Keyshawn Changes His Grade For Chip

Eagles Coach Chip Kelly Leaving Practice
Most pundits agree that Chip Kelly did an above-average coaching job in his first year in the pros. Keyshawn Johnson was only willing to give Kelly a ‘C’ when handing out grades earlier this month.

 “Because he started off slow. He thought that his offense was going to work to the point of no return. It’s been OK. It hasn’t been this eye-popping… we’re all of a sudden gonna change the way that football is played on the professional level. It hasn’t done that, and I think that was the expectation. I would say that he’s come up short of expectations.”

Jon Marks and Sean Brace talked with Johnson on 97.5 The Fanatic Tuesday to question him on his thinking. Johnson’s stance is that the much-hyped offensive system Kelly brought with him from Oregon proved to be average on this level, and Kelly was forced to alter his approach in order to succeed.

“The offense that Chip Kelly burst onto the scene with was a ‘C’ grade, was it not?” said Johnson.

“The entire preseason he hid whatever this magnificent offense was supposed to be, then they unveiled it against Washington…and everybody was like, ‘Oh, God,’ then all of a sudden, the offense looked worse than the damn Minnesota Vikings.” He added: “The offense that he brought from Oregon does not work in the National Football League. Why is it that so hard for Philadelphia Eagles fans to get? You cannot run that offense — ninety plays or whatever it is a game — and expect to be winning consistently. It doesn’t work.”

Flawed as his argument might be, he was really grading Kelly’s “Oregon offense,” not Kelly. So, what grade would he give the Eagles head coach?

“If you’re giving him a grade you would have to give him a  B-plus considering the division was terrible but he did come in there and did what he was supposed to do, which was win the division, and he can build from there,” said Johnson. “Chip Kelly is a great coach, he’s a great coach because he made the adjustments. He wasn’t Steve Spurrier, he wasn’t a guy that said ‘I’m going to do it my way regardless. He wasn’t a Greg Schiano. He changed and said, ‘You know what? What I’m doing doesn’t work. This ain’t working. I might be putting up a lot of points but something ain’t right. I gotta change.’ ”

Johnson managed to throw in a couple “Philly fans booed Santa Claus!” mentions and talked about being neighbors with Justin Bieber. Give it a hate listen.


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  • Guest

    If Keyshawn really knew what he was talking about, he would realize that the Eagles offense isn’t the same as Oregons offense. The only thing that is the same is the fast pace and giving different options with the same look. Kelly still caters to the players strengths.

  • JofreyRice

    I’m sure Chip is relieved.

  • Explorer51

    Yeah, except the dope (and apparently the star-struck radio hosts) didn’t even know the simple stats: Eagles ended up #2 in Yds and #4 in points (with only another FG putting them in the #2 spot there as well). If you move over to DVOA…something I doubt Keyshawn knows, or cares, anything about…Eagles are #2 in offense. BTW, under NFL approved offensive genius Andy Reid, last year the Eagles were 25th in DVOA offensively.

  • James Hathaway

    What an idiot. Highest rated passer, league leading rusher. 2nd ranked offense in football. 10-6 record. Let’s look at the Vikings offense. Actually, don’t waste your time. What a joke.

  • Tautalatasi Jr.

    As the top overall pick of the 96 draft should of had a better career, Keyshawn. I will also give you a grade, a “C” for Chrebet.

    • Wilbert31

      Awesome. Thank you!

    • BHOtheLiar

      Keyshawn – not worth the effor . . .

  • George


  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    Let me paraphrase his comment:” I know you think you understand what it seemed that I might have said, but what you don’t realize is what I said is not necessarily what I meant.”

  • Token

    Off topic but have you seen the pics from ATL? How terrible does your city have to be managed in order for that to happen because of 2 inches of snow? Crazy.

    • aub32

      The problem is that they don’t have many plows down south. So the snow heats up a bit and then ices pretty quickly. I used to go to Penn State. Now I’m in NC. The roads were icier down here than at any point last winter in PA.

      • Andy124

        Plus no experience driving in it.

        • G_WallyHunter

          Ha, Yankees and their snow troubles, been -25C and 2 feet of snow on ground for past week up here, lovin it

          Few inches hit Atlanta and OMG SHUTDOWN!!!.. comedy

          • theedevilsadvocate

            um yeah its atlanta ga refered to as hotlanta you know a city in the south where it rarely ever snows. i guess since it snows every frigging winter in northern states and you guys have an endless amount of experience dealing with it we should too? not many people have all weather tires in the south btw. im originally a northener one thing i hate about u up north woolly mamouths is you experience winter ever year and complain about it every year and laugh at southerners who have a hard time dealing with winter weather but check it in a few weeks we will be chilling at pools swimming in comfortable weather while you all will still be snowed in… so who really get the last laugh here? yeah enjoy the winter yall…

          • G_WallyHunter

            I was more taking a jab at Yankees in general lol and their lack of ability to handle the snow, lots of northern state cities get hit with a few inches and shut down as well, didn’t mean to offend you that bad.
            I’m a Canuck, I live for this s@%t, will be playing in the snow until April
            Oh and I NEVER complain about it, its in the blood

          • theedevilsadvocate

            ha not offended at all im not even a real southerner lol i just live down here now.

