Cole and BG will be gone at the end of this next year..

        It’s important to sign someone that can come compete with Alex henrey, preferably someone who will beat out Alex in the camp battle,but at the least someone who can push Alex to get his ish together…

        We have to sign a very cheap DLinemen who may not make the roster, in case a DL isn’t at the top of our draft board when it’s time to pick, basically just paying for cheap insurance to keep you from having to desperately reach for one in the draft..

        Other than that there isn’t much else that we need to pay for. Rather fill out other depth needs with rookie contracts,…If our FO identifies another Mathis or Barbre type in FA, go for it, since we seem to be pretty good at scouting veteran OL..

        I’d maybe be tempted to sign McCluster who I probably wouldn’t care for if Chip wasn’t our coach. McCluster puts an end to the average at best return men (does he play both PR and KR?), and I think Chip can do damage with a Sprouls/Deanthony Thomas type like McCluster in the screen game, wheel routes, following the Chip template of isolating mismatches with space to work with…

        Not really seeing much else to sign. Yes we need CB and WRs, but those are positions we have to get younger at, not add veterans..

        • Richard Colton

          and you said you weren’t excited about FA

          • GEAGLE

            Nervous…very nervous about FA….I’m,Byrd/Ward or bust…i can’t take more bad safety play, I can’t take OK safety play, and good safety play costs a lot of money, might as well go the rest of the way and have GREAT safety play…but I don’t know WTF Howie is thinking on this one.

            I KNOW what we will do at DL in FA….but SAFETY just eats away at me on a daily basis….FA is always exciting, but I’m straight up super nervous…and I can’t ever recall being nervous about FA before…It’s just when you spent YEARS replacing your hall of Famer with Macho Harris, Jaquain Jarrett! Kenny Phillips, Chung. Kurt friggin Coleman…ENOUGHI!!!! I can’t take bad play at the same position for like the 7th year in a row…it’s killing me man…

            Nate Allen won’t do
            Malcom Jenkins want do
            bathea won’t Do
            major Wright won’t do
            Mitchell won’t Do
            Clemons won’t do( don’t want him as our #1, I could live with him as a two)

            It’s BYRD, WARD or BUST and that’s very nerve racking for me..everyone wants to talk Calvin Pryor, but 1st round safeties cost money…we would be investing more money per year paying Clemons and Pryor, then we would by paying Byrd….

            I really like Calvin Pryor…heck I said he would be the top safety when he was still looked at as a 3rd round pick, so I obviously think the world of him and would love to have him, but I really would be irked by going into next season, trying to take that next step in the playoffs with sophmore Wolff starting next to a rookie. It would really bother me…
            You also aren’t GUARENTEED to ever get the safety you want in the draft..tons of variables that could cost you your draft target, so I will be equally as disgusted if we just sign stop gap safeties again and count on getting a safety to start day one, in the draft…year 1 was LAST YEAR! That’s when you add yr stop gaps..enough stop gaps. The additions we make this offseason should have a future…they need to bring more to the table then just being a semi COMPETANT placeholder until we can find a real solution. I’m tired of it…we barely have ANY glaring starting holes to fill, so why the hell not just fill the few we have with a QUALITY solution?

  • http://www.windycitygridiron.com/2012/7/20/3170186/flying-way-under-the-radar-joe-anderson

    Never going to complain about a possible ST contributor, especially at WR (considering he has to be better than DJ2, and maybe Maehl). Also a KR option

    • anon

      At the very least taller.

  • Token

    Geagle thinks this guy is a stud.

    • GEAGLE

      Hall of fame…duh dickeater…don’t get mad cuz I put you in your place for acting like a fool…take it, shut up, and do better next time

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        Hes mad. But ur still geagle.

