Lurie Talks Super Bowl, Foles And More

USATSI_7605767_168380503_lowres (2)
Jeffrey Lurie
was front and center for Roger Goodell‘s state of the NFL press conference in New York Friday. Afterwards, he spoke with the NFL Network about the future of quarterbacks Nick Foles and Michael Vick, the possibility of Philadelphia hosting a Super Bowl, and more.

Some highlights:

On Philly hosting a Super Bowl

“Philly would be a great place to host it. It has everything,” he said. “All the infrastructure, fourth largest city in the country, state of the art stadium and great fan base.”

Lurie referenced the Snow Bowl when dicussing how memorable cold-weather games can be, and pointed out that some of the greatest games in the league’s history have been played in the elements.

Goodell did not commit to having the Super Bowl in other cold-weather cities at his press conference, but said it was something they would review.

Is Foles the guy moving forward deep into the future?

“Well he’s been great. What a first year-and-a-half with Nick. Spectacular. Real smart, poised, wants to be great. Great teammate, great leader. He’s got a lot going for him, but you know in the NFL you’ve got to compete at all times. But he’s had a great first year-and-a-half.”

On playoff expansion

“We have to be careful. We’ve always wanted to be a league that it’s not easy to make the playoffs. I think adding one team per conference might work. We’ve got to schedule it in a way where the follow-up games allow for equal preparation for all teams…I could be in favor of it if we can find a way to schedule it where there is no competitive advantage.”

Making all plays reviewable

“I am firmly in favor of that. I think what we can do is still limit the number of challenges — if we don’t go to a centralized system — I just think coaches and teams will want to wait and use their challenges for big plays. And those could be pass interference calls, big plays, game-impacting plays. It’s frustrating when you find a play that could have changed the game and you can’t challenge it. We’ve got to address that and I think we will.”

Thoughts on a centralized replay system

“We’ve got to study that, if it’s possible to use a centralized system and take the on-field referees out of the decision-making. I think it has potential. I really do.”

On Vick

“I think Michael is deserving to compete. I think there will be teams interested in him. He’s been a great teammate, he’s been a great person in the community in Philly. I wish Michael the best. He’s a good guy and I hope good things happen. He’s been a great help to Nick.”

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    Vick helping FOles YEAH RIGHT!!! Mike is a terrible thrower of the football, AND he is not smart. he shouldn’t even hold Nick’s clipboard…LOL
    Back off HaterZ..I predicted FOles was the best since highschool. I know MORe about football than evryone. Where did BBWAS and #7 go? Ahaha. E.A.G.L.E.S!!

    • Javi Echie

      PREACH ON MY BROTHER PREACH ON!!!!!..Geagle if you opened up a football ministry I’d be in attendance lol

      • GEAGLE

        My man,,,

    • UKEagle99

      Lol, I’m taking that to the bank :-)

      • GEAGLE

        I didn’t write that. It’s not GEAGLE certified bank worthy

    • Rohan Patel

      GEAGLE, you often have some valid points, but for someone who has been following Foles for so long, you certainly have a lot of opposite characteristics to him — i.e. lack of modesty, talk too much, hating on other players, etc.

      • Andy124

        I have a sneaking suspiscion that isn’t GEAGLE.

        • cliff henny

          it is, he’s making fun of Dutch for saying he could tell from days at AZ and has never shown more. plus barkley being HS star and those rants.

          • Andy124

            That would make sense. As long as he’s making fun of Dutch, I’ll allow it.

        • Maggie

          Don’t know why not. He hates any disagreement. Claims he is being dumped on when others express differing opinions and when he addresses women he uses crude references to reproductive organs.

          • Andy124

            My line of thinking is that it’s a gues account instead of his Disqus account, the capitalization errors are exaggerated, he’s never said anything about Foles since high school, he doesn’t just blurt out that he knows more about football that everyone. And “Haters” is almost always in reply to someone, not out of the blue. It’s like a caricature of him.

            If, as cliff said, he’s just making fun of Dutch it might make sense. But it doesn’t quite pass the sniff test to me.

            I know, I spend WAY too much time here lol.

          • Maggie

            Agree on the better impersonations. I have enjoyed them myself.

          • Andy124

            Why thank you. That and Rob’s Ashley Fox impersonation.

            Or at least that’s who we both suspect.

            Rob, do not reply to confirm or deny. I prefer not knowing.
            btw, your gender got slandered in the Vick thread. You need to go give birdgang heck. And RIP for laughing. ;)

          • Maggie

            Thanks for info. Some very strange people on this board of late. Even odder than the regulars. :~D. Mind you, I did an actual stupid post just a couple of days ago. I have a bad keyboard which sometimes misses letters, so I must always proofread before posting. Somehow started to type Santonio, ended up with antonio, then automatically added wrong last name. See, I know my limitations and learn from my mistakes as well. Hmm, better be careful or I’ll break my arm.

