Wake-Up Call: Dallas, From Foles’ Perspective

Eagles QB Nick Foles reads the Cowboys' Defense. 10/20/13
This time two months ago, Nick Foles was recovering from his concussion.

The calendar had flipped from Week 7 to Week 8. The Giants were on deck and Michael Vick was once again the quarterback. Foles had failed in his opportunity to lay claim to the starting job. After a dismal outing against the Cowboys, his future was uncertain. But Foles wasn’t focused on those type of things as the fog began to lift.

“I wasn’t concerned at all. I was thankful to the good Lord for giving me my health back in that time,” said Foles. “When you go through a concussion it’s a serious thing. It’s your head. And down the road I want to be able to be around for my kids and throw the football with them. I think about that when stuff like that happens. That’s what’s important in life: your family, your faith, and after that I was just thankful to be healthy, to be out there throwing the football.

“An opportunity did arise where I was able to go out there and play the game again against Oakland. I was thankful for that opportunity because it wasn’t a guarantee. When I went out there I just played the game. I felt it, let it come to me, wasn’t overthinking. I was just relaxed and I was thankful to be out there.”

We all know how the story has played out for Foles, at least to this point. He has led the Eagles to six wins in seven tries since taking over in Oakland. Has amassed 25 touchdowns while throwing just two interceptions. Leads the league in quarterback rating and has the Eagles on the brink of a postseason berth in Chip Kelly‘s first year as head coach. His face is on the cover of Sports Illustrated and his jersey is in Canton, Ohio.

Have you been able to stop at all over these last eight weeks and think about what has happened and how you got here?

“There are times when you do flash back. You can’t help it,” said Foles. “And I just smile and thank the good Lord for the opportunity because it is crazy, after the Dallas game and all the emotions you feel trying to get healthy, and just for our team to stay together throughout that entire time.”

As it so happens, the biggest game of the season to date is against the same Cowboys team that Foles struggled against back on October 20. There is a full-circle narrative that can be woven, for sure. The second-year quarterback can exorcise a few ghosts while helping to punch his team’s ticket to the postseason.

The key is to not try and chase those ghosts.

“I know better than that. I know better than that,” said Foles. “I know everybody’s going to dwell on the last time, but it’s not the last time. This game is not the last game.

“I can’t go back in time. I can’t do that. What I can control is how I do today, how I prepare, how I threw the routes, how I went through the progressions, was I accurate for the receivers. And if I take care of today I’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes and then I’ll get better then, and by game day hopefully we’ll be in a good position to be successful.”


Kapadia uses the All-22 to show how some of Kelly’s core principles were at work against Chicago.

The Eagles are still preparing as if Tony Romo could start.

Sheil lays out all the Eagles playoff scenarios.

Brian Dawkins played with Kyle Orton in Denver, and cautions that the defense needs to respect his abilities.


Dan Graziano has LeSean McCoy second in his MVP Watch.

These Eagles are something. In an NFL world in which every public statement is a smokescreen, coach Chip Kelly insisted last week that he’d play his starters even if the game ended up meaningless, and McCoy told everyone who’d listen that he was going to run the ball right down the throat of a horrible Bears run defense. And then that’s exactly what they did. When McCoy is running as he was Sunday and Kelly remembers to give him the ball, the two of them remind you of Walt and Jesse from “Breaking Bad” when they were tenting houses all over Albuquerque. Just watching the money pile up and knowing for a fact that no one could stop them. “Say my name!” you could almost hear Kelly growling as the touchdowns piled up.

And he has Foles 10th.

Earlier, up there in the first blurb, there was a discussion about touchdown-to-interception ratios. Foles’ is 25 to 2. Extrapolating that, by the time he got to Peyton Manning’s 10 interceptions, he’d have 125 touchdowns. By the time he got to Eli’s interception number, he’d have 325 touchdowns. After 15 games, it seems safe to say that Chip Kelly’s offense is capable of special things if it has a superstar running back and a quarterback who makes smart decisions and no mistakes. Whether Foles can be that long term remains a question for Kelly to answer this offseason. But right now, with one game to win against the Cowboys and backup QB Kyle Orton for the most improbable of the eight 2013 division titles, no one’s even thinking about that. Kelly, Foles and McCoy look as though they’re driving a Ferrari and everyone else is on trikes.

ESPN’s Todd Archer with the latest on Romo.

Coach Jason Garrett said Tony Romo was feeling better but not “overly comfortable” Wednesday as the Dallas Cowboys began preparations for Sunday’s NFC East championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Romo did not practice, nor did he go through pre-practice meetings as he continues to receive treatment on an ailing back. Sources said Romo had an epidural on Monday to help alleviate the pain from his back. The Cowboys have not ruled Romo out of Sunday’s game, but sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen that Romo will not play and needs surgery to repair a herniated disk.