        • GEAGLE

          Do you get that it gives me a big head when I see my name in all your posts, good or bad…infamy is way better than irrelevance fool!…I laugh because I see my name in I like 20 different peoples posts every week…yet how many times Have you sen me write the name BricksquadMonopoly in my posts? Lol how many times have you ever seen me write the name token? Lol try NEVER!!!! As in NEVER!! So you can’t expect me to get offended, when I see people swing from my nuts, who are so insignificant to me that I never once wasted a minute of my time writing your names in my posts..as in, you aren’t even worth me talking trash about….yet Yous continue to consistently give publicity to my opinions lol…when are you going to get it? lol silly groupie hoes hahahahah…how does it feel sweating someone who you are invisible to? “GEAGLE this, GEAGLE that lol…keep spreading my GEAGLE Gospal…appreciate it mate

          • GEAGLE

            Hahaha just to be clear..is the downvote in support? Or is the down vote a bad thing? Lol

          • Token

            I noticed the only up votes you get are from Guests. How convenient.

          • GEAGLE

            Hahaha I upvote myself? What kind of tool boy are you that even cares about the merits of up voting? I get more out of seeing my posts downvoted, then the ones up voted… You have to be a serious tool to even think that way. As it getting your post up voted is cool…

            All I know is you don’t see any of my posts talking about Token unsolicited…and that’s just a fact. But I promise you that I’m sincerely flattered by all the attention..and if all this wasn’t meant to be flattering, you would be better off ignoring me if yu are trying to upset me, instead of making me feel so special..

            Up votes are so cool that I sign on as guest to upvote myself. Hahahaha what kind of Dork Loser even thinks like that? Hahaha classic. Clearly you go back in the list of people who I won’t read the first 3 words of your post…

          • Brandon Boykin, OLB

            “Dork Loser.” Wow.

          • Token

            You’re due for a med adjustment. Please consult your doc.

          • Mr. Wu

            this is the type of stuff makes me not post here anymore

            like listening to my kids fight over xbox controllers

          • GEAGLE

            Hey idiot,you don’t visit a thread.and see Mr.Wu written in like 3 peoples posts every day for no reason…I talk and debate football. If I have to take the time out to put a fool in his place I damn sure didn’t start it…but if you want to take shots, I will answer two fold every time…unless you are on the list of people who’s posts I don’t read, in which case I don’t see the shot…shot fired, Shot returned, people can leave it at that, or we can do the back and fourth until you prove to be a waste of time and I stop reading…I damn sure don’t instigate anything other than Football discussion, so if you don’t like reading the Bullshit, take it up with the fools who took it the for no reason to begin with, thank you and have a great day

          • we miss you, wu

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            Well im not sure invisible is the right word you see clearly im worth atleast an extended paragraph. If you want to be respected by your community try 5 posts a day no paragraphs, rather than 43 multiple paragraph posts. If you’re trying to be most popular commentor on Birds 24/7 keep doin what ur doin cuz I literally cannot scroll down a page without seeing a story by you. Believe me I could not remember half of what you say, far too much reading. Congrats you earned my first paragraph on here I guess I more or less returned the favor.

      • Mitchell

        When was this, I NEED DETAILS!!!!!!!

  • NickS1

    Was with him in the doctor’s office today.

    • Did you pass your physical too? And is Davis playing you outside or in the slot?

      • NickS1

        Definitely didn’t pass my physical with a torn ACL. But, at 6’3″, I expect that Howie has a futures contract for me after I’m done rehabbing so I can compete for the outside job opposite D-Jax haha.

        • RIP illa

          Dude, if you can drop a 5-7 pass w/ no one w/in 10 yards of you, in a playoff game…then you’re due for a big contract!!!

          • NickS1

            Well, I probably would have caught that easy one. Guess I’m s.o.l. :(

      • GEAGLE

        Moving him to safety…apparently anyone can just play safety :)

        • NickS1

          It’s plausible Howie actually believes that. Did you SEE that list of safeties since Dawk???

          • GEAGLE

            Lol touché.,

  • UKEagle99

    Hmmm. Does this mean Colt is done or will all special teamers be called Anderson? More questions than answers with this signing!


