Romo Officially Ruled Out

Tony Romo is out against the Eagles

Tony Romo has officially been ruled out for Sunday night’s game against the Eagles, head coach Jason Garrett announced today.

Romo had back surgery Friday morning and has been placed on injured reserve.

That means the Eagles will face backup Kyle Orton.

“I don’t think this changes their offense much just because of who the backup is,” Chip Kelly said Thursday. “I think they are going to stick to what they do.”

Kelly added that the coaches have looked at Orton film from his previous stops and also from the preseason. Orton has thrown 15 passes the last two seasons and last started a game in 2011.

Dez Bryant, meanwhile, is expected to play even though he has been dealing with a back issue.

More to come.

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  • Will

    Go Eagles!

  • addicted2mula

    Bird Gang


    Since week 4, only 1 time our beloved defense has given up more then 21 points…35-20 Eagles!!!!
    Defense is going to have an impressive showing even if romo played…

    I’m calling it right now…at some point on Sunday night, Desean will start to go in ghost Motion, and we will hand him a WR reverse…WR reverse off of Desean going in motion…take that to the BANK!!

    this is OUR time!!!

    • cliff henny

      really? 48-6. sean lee is out, and romo is 99% of that offense.

      • GEAGLE

        Honestly, in my brain, we don’t give up more then 13….Figured I’d give them a BS back door TD, while our starters celebrate the division, Dez catches a meaningless one on Roc carmicheL lol
        They have like a 90% win percentage when Murray gets 100 yards…of course that stat is with Romo under center…..Shut Murray down early While we build an early lead…then when they are forced to throw we can get into our bracket coverage….Curious to see how Billy uses Barwin?,..will he stick him on Witten, or will he use Barwin to jam Dez at the LOS
        I’m trying to be cautious, and respect an important do or die game, but yes we have the ability to make this uglier then the bears game..
        Just look at our common opponents,,,both teams faced the bears and packers recently..Dallas had Romo for both games…

        There are two different ways this game goes. We bring our A game, and we play a complete team game like last week…in that case, it’s going to be on Lopsided eagles party “I want me some glory hole” in my best Jerruh voice….OR, we have one of those letdown debacles where we shoot ourselves in the foot and allow an inferior opponent to stay in the game

        • cliff henny

          nawh, this is ging to be a blowout. Romo is really good. think cowboys and nfl fans are going to see just how bad and overpaid the rest of that roster is.

          • GEAGLE

            Romo is a very good QB…he just is missing that IT factor, Moxy, that BIGTIME ability…basically Romo is a good QB for about 30-45 minutes a week, but unless you can be a good QB for 60 minutes, your success will always be limited

            Hahaha Did you hear Jerry boasting about how much money they pay Orton? Trying to convince themselves that they will be OK ..jerry puffed his chest out and talked about all the millions they gave to Orton, a top back up, just for a time like this….unfortunately, that doesn’t hold much pay when you grossly overpaid for every player on your team

          • GEAGLE

            What’s the betting lines on this game? And the over/Under?

          • cliff henny

            last i saw was eagles are 6.5 favs and o/u was 53.5.

          • GEAGLE

            Lol thanks…who knows what the line will be by Sunday….
            6.5 is a crazy line, when anything less then a 30 point win would mean we didn’t play up to our potential…

          • cliff henny

            o/u dropped to 52.5. hope kelly is pissed about being held to 3 by kiffen. get an oregon type beatdown, up 30 by halftime. kelly sent kiffen packing from college, might as well do it in nfl too.

          • GEAGLE

            That was me not trying to jinx it…by now, you know how I think Cliff..I think blow out, I expect blow out…just don’t want to talk about It lol…
            Reality, we have Donnie Longball, and their big play capability took a major I’m expecting a major major field position advantage throughout this game. I expect Orton to struggle getting past mid field…

            If we are the well coached team I have been touting for over two months, then we play our game when it’s do of die, and if we play our game, we run them out of Cowboys stadium

  • Johnny Domino

    Red Jesus better dial up something extraordinary or this could get away from the Boys right quick.