Preparations for the Cowboys continue. Kelly will address the media at 11:40 before practice.

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  • levdog

    This is the game we wished for when the season started. We knew that this team would go as far as the defense would take us. Except for that anomaly in MInnesota, the Eagles have rocked in that department the 2nd part of the season. With the emergence of the MVP candidate Nick “rainmaker Foles, we are ready to make our attempt to get to the promised land. Lets start the process and beat the hated Cowboys, Enjoy the ride boys and girls!

    • GEAGLE

      “Rainmaker” FOles…..

      • pkatz

        Why do you always spell it “FOles?”

        • Always Hopeful

          auto correct on his device…or something like that…question comes up every now and then…I asked it myself a few weeks back :-)

          • pkatz


          • GEAGLE

            Sorry, I don’t have a cooler reason

          • pkatz

            If you’re interested in fixing it you can probably go into your keyboard settings and delete things out, though it will probably delete everything extra you’ve had to create/include

  • Mrgreen

    Sheesh, I wasn’t on the Foles wagon but you can’t help but be impressed with his attitude. The guy is a little stiff in interviews and has a tendency to speak in cliches but I’m finally starting to get him.

    • Joe from Easton

      I think he truly does just think “team first” and all of that cliche` crap. I love it. He’s a quiet humble guy with a fire that burns inside, but that doesn’t control his demeanor. There was a guy a few years back who was a lot like this kid… I think his name was Brady.

      • GEAGLE

        So true…his Charecter and personality is a HUGE PART of what will make this kid special…

        • Joe from Easton

          Humility will always take you to the highest level of your profession. The problem is that most mid-twenties millionaires don’e have any. This kid has it, and that’s what going to make him continue to excel instead of plateau.

          • GEAGLE

            Yes sir…humility is key..if you think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you have success, you won’t continue to work to improve….
            No matter how great Nick has played, you never hear him talk about the good that he did…all he talks about is what he still needs to work on…that’s EVERYTHING!!!! SOOO important!! It’s what will allow him to be great…

          • Joe from Easton

            He usually knocks himself down every chance he get’s, but even better than that, he praises his teammates for all of his and their success. That’s the kind of guy that can lead men.

          • GEAGLE

            Exactly!!! That’s literally my favorite part…he NEVER takes the bait and talks good about himself..the ONLY time he praises is when talking about his team mates and that’s huge,,,I also think we are starting to see it throughout our entire team…a lot of our guys are having some of their best years statistically, last years losers would have been calling this the greatest dynasty the world had ever seen lol….you really don’t see our guys pumping themselves up…when you hear praise it’s almost always about praising the play of team mates

            Our guys just aren’t going to take the bait and talk about themselves…I think the philly media would be better off if they realized this and focused their questions on asking our players to talk about their team mates…because they aren’t going to get much asking questions that require them praising themselves,,,,
            I think that DYNAMIC will go a LONG way in the ultimate team game

          • Joe from Easton

            I couldn’t agree more. I can’t even recall how man sound bites I’ve heard this year of DJax, Shady, Cary, etc.. just praising teammates for their own and the team’s success. It’s a cultural change, plain and simple. One of the things that I looked for after the Detroit game specifically was how they would react to the inevitable playoff questions. Not one of them (mainly DJax) would budge from the win the day, win the week, mantra. That’s not something we ever saw before. All of these guys were talking about playoffs before mini-camp the last few years.

          • GEAGLE

            Absolutely,..for me it was seeing Cary Williams in the locker room after the cardinals game. They had just come up HUGE shutting down dangerous WR tandem, yet Cary wouldn’t take the praise. As well as they played, he was still pissed off, talking about the blown coverages and things that still needed to be fixed….last years team would have been calling themselves the second coming of these Buddy Ryan eagles after a game like that…..our guys aren’t satisfied! they are focused on what they still need to improve and like you said, thats a complete culture change…

            We finally have the right culture,locker room leadership hunger, accountability that you need to have to be a real contender…I think Cary is the PERFECT “bad cop” to Meco and Barwins “good cop”

            You see a guy like AVANT who’s job was in question, taking guys under his wings, mentoring guys who could take his job

            You seem Cary Williams take Earl Wolff under his wing because he sees potential for greatness in Wolff

            you see Jason Peters and the entire line take Lane Johnson under their wing

            You see Meco by Mykals side at all times
            Barwin came in, and really tried to help cole and Graham with the transition to LB

            It really really is all about the CULTURE. This is a REAL TEAM..

            This is why I think fans who question whether peters, Meco! Cary will be here next year are SERIOUSLY MISTAKEN! we aren’t LOSING valuable pieces of a playoff team, we are ADDING to it!

