Wolff Questionable For Saturday

Eagles Safety Earl Wolff defends against Chargers

Eagles safety Earl Wolff is listed as questionable for the team’s Saturday night playoff matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

Wolff told Birds 24/7 Thursday that his knee was improving.

“I just know that it felt a lot better today than it did before. They kind of recorded me moving around a little bit, doing some functional stuff, and it didn’t bother me,” he said.

“It was football activity, basically like what I would go through in a game, and it didn’t really bother me. Of course I felt it a little bit –I’m going to feel it a little bit — but it’s nothing that’s going to hold me back.”

If Wolff can’t go, it’ll be Patrick Chung teaming up with Nate Allen. Kurt Coleman could get a look too. Even if Wolff does dress, it’s likely that he’ll be used as part of a rotation.

Meanwhile, backup center Julian Vandervelde (back) has been ruled out. Should Jason Kelce suffer an injury, Evan Mathis would take over at center.

The following Eagles are probable: safety Colt Anderson (knee), WR Jason Avant (shoulder), CB Brandon Boykin (hip) and LB Mychal Kendricks (knee).

Update: Saints RB Pierre Thomas has been ruled out because of a back injury. Thomas was the team’s leading rusher during the regular season. Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles will be expected to carry a heavier load with Thomas out.


Three Eagles were named first-team All-Pros today by the Associated Press: RB LeSean McCoy, OT Jason Peters and OG Evan Mathis.

McCoy and Peters both made the Pro Bowl. Mathis did not. Instead, he earns the more exclusive honor.

McCoy was a first-team All-Pro selection in 2011. This is his second honor. Peters is now a five-time All-Pro. This is the second time he’s earned first-team honors.

And Mathis is a first-time All-Pro.

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  • Tom w

    Did wolf practice Friday?

    • jabostick

      I believe he was a full participant, according to twitter

      • Tom w

        Thanks bud.

  • Corry

    Finally some love for Evan Mathis!

  • Beastmode

    Bullshit-Wolff is playing. Bank on it.

    • cliff henny

      heck, roll out keelan johnson before chung. this isnt a good game to have chung play.

      • Dr Rick

        I am not a Chung apologist but I followed him as a Duck I think we will find out after the season that Chung is hurt and playing on heart. I agree that he is in struggle mode but I think he going all in it to win it. The criticisms of his play are correct, but I think the young man is all in. He has never been a slacker and I think he would agree that he would like to be playing better. If there is someone better for that spot then let’s play him but if PC is the guy then I hope he has an exceptional day.
        And so we roll the dice. Go Birdz!

        • GEAGLE

          In fairness to Chung who has been terrible, he started the year ok, and when he injured his shoulder, it all went down hill….

  • Will

    Congrats to Evan Mathis well deserved….

  • jabostick

    I hope Wolff is healthy and able to play but -unpopular opinion alert- I don’t want him running around gimpy and tentative. Here’s hoping he can go full speed

    • cliff henny

      speaks more to how fans and coaches know chung just doesnt cut it. fact that coaches seem to think a pretty raw and not hugely battle tested rookie coming off 6 week (?-close to that) injury is better alternate of choice. funny, sometimes fans see things alot different than coaches, doesnt seem like chung falls into that catagory.

    • Maggie

      Perhaps the coaching staff is keeping him in reserve for the next game.

  • theycallmerob

    5 time all-pro. Think Peters will get some HOF love after retiring?

    • aub32

      I was thinking the same. I think he will need a couple more years. The bigger question is will he choose to retire an Eagle?

      • theycallmerob

        I would think, after coming from 2 achilles ruptures to pro bowl and all pro, he may realize that this coach, RB, scheme, and strength/conditioning/sports science play to his strengths perfectly. Amazing recovery. Peters may see Huls and Kelly as the best chance to extending his career at a high level. He’ll keep getting paid (it’s not as if we’re cash-strapped), but I imagine at this point in his career these sorts of things are more important than chasing a few extra million.