          • EDITpolice

            Edit: I just checked, and frankly… Rob and I are really clever. Like reeally good impersonators. We are much better at it than you. ;)

          • Rich Colton’s Wine Glass’ Stem

            Where does he get off ruining your fun like that? What an insufferable punk.

          • GEAGLE

            Smart man

          • Andy124


          • GEAGLE

            Still scorned from getting thrown off Shadys party bus? Run along, bake me some cookies. This grown folk business :)

          • GEAGLE

            Btw,mi actually know plenty of woman with really good football insight, I just happen to think you aren’t one of try to hard to be funny and it tends to come of C word ish…you just hear a big name and run with it, but regurgitate Golden Tates stats for the 600th time like some parrot who just learned “poly wanna cracker”…so you can cry and pull that woman card, but my beef is with you, not your gender..but of course, a woman would cry about it…if you can give it, then shut up and take it instead of crying that BS gender ish.

            You are no better than a dope to cry racism whenever someone criticizes Vick.
            If your STRENGTHS aren’t reading defense, football intelligence and accuracy, I don’t want you playing QB for the Eagles..white,black, inaccuracy is whack! But if Vick wants to be our punt returner, I would love to have him back

          • anon

            Cmon man. It’s a football blog, doesn’t need to get all personal.

        • GEAGLE

          Yeah I didn’t write that

          • GEAGLE

            I watch so much Defensive football. I’m a D expert. We are gonna get Atta Guy and Van Noy (great kid) and Evans and trade for Dion Jordan. I called it first. King Joffrey, Please. Haterz are always taking shots when they should KNOW by now that I have facts. I’ve had this on lock since preseason. Vick is stoopid. FOles is next Brady, but even BETTEr! ME genius. you reTarted. Andy124 why you don’t love me? amkidfvio…….Krrrraaaaaaawk! KRRRRaaaaawK!!!1 I am GEAGLE!! Marvel at my luxurious plumage.

        • moesus

          Obviously not, the account isn’t verified.

      • GEAGLE

        You know I think you are worthless so why bother?

  • cliff henny

    4th largest city? guess i spent to many years as a kid (late 70’s thru 80’s) hearing owners telling me philadelphia is a small market-they really did, phillies being the worst of bunch. man, that was infuriating.

    • distantfires

      #5 — NYC, LA, Chi., Hou. are 1 thru 4.

      • guess he meant NFL cities? LA is out

        • cliff henny

          just send jax there and get it over with. shut the annoying USC fans up about already having pro team.

          • cliff henny

            inglewood…jesus that’s rough area. i’m just not sure how big nfl will be in LA. first, owner has to overcome economics of building stadium. locals arent backing taxes or bonds, they have no money. then, the 2 big ones out there, especially in that area, are lakers and dodgers, and they are hugely backed by latinos/mexicans, who, by and large arent nfl fans. not sure how you’ll get anaheim to drive up to inglewood, either, traffic sucks and its a hike, and shitty area. not to mention how much nfl loves using the move as leverage. if i was stl, call his bluff.

          • anon

            They love that la team that moved to Oakland

          • UKEagle99

            Well it’s a hike for me, I’m out.

            3,500 miles to Philly is OK, done that a few times

            My home to Wembley is 60 miles, mostly round the M25 so stick that in with Inglewood, no thanks.

          • Lou Tilley

            i would welcome a super bowl to philadelphia. my production company would have so many fresh opportunities.


      • cliff henny

        new it was. but if you were a phil fan 30 yrs ago, those owners swore up and down the street, philly was 20-25th market. couldnt spend money on free agents. cheap out on contracts. just nice to have lurie, he runs teams like a big city team. owners have come along way nice braman katz days

        • Explorer51

          Many of those owners acted like we were a small market but, in fact, Philadelphia has been the #4 media market in terms of number of TV homes for decades; it remains so in 2014. Nielsen, the research/ratings company, has always measured market size by homes, not population. Even in actual population, it has only been surpassed by Houston in 2012, making us #5. Given how much money is generated by TV and radio rights, I’m not surprised that Jeffrey Lurie mentioned we’re the 4th largest, and he is correct.

      • JofreyRice

        Hou and LA are way more spread out than Philly. Really more about classifying places like Clear Lake and Los Feliz as parts of the town, as compared to say…Oxford Circle (represent, represent)

    • FluxCapacitor

      4th largest TV market, not largest city. Remember who we are talking about – not the sharpest tool in the shed. LOL

      • Maggie

        Lurie is smart enough to keep his billions, yet give his staff almost a free hand to run the Eagles. I imagine his other businesses run the same way. And, as a really smart person, he seems to know his own limitations, which is why he doesn’t try to run the team himself, like you-know-who in Dallas or Washington.