          • Joe from Easton

            I think Barwin is one of the “under the radar” keys in the whole new found team unity. Obviously it starts at the top, but he’s bought in an he’s a natural leader. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Eagles and no, I don’t see any of those guys going anywhere next year.

            Side note: My favorite Eagles of the 2000’s were most certainly BWest, BDawk, and Donnie. I’m trying to decide who will be my favorites in this young nucleus. So far I really like Boykin, Barwin, and Foles of course. Shady goes without saying. How about you?

          • GEAGLE

            Honestly, I think considering age, ability, and cost…Barwin was the steal of 2013 free agency

            Cary Williams, Meco Ryan, and BRAMA Bull Barwin are my favorite eagles. I will always be a defensive dude first. Cary brought the NASTY back to philly that had been missing for far too long

            As for our youngsters, ii think the next wave of Leaders will be FOLESY, Cox, Kendrick…because Mykal hasn’t arrived yet, fans worry about him…I have ZERO doubt that he will be a major weapon for our defense going forward, and Boykin

            Last offseason fans viewed our entire team they way they do Kendrick, worrying that they weren’t the answer. That’s because fans don’t understand the human element, growth, natural progression of young players and their need for instant gratification skews views…

            Take for example last offseason when I spent months fighting with “experts” about how we weren’t talentless on defense…I don’t even get how last summer, someone looks at a rookie, or second year first or second round pick, and thinks THATS the best it will ever get for a player? How do people look at a young, inexperienced player, and think he isn’t going to improve? I don’t understand it?
            We had:
            Top 15 pick Cox
            2nd round Kendrick
            2nd round Curry
            3rd round Logan (apparently fans think 3rd round draft pics are chopped liver)
            Pro Bowl meco who had a solid year on a new team! getting over an injury. How did people not expect him to be better this year?

            Cary Williams who every great QB picked on in the playoffs, and sent every last one of them home, while he got his ring

            Barwin was ALWAYS a young stud..like did people not see what he did at the combine? His sacks went from 11-4 so fans and experts thought we weren’t getting anything special? What a joke..
            Like I don’t even understand how last summer everyone thought we had No talent? I really don’t? I thought it was insane. I understand fans getting it wrong, but out of all the so called “experts” who earn a living giving their oppinion…how the hell did NONE of them get it RIGHT? It was baffling to me then, and it’s even more baffling to me now after seeing how things unfolded

          • Joe from Easton

            I agree! What are his contract numbers again? I know that they’re not too high and he’s only 27 or so, right?

            I love Meco, I should have thrown him in there. He’s the closest we’ve gotten to BDawk since he left us. He’s mature, plays angry, and is very cerebral. I like Cary a lot and I’m willing to give him a pass for the plays off because of what he seems to do all of the time in crunch time. He’s growing on me.

            I am extremely high on Boykin, and I’ve liked Kendricks since the draft. I knew he was raw and being in two new systems in two years (one being that shitty wide-9 and on top of that he played Will and Sam in that scheme) has not helped his progression. This year, late, he’s showing flashes of his athletic potential. He needs the game to slow down for him a little bit more, but he’s got a nose and he’s pissed off most of the time. I think he’s going to be above average or better for a while.

          • GEAGLE

            Can’t think of Barwins exact number! but I remember when we signed him I thought what a steal the contract was compared to what Kruger and Ellerbe signed for..

            I think NEXT year, you I will really get to see Cary’s best ball. Cary is a press corner who’s bread and butter is getting physical, battling at the LOS, disrupting timing, yet this year we see him play off the entire time…our coached are ultra aggressive, yet the defensive mentality is “don’t give up the big play”?…..to me it all SCREAMS of NOT TRUSTING your Safeties to have your back, not let WR get behind them, and make open field tackles if your corner gives up a catch limiting the yards after catch….

            I believe safety is at the TOP of our wish list, and once we have safeties we trust, that we will see this defense evolve next year into more of an attacking defense. I believe next year Wolff will be much better, and he will be playing next to a real ball hawking talent. Once we have that in place, we will see the defense evolve to an aggressive, attack defense,where Cary and Brad will be able to play to their strengths, press and battle WR at the LOS, disrupt the QB/WR timing, while an improved pass rush forces QB to get the ball out faster forcing throws…and we will have the sound playmaking safeties who will make plays on the ball without getting burned deep

          • Joe from Easton

            Excellent point regarding the safety’s. I’m happy with Allen this year, but he’s not a play maker. Wolff, on the other hand, will be damn good in my opinion. He’s a freak athlete and has a knack for staying in position (reminds of Boyk as a rook). I’d like to see us going after Byrd (we’ve got some money) or drafting safety in the first two rounds. If we go the rout of drafting over Byrd then I want a safety and another corner in rounds one and two. If we get bird then I’d like to see a corner and a LB in rounds one and two.