          • G_WallyHunter

            My mistake, lucky you, literally been -25c here for last 2 weeks, I may be built for it but for goodness sake throw some southern weather up here

          • theedevilsadvocate

            impossible it seems like you guys are sending the cold weather down here with your mental abilities and we are powerless to stop it. its snowing in the florida panhandle! like seriously im living in orlando now if for some reason one day the snow reaches me im blaming it all on you northeners and canadians! lol who would have though global warming would make everything so much more colder our tropical climate is not so tropical today but thank god we dont have to wait till april to see clear skys and warm weather we will be in the 80s next week or something like that.

          • Maggie

            Actually that Polar vortex is only through Canada, not originating here. In spite of television weather people. The frigid air currents actually originate in the US. In Alaska.

          • Maggie

            Just so you know, I am a Canuck also. Where I live we don’t have any snow and the crocus and daffodil shoots are through the ground already. Like you Southerners, we get snow maybe once or twice on the average year, so many people here don’t know how to drive in it either. I am referring to the West Coast, of course. About 2 hours north of Seattle. For this year, GO HAWKS!

          • theedevilsadvocate


        • theedevilsadvocate

          how much you want to bet half the people who cant drive in it are originally snowbirds who left the north east for this very reason. now thats just funny not every southerner is scared of the cold or snow as most of us lived in the northeast before moving to the south.

      • Token

        Yea I get that. And ice trucks couldnt even get around anyway with traffic.

        From what I understand the problem was planning by the city. There was none. And then schools and basically the whole city decided it was a good plan to shut down all around the same time. Thats why the traffic got so out of control.

    • Dr Rick

      Same thing happens here in Seattle when it snows.

  • DEBO 215

    Keyshawn is a jackass. He’s still running the same offense. The offense looked great in weeks 1 and 2 then hit a wall against KC because Vick played awful. Not the offense’s fault. Then Vick got hurt. Foles beats the Giants…but then Foles gets hurt…Foles comes back some time later…STILL RUNNING THE SAME OFFENSE…And they go 7-3 and win the division.
    How can someone who played actual football, have such a poor handle on the x’s and o’s of the game?

    • anon

      Def not same offense. No huddle, but not nearly as fast, used new route concepts / blocking, etc. The offense like any well coached offense changed throughout the season based on what opponents did.

      • Ron Swanson

        It was still the same general offense. Throwing in wrinkles here and there is not changing the offense. I would love for you to give some numbers on how the no huddle was not as fast because I don’t believe that to be the case at all.

        • Uncle Wonder

          Chip said it himself…he stopped using tempo as much cuz the defenses were handling it so well. Kelce said AZ was the best with it.

      • Jason
        • Dr Rick

          Nice, Thanks!

      • DEBO 215

        Same scheme. Obviously the offense evolves and changes throughout the year but he implies that he threw his playbook out the window. That’s not the case. Same scheme.

    • Maggie

      I wasn’t following the NFL that closely when Keyshawn was playing, yet even I knew he wasn’t very bright. And he has further enhanced that opinion on the rare occasions I have watched the ESPN football bunch.

  • NickS1

    Even when given an opportunity to change his opinion to something that comes off half intelligent he comes off like an idiot, still. I think the Countdown crew needs to do some trimming of an “analyst”.

    • anon

      I thought the b plus while low was well reasoned.

      • NickS1

        Better reasoned, but the adjustments made were tweaks, not some across the board changes because his offense couldn’t succeed. He adjusted to players, i.e. going from Vick to Foles and he tweaked a few IZ runs and reduced the read option.

        This, to me, makes no sense: “He changed and said, ‘You know what? What I’m doing doesn’t work. This ain’t working. I might be putting up a lot of points but something ain’t right. I gotta change.’ ”
        It’s like Keyshawn wants to say that the offense doesn’t work at the NFL level because that’s his true sentiment, but it put up points, so he knows he’s wrong in saying it, and then he tries to backtrack on it. He didn’t change much, though. As already stated on here, it’s doubtful that Keyshawn knows that the Eagles had the #2 rated offense in the NFL. Seems like he wants to give some credit but doesn’t want to back off his true beliefs because then he’s wrong and looks dumb…. I feel like I’m talking myself in circles trying to break down the irrational rationale of Keyshawn.

  • AZ_Eaglesfan

    Keyshawn knows absolutely nothing. The guy is about as dumb as anyone on tv. It makes me happy he doensn’t like Chip, because if he dislikes it, it is probably a good thing.

