Crystal Ball: Michael Vick


The Eagles have eight players that are set to become unrestricted free agents: Jeremy MaclinRiley CooperMichael VickNate AllenDonnie JonesKurt ColemanColt Anderson and Clifton Geathers.

Tim and Sheil will look at one free agent per day and give their take on what should and what will happen with these players. Maclin was up first. And they tackled Cooper yesterday. Now it’s onto Vick.


Kapadia: It’s in the best interest of both parties to move on.

The Eagles need to get their backup situation sorted out, but Vick still believes he can be a starter. He was a fantastic teammate during his time in Philadelphia, and that’s part of the issue. The players in the Eagles’ locker room still love Vick. Just last week, as players cleaned out their lockers, several posed for photos with Vick and asked him to sign some of their gear.

If Nick Foles were to struggle for a couple games in 2014, guys would start to wonder why Chip Kelly wasn’t giving Vick the starting job back.

The guess here is that the Eagles draft a quarterback at some point. Let the new guy and Matt Barkley compete for the backup job. Barkley didn’t look good in fill-in duty last season, but he should be able to get to a backup level in Year 2. If not, there might not be a reason for him to be on the team – especially when you consider what Foles just accomplished in his second season.

Vick, meanwhile, should go to a team with a shaky QB situation or an injury-prone starter. He turns 34 in June. Can’t really blame him for wanting one final shot.

McManus: The Eagles should leave the door open for a Vick return.

The 33-year-old QB wants to move on and believes his time in Philly has come to an end. But the same was true following the 2012 season. As his emotions settled and the market came into focus, Vick recognized that his best course of action was to remain with the Eagles and compete for the starting job under Kelly.

Right now, Vick isn’t even considering the Eagles as an option because he has his eye on a starting gig. Understandable. But the market isn’t yet defined (and may not be until after the draft). There’s a chance Philly becomes more desirable as the weeks roll on.

Vick transitioned into the backup role gracefully this season and proved to be an asset to both Foles and the team overall. The free-agent crop looks weak and Barkley is still an unknown. If they don’t draft a QB come May, the Eagles should try to convince Vick to come back for one last hurrah.


Kapadia: This one’s not really different from my first answer. I think both parties move on.

Taking a glance around the league, here are the teams I consider to have unsettled QB situations: the Jets, Bengals, Browns, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Raiders, and Vikings. Now some of those teams (the Texans and Browns come to mind) will undoubtedly target their QBs of the future in the draft. But maybe Vick can get a chance to compete at one of the other spots.

I know that if coaches and GMs call Kelly or Andy Reid about Vick, they’ll get glowing reviews about his work ethic, leadership, etc. As I seem to write in this space every day, it only takes one team in free agency.

As for the Eagles, I laid out their options above. They could also look to sign a backup on the open market if Kelly identifies someone he really likes. But my guess is they go into next season with Foles, Barkley and a rookie signal-caller on the 53-man roster.

McManus: I believe Vick is gone. I’d put my money on the Jets or Vikings right now as possible landing spots.

Lots can change over the next few months. A quarterback-needy team might not look so needy after selecting a QB in the draft, for instance. Unless a team is really hot after Vick, he may have to wait a while for the market to set.  Once it does, the Eagles could look more appealing.

“I feel like we have a conversation every year about Mike not being back, and you just don’t know how things are going to work out,” said Howie Roseman.

Ultimately, I think Vick finds opportunity elsewhere.




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  • Token

    It is in nobodies best interest to have Vick back in any role.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Hes a quality veteran backup for this system and a role model and a leader. You’re allowed to not like him, but you come off as desperate.

      • Will

        A veteran quality back up who knows the system, perfect role model and great leadership abilities…wish him the Best but hope he makes it here for another year…Foles goes down then what? Barkley? Yikes…

      • #7

        Filled with hate. It’s personal for him

      • EaglePete

        haha, all these down votes, that pretty much defines it being personal and/or desperate only not to Token. I would imagine Tokens comment is directed at all you idolizers, nothing to do with Vick. A decade of mediocrity and you get this kind of fascination with one player, it really is impressive. New book about his stripper mistress, that should help his role model status.

        • BrickSquadMonopoly

          Wrong. It had everything to do with Vick. In fact, that was the topic at hand.

      • Johnny Domino

        That came off as surprisingly lucid on your part.

    • EaglePete

      Yup, tIme to move on. Love how that gets 3 down votes, too funny

    • #7


  • Stuart Philp

    I hope he stays, it would be nice to have a quality veteran backup who already knows the system. But if he moves on I don’t blame him, and wish him the best.

    I think the Jets, Vikings, or Texans would be good spots for him. The Texans in particular could be deadly with him on board.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    I agree that we don’t see him going anywhere until the draft. But I certainly see him going.

  • cliff henny

    vick will want paid. bring a guy in for vet minimum. foles is a good soldier, but it would bother me to have the guy behind me getting 3-5m while i’m making 500k. Seattle has T jackson as back-up 850k and SF has colt mccoy making 650k.