        • GEAGLE

          Would be shocked if he didn’t finish his career here. He is a PROUD Eagle, and few players wanted to play in the playoffs as bad as him…I think our success, has ensured he stays

      • cliff henny

        he’s playing next yr under no guarentee. hopefully he’s interested in extension this off-season. be nice to lower his cap number of 10m alittle too. got some young pups coming up that’ll need some pay raises.

    • Joe from Easton

      I was thinking that as well. Not many Tackles have 5 All-Pros and 6 Pro-Bowls on their resume. To answer Aub as well, I do think he’ll retire an Eagle.

    • ACViking

      Here’s the list of 13 HOF offensive tackles who played at least some time after the the 1966 AFL-NFL merger. Only five of them were SB champions (asterick). Interestingly, of these 13 HOFers, 7 of them played ROT — because in the era when teams ran more, the best DE lined up on the defense’s left. (Except for Larry Allen, which tells you something about his dominance.)

      I think Peters matches all these guys in terms of performance, certainly in 2011. But he may not have had the consistently dominant years that the players on this list had. Munoz, Ogden, Allen . . . for years they just shut down the opposition. Same with Walter Jones, who’s on his way to the HOF as soon as his waiting period’s over.

      Another couple of years of 2011-type football, though, and Peters has a great shot — although he’ll be in the group with Joe Thomas and Joe Staley, who’ve become routine Pro Bowlers and All Pros:

      Larry Allen* – Cowboys 1994-2007
      Bob Brown – Eagles, Rams, Raiders 1964-1973
      Dan Dierdorf – Cards 1971-1983
      Forrest Gregg* – Packers 1958-1971
      Ron Mix – Chargers 1960-1969
      Anthony Munoz – Bengals 1980-1992
      Jonathan Ogden* – Ravens 1996-2007
      Willie Roaf – Saints, Chiefs 1993-2005
      Art Shell* – Raiders 1968-1982
      Jackie Slater – Rams 1976-1995
      Rayfield Wright* – Cowboys 1967-1979
      Ron Yary – Vikings 1968-1982
      Gary Zimmerman – Vikings 1986-1997

  • theycallmerob

    Sheil- could you update this with news from NO? I can’t find it online, and I remember Thomas and their third S Rafael Bush were both limited in practice.

  • Andy

    Mathis deserves it. Great player.

  • jabostick

    Meanwhile… Andy Reid called in to prepare Saints day-before-game meal: Popeyes Chicken


    • Mr. Magee

      Hopefully they all get a case of the Hershey squirts come game time!!

    • Maggie

      Hey, anything with that much salt and sugar could give a temporary burst of energy. Say the first half?

  • theycallmerob


    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in favor of expanding NFL playoffs


    • Tautalatasi Jr.

      I heard that he’s also lobbying for INT’s in the last 3 minutes of a game should not count

    • cliff henny

      speaking of cowboys/jones…like seeing Tyron smith get a pro-bowl to his name. we know the kid is really good, but this will drive the asking price up even more. either he costs too much to resign or he eats what little cap they have open and dez, murray, carter and selvie, all walk. one more yr from disaster in little d

      • Andy124

        Love it. Even good news for them is bad news for them.

    • nicksaenz1

      The last sentence of the article was the best part, that they wouldn’t have qualified the last four years even if they added the two additional teams to each conference’s playoffs. Awesome.

  • nicksaenz1

    Congrats to our three All-Pros. Well deserved.

  • theycallmerob

    it’s official, Thomas is out.

    • cliff henny

      good, more ingram, who i cant stand. after every run over 5 yards he jumps up pounding the ball and fists, acting like he was millimeters away from breaking it huge. except, he has no wiggle or top end speed. hope ryans destroys him

      • GEAGLE

        We will make Ingram fumble..take that to the bank!

        • cliff henny

          hope so. guess what it really does is make NO predictable. from what i’ve read, think rob wrote about it earlier this week here too, that ingram stink at pass-pro and sproles rarely runs. we all know how kelly wants offenses to be predictable.
          if i was carolina, put deangelo williams in padded hotel room with room service, especially with stewart out.

