Cole Expects Help For Saints Rookie

Trent Cole had one sack in the Eagles’ first 10 games. He has seven in the last five, including three against the Bears.

When Trent Cole first appeared in a postseason game, Terron Armstead was not yet old enough to drive.

That was back in 2007. On Sunday, seven years later, the veteran and the rookie will square off at Lincoln Financial Field.

Since Week 11, Cole has the third-most sacks (seven) in the NFL behind only Carolina’s Greg Hardy (10) and the Giants’ Justin Tuck (9.5) Armstead, meanwhile, had not played an NFL snap until Week 16 when he took over as the Saints’ starting left tackle. After a shaky outing against the Panthers, the 22-year-old rookie looked better against the Bucs.

“He’s very athletic, very athletic,” Cole said. “He’s got some weak spots. But that’s the thing going into the game. You’ve gotta take advantage of them. Obviously they help him out with a bunch of chips and stuff, he gets helped out. It’s a challenge for him. It’s a challenge for me.”

Asked if he thinks the Saints will give Armstead help against him, Cole replied: “They better.”

Like Eagles rookie Lane Johnson, Armstead (6-5, 306), a third-round pick, showed off his athleticism at the Combine. Unlike Johnson, he did not play big-time college football. Because he wanted to continue to participate in track & field, Armstead decided to go to Arkansas Pine-Bluff where he played in 37 games.

The Saints’ offensive line has performed well for the most part this season. They’ve got Pro Bowlers (Ben Grubbs and Jahri Evans) at both guard spots. Center Brian De La Puente and right tackle Zach Strief provide plenty of experience too. But Armstead will be appearing in just his third NFL game.

The Eagles’ pass-rush, meanwhile, didn’t get home against Kyle Orton, a quarterback who got rid of the ball quickly. In terms of matchups, if they want to pressure Drew Brees, their best hope might be Cole matched up against Armstead.

“This is the best I’ve ever felt at the end of a season,” Cole said. “I can tell, just watching film, you can see what kind of level you’re playing at. And I see a lot of guys just playing at a high level. You look around, you see teams starting to die off, guys getting injured and stuff. But that’s not the case here.

“This team, I think guys are just very motivated. They know that we have a special team here. We have something. All we’ve gotta do is just keep doing what we’re doing and take this journey and get to the Super Bowl.”

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  • addicted2mula

    A BIG advantage for us. McCoy ran for 598 yrs in December that’s crazy!!!! This O line deserves way more credit

  • Dominik

    We need a good pass rush on saturday and Cole vs. Armstead is my best hope for that.

    That being said, Payton is one of the very few Coaches who’s in Chips league when it comes to offensive masterminds (McCarthy would be the other). Like many, I was skeptical when he moved the rookie into the starting lineup in week 16 vs. the Panthers. But Payton knows what he’s doing and I think he will have a plan for saturday. Let’s just hope Billy D has even a better plan. ;)

    • Bdawkbdawk

      McCarthy…wait, what?

      • BlindChow

        Yeah, the guy who refused to go for 2 TWICE when down a point in what was essentially a playoff game…

        • Dominik

          The same guy that won the competitive north 3 times in a row and won the Superbowl the last year he didn’t.

          He made a mistake there. So what? Chip made mistakes too. It happens. All three of those coaches do sometimes gamble, one way or another.

          • BlindChow

            Chip is a first year coach.

            But going for two in that situation is a very basic concept.

    • dave H

      im actually thinking that we don’t even go for any sacks at all/ right? am I way off base??
      .. if Brees is going to have the ball out of his hands every 3-4 seconds..just play prevent short & prevent mid all game ..just stack the line..defend the run and have Cole drop back to cover Graham’s most likely route destination along with man coverage .. and BRandon Graham & Barwin do the same on the other side.

      • bentheimmigrant

        With no pressure, I could easily see Brees completing 85%. It would be like practice for him. Got to find the balance, and make sure when we do blitz, it gets there. Sending three all day is a recipe for disaster.

        • jon h

          Get guys in his face and get their hands up. Brees is short so make him throw around our rushers instead of over them. Barwin did that against Dallas and it was the biggest play of the game (next to Boykin’s pick). We just have to score on every possession and not go into a funk for 3-4 drives in a row.