      • Joe from Easton

        I think he may have meant by population. Philly ranks 5th in the U.S. in that category…maybe last time Jeffrey checked they were 4th.

  • UKEagle99

    Vick will get a sniff elsewhere and as he said he will start week 1, it’s weeks 5-17 that are in doubt. I wish him all the best.

    In other news I saw a great picture from the pro bowl of Byrd lining up McCoy in practice. Do it Howie!!

    • cliff henny

      please find pic and post…johnny geagle will not be ‘master of his own domain’ for rest of the weekend

      • UKEagle99
        • Nick

          i hate to be a party pooper, but the chances of the eagles getting byrd or ward is slim. i really wish it would happen but no way, dont have the money.

          • GEAGLE

            Then who does have the money? Vick plus sopoaga money is enough for Byrd lol

          • Nick

            Are u kidding me?? Eagles fans need to realize that next year the eagles will have to pay Nick Foles, Mychal Kendricks, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin, and possibly Jeremy Maclin if hes signed to 1 year deal. all of those players are the eagles future. and if nick foles has another amazing year along with kendricks and boykin is the best nickel corner in the league.. thats a lot of money in contracts. plus they will probley reconstruct Kelce’s contract this year. And just saying but Last year the eagles looked at maybe signing Dashon goldson and when they found out he wanted about 8 mill a year they said no. that how much Byrd wants….8-10 MILLION….thats a lot. the eagles are to smart for that.

          • anon


          • GEAGLE

            Cliff…you gotta take this one bud

          • UKEagle99

            They have the money now & will have in subsequent years. If we cant sign a decent free agent then very few franchises can… which would drive the market down.

          • Nick

            just because you dont sign the most expensive player on the market doesent meen you cant sign anyone, look what they did last year. They signed Connor Barwin, Cary Williams, Donnie Jones, and Bradley Fletcher. Who all didnt break the bank and played great. And ppl like Chung who where awful dont hurt the eagles cuz he didnt cost us everything. Thats the great thing about the eagles front office, there smart. Unless you want a repeat of 2011 Offseason, where they blew almost everything they had and it led to nothing. your choice…

          • Nick

            Then look at the teams that did break the bank on players, Dashon Goldson. Bucs payed him 8-10 mill a year. he played Decent. Or mike wallace, 12 MILL a year. he wasent even a top 20 reciever. all im tryna say is you can get just as good talent with the cheaper free agents and if they dont work out your not screwed.

  • Maggie

    This photo of the Lombardi Trophy was taken last week in a meeting room at the Walmart Canada head office near Toronto, Ontario. My daughter took the pic. She is in management with the company. Toronto gets a game every year and a close up look at the trophy because the Buffalo Bills have so many season ticket holders from the Toronto area. Check a map. And my daughter isn’t even a huge football fan!! Waaah!

    • UKEagle99

      I’m happy for you, it’s not often you get up close and personal with the VL trophy.

      I’d be happier if your son was DeSean and he was pictured lifting it aloft surrounded by team mates.

      • Maggie

        Well, back in the 80’s I did get my picture taken holding the Stanley Cup. So did 300 other people who worked at the Edmonton Journal newspaper, lol.

  • ACViking

    Besides applying replay to every play . . . let’s add 2 mulligans for each team, too.

    All in search of that elusive perfection the NFL wants.

    • Andy124

      elusive perfection… like Foles vs. Oakland.

      Honestly though, I do like college’s replay system a lot. Wish the NFL would just adopt that. I’ll tolerate an interuption to the flow of the game once in a while to avoid some grossly missed calls. I kind of feel dirty disagreeing with you about anything.

  • Coatesvillain

    I respect Lurie’s attempt at getting a Super Bowl here, but there’s absolutely no way Goodell goes for it. New York was the exception (and was a part of the deal to get a new stadium done).

    • Maggie

      Not so sure about that. Maybe in 4 or 5 years? Don’t forget, odell and the Board’s primary job is to keep making money for the owners. Whatever it takes. And there are just so many millions of people up and down I-95. With rail transportation built in.

  • Mr. Magee

    There’s a lot of good info in this interview… Eg,
    1 – Foles has been annointed
    2 – No way Vick is coming back as a back-up (maybe the eagles told him that, instead of the other way around?)
    The comments so far aren’t up to the quality we usually see around here :)

  • daggolden

    Not a ringing endorsement for Nick Foles. I cant imagine Jim Ersay telling the media Luck has to compete every year or Manning, Brady, Wilson, Rogers or Brees being told they had a great few years but have to compete. I could ask 100 Eagle posters who would of said hell yeah hes our QB for the next 12 years. But Lurie says we will see he has to compete. That says a lot.

  • Mr.SweetDickWillie

    As much as i would like to see philly hosting a superbowl… I want to see the Eagles win a superbowl