          • GEAGLE

            Yup, pretty much…friggin Pierre caught like 75 passes, glad he is out…I predicted we would make chargers RB Mathews fumble, I see Ingram as a similar, flawed back…we made Demarco Murray fumble his only time all season…it’s going to be cold, and our defense has become really good at two things:
            1) first guy to the running back holds him up, while the next two defenders come strip the ball..
            2) Corners have become good at breaking up the pass once it’s in WRs hands,,,
            We have grown to be solid in both areas….and there should be plenty opportunity for both, with dome players frozen fingers

          • @PhilthyBird215

            Your confidence is admirable, if may add to your sentiment: Eagles Defense: is ranked 29th vs the pass. Saints D: 4th vs the pass.
            the outlier: 1. Eagles defense has been on the field far longer than the Saints D. In terms of time of Possession, and snap counts.
            2. Eagles opponents for the most part were forced in to passing the ball. because; A. Eagles were in the lead.
            B. Matt Cassel, and the Vikings lost their starting and back up running backs. thus had to pass the ball. which I think caught the eagles off guard. (as in they did not prepare for the pass game like they normally would have)

            with all that in mind, Drew is far better than anyone else they’ve faced since the MVP himself Payton Manning.
            Sean Payton is no ordinary NFL coach/play-caller. and they’ve been together for 8 long seasons now, and have been through it all. Playoffs, championship games, and A SB.
            and to make matters worse, everyone and their mommy’s have been harassing them about not winning on the road, especially in the playoffs and in the cold. Sean and Drew don’t need any more motivation. But, in this case, I’m willing to bet they want nothing more but to throw it back in ppl’s faces and tell them to “shove it where the sun don’t shine”!.

            I love Eagles chances in this game, especially with P. Thomas being ruled out. But, I will not be surprised nor disappointed if the Eagles lose. Payton and Brees have been around this block more than a few times.

          • GEAGLE

            Stop with the stats…facts are that both defensive stats are skewed:

            Saints stats are skewed by the first half of the season when they played significantly better then they did down the stretch before losing their TOP TWO cover guys to a injury, Jabari Greer, and Vaccarro…who are now replaced with two pigeons Corey white and roman Harper waiting to be picked on..

            Our defensive stats are weighed down by the 4 games in september when we didn’t even know what we were doing..and it’s hard to take much stock into a game that we lost Due to blatant disrespect of our opponent(Vikings)

            So the Saints defense was playing much better the first half of the year, no one will say the saints played their best ball down the stretch…our defense is playing much better the second half of the he’s season…which side would you rather be on?
            We start 1 pigeon that can’t cover anyone…they now have 3 pigeons to pick on in the passing game, Lofton(who’s biggest crime is thinking he is a 3down linebacker. picture Trotter trying to cover shady or Ertz lol), Corey White, who has only a few weeks worth of experience at CB replacing their top cover guy…and Roman Harper who probably can’t even run with Avant, filling in for vaccarro

            See my most recent posts at the top of the page

          • @PhilthyBird215

            If you read my post you would find that I agree with everything you’ve just outlined. But, you are over looking in my humble opinion one very important fact. Payton and Brees have been here before. to be precise 7 times. Compare it to Chip and Foles their first. in Fact most of their roster is filled with players from their SB run.

            in the end it Might not mean anything, but I find that to be a significant advantage for Brees and the Saints.