    • BirdGang

      Yea and if any of those teams had to turn to their backup…they would be screwed. Vick wouldnt make 3-5 m give him a contract for 1-2 million and we all win.

  • #7

    Either or for me. Foles would be looking over his shoulder if/when he struggles next season and McCoy and the guys would have no problem rolling with Vick. If the Bengals stay with Dalton, he should consider Philadelphia. Chip isn’t afraid to pull the starter since he wants competition at every position

    • Kev_H
      • #7

        Chip Kelly:

        “There’s always competition, and I think you can ask Nick that, too.”

        One of the things we do here is we compete and we have a bunch of guys
        that compete. Obviously you’ve got to have one guy. Right now, Nick is
        that one guy, but I don’t think Nick has ever been afraid of

        Foles is the starter next year and should be. He earned it, but Chip isn’t afraid to pull the plug. Maybe if Barkley is the #2 he would stick with Foles, but not if Vick is still on the team

        • Kev_H

          You are correct. I think Kelly stated if Foles threw 12 interceptions in a row he’d replace him. He was pretty clear about what he meant by “competition”. Same principle in play when DeSean Jackson was running with the third team unit last off-season. Kelly doesn’t beat around the bush and is very straightforward. He runs a 1 QB operation, but if the QB completely falls apart, he’ll be replaced. That’s the obvious. Even Joe Montana was replaced.

          Kelly is just as likely to use Barkley (in the absence of Vick) in my opinion if Foles throws 12 straight interceptions.

          • #7

            This is a good thing, right? Things can change quickly in the NFL….

  • southy

    It is in the best interest of the harmony of this blog that Vick move on.

    • macadood

      panties will be soiled on here if Vick leaves

  • theycallmerob

    Aside from MIN and NYJ, I’d say a big possibility is TEN. Even with 11th pick, I don’t think Whisenhunt is tying his immediate fortune to a rookie QB. No one, at least to me, looks like that much of a lock to start (and play well) from Day 1, aside from maybe TB. Maybe grab a guy 2nd or 3rd, try to develop him correctly (anti-jake locker), and let Vick and CJ1K run over a pretty crappy division for a year or two. It also gives a middle finger to their division rival texans, who may go Clowney over QB.

    Also, much better weather than NYJ and MIN (moving outside next year). Ol’ Mr. Glass would have a tough time up there with no hot cocoa smoothies

    • bentheimmigrant

      If I were Vick, I’d go TB. They’ve got good pieces on D, and good D coaches coming in. Should take a bit of pressure off having to carry the whole team.

      • theycallmerob

        I think they’d be pretty happy with the development of Glennon this season, no? Looked ok to me, for the crap he went through

        • bentheimmigrant

          They may well be… depends on the new OC, I suppose. I don’t know anything about Tedford.

          • OregonDucker

            He is a very good QB coach and OC. We loved him as a Duck, as he is an innovative and aggressive play-caller.

          • theycallmerob

            yea, but Lovie is bad juju for OC

    • Kev_H

      But last year Locker was more durable, had better numbers, and his team had a better record when he was starting compared to Vick. 26 year olds get better, 34 year olds get worse.

  • aub32

    Anybody think he has a chance of going to Cincy? He could beat out Dalton and make that team dangerous on offense.

    • theycallmerob

      all depends on their new OC. They lost both OC (baby gruden to WAS as HC) and DC (zimmer to MIN as HC) this year. Whoever takes that job has a stud 2nd year RB, a superstar WR, decent OL, and hopefully healthy and dominant D. Should be interesting who they go after
      Also, like AFC south, a pretty down division in general. Much easier conference overall. BAL and PIT defenses got old fast, and CLE is CLE

      • guest

        They immediately hired Hue Jackson as their OC

  • bentheimmigrant

    I could see the Browns trying hard to get him (assuming the new coach gets any say at all)… Firing Chud tells the next coach they better win immediately, and Vick can do that.

    • Michael Deen

      Browns winning immediately – I don’t even know if Peyton could do that…

      • bentheimmigrant

        ha… true enough. But apparently they expected that from Chud.

    • Kev_H

      Last coach to bank on Vick was considered a successful, winning coach up to that point. Then his team fell apart and he got fired. Vick is the opposite of a “quick fix” for a franchise. Track records are important.

      • bentheimmigrant

        Track records… Like an mvp worthy season in 2010, setting offensive franchise records in 2011, and playing behind the worst o-line in recent memory in 2012 while being let down by the worst defense in recent memory, then performing well under a new coach? Please. I was ready to be done with Vick after 2011, as his faults were not being improved, but to pretend he’s not dynamic enough to win in this league is disingenuous.

        For the record, Andy got fired for not developing any oline depth, complete mismanagement of the defensive staff, and hiring a yes man as OC way back in 2005. Not because of Vick.

        • Kev_H

          When is the last time a guy played 12 games and was considered MVP worthy? Probably when they played 12 games.

  • morgan c

    Time to move on.