          • GEAGLE

            Because we have a team that’s ready to contend, I want Byrd more then ever! Like you, I think we have a stud in Wolff, and I would to add a game ready playmaking safety…Kendrick has his Demeco, I really want Wolff to have his bYrd to run with…
            I can’t guarentee we add Byrd, but I can pretty much guarentee that we will ATleast sign a capable starting placeholder safety in Free agency so we don’t enter the draft needing to chase a position…..Because we are so close to being a contender, I think It would be wise to add Byrd..
            AFter we improve Wolffs running mate, my next order of business would be adding a pass rushing OLB…We are fortunate that Cole and Graham are producing, so we can draft a OLB talent and bring him along slowly, which is HUGE since many OLBs need to spend their first year gaining weight, playing a situational pass rushing Role..after we improve safety and pass rush! I would want to add a WR and either Oline or Dline…

            We have two,5th round picks, I want to use them on safety and CB depth, special team players…I believe Chip views Cary!Brad and the Boy King as his starting CBs for this era of eagles football, so for me, I want safety,OLB,WR,Dline,Guard before I want CB depth

            If we can’t get Ward or Byrd,..then I will be desperate for Clinton Dix or Joyner…a lot of teams need safeties, and this isn’t a deep draft class for safety, break the bank open for Byrd and turn a weakness into a strength….we can practically use Vick money to sign Jarius Byrd man

          • Joe from Easton

            That’s why I am where I am on Byrd. Early this season and in the off-season I didn’t want to invest that kind of money given our perceived roster holes. Now, we can do that apparently and build solid young guys through the draft.

            I should have been more specific when I said LB, I want another OLB pass rusher like you. Also, though, he’s young and raw but how about the Kruger kid? Good blood line, but is he casey matthews 2.0?

            I think it’s a great idea to get a veteran safety before the draft so we’re not hunting, but I think Allen fills that role if need be. I am excited about Wolff for sure.

            I hope you’re right about the corners, I’m certainly happy with their production, I think they’ve over achieved a bit. I’m very high on Boykin and I’d like another young corner to learn with him in case Cary and Fletch take up significant cap space in a few years.

            Next up for me after OLB, safety, and corner is certainly WR and then line depth, best available at that point. As far as WR, I want a cooper clone. Chip get’s guys in one on one’s so often that I just want to see huge guys with ball skills in this offense. Like chip said, big people beat up little people. Cooper’s coming out is no surprise to me. He finally has a QB that can make those anticipation throws and then let his ball skills take over. Imagine if Foles had two of those guys to throw to, with DJax lurking who the hell knows where, Shady in the backfield, and 2nd year Ertz burning LB’s and dominating safety’s. Wow.

          • GEAGLE

            I wanted us to draft Kruger..and I’m hoping he pans out, but i think it would be as a Vinny Curry type of 3-4 DE instead of an OLB Like his brother…..but yeah I like Krugs and I’m anxious to see him next year….

            The way Nate has improved! I wouldn’t mind him, but you are forgetting that his contract will expire at the end of this season. Some team will offer him a starting contract. if We have to outbid for Nate, I’d rather just upgrade it and go sign Byrd…but if Nate were under contract, I would be ok with him,

            This is an excellent draft class for WRs…you can get serious talent in the first 3 rounds, and their are plenty of big boys that I would like to have..

            6’5’230lb Mike Evans Texas A and M…round 1
            6’6 225 Coleman from Rutgers round 2-3
            Allen Robinson from penny state

            So many good WR in this draft, and Chip knows all of them, so it would be ashame to not add one..so much talent, just find the one with the best Charecter, who lives for the game and can be coached up, and draft him…don’t care if it’s Samy Watkins! Jordan Mathews! devante Adams, Moncrief!Jarvis Landry. Find the most coachable one(like Benny Logan) who has smart football intelligence And a burning desire to be great….add a serious rookie talent to Coop,Desean,Ertz and we become scary…..and when you have an accurate pocket passer, you know drafting a WR won’t go to waste

        • suthrneagle

          exactly,remember that Gruden interveiw; nothing but yes sir ,no sir
          and the clip of his lefthanded completion
          knew then Foles was(is) talented and coachable
          2 attributes neded to succeedl

      • Mrgreen

        I don’t know what Foles will become or how his attitude will help/hinder himself and the team going forward. It’s impossible to project what will happen a week from now in todays nfl. All I know is that I want to believe again. There is hope. The foundation appears to be rebuilt. The team went from completely unlikeable to one of my favorite squads in just one year. The purge of the washburns babins nnamdis and reid has made this a refreshing season. Exciting times again.

        • Joe from Easton

          I’m not saying what he will become either. I’m just hoping like you. The foundation Foles has built has warranted the discussion of possibility that we are all having though. I’m certain of that and can’t wait to see what he does in a win or go home game.