          • GEAGLE

            And with all due respect, every time that Peyton and Brees have been “HERE”, as in going on the road in the playoffs, they have failed every single time…Peyton and Brees HAVE never won a road playoff game..0-3

            GREAT PLAYERS,Coaches who I respect..but they really are NOT the same team that they are at home…I wouldn’t want to play them In NO, and I love our road warrior team, but they are so much better at home…fortunately we aren’t facing THAT team..and Hopefully they don’t chose tomorrow to succeed on the road for the first time…

            I honestly don’t believe that they have the road warrior heart that we have. Noise and weather affect them…24 hours we find out

            And your point about experience is very true..we have seen that Kelly is still adjusting to the NFL and he isn’t above making crucial tactical errors…I’d like to think that we bring our best tomorrow, and errors caused by lack of experience do t occur…but it’s certainly a possibility…but there is also a possibility that ONE more time. Chip,FOles and the Eagles battle all game, claw, scratch and find a way to win…Weare even matched, just look at the 3 point home favorite line..if we Are evenly matched, but hotter and playing at home…I will always like our chances as long as we continue to be a Discaplined well coached team that doesn’t beat itself

          • @PhilthyBird215

            hay, u certainly make a lot of sense, and You are not going to get me to make a case for why the eagles would loose!

            Go birds. I hope everything you’ve outlined plays out just as is. #PicturePerfectGame ] .

          • GEAGLE

            I just pointed out plenty of road maps for how we can win this game…unfortunately we are closely matched, and their are plenty of road maps for how the saints can win this game….

            But our A game, won’t lose this week…the question is will our coaches and players BRING IT!..here’s hoping…
            Like I said, I don’t believe teams can handle us well the first time they ever experience playing against us…and for whatever reasons I believe in the discrepancy in their home play and away play! and I believe that injuries NO LONGER make their defense what their stats suggest…had the played this entire season without Vaccaro and Greer, We would be looking at much different stats…..if they didn’t show up against Tampa for a big win last week! they would badly be limping into the playoffs….

            A seasons worth of stats mean little to me…I’m much more interested in how teams played in December and late November when the playoff pressure is on…and if we were to look at the last 6 games of the season, we would clearly look like the better team……..I look forward to FOles facing their 3 safety set and shredding it. I look forward to shady running all over them, I look forward to catching Lofton chasing Shady on a wheel route..I look forward to the perfect running back screen called at the perfect time to burn the hell out of a saints blitz and make them think twice about how much pressure they will send at FOles..l

            Rob Ryan has done a damn good job considering how bad they were last year, but this is his first experience facing Chip! and I have a feeling Rob Ryan is going to be Eaten alive…can Billy Davis’s unit do it’s part and slow down a hall of fame QB,TE and head coach just enough so they can’t keep up with Chips Ferrari offense?
            I also find it hard to believe that Desean who has been dialed in and on FIRE all season long, isn’t going to return a single punt for a TD..how can that be? Desean has flirted with a few punts recently…If he picks tomorrow as the day to finally break one, it would be HUGE

          • GEAGLE

            On the road this year, Drew Brees averages 1.25 TDs per game, and 1 turnover per game, while putting up 18points a game..they only scored on the opening drive once in the last 11 weeks…

            You can’t ignore the drastic drop off in play when they are on the road, and we will provide him with the worst weather conditions then they encountered all season…

            Two BIG play offense…one defense is ultra aggressive and takes all sorts of chances, the other is designed to give up anything but the big play…Can a gambling defense be right every time? Remember that 4th down play last week when we blitzed the house and left Chung in zero coverage to get burnt? River boat gambling DC Rob Ryan will put his plays in that sort of bad situation often, which provides plenty of opportunity for the best Big Play Offense in the game to hit a Homerun….

            We are 3rd in forcing turnovers and the best tat not turning it over. Home team with +1 in turnovers wins 82% of the time

            When it’s cold, and you are playing outdoor January football, I believe running the ball is major!
            Who would you rather have?