      • Bukester

        I think that would have been a good move against Orton last week. Orton will fire early and the more off the line the better. I don’t think we can go blitz crazy. Frankly, Philly has been terrible on 3rd and very long. Thats when they NEED to get a stop, in coverage. They play a good part of every game giving up the short yardage. What would be different would be if they tried to get some coverage a force the safeties to, well, be safeties. Maybe not all game long. Yea, its risky but when its time – they gotta be more aggressive. So, I get your point. I don’t think they can predictably blitz. Davis and Kelly know how to do this – just don’t want to pull that trigger yet. We’re not getting new players – lets see guys step up and get more three and outs. Dallas had the ball wayyyyy too much last week. The Saints are a much better team – don’t buy all the hype.

  • theycallmerob

    Asked if he thinks the Saints will give Armstead help against him, Cole replied: “They better.”

    ’bout says it all. Could have saved yourself a lot of typing, Sheil

    • GEAGLE

      I’m hoping we force them into the trap of keeping their running backs into block.thats how we destroyed the bears, just abusing forte…our ILB have the green light for green dog blitzes and they have become pretty damn good at it…so whenever a LB stays in to help block, we nullify their extra blocker by just blitzing the LB that was matched up with him in man…fortunately Kemdricks and Meco have really become good at getting home when they have the green dog green light, think bears game, and they haven’t been burned by any RBs blocking and then going out as a receivers….if you see the saints start keeping their running backs into block, smile and know that we are about to bring the ruckus and shut that down

      Overload blitzes, twist, stunts, send everything on armsteads side…just don’t leave your self in zero coverage too often

      • Bukester

        But Geagle – doesn’t your gut tell you that that is what Payton is looking for? I feel that Cole should be able to do the damage by himself and optimize the other 10 for stopping Brees via coverage. Sproles can be a killa.

        • GEAGLE

          Yeah he can be deadly…so let’s hope we can force them to keep his ass in to block, and we can send our green dogs,,,teams tried to bait our free dogs by keeping the back in to block and then him trying to sneak out to. Catch a pass, but Kendricks was all over it…happened against Chicago..and washington


    Who do people trust the most this weekend?
    Folesy against a blitzing saints defense
    Kapernick in minus 5 degree GB weather
    red Rifle lol Dalton after choking past two years
    luck against a KC defense

    Who will implement their game while not turning the ball over?

    • Tom W

      Luck, Foles, Kap, Dalton.

      If they get two sacks on Brees that would be a miracle. he gets rid of it very quickly – tough to do so. Stop the run, take away the deep ball, and don’t let Graham go nutz. That is the best we can hope for. Oh. and knock down a few balls based on his Brees lack of height.

      Trust the offense and Mccoy will run it down their throat. Foles and Cooper (weak backup corner starting) and Ertz (Backup safety Harper) and Celek/McCoy (weak inside coverage linebackers) need to make them pay and get off press coverage and open in the passing game — something they did not do w regularity against the Cowboys or Vikings. The one on one matchups will be there against Ryan’s blitzing defense .. need to hit on a couple and end this game early.

      • GEAGLE

        Gotta catch them in a blitz and burn them with a screen.. Catch Lofton matched up with shady on a wheel route..send,Ertz down the seam all day to Roman Harpers side

        Celek and Ertz need to win the battle and combine for more then Graham.
        Defense is 3rd in turnovers, behind Seattle and KC…they need to come up with a fumble, or an INT off a tipped ball off a sissy saints frozen fingers..we need to win the turnover battle…force turnover, don’t commit any,mdont give up the 40 yard big plays, run the ball down their throat and we can win this…ATleast position ourselves to have a shot…I’ll take us down by 6 points with 2 minutes,FOles needing to go 70 yards…I’d take that situation all day…that’s an opportunity. Legends are born from opportunities like that

        • Maggie

          I don’t think the O line would see the situation quite the same way.

    • bentheimmigrant


      • GEAGLE

        4 young inexperienced QBs this weekend facing off against 4 proven veterans…which young bucks win the duel?

        • bentheimmigrant

          Well, when you phrase it like that… Luck, then Foles. Not sold on Kaep this year, or Dalton in a big spot. Foles I trust, assuming the WRs get a bit more separation than they did last week.