    Texas southern product? I’ll be surprised if anyone ever heard his name before

  • anon
    • G_WallyHunter

      If there’s one thing that these highlights scream, it’s toughness. Holy crap this guy can take some serious hits and stay on his feet..

      • Clamdigger

        He definitely looks like a Bears receiver. Good lord, can he high-point the ball.

    • mtn_green


    • GEAGLE


    • EagleDuck

      Well he’s certainly not afraid of contact…

  • Joe Thomas

    Nice size, does he got speed?

    • GEAGLE

      Anyone know if he is viewed as a real impact return man, or is it more of a Brad Smith type who is a COMPETANT to good return man(nothing special) but also balls out on our coverage team…

      I like Brad Smith as a ST player, but I don’t feel to confident about out him being the answer returning kicks Longterm…I liked what he brought to our coverage units more then the return game, it’s just that our return game has been so weak for so long that Brad was just the “tallest dwarf in a room full of midgets”..As a KR, I think Brad is good enough to be the stop gap answer until we find our Cordarrel Patterson type….It’s been too long since our ST as as a hole was a legitimate weapon, the only facet of ST that we could consider a weapon was punt coverage with Donnie booming them and Boy King downing them inside the 5(when roc wasn’t getting their first! kicking balls out of bounds)…

      I wasn’t all that familiar with Brad smith before he came here! Im still not up to speed with his game so I’m in no position to argue for or against keeping Brad on this roster, but ii will say that I’m curious to see him some more n the offensive screen game, and I’m curious to see the gadget plays Chip has in his arsenal, I just prefer NOT seeing the gadget plays when we get in the redzone. 3 years ago shady was a RZ MONSTER, and FOles has proven to be high class efficient in the RZ, so I hope we stop getting too cute when we get down there

      • anon

        If Brad Smith was a better passer he would have had 2 TDs, those were well designed plays. I’d be great if this guy was like Alshon but too often we see people flash in preseason only to be terrible in real like (like our return game last year).

    • RIP illa

      4.43-4.5 reported before the injury. I’m sure the 4.43 was pre-college or early college as usually those numbers are. Like I said they the range is before the injury so I’m gonna say he’s running just north of 4.5. My hats not really good for speed. And if it’s like NickS1 said, and 6’1 is being generous for the kid…then I’m thinking he’ll not add anything game breaking to our pass game nor return game. Camp body!!!

      • NickS1

        He’s like 6′. Don’t think the difference there is enough to matter much one way or the other. I think you nailed it with camp body, though.

        • GEAGLE

          Sounds like it…every team needs to add a bunch of camp bodies,,the good teams end up finding an unexpected Hidden Gem or two emerge from the pile of camp bodies…
          Our KR and PR range from average at best to garbage, so I’m hoping to see us add a bunch of these types to compete against each other and hope to get lucky with a quality return man…Can’t be that hard to bring more to the table then Damaris did…wondering if Maehl and/or Damaris get cut soon, or if they get to fight for their eagles lives in camp?

          • NickS1

            I think Maehl gets the opportunity to fight for a camp spot, just by being an Oregon guy. I’d be shocked if DJ2 isn’t in a KC uniform by April.

          • anon

            All the oregonians will come into camp. I think this guy could be good if he can fight for balls, he’s probably the one offensive skill player that invites contact.

  • sdk151

    Hey guys, just wondering if we should make a free-agent/draft combo off season preview super article. Responses are encouraged

    • GEAGLE

      Lol we are addicts!!! I’m sure we would appreciate that… Thanks for the consistent quality Kapadia

    • anon

      You could do one offense and one defensive player a day, starting w/ FA and then closer to / after the combine do draft picks. Maybe we can get cut ups / highlights of potential players, etc. even though eagles make some random choices (like this guy) that you’d never expect, though i’m excited to see how he does in TC.