            1) Shady,Bryce,Polk vs. a defense who’s weakness is stopping the run, giving up 4.8yards per attempt..
            2) Sproles, Ingram vs. a really solid, stingy run defense who has shut down every back it has faced and forced most teams to abandon the run early? We can debate how good our defense really is, but there is NOTHING to question about our run defense…
            Donnie Longball with Boykin downing the ball has been a consistent weapon…I like our advantage in Big Play capability and I like our advantage in I field position…and if stats hold true, they will turn the ball over more then we do…

            I’m not delusional…the players have to go out and actually do all the things I say that they need to do to win against good plays trying to stop them…but I will be disappointed if we lose this very WINNABLE game, where as if we lost IN NEW ORLEANS, I wouldn’t be upset at all…

          • @PhilthyBird215

            cheers mate. You’ve made a believer outa me! … salute

          • GEAGLE

            I’m not saying we can’t lose this game..it’s very possible when facing GREATNESS..but this is also a very winnable game. There is NO REASON we should fear the big bad Saints in our House, so let’s go do it..I will be upset if we don’t capitalize on this winnable opportunity….but if we were playing the saints in their dome, where brees enjoys pre snap silence to comfortably make all the checks that he wants…I would understand NOT winning this game..
            Just depends what level of our potential will we perform at? if guys bring their A game, I Genuinly don’t think we will lose…however, if uncharecteristic mistakes start to pile up, we can lose this game easily..
            We have holes, we lack experience…but we saw that the deal is that if we play up to our potential, and we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot and play fundamentally sound football, we don’t lose…I don’t care who you lined up against, finishing a season that featured a tight playoff hunt 9-11, where every single game but one you held your opponent under 23 points and your offense features the top rated QB AND top Rated running back that lead an offense that LITERAlly averages slightly more then 1pt scored per minute..is IMPRESSIVE!!!

            So let’s go do what we do, and the saints on the be road won’t be the one to make the clock strike 12 on our Cinderella season…
            Super Bowl winners require:
            Good health
            Good Luck
            Peaking at the right time
            Winning the turnover margin

            We have our issues, but no ONE can deny the fact that we are currently sound in every single one of those areas

          • @PhilthyBird215

            good break down, seems you’ve thought this through.

          • GEAGLE

            Thank you sir…..win or lose, we need to get experience like this under our belt before we can be great, so we are already winners…I can live with losing, I just can’t stand to see us beat ourselves, because that’s really not who we are…we got here because we consistently showed all the signs of being a well coached team…if we BRING IT and lose to hall of fame, Super Bowl champions, I can live with it….but I have a strong feeling that us BRINGING IT means we will be playing in Carolina
            I been wrong plenty of times…just really don’t want THIS week to be one of them…basically, ii don’t believe a team that experiences us for the first time can beat us at this point of the season..so unless we are playing GB,KC,or Denver, I’m automatically picking us in very single game the rest of the way….
            People worry too much about the Dallas game? Dallas played every division game tough as hell this year. Dallas defense was extremely well prepared last week and that was because their DC had so much experience against Kelly both in College and the NFL, so they shut down our entire screen game…Imdoubt Rob Ryan Can Crack the Kelly code on his first try…

          • Beastmode

            Good breakdown geagle

          • GEAGLE

            Thank you sir


    Don’t understand how you can be an all pro and not make the probowl…we need Hungry like a Wolff bad! but is worry he would be rusty

    • ACViking

      Because both processes are stupid.

      Fans voting on the PB.

      Writers — the kind who vote on the Heisman based on what they hear on ESPN — voting for the All Pro team.

      There’s no perfect method. Only less imperfect.

      Conversely, this sort of imperfection’s exactly what made the January 1st Bowl Games so great back before the BCS. You had 8 teams squaring off in the top 4 bowl games (Sugar, Cotton, Orange, and Rose). Mythical title games being played in 2 or even 3, depending on what happened.

      So many years it was the best day of football by far.

      Anyway, let the coaches vote — include the assistants but only voting on their position.

      • GEAGLE

        Grazie..o capito e sono da’cordo che I allenatori dovebrano dicidire chi e schelto

        • nicksaenz1


          • GEAGLE

            Pure Te parli Italiano, o espaniolo?

          • nicksaenz1

            It was a joke. I knew it was Italian, but put in the translator and it didn’t translate cleanly according to the app.

          • GEAGLE



    30-20 eagles

    • cliff henny

      38-13…same prediction since vikings game…sooner or later it’ll be correct.