    • theycallmerob

      Shady said he’s the most competitive person he knows

      • Joe from Easton

        By next year or the year after (if not already) I see visions of Foles telling Kelce, “just snap the Fu**!ing football Jason, I call the plays!” (ala manning for those who’ve never seen the highlight). I just mean that in the sense that he’s the same guy every day all day to the media, but on the field I see the fire already, and after a few years it’s going to translate into every level of leadership. He’ll never be a pre-game rah rah guy, but I can see him owning and controlling the product on the field and people will listen.

  • Bullwinkle

    Nick Foles is like the Hollywood version of an athlete in a 1950’s black and white movie about sports – honest, humble, hard working, clean-cut, faithful. Yes, he needs to be replaced with a modern athlete who can run a little faster, has a self-centered attitude, and gets publicity for things he’s done off the field that used to be considered inappropriate. I can’t think of a reason why Chip Kelly would not want to get a new QB after the season ends.

    • Joe from Easton

      Right?! Why isn’t our QB advertising chicken wings for McDonalds?! This guy is a bum. I’ll bet Manziel would take the Eagles to the next level. Endorsements, mag covers, “gronking” out… That’s what we need.

      • GEAGLE

        Because he is busy going to church and banging Nike girls in his spare time

        • Joe from Easton

          haha. Nickfolean Dynamite; my man.

    • suthrneagle

      you`re so far off base,you`re not even in the same stadium..
      Foles has no need for any of that distraction..his family has
      more $$$ than they know what to do with
      that`s the best part
      he`s not playin for the money

  • Beastmode
  • Will

    Foles is putting up Brady and Manning type statistics …can’t wait to see what Foles could accomplish as the starter in a 16 game season. Foles may very well lead the Eagles into the play offs. Foles should remain the starter for the Eagles…and Foles continues to get even better with experience. Chip has found his QB…The Era of Cunningham, McNabb, and Vick the mobile QB experiment has failed to produce a Super Bowl Win…The time for a tall, cerebral, accurate QB has arrived… Bring home the NFC East Title Foles and silence all of the critics…per ESPN-Spin: Foles leads the NFL in passer rating (118.8) and yards per attempt (9.03), and just set the franchise record for highest completion percentage in a single game (dating back to 1960) by connecting on 84 percent of his throws versus the Bears this past Sunday night. Foles’ worst game as a starter this season came versus the Cowboys back in Week 7, but the second-year star has been nothing short of stellar since, posting the second-most fantasy points in ESPN standard leagues since Week 8, behind only Peyton Manning. In a playoff scenario versus a reeling and depleted Dallas secondary, Foles continues to be a top option at the position.

    • Breezy

      Has there been a game yet where foles didn’t break some long standing record (excluding dallas and minn of course). And people still look to poo-poo him

      • Joe from Easton

        I was talking with my long time Eagle fan father the other day and I intimated the same sentiment! Foles has done things in 10 games that most QB’s would be happy to pull off one or two of in 10 years! He’s no where near his ceiling yet, either.

    • suthrneagle

      you hit the nail on the head with Chip has found his QB…
      one of the deciding factors for our coach to be our coach had to have been the chance to be able to have Foles as his quarterback…
      played against him at Oregon,and Foles took a much less talented team and put up something like 35 pts every game
      Really made an impression on CK

  • Andy

    My wife had an epidural once. Twice, actually. I’ll tell you this: there is no way she was playing quarterback the following Sunday night, not even for the Cowboys.

    • cliff henny

      never had one, but know others who have. first, if you are in bad enough shape to take the spike, there’s more than just localize back pain, it’s effecting/traveling down legs and causing weakness. so, in Romo’s best case scenario, it reduces swelling and nerve gets un-pinched and pain goes away to some degree. he’ll still has pain day to day (sure gameday 3 hrs he could be really hoppped up and not feel a train hitting him) and will have overall body weakness. to take it another step, let’s say Cowboys can even get him upright and moving, he’ll still be a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti with monsters like cole kendrick cox jumping on a seriously wounded back…again, he feels nothing, so gawd knows what damage this will do. all for a 9 win team, that would be 3-7 outside the division, historically bad defense, for a guy owed 55m guarenteed, realistically a lot more and are committed thru 2019.
      i flipped on this…i am praying we see him out on field. worst case, Eagles lose, still a great season after couple days. best case, eagles win romo is broken in half.

      • Joe from Easton

        Thanks for pointing out the non-divisional game record. I’m sick of my local cowgirl friends saying “5-0 in the division, clearly better than the Eagles” blah blah blah. I know that they do not know any better to a degree, lol, but the’re 3-7 against practically the same teams that the Eagles are 6-4 against. Anyone trying to tell me that “neither team can do any damage in the playoffs” needs only to look at that stat to see that actually the Eagles have a much better chance at playoff success than shitty Dallas.

