Three Chip Kelly Highlights

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly met with reporters Monday. Below are three highlights from the session.

1. You’ll hear all week about how the Saints were 8-0 at home this season and 3-5 on the road. Kelly had an interesting reference when asked if New Orleans is a different team away from the Superdome.

“Tampa Bay didn’t win a game in cold weather until they came in here and did it,” Kelly said. “So we are not going to get really caught up in that one, I can tell you that.”

Friend of the blog, @BountyBowl, probably speaks for many of you:

There’s no denying that the Saints have been better at home, but as I pointed out this morning, New Orleans’ five road losses have been to the Patriots, Jets, Seahawks, Panthers and Rams. Three of those teams are in the playoffs. Four of them finished .500 or better.

As for Drew Brees, in his career he has a 90.2 passer rating on the road. At home, it’s been 100.5. There’s been a more significant disparity this season (84.8 to 126.3), but the guy has still produced on the road in the past.

If you’re wondering, the latest forecast predicts mostly cloudy with a low of about 25 degrees Saturday night.

2. Kelly is an admirer of great quarterback play. That was evident when Tom Brady was in town during the summer. And again when the Eagles played Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

He was asked today about the challenge of facing a Brees-led offense.

“The challenge is Drew Brees,” he said. “I mean, he’s just so talented and has such a great command of what they are doing. You’ve got five guys in a progression, he can go from one to five like that [snapping fingers]. He understands coverage and he understands how you’re playing them and he’s very, very difficult to fool. He’s been around for a long time. It’s a lot like the matchup when you’re playing Peyton Manning. They are so skilled in their offense and what they are doing, you’ve got to present a lot of different looks to him and he’s got a lot of weapons to throw to.

“I think that’s what makes them so diverse is you just can’t hone in and say, ‘Hey, we take away this one guy, we are going to be in pretty good shape.’ There are so many different weapons there. You have a guy there that makes all five weapons available to them so I think that’s going to be a huge challenge.”

In the first half of Sunday’s game against Tampa, Brees completed 17 of 21 passes for 321 yards and four touchdowns. Again, that was just the first half.

The Eagles stepped up to the challenge of facing a prolific Bears offense a couple weeks ago. An even stiffer test awaits the defense Saturday night.

3. As for Kelly’s’ own quarterback, Nick Foles was sacked five times Sunday night. Kelly said there were multiple factors at work on those plays.

“Depends on which play you’re talking about,” he said. “Sometimes there was a guy open, he probably could have gotten it out of his hand a little quicker. There were some other times where he’s waiting for guys to get open and they didn’t come out of the jam. We got caught once on the first or second play of the second half with a blitz that LeSean [McCoy] got stuck inside running into the twist on the D‑Line but didn’t come off on the linebacker. So a combination.”

When asked directly about why the passing game stalled in the second half, Kelly did not mention Foles.

“They did a decent job generating the pass rush on a couple things and there were a few times down the field where we just couldn’t get off of some jams,” he said. “It was a combination of the two things.”

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  • chuck

    loved they went for it on 4th and 1 at the goal line. didn’t like the play though. best running back in the world is an eagle and you don’t give him the ball? smh

    • Maggie

      I couldn’t figure out the 2 previous plays. Passing with 1st and goal? 2nd and goal? Was AR back?

      • poetx99

        yeah. that was a really andyish sequence.

    • southy

      Normally I would have loved the play call. If you do it before the timeout, the D doesn’t have time to swarm the LOS like they did, and if they do you can call a TO and regroup. Foles is tall and fairly strong, good QB for the play, had he taken the snap cleanly he might have been in anyway.

    • poetx99

      understood the call. nick has to go over and extend on that. use his length. (you submarine if you are confident your line is going to push them back.

      i’d also have lined up more spread out and given an option on the call based upon reading the front to sneak, handoff, or throw, based upon what nick saw.

    • Ray

      After they made Dallas use a TO, I would have taken the 3. With Dallas’s red zone issues to that point, a 4 point lead was pretty solid.

  • docboy

    Can’t get off some of those jams.. that’s a nice way to put it…

    • Maggie

      Chip does not throw his players under the bus publicly.

      • docboy

        Not his players I was referring to… those “jams” were mostly holds by the cowboys dbacks..

        • Andy

          Right, downfield “jams” = holding.

        • poetx99

          this. but he avoided whining in public. they held the sht out of ertz on the play where they held shady in the backfield, and nick rolled right and gave himself up.

          i was pissed at first until i saw the replay and the guy had ertz’ jersey. there was no place to go with the ball. with his 2 primary receivers taken out, he could force a dangerous pass, throw the ball away (stopping the clock), or lay down and take a sack. 3 turned out to be the best choice, DESPITE me screaming at home not to make the defense seal the win.

      • Andy124

        But he does have Jerome Bettis walk over them repeatedly in private.

  • docboy

    I love how Chip has embraced the philly culture and history..he speaks as if he was here when tampa bay happened and so on…Andy never really did that…

    • poetx99

      i was just thinking the same thing. he speaks as if he’s been down from the start, and it comes off as authentic in a ballsy, but endearing way.

    • johnr

      At first I hated Chip for bringing up Tampa Bay but then I realized it was brilliant. Instead of some fans being just happy to make the playoffs, now this game is sort of a redemption game. We will no longer let warm weather teams feel comfortable in our house!

    • JofreyRice

      Yeah, dude is a student of the game.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    Earl Wolff better be back this week or our offense is going to have to score 40 points instead of just 30. I think Chung costs us on average ~10 points/game, which is sad because he seems like a good guy – Coleman/Anderson and good guys too though, and they’re not starting safeties in a playoff game. I actually prefer Coleman over Chung if Wolff can’t go.

    • GEAGLE

      I got the impression from his tweet that he would play this week

    • evanphilly

      Marcellus Wallace is doing everything he can to get The Wolff ready to play.

      • Johnny Domino

        Maybe Tony Rocky Horror can give him a foot massage.

      • KobraKai7474

        If I’m curt with you, it’s because time is a factor; I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, get the Wolff ready to play.

    • poetx99

      agreed. but i can’t be mad at chung for getting beaten by dez when he’s singled up on him in cover 0. that made about as much sense as putting foles at WR, going max protect, and having him run a go route against patrick peterson.

      yeah, i swore a bit about other times he got beat during the game, but witten gets open against lots of guys.

      i wholeheartedly agree, though, that I’ll feel MUCH better about the defense with wolff back in the lineup.


    Who’s going to be the spy that reports how saints fans on their blog feel about playing philly on the road this week?

  • Joe from Easton

    Kudos on the NFC champ game reference Chipper. Make me feel like you went through it with me. A fan’s coach.

    • Johnny Domino

      Those who don’t learn from history ate doomed to repeat it.

  • John J. King

    I’d bet the fact that it will be cloudy Sat. night will have an effect on both teams equally. As for Chip bringing up Tampa, that’s know as an analogy not as an insult. Get over yourselves.