      • GEAGLE

        I’m going to make my last point about this matchup:

        Two of the most explosive big play offenses in the NFL facing off against two solid defenses that both have weakness to exploit(Nate/Chung, Lofton/Harper)…correct? Is that a fair description?
        Well a MAJOR component of an explosive offense is BIG PLAY ability..Saints have all the big play capability in the world, but no one did it better then the Eagles…
        Our EXPLOSIVE big play offense is facing Rob Ryan who is basically like a riverboat gambler version of a defensive coordinator. His defenses take a lot of chances,..taking chance will be rewarding, but it will also get you BURNED…Chip Kelly is a MASTER at taking advantage of over agressive defense…when the greatest big play offense in the NFL faces an agressive blitz defense that takes a lot of chances…BIG PLAYS WILL HAPPEN 30-50 yards down field for us…
        Now, Drew Brees, Peyton and that weapon filled saints offense has plenty of big Play capability of it’s own, however they are facing the opposite of a gambling defense(for the most part)..we bring a defense to the table that gives you whatever you want underneath, so that we can take the big play away from our opponent…We aren’t a great defense, but we are extremely fundamentally sound(that’s what happens when you are literally the only team in the NFL that hits the sled every day)…and we are designed to not give up that HUGE play, and live to defend another down which presents more opportunity for our defense to come up with those clutch turnovers we have become accustomed to…

        Saints defensively can come up with big plays because they are so AGGRESIVE. But there will be plenty of chances to take advantage and burn them with a big play down field…yet all our focus is NOT giving up the big play. And just being a fundamentally sound unit..
        because of the stylistic differences between the two defenses, I like our offenses chances to burn Ryan’s gambling defense, more then their offense burning us for a big play, when we are content on giving you the dink and dunks so we can focus on Not giving up the monster play……Just hope our safeties can defend a seam route or two

        • cliff henny

          seems right to me. i just hope brees doesnt rivers’ eagles defense to death.

          • GEAGLE

            Sorry…couldn’t wait for you to respond…so I responded by editing my above post

          • GEAGLE

            We couldn’t tackle anyone back when rivers dissected us…we are NOTHING like the Defense rivers shredded…we have become a really solid tackling team, that now understands the scheme, to take away the big play, while being sound and in position to make the tackle and limit the YAC

          • nicksaenz1

            Yeah but Rivers also ate the play clock to get us to show what we were doing.

          • GEAGLE

            Yeah, after that game, i wrote about how our defense lost before the ball was ever snapped..Rivers completely OUT CLASSED us Pre snap…he forced us to tip our intentions constantly…one of our biggest defensive improvements is pre snap disguise..they are so much better now at holding their bluff then they were in September…We bluff well now, and we are able to hold our disguise, mask our true intentions and not lose our minds and tip our hands,,.A lot of Brees game is reading defense pre snap and making all the right checks at the line…if the crowd does it’s part, screws with their presnap communication, and causes them to screw up a few checks, it would be HUGE for our defense,,hopefully our home crowd brings the ruckus!!!

  • Explorer51

    Not to look back but just an FYI in case you folks haven’t sent this:


    I wonder if Chris Collinsworth will mention this tomorrow night as something so visible and flagrant, yet uncalled?


    • Dr Rick

      Good link.


    Curious to get guys thoughts:
    Who does more damage to the opposing offense?

    1) Jimmy Graham vs. Celek/Ertz/Casey

    2) Sproles/Ingram vs. Shady/Byrce/Polk

    3) Desean vs? Colston

    4) Cooper vs. lance Moore

    5) Avant vs. Kenny Stills

    • nicksaenz1

      Shady et al.
      Probably a tie this season but Moore overall

      • GEAGLE

        I really think our TEs will out produce Graham..not that I think Our guys are anywhere on Graham’s level..but stopping Graham is one of our main Focus’s…that defense will have it’s hands full with Shady And Desean, allowing our TEs better opportunity. I also think Barwin!Kendrick!Nate provide tougher defense! especially since our entire defense is built on not going up the big play…we might not be able to stop Graham, but if Ertz gets matched up with Harper or Lofton, they suck so bad that Ertz will look like Graham..