  • addicted2mula

    Bird Gang!! A game away from being 10-6 and a chance to get in the playoffs after a 4-12 season. Hail Chip Kelly! I know a lot of things can change next year but comparing our team/ organization to the rest of the division I see us with a big advantage going into next season

  • Token
    • IHD

      That was good, thanks for the link.

    • theycallmerob

      Trent and Barwin after the first TD @ 1:07:
      TC: “Ooooh, ooooh…g-d he finds people!”
      CB: “Yea, that’s some pretty good pocket presence, bro”

      Put these guys in the booth.

  • http://www.jhkayejr.com Joseph Kaye

    I didn’t believe Foles was the long term solution until a few games back. There’d have to be someone pretty amazing available for the Eagles pick next draft for me to be thinking QB. I know Chip said it all along, but it’s true – smart beats fast in this offense.

  • Joe from Easton

    I think it’s safe to buy your Foles’ jerseys this off-season guys. He’s going to be here for a while :)

    • GEAGLE

      Ya think?

      • Joe from Easton

        It was rhetorical. I’m just loving the Eagles love right now.

        • GEAGLE

          Just teasin…

          • Joe from Easton

            I figured as much.

          • GEAGLE

            Just can’t wait til this draft ends so the fools can completely shut up and stop wasting my time with BS…like I’m a fan, I want to watch football programming, so frustrated watching when you KNOW for A FACT that what you are hearing or reading is completely false…let’s just say that last offseason was very hard on me lol..looking fprward to to an offseason where paid “experts” won’t be 100% clueless,,,.lol skip Bayless still talking about how we should get Manziel smh

            If you go back and really look at the coverage we got last offseason, it’s pathetic…like complete BRAIN POLLUTION…coaching change really showed how little our experts know this game….I’m looking forward to a much easier offseason for the “experts”

          • Joe from Easton

            Skip Bayless is an idiot. People like him make me wonder why I’m not on ESPN because that guy talks out of is arse. He’s the type of “analyst” who will simply say (for example), “The eagles defense ranks 31st in passing, chicago is going to light them up”. I swear these dudes don’t ever look at advanced stats like the fact that our Defense is on the field more than any defense in the NFL or that we are one of 3 teams to give up 21 pts or less in 13 of 15 games this year.

          • GEAGLE

            It’s driving me insane that I still have to hear “experts” talk about FOles in the Dallas game, and our defense giving up 48 to the Vikings…what a worthless joke it is to bring up those games…

            How the hell do you have the nerve to even mention those two games when they were Isolated ANOMOLY incidents and there are literally 10 games that say those performances were BS?
            9 times FOles has answered the Dallas questions
            Our Defense has been top 10 in giving up points for OVER TWO MONTHS!!!

            Like were do you even get the balls to bring up those two games when talkng about the Eagles? I would give ANYTHING to be on TV when an “expert” starts to talk about those games…tear him a new one and make him cry in front of all of TV land

          • Joe from Easton

            I think that would be a great skit for some shows on NFL Net / ESPN… “Fan Debate”. I’d love to face-time in and logically shit on Skip.

            It’s clear that most of the national guys just look at a few 50 thousand foot view type of stats and make their prognostications from there. If I were paid six figures or more to analyze football then I’d be ashamed of myself for putting out shit research like that. I get paid nothing (well not really true, I’m on here a lot at work) to analyze football and I would blow these fools out of the water. It makes me sick as a fan when I want to hear objective analysis and instead all I hear is Cowboy love every year even though they’ve won less playoff games than Jacksonville since 98.

          • GEAGLE

            What baffles me is how they don’t even care about their credibility…

            They should make a show, like fashion police that goes through everything that people said the previous week and point out how bad! or good each analyst was…
            Like “the soup”…..go thru all the clips of what the experts said the previous week, and point out who was right, and who was a complete idiot

          • Joe from Easton

            I would love to watch that, but you’re right; they do do not care one bit about credibility. I will give Deion credit though. He’s been on the Foles’ wagon for a while.

          • GEAGLE

            Yeah Deon has been fair with FOles..

            Finally last night Sims and Collinsworth decided that FOles is a franchise QB…they finally praised the eagles on inside the NFL…it only took 17’weeks lol
            Phil sims literally called us one of the 5 worst offenses when Barkley was playing…SMH
            Btw, you guys see Bellicek crying about the NFL offseason rules being to blame for his team being decimated by injuries? Lol maybe he needs some “College” in his life because we are freakishly healthy

            Collinsworth finally praised Hulls and our sports science last night

          • Joe from Easton

            I didn’t catch this week’s episode. I usually watch all of them, so I’m sure I’ll see it. I’m happy Sims reneged on his stupid statement from early in the year. I don’t want anyone praising our sports science though. That’s our secret!