    • EaglePete

      You guys are all off, look theyve all had ups n downs throughout the season. Which downs can you count on is the question. Its not Kaep, its the SF D that wins that game easily. Pack D already proven they cant slow anyone down so thats an easy one. I agree on the Dalton choke factor, however just look across the field at the team that needed the refs with their season on the line to beat the KC backups. Also, Cinci is good at home they finally do what theyre supposed to, to me they are a scary team in AFC that everyones counting out. They ball on D. Luck and that Colts teams are just so inconsistent so who knows in that game, chiefs also not good towards end of season, Ill pick the dome home to win. As an Eagles fan its automatic to think of the negatives first so I cant objectively comment except to say that this is the teams “up” week so expect some djax bombs and Folesy going deep several times since were all expecting a heavy dose of run.

  • anthony barnes

    Yea cole and win the superbowl to but first thing first lets take care of the saints and win this home game fly eagles fly because we have a lot of veteran on this team like cary and cole and Jackson and don’t for get a pro bowl running back so I thing we should get the job done

  • addicted2mula

    Another thing I read was that even though Eagles had that terrible losing streak at home before the 4 wins at home we sold out for Saturday’s game. GB nor Indy have done so yet. Oh how I love to be an Eagles fan

    • Gary

      Pretty sure Cincy hasn’t either.

  • JofreyRice

    Based on Ourlad’s Dan Shonka’s writeup of Armstead, I was really hoping the Eagles grabbed him in the draft. Supposedly, there was some medical concern about him, but he was just a phenomenal athlete. It says a lot that the Saints are asking this guy to protect Drew Brees blindside in a playoff game–although Brees has the ability to make his job easier. Hopefully Cole can exploit his inexperience and create some havoc.

    To me, Brees handles edge pressure pretty well, climbing the pocket and finding throwing lanes. I think you have to try and limit that, if possible. I’d love to see the interior DL provide some serious push–definitely more than the Dallas game–or some zone-blitzes that send Kendricks through to mess with Drew.

    • Richard Colton

      remember all the pre-draft hype surrounding Armstead? There were mocks that had him going to the Eagles in round 7, then after the combine he was going in the late 1 early 2 range. Right now he’s looking more like King Dunlap. Never want to write a kid off after his rookie year, but ohh man.

      • JofreyRice

        Yeah, I thought he showed improvement in the second game. Hard to tell against the Bucs, because they actually signed Daniel Te’o Nesheim to play DE for them, but he seemed more comfortable.

        Like I said, that guy Dan Shonka was very high on him. He was a scout with a bunch of different orgs (including the Eagles) over the years. He actually found Hollis Thomas as a UDFA for the birds, along with some other roleplayers from those early aughts Eagles teams.

        Like Lane Johnson, the athletic ability is great, but when you’re facing a wily vet that sets you up with multiple moves, experience just can’t be overrated. Sometimes those guys just need the in-game experience to get better. Hopefully this will be a tough lesson for Terron.

    • theycallmerob

      with NO employing their RBs as receiving threats more than direct runners, I’d also rather have interior push to make life easier on the OLBs re: coverage.

      We’ve seen that battle play out on the opposite side the last few weeks (very good interior DL on ARI and DET against our OL); now, our front 3 have to create the same struggles for the very good interior of NO line.

  • SwaggDaddy

    I live in New Orleans, but I’m a serious Eagles fan. I have a lot of people bashing me, saying that the Saints are gonna destroy Philly. I’ve tried to enlighten them by telling them how dominant Philly is. I really hope the Eagles don’t let me down. I’m confident they won’t.

    • Joe from Easton

      Tell ’em that they’ll be crying in their gumbo soon enough.

    • Alex

      Just wait to talk noise until AFTER the birds win. Then you can rub salt in their wounds. If god forbid the Saints win, tell em they were right and be happy we even got there. Who had this team finishing 10-6 and hosting a playoff game preseason? What a ride!

  • Bukester

    Big Question -.I live in Europe and now seeing reports of a huge storm. When is it coming to Philly and when is it gone? Any predictions or estimates on how it would affect the game?
    I for one would prefer a snowless field. We already had a snowbowl this year.

    • Joe from Easton

      It should be arriving in the Philly area literally any minute. Most prognostications show it will be out of the area after noon tomorrow. Local predictions are between 6-10 inches (15 – 25cm). Field should be in good shape for the game. My hope is that it messes with the Saints’ travel schedule since they probably planned to arrive tomorrow morning.

      • Bukester

        Nice. Good to hear.

  • Bukester

    Good thing the game is on at night. That could really throw off everyones yearly mecca to the Philadelphia Flower Show.

    No? Oh. Nevermind. Wrong link here on the ;)