        If we can shut down Sproles in the passing game, we should enjoy a major advantage in the running back. Match up..
        Colston having a down year, but he is still problematic running them seem routes to Chung’s side…but they don’t have anyone that can contain Desean without constant help…

        Moore having a down year, and will have Brad Fletcher battling with him all game. Cooper will get his because of the trust Nick has built up with him, And he will have a backup CB on him, with so little experience or ability, who has only been playing since the Falcons game when Jabari Greer went down(who is by far their best cover corner

        Stills is HIT or MISS Home Run Hitter, Avant is slow but steady reliable safety blanket..If we allow Stills to get behind us and have a big day, then we will have serious issues..a hit or miss guy can not be allowed to get off…Avant vs. Still aka the Tortis vs. the hare

        Let’s be honest, Patrick Chung is HORRIBLE!! he is a pigeon waiting to be picked on…we might not have amazing shutdown guys in coverage, but Chung is really the only starting Pigeon we have…the saints have a good defense, but with injuries they now have 3 pigeons that can be picked on and can’t handle their man one on one…White Backup CB, Lofton a downhill trotter type, and Roman Harper who is a drastic drop off from Vaccarro…


    Our Oline has to play better then last week

    we have to take advantage or Terron Armstead and win that battle enough so that they allocate resources to help Terron

    Must take advantage of CB) Corey White, MLB Curtis Lofton, safety Roman Harper!!! All 3 will struggle to cover our weapons man to man without help

    Must catch them in a blitz and BURN them with screens, the earlier the better to slow down their volume of pressure.
    Must establish a run game early, and stick to it…The more we run the ball in the he first half, the better chances of moving the chains which allow us to rev up the tempo. The more we let our Oline beat up on nthe Dline running the ball in the first half, the more our sports science will kick in, in the second half and wear them down..the more we run n the first half, the better groove shady will be in during the second half..
    Can’t turn the ball over. If I could ask for one thing to play out the way I wanted it would be our offense NOT turning the ball over. Easier said then done but it really is that simple…don’t turn the ball over a single time, and we will be playing Carolina next week..

    • Richard Colton

      Yeah. Maybe they’ll keep Graham in to block??? :-)

      But since that won’t happen, I’d settle for a combination of Kendricks and Boykin holding him to 60yards and 1TD.

      • GEAGLE

        Even 80 and a TD…but we can’t allow him over 100 yards and multiple TDs…

        And we can’t allow a hit or miss Homerun hitter like Still become a factor

        People just act like Witten beat us all day, when it’s not the case,,he got HIS, but Kendrick also had a lot of really good coverage on him…
        if people are going to talk about the stats Witten put up on Kendricks then they should also mention Kendricks coverage of Witten winning the game for us…on Boykins game sealing INT, that play was designed for Witten and that’s were Orton was looking the entire time…because we had Witten covered, Orton was forced to quickly find his next read and rushed a pass that I’m sure he would love to have back so that Boykin could steal the pass and secure the win…
        If Kendricks didn’t cover Witten so well, that ball would have never been thrown Boykins way..

  • Dr Rick

    Whatever happens I am really proud of our Eagles.
    These guys have stayed focused all season, worked hard every week, learned from mistakes and successes both, and have continued to be over achievers.
    I have confidence in our chances tomorrow and am 100% sure that if we show MAX support the Mighty Eagles will prevail. I have 100% confidence.