  • cliff henny

    wow, is espn changing their tune after surgery was announced. now, it’s getting really negative towards his long term health. would have to guess this disc is going to affect romo’s scrambling/spinouts and his arm strength. not much cowboys can do net 2 yrs either, he’s due 21m and 25, with 40m and 20m dead.
    love to hear some realistic medical outlooks. schlereth just made it sound like romo will never be the same

    • GEAGLE

      Just when I thought hath at franchise couldn’t get any more screwed up…

      • cliff henny

        if it werent cowboys, i’d feel bad for the fans. they’re 20m over cap in ’14, and that’s without backup qb which will be expensive is romo isnt ready for season. already will have to restructure 7 or 8 more horrible contracts to get under in ’14, which will f-up ’15’s cap. plan was then to restructure romo’s, but if he’s not ever right again guess, get Jones just cuts losses and rolls out a 1 or 2 win talent team, with just huge amount of dead money and start over.
        long story short, Dallas is F up the A…long live Jerrah!
        edit, orton is signed thru ’16, but at 3.25m per yr, up from 800k. was rumored he was going to be cut to get cap, but now will have to be extended. gawd, their cap is a freaking mess

        • GEAGLE

          That fanbase is a joke…I respect not being a fair weathered fan, but at some point you have to DEMAND better…instead they keep giving their money to Jerruh! keep selling out games keep buying jerseys, keep empowering jerry to not drastically change…

          Think back to our fans last year..,it took us a while to get rid of Andy, but there was NO WAY Lurie could have gotten away with bringing Andy back this year…cowboys, just continue to blindly drink the cool aid….Cool aid is ok, but they are drinking that Cool aid spiked with poison that they only hand out in a cult lol

  • morgan c

    Though this definitely increases our chances, Orton is still a proven veteran NFL quarterback. He has led teams to solid seasons, started many games, and is capable of playing a great game. We have to bring it, and I trust we will. Go Eagles!

    • cliff henny

      not sure it changes anything, since sure kelly was 99% on orton playing…but it’s a triple punch to face gut and groins of cowboys fans. am sure romo will never feel the same after this surgery. maybe day to day life will be ok, but once a week he has gorillas trying to destroy him

      • GEAGLE

        Romo’s back has caught up with him
        RGme/RGknee’s Knees will always be suspect
        Eli’s lucky horse shoe ran out
        While FOles steadily keeps growing into the best QB this franchise has ever seen

        • Andy124

          It will take longevity to pass McNabb for that honor, but the early signs look pretty good for that.

          • GEAGLE

            I know that….but my post still stands :)

          • Andy124


      • Maggie

        Enjoyed the Funniest Videos reference.

    • jabostick

      Yep. You also never know how a team will react to this sort of news. Cowboys definitely have the “nobody believes in us” thing going for them, which can be dangerous. A new QB might also force them to simplify and get back to basics which can either be a feast for the defense, or provide a boost to the offense to do something simple that they can succeed at (i.e. run the ball). Add a bad bounce here or there…

      I think it’s super important to get off to a quick start.

    • Justin

      He was benched for fucking Tebow.

  • Adam

    Jerry on drafting QB: “That’s way too early to do that with my expectation of Tony’s career, which I think will be for several years to come.”

    Don’t every leave us, Jerry

    • cliff henny

      that’s cause jerry had sal cap so messed up, what was reported as 3 yr extension, was in effect 6 yrs thru ’19 season. when romo got the extension last yr, seemed pretty reasonable, considering if jones didnt front load contract he couldnt resign romo after ’13. what’s come out since is that the back 2 end years were load yrs, where romo can be restructured after ’14 season to get them under cap and get huge guarentees in those back end years. not even sure what plan b is. guess let half the terrible contracts play themselves out, and other half cut and take huge dead money hits. hope dallas drafts like ozzie newsome on steriods for 2 or 3 seasons. this would also prevent them from extending guys like murray and dez.

    • GEAGLE

      Dude is that a real quote? Can’t put that past jerry

  • Andy124

    Romo’s out? Wow. I totally thought he was going to play with a herniated disc. Dallas sure had us guessing there.

  • gruvi

    Orton looks out of shape, has a big belly as evidenced by film showing him practicing, and his arm looks stiff. Plan on stopping Dallas run game and screen and bubble passes mixed in, and game is all for Eagle’s taking.

  • jon h

    What an awful organization. The reports on Tuesday clearly said he was out, but the Dallas organization undoubtedly put pressure on this guy to try and “tough out” a herniated disc. It doesnt matter to our guys who’s in there.

  • Mr. Wu