Zone Read: Eagles-Bears, the Day After

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles

As the Eagles prepared for their final possession Sunday night, Nick Foles stood on the sideline next to tight end Zach Ertz and quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor.

The offense gathered briefly before running onto the field. Foles had a green and black baseball cap on instead of a helmet. He paused his conversation, joined his teammates briefly, put his arm around James Casey and returned to the sideline as Michael Vick took a couple kneel-downs to end the game.

There was a hug from Chris Polk and a handshake from Brent Celek. Foles then made his way past cameras towards midfield to greet the Bears’ quarterbacks as the clock showed triple zeroes. He removed his hat, knelt down for the prayer circle with members from both teams and joined LeSean McCoy for an interview with NBC.

Foles’ performance will not be the first or even second topic of conversation among Eagles fans today. And that’s saying something considering he went 21-for-25 for 230 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions for a passer rating of 131.7.

“Great decision-making,” said guard Todd Herremans. “He’s been making great decisions ever since he got in there. That’s the kind of guy he is. Real calm, cool and collected. He’s realizing when to get rid of the ball, when to throw it away and when to keep it and run.”

Of Foles’ four incompletions, three were essentially balls he threw away, and one was a dropped screen attempt to Celek. No quarterback in Eagles franchise history has completed a higher percentage of passes in a single game than Foles (84 percent) did Sunday night.

But because the Eagles have a showdown with the Cowboys in six days, the conversation will quickly shift this week, and it will include a look back to the first time the two teams met – the game where Foles completed 11 of 29 throws for 80 yards as the Eagles managed just three points against one of the league’s worst defenses.

Foles will be peppered with questions all week long about that game. He may not admit it publicly, but comments from his teammates suggest that Foles is thrilled to have a second shot at the Cowboys – this time with the NFC East and a playoff appearance on the line.

“He’s definitely gonna use it as motivation,” said Jason Peters. “If Dallas plans on Foles playing like he did the first game, they’re not gonna win the game. So they better prepare and prepare well.”

Added Jason Kelce: “I think he was really frustrated after that Dallas game. That was the first time you saw it. You didn’t really see it during the game, which is good because you don’t really want to see it during the game. But after that, not really that he played sub-par against Dallas, but he kind of lost that opportunity right there that he had to kind of get that [starting] spot. And then Mike [Vick] was pushed back in there.

“Obviously he’s a competitive guy. He wants to be out there. So he was disappointed. That’s the first time that I’ve really seen him show some emotion. That wasn’t during the game. It was more during the week.”

The sense among teammates is that Foles has nothing really more to prove. He showed he could bounce back from adversity by firing seven touchdowns in his next appearance against the Raiders. And that was after he had sustained a concussion at the end of the Dallas game.

Overall, he leads the NFL in passer rating (118.8) and yards per attempt (9.03).

Asked if Foles would use the first game as motivation, Evan Mathis said: “He can use it for whatever he wants. I think he obviously already bounced back from that game. He learned a lot from that game. That game might have been some of the reason that he has been playing so well. Some of us don’t always come out here and play great games, and for a guy like that to bounce back, not let it get to him, that just shows great character by Nick. He’s so even-keeled, never too high, and in a situation like that, never too low. He took it with a grain of salt, watched the film, picked it apart, learned from it and he bounced back.”

Foles said he’ll watch the film from the first meeting once again this week as he prepares for the second matchup.

“It definitely is going to be in our cut-ups and I am going to watch it and see what happened,” he said. “It worked for [Dallas’ defense] the first time so I don’t see why they would change anything.”

The Cowboys entered the weekend with the 31st-ranked defense (28th against the pass). Considering the way LeSean McCoy has been playing, stopping the Eagles’ prolific ground game will likely be Dallas’ top focus. That means once again Foles will have opportunities to do damage through the air. This time around, he and his teammates are expecting different results.

“He will be in front of you guys I’m sure very vanilla and won’t give you guys any good stuff to write about,” Kelce said. “But he’s definitely a very competitive guy deep down. It’s something that he kind of doesn’t show – his emotions to the media, doesn’t really show them in the game. But you know just through talking to him that he’s really excited. He’s a very competitive guy, and I’m sure that he’s going to want to go out there and have a really good day to kind of silence [everyone] ragging on him.”




1. Why a coach loses a timeout if he throws a challenge flag on a play that’s automatically reviewed?

We saw this with Kelly in the third quarter when officials ruled that McCoy had fumbled. Kelly threw the red challenge flag, but turnovers are automatically reviewed. As a result, the Eagles lost a timeout.

“Yeah, I screwed up,” Kelly said afterwards.

“I knew the rule. I’m not making any excuses. It’s my fault. I knew the rule. I was wrong.”

Kelly should have known the rule. No doubt about it. But why is this a rule in the first place? Because of the extra five seconds it takes for the coach to pick up his flag? This Tweet that came across my timeline summed it up best.

2. How a defense can look as bad as it did last week vs. the Vikings and then shut down an offense as good as Chicago’s?

Matt Cassel against the Eagles: 26-for-35 for 382 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Matt Cassel against the Bengals in Week 16: 13-for-27 for 114 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions.