    It’s so rare to see a team lead the league in rushing, while also being dead last in time of possession…last time that happened was?….the 1991 Bills, who happened to make it to the SB….lol
    We literally average a little over 1point scored per minute that our offense is on the field..That’s INSANE big play potential…how can a heavy blitzing/gambling team with 3 players who really struggle in coverage, gamble right every single time and shut down our Monster Big Play attack? Rob Ryan can’t help himself from sending the house, leaving their version of Chung in Zero Coverage..and I like our chances to make them pay for it..

    if we don’t commit a turnover and Chip eats Rob Ryan alive..our defense should make enough plays to not allow them to keep up…either way, I wouldn’t expect a bears like domination…this should be a dogfight, with lead changes and a highly competitive 4th quarter…
    Play up to our potential, don’t beat ourselves, and I can live with any result! stand up give the boys a roaring ovation, and be happy that they were able to get such valuable experience in year one. But we are in the playoffs which gives each fan the right to now dream….and I so desperately want to win a SB SOON!! I want us to take advantage and strike while the iron is hot in Chips 1st or 2nd year…before we start losing assistant coaches and players go to other team, and all our sports science secrets are revealed..

    • OregonDucker

      GEagle – My pet theory is that Brees’ small hands coupled with a cold, hard football equates to inaccurate throws under pressure and fumbles. Some of these throws will be intercepted. Some of these fumbles will be recovered by Eagles.

      Because Foles has large hands, he will not have the same trouble as Brees. Chip will plan on Ryan’s aggressiveness and burn NO big time.

      These are the things I am obsessing about. Chip and Foles have learned a lot this season. My expectation is that we see the results of their hard work translate to a big win. I hope my wife does not commit me to the loony house prior to the the game. My pacing and swearing is getting on her nerves.

      • Tom w

        Same thing Ron jaworksi said too. Small hands and BreeS DOESN’T thrown the tightest spiral. Lack of grip makes his spiral wobble more. All makes sense to me. Little hands also leads to fumbles.

        More importantly is injuries to Pierre Thomas vaccaro left corner and replacement rookie left tackle. His injury really hurts them in pass protection. Saints fans on their blog were freaking out bc Thomas is by far their best at blitz pickup and Ingram is average at best and sproles too small. Also makes saints offense much more predictable bc sproles and Ingram and the rookie have defined roles and are one dimensional. Makes their offense much easier to plan for.

        The rookie ltackle coming out of college was raw as hell playing against joke competition. Combine freak but little experience. Got eaten Alive by hardy. Lot of help during Tampa game. Either way good for us.

        The new left corner is below average and certainly beatable.

        Vaccaro loss is freaking huge. He not only played safety but covered tes and slot wrs and blitzed and spied. They have to play much more honest and simple and without him and roman Harper cannot cover my grandmom. They will put him down in the box and blitz him instead which is predictable and easy to hit the hot receiver if we know he is coming.

        They basically lost their most versatile offensive and defensive weapons and have to also help their ltackle and left corner. Sounds like trouble for saints and at the least a lot less chances they can take on offense deep and run game help. They will need to use a rb to chip cole or double him leaving cox one on one or bring Watson in to help block which takes away a dep threat. On defense they can’t go 7 in box w vaccaro out to stop shady bc Harper and the new corner can’t pay man all game. Thus they go more zone and safe up front which will lead to more runs all game …. When they go 7 or 8 to,stop shady from gnashing them at will, bombs away and game over.

        • OregonDucker

          Thanks for the summary. Things are looking up to me. Our D will exploit these weaknesses. Chip too on offense.

        • GEAGLE

          Our green dog blitzes should be problematic for them with Pierre out…

        • GEAGLE

          Like I said, their pass defense has 3 pigeons we can pick on all day long…Corey White the CB with only a few weeks worth of experience who had to replace their best cover corner in Jabari Greer…Roman Harper is worse in coverage than Chung if hath that’s even possible…

          And Curtis Lofton is a Big. Strong, downhill Trotter type who has no business being a 3 down LB…Picture trotter having to cover Shady on a wheel route, or Trotter having to run with Ertz….

          This defense is NOT the same defense that put up the impressive stats..they almost limped into the playoffs…
          We are winning this game!

      • Will

        Foles hand size 10 5/8…Brees hand size 10 1/2….

        • jshort

          Size matters, according to some.