  • mtn_green

    Chip Kelly and the AZ cardinals came into their rookie year and showed you can win with the idea of starting with a vet QB. I’m thinking the new HC aren’t going to allow for down years and will get a vet that can win some games. Vick is really top of the QB vet list. Whether a vet starter to get rookie up to speed or what. Vick can ball.

    If Barkley can’t be a QB2 by the end of second TC and a full year of practicing in the system he should be let go. At some point you have to trust your judgment, go with Barkley as QB2. I don’t think chip is smart enough to keep Barkley as trade bait if he isn’t even good enough for qb2.

  • MattE

    Vick gets traded draft day via 3 team trade with Eagles, Rams and (3rd Team looking for QB in draft). Rams give up #2 overall to 3rd team for 1st rd, 2nd (2015),3rd (2015), 4th, and 5th. Vick goes to Rams under stable Jeff Fischer and behind injury prone Bradford, Eagles get the 4th and 5th for Vick. Vick wins QB battle in camp and goes on to shatter all “Greatest Show on Turf” records while taking the NFC West crown in the last week of the season against the 49ers and Seahawks combined team of the San-Seattle Sea-9ers. the 4th and 5th rounders end up becoming offensive and defensive rookies of the year and the Eagles beat the Rams in the NFC Championship by a score of 108 – 9 and go on to beat the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl by a score of 27.5 – 12. Foles throws for -9 yards, 4 TD’s and runs in 2 more all the while throwing the ball to himself because D-Jax had his IPO for Jaccpot records that day and they hit an all time low for an IPO in all of financial history. Meanwhile Chip Kelly we find out is actually Andy Reid’s half brother and everything starts to make sense (well at least Kelly’s inability to lose weight after running stadium steps everyday).

    • Fox Mulder

      I want to believe this. I really do.

    • Kev_H

      Vick’s a free agent. He can’t be traded.

      • MattE

        We re-sign him to a 1 year deal worth $100, and a $2mill incentive to stay healthy through 16 games on the sidelines.

    • Maggie

      Well said! No more weird than some of the other scenarios proposed on this board! Definitely laughed out loud about large waistline and running steps!. And can’t get over the number of comment from people with no sense of humor!

    • Andy124

      Seems likely.

  • Kev_H

    In the abstract, it always ends up being that the writers write that Vick could compete for a starting job somewhere. But, ultimately, I don’t see anywhere that is going to happen. No new coach or coach on the hot seat is going to go out on a limb with Vick because- and the locker room beat writers severely underestimate this- he is a very controversial figure (to put it politely). Is it worth the protests, distractions, and potential alienation of fans to bring in another guy to compete for the starting job? In every case the answer is likely “no”.

    His best shot is the same as it was in 2009, backing up for an established coach with an established QB. So he will end up in Philly. I’m as high on Foles as anybody in the world, but if he plays at a level that has people calling for Vick, after what Vick has produced here in 5 years and previously with Atlanta, then he doesn’t deserve to be starting. Vick is the perfect back up, overall a mediocre, brittle player, who can step in, get hot and shake things up for a game or two if Foles misses time.

    • #7


    • pjcostello

      Following that logic, he’d be a good option at backup for the Chiefs, too.

      • Kev_H

        Except that the Chiefs seem set at backup QB.

  • MattE,philadelphia-eagles

    Everyone check this out, incredible interactive page. And like i said on the Cooper article. we are spending to much on WR’s.

  • PaoliBulldog

    It is definitely in the Eagles’ best interest to bring back Vick if he tests the market and finds no compelling offers elsewhere:

    1. Ain’t no way the Eagles can open the season with Barkley as backup QB. Ain’t no way the Eagles count on drafting a QB who can be a competent backup to Foles.

    2. So the Eagles will need to acquire a veteran backup QB if Vick departs, and the likely pickings look slim to me: Schaub, Freeman, Sanchez, Weeden. McCown will be expensive and might get more money than Vick.

    3. Lazor’s departure makes Vick even more valuable to the Eagles.

    4. Foles and Barkley are still cheap, so the Eagles could pay Vick well in 2014 and still not be overcapped at QB.

    • pjcostello

      Dangerous for morale if you deliberately pay your backup QB less than your starter by too wide a margin.

  • Myke Lowery

    Did I miss the comments about this? Or was this fake?

    • phillyeagle77

      Oh $*!% !!!!!!!!

    • Kev_H

      It’s why Vick will be back wearing Eagle green. Too much baggage and potential backlash for a guy to back up or be a QB option. The damage has been done here with nothing but upside when it comes to reputation etc.

  • Explorer51

    Eagles will bring in a vet QB, med $/game mgr, and let him compete with Barkley for #2 spot. I don’t think anyone should forget how much Kelly seems to like Barkley; next year he’ll be healed up, stronger, and he’s going to study the sh*t out of Chip’s playbook in the offseason. We won’t recognize this kid, he’ll be that much better from this year.

  • trashbuster

    Good effin riddance. I can finally cheer on the Eagles again without feeling filthy.

    • #7

      And it will still mean nothing

  • joyce

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