          • GEAGLE

            I’m going to hate the day that people start finding out about our secret science…

            Sims talked good about us, but he didn’t mention how wrong he was about us…I was hoping Collinsworth woulda rubbed his nose in his previous comments but he spared him

          • Joe from Easton

            See, that’s what I’m talking about. These guys need to be accountable for their stupid comments. You get paid millions to entertain and prognosticate, well I want to see you eat crow when it’s necessary too!

          • GEAGLE


          • Always Hopeful

            Our universal approach to the national “experts”: “Keep moving, nothing to see here…”

            Extremism, sensationalism and polarization is what gets people watching/talking about/clicking on “experts” drivel.

            Just gotta ween ourselves off of that, OR take if for what it is, laugh at it, and keep coming back to the source of the Golden Age of fan information and discussion: the local blogs we all love!

          • cliff henny

            best was when mark cuban went on 1st take and made Skip look like a fool. sure i’m in the minority, but i like stephen a smith. his delivery might be a little rough at times, but he is knowledgable, especially roundball. SAS just sat back and let cuban make Bayless look like a complete moron. was surprised bayless kept his job.

          • Joe from Easton

            I like Stephen A when it comes to BBall. He definitely knows his stuff. I’m just not a fan of his NFL analysis. He always seems to want to be edgy/trendy, but he’s usually a day late an a dollar short on the dumb shit he says.

      • Joe from Easton

        PS – you asked a question on the most recent All-22 about the Coop TD vs. the Celek TD. I dropped a note below it. Nothing like sharing some breakdowns with another knowledgeable fan.

        • GEAGLE

          Thank you kindley…I’ll check it out and answer on that thread


    All everyone talks about is FOles horrible game against Dallas. shady had 55 yards that game…that can’t happen again!!!!

    Lee ruled out for Sunday “neck worse then cowboys thought”
    Dez tweaked his back yesterday

    romo is a mess..
    NO LET DOWN!!! Destroy whoever lines up in front of you

    • cliff henny

      cant see letdown, playoffs on line and Minne game is still fresh and raw. kelly’s pressers seemed little more intense than usual too. think he learned that regardless of who’s playing, they’re all paid professionals. playing not to lose, waiting for other guy to f up works in college. nfl, better stay agressive.

      • GEAGLE

        Agreed..I don’t see it!

        Question:’how are Demarcus ware and Bruce carter getting a complete PASS for the non exsistent pass rush they are failing to generate? If they were Eagles we would be killing them….those two haven’t done anything all year and I have t heard a peep about it..

        Jason peters will have a highlight day against Ware
        Our Offense is going to have a monster day:
        Cowboys generate no Pass rush
        Chip Kelly gets his weapons in space
        Cowboys defenders are horrible at tackling, they will get embarrassed trying to tackle our weapons in space…

        Shady tap dances all over cowboys stadium

        • cliff henny

          if you read bloggingwiththeboys over on sbnation, those 2 are getting beat up pretty good. ware is just injured, hasnt been same guy since neck stinger at end of ’12. carter, not sure, but he looked like a player and has seriously regressed. my guess is they changed schemes and he’s thinking too much. plus, it’s a bad scheme unless you have 2 pro-bowl DT one of which was 1st ballott HOF.

          • GEAGLE

            You just love basking in their misery!!! Lol
            Do you post also…or just sit back and laugh at the misfortunes of others? Not very Xmas-like of you, Cliff!

          • cliff henny

            really love reading the posts/threads when they discuss salary cap. they basically have 2 polar opposites, guys who are clueless and says Ware can be traded for 1st or signing Byrd. and have the knowledgable guys that explain cowboys are in cap hell and wont even be able to re-sign their own guys.

          • GEAGLE

            Lol….SMH SMH SMH…they are sooo screwed. Like As a Fan, I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to clean up that mess….and the skins are equally screwed…they are about to loser their MLB, how the hell are they getting another one?
            The only team that has a chance is the Giants…but I believe the clock has officially struck midnight on Cinderella FRAUDELENT Eli. They aren’t screwed like Dallas, but have so much to fix..and if they do fix everything, I just don’t see Eli rebounding…I believe this is how the rest of his career will look especially if they are going to stick with COUGHLIN…maybe a mike McCoy type change can save him like he did with Rivers, but they don’t have the balls to do what needs to be done! fire COUGHLIN, and by the time they grow the balls to make that move! it will be too late for Eli:
            Giants need:
            Figure Out WR situation
            A running game
            Offensive line
            Pass rush

            And these are REAL needs…it’s not a situation like Eagles last offseason where we had young talent that just needed to be coached up and time to grow(even if people were too clueless to realize it)..the Giants have so much work to do, we are ATleast a year. Probably two ahead of them