  • mtn_green

    Chip adjusted-

    Can’t do bubble screens to press man coverage, switched to using mesh routes.

    Once Foles was playing, unblocked de crashed on line every IZR so sent Casey over to light up de.

    Still the See Coast Offense.

  • jabostick

    “The offense that he brought from Oregon does not work in the National Football League. Why is it that so hard for Philadelphia Eagles fans to get?”

    Why is it so hard for those who only casually follow Chip and the Eagles that, that isn’t what was proposed in the first place? Look at the words from Lurie when it was announced and basically every single interview Chip has given since.

  • Justin G.

    Johnson is only a hater of Philly cuz he’s a Gruden guy, and John Gruden hates Philly, so he’s just his parrot. I wouldn’t think anything of what he’s saying, let’s ask the players that played the freaking offense.

    • Uncle Wonder

      You sure about that? Didnt Gruden deactivate and cut him in Tampa?

  • Bullwinkle

    Nothing to get upset about. Johnson is just making a living. What matters is that the Eagles continue to score points and win games.

    • cliff henny

      agree, but the issue is ESPN is how people get most of information. and, sadly, myself included. like ed werner saying that reason callahan is being kept on is so he can replace garret if need be halfway thru season. mean, tremendously stupid on multiple levels. if they are relaying obviously stupid talking points like this about the Eagles, surely everything else is on same level.

      • jabostick

        Yeah I was guilty of the Chip scepticism at the early stages of the Eagles coach search (until I started reading some of the Oregon stuff). It’s really odd the amount of assumptions were (and still are) made about him. And when it is rampant on ESPN, it just continually perpetuates itself.

        • cliff henny

          funny part is why all the assumptions-get fans, but not reporters or analysts. it’s not like kelly doesnt answer all the media questions honestly. he’s not bill belichick. plus, spend a rainy afternoon on, and surf thru sources, there’s volumes on kelly. there’s playbooks, coaching seminars, it’s really endless.

    • anon

      Agree. We just have nothing else to talk about.

  • cliff henny

    He’s not even grading Kelly offense, he’s grading his misguided perception of kelly’s offense. he should give himself, and rest of the ESPN analysts, an F for creating a false narrative which is rehashed with eachother and in media.

  • Andy

    What a tool.

  • Kevin

    Why is everyone so focused on the number of plays run? The number of plays is not the important stat. Kelly runs at a tempo because he believes that it helps maximize his offensive efficiency during that drive and gives his offensive a chance at more possessions during a game. If you believe you have a better and more efficient offense, you want as many possessions as possible. If you have a lot of explosive plays, your total number of plays is going to be lower as well.
    The most important stats for Kelly’s offense are the Defenses 3rd percentage and turnovers, because they create possessions and a possession is another chance to score. It seems pretty simple, why do all the paid talking heads don’t get it?

  • PaoliBulldog

    Thank God Me-shawn changed CK’s grade. Now I can go on living

  • Token
    • cliff henny

      funny, but on the TMI side. between that and big balls chip, should keep female fanbase happy

  • John J. King

    C’mon, the guy is a dolt. He doesn’t yet get that all of the hype was from his colleagues in the so-called national sports media. Kelly never said – and denied over & over – that his ‘O’ is anything but pragmatic. The number of plays in the ‘Skins game was because the ‘Skins stunk on ‘O’ and gave us the ball. Kelly is a coach who takes advantage of what the ‘D’ gives.

  • theedevilsadvocate

    this guy seriously hates the eagles, the city, and its fans im sure of it as he doesnt want to really give any props to kelly or the team despite the stats and the fact kelly never said he was going to revolutionize the game himself. dope…


    I listened to this live and he was just screwing around trolling with us

    • Token

      I was in the area yesterday and caught it. It didnt come across as anything sinister. He was messing around for the most part. The interview was like 20 minutes long when it was supposed to be 10 min. He was having fun with it.

      Not to say he doesnt actually think those things because he does. But he likes messing with Eagles fans too. Obviously Key isnt any kind of football authority. I doubt he watched more than one Eagles game all season.


    This can’t be today’s news…smh

  • Tomfx1

    Actually, Chip never said he was bringing “Oregon’s” offense to the NFL, it was you and the knee jerk sports media. Chip said all along he would be adjusting accordingly. And, he did Exactly that from day one. Which equates to East Division Champs, 1st to last.

  • Giorgos Kassakos

    In Jimmy Kempski style, “Keyshawn Johnson, just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it.”

  • Dave S

    Why does he even have a job as an analyst? He is an idiot.

    • Maggie

      People like Keyshawn have that kind of job because they have a “name” and broadcasters like to have a controversial yapper to stir people up. Increases ratings, therefore increases advertising revenue.

    • Mr.SweetDickWillie

      I agree with you

  • Dr Rick

    Keyshawn = Irrelevant

  • Max Lightfoot

    That above photo of Chip looks like he’s walking his virtual Great Dane.