          • cliff henny

            dallas will tred water for another year. starting in ’15, it get really ugly for them. “skins will depend on Snyder’s coaching search. if he gets rg3-10 a soft yes man coach, that could be a real disaster. giants only have eli for another yr, ’15 due 19m w/ 2m dead. that point will nyg extend eli and coughlin? coughlin is no spring chicken and eli will be 34 in ’15.
            think eagles are in great position to roll a bunch of nfc east titles

          • addicted2mula

            That’s what I said in my post.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Noticed and thought this the other day, looking great.
            Dallas and Wash are just too disfunctional and their cap issues are another thing as well (Dallas more so than Wash). Can’t wait to see them compete for the crappiest team in the division for a few years.

  • addicted2mula

    Theses numbers Foles put up are crazy!!!

  • JofreyRice

    Wow didn’t realize Foles was such a holy roller.

    • cliff henny

      after 50 yrs, think we could use some 3rd party devine power. if bleeding snakes in the tunnell before games helps, i’m all for it

      • theycallmerob

        change for the sake of change may be positive. After all, Trent Cole has been leading a very different kind of prayer group for years:

  • Token

    After McCoy saying how competitive Foles is id like to hear him Mic’d up for a game. If they even do that with QBs. Would be interested to know what hes like on the field on gameday.

    • Joe from Easton

      They Mic up the QB’s. I think for right now Foles wouldn’t be too entertaining (relative to the casual fan I mean, I know I’d love it). It’d probably just be a lot of him questioning his coaches and talking game plan. His interaction with teammates, I’d imagine, would be mainly positive re-enforcement. I said in a post below, though, that in a year or two I can see him having the real fire on the sidelines and in the huddle with his men. I want to see a Peyton-esque tirade of leadership from him, complete with spit and ‘cuss words. He’ll get there one day.

  • Mr. Wu

    “When McCoy is running as he was Sunday and Kelly remembers to give him the ball, the two of them remind you of Walt and Jesse from “Breaking Bad” when they were tenting houses all over Albuquerque. Just watching the money pile up and knowing for a fact that no one could stop them. “Say my name!” you could almost hear Kelly growling as the touchdowns piled up.”

    ok Graziano deserves some credit for that one^^^

  • cliff henny

    listening to Garrett on espn, cowboys are destroyed with injuries. sounds like they are so thin keep rushing guys back. Dez messed up his back, too. on Romo, sounds pretty much like Kelly with Vicks hamstring.

  • Joe from Easton

    “We’re here to win a Super Bowl. We’re here to contend in the playoffs. We’re here to build on what we’ve built already. As far as I’m concerned they can play those games. I don’t care,” said Williams. ”Jason Garrett can get out there. Jerry Jones can get out there. It doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter to anyone else in this locker room. We’re on a mission and they’re in our way. Period.”

    – Cary Williams (in a different article)

    This is great stuff.

  • chuck

    ugh…the religious really bother me

    • Token

      Im not religious in the least bit.

      But it never really bothered me when other people are. To each their own. People have different motivating factors in life. As long as they arent preaching to me im good.

    • Maggie

      Sorry, the upvote was in error. Everybody believes in something, whether you know it or not. And I personally have not heard Foles preaching, just stating what’s important to him. The faith he considers most important is what motivates him to be his best at his job. Try Ecclesiastes 9:10 – “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…”

    • GEAGLE

      I’m not religious.. But seems,like there are worst things then believing in principles that make you a better person,…I don’t care if you are trying to be a better person because Jesus said do unto others as you would have them do unto you,nor if you are trying to be a good person to stay off of Santa clause’s naughty list,,,,I’m not religious, but I’m damn sure not going too complain about people following the writings of a book that for the most part believe in being better human beings ….

  • Explorer51

    As excited as I am about Sunday, I realize that what is really most energizing is that the Eagles have an excellent future! I’m absolutely convinced, and have been since his comeback win over Tampa last year, that Foles will be the real deal…and certainly there’s been nothing this year (including one bad game) that has convinced me otherwise. So if we have a QB, given that it’s the hardest position to effectively fill, we can start building around his strengths and pumping up the positions of need, particularly on defense…though even that side doesn’t look as drastic as it did in the season’s first quarter. I realize that, unless Foles wins a Super Bowl someday, we are unfortunately destined for his detractors to constantly point out his real and perceived weaknesses; because he was a 3rd rounder who is quietly efficient rather than mega-talented, who is humble and verbally bland, who never calls attention to himself except to point out his mistakes, he will be questioned and doubted throughout his career. I’m just going to enjoy what I hope is a long career as the QB of the Eagles.

    • Joe from Easton

      Legend has it that he drew up the play that got them to the two (pass to avant) in the huddle during that comeback in Tampa last year. Foles for president.