The Bears, meanwhile, had scored 83 points in their previous two games. They were the second-highest scoring offense in the NFL entering Sunday night’s game, averaging 29.0 points per game. But the Eagles limited Chicago to a field goal and a touchdown on 11 drives. The Bears punted six times, were intercepted once, took a safety and turned it over on downs.

The fitting Tweet for this one:

I’ll admit: After the performance against the Vikings, I was more in the “they might get exposed in the final two games” camp than the “maybe they just had a bad outing” camp. But Billy Davis and the players deserve a ton of credit. Against a prolific offense and a team with a lot at stake, they came up huge.

Before the game, I probably could have envisioned some crazy scenario where the offense would go off for 40+. But even the biggest optimist would have struggled to come up with a scenario by which the defense only allowed 11 points.



James Casey has seen an increased role in the offense since the Eagles started using him as a run-blocker after the bye week. He got the job done on Polk’s 10-yard TD run in the fourth.


The Eagles often show the same look and have Foles read the unblocked edge defender. But since the bye week, they’ve been using the tight end more to come across the formation and account for that defender.


Casey does an excellent job, and so does Mathis. Also notice that Foles carries out his fake. That’s something that Lazor grades him on during their film review sessions. Here, the linebacker freezes and keeps an eye on Foles.

Polk gets a huge running lane and finds himself one-on-one against the safety.


He breaks the tackle and scampers into the end zone for the score.



0 – That’s how many pass plays the Eagles called in the fourth quarter. Not counting Vick’s final kneel-downs, the offense was on the field for seven plays, and they were all runs.

In the final 15 minutes, the Eagles ran it seven times for 135 yards. That’s an average YPC of 19.3.

On one drive, the Eagles ran it six times for 70 yards. McCoy with back-to-back runs of 9 and 14; Bryce Brown with back-to-back runs of 4 and 18; McCoy once more for 15; and Polk with the 10-yard TD. In all, the drive took 3:41 off the clock, and the ball never traveled through the air.

Later in the quarter, Brown broke a 65-yard touchdown for a score.

The Bears’ run defense is horrible, but still, that’s impressive.



He completed 21 of 25 passes for 230 yards and two touchdowns. Just as important: He didn’t turn it over once.

There have been three instances this year where a quarterback has completed at least 84 percent of his passes and averaged at least 9.2 yards per attempt. Peyton Manning did it in Week 3 against the Raiders. And Philip Rivers did it in Week 7 against Jacksonville.

Foles is the third QB to add to that list. And the amazing part about it is no one really blinked an eye like he was doing something special.

“It’s typical Nick Foles football,” said tight end Zach Ertz. “Everybody still kind of wants to remember that Dallas game. But we’ve thrown that in the rear-view mirror. He’s thrown 25 touchdowns I think to two interceptions. He’s playing at a record pace. So we’re very excited for him.”

Barring a four-INT performance in the finale, Foles will become the second quarterback in NFL history to post 25+ touchdowns and five or fewer interceptions in a season, joining Tom Brady who had 36/4 in 2010.


A Kapadia Rule for this day-after piece: Any time you total three sacks or more in a game, you win a game ball.

“Trent was lights-out tonight,” said DeMeco Ryans. “That’s what Trent is capable of doing – taking over games, dominating offensive tackles and getting to the quarterback. That’s what he’s capable of doing. We just had to put him into situations where he is able to rush the passer and showcase his talents.”

The Bears tried to use Matt Forte to block Cole early on, and Cole beat him to sack Cutler. Later, Cutler was pressured by Cedric Thornton, but Cole finished him off. And in the third, Cole got to Cutler once again.

Cole had one sack in the Eagles’ first 10 games. He has seven in the last five.




“Usually he’s pretty calm. I know when we played Detroit, Coach [Bill] Lazor was going up to him telling him he was babying the ball, and they got into kind of an altercation because you couldn’t throw the ball too hard because it was so hard to see, so hard to catch and throw. So that’s probably one time.” – LANE JOHNSON

I asked several Eagles, including Johnson, what the most frustrated was that they had ever seen Foles. The rookie offered a pretty good anecdote from the Detroit game in the snow. In case you couldn’t tell from last week’s Matchup column, Lazor coaches Foles hard.

Other Eagles had trouble coming up with an answer.

“I got nothing,” said Mathis. “I can’t think of it. If it’s anything, you can see that if he ever feels like lets down his teammates, you might see that. But you don’t see him getting frustrated. You don’t see him getting real upset. He can learn from it. He can move on. He can bury a problem and go. And that’s a quality that a true pro has to have.”



1. Cedric Thornton deserves some love. He came up with the big safety in the third quarter and was key in limiting Forte to 29 yards on nine carries. Thornton also pressured Cutler on a play where Cole ended up getting the sack.

“Cedric has been one of those guys who has been really consistent right from the jump,” Kelly said. “We talked a lot about him early. As Bennie [Logan] and Fletcher [Cox] started to emerge too, sometimes you forget about… it’s not because Cedric wasn’t productive. But we had some other guys that were starting to contribute. And he had a huge play for us at a point in time where we needed a little bit of a jump. Not only do we score and get the two there, but they kick it, and we get an opportunity to go down on that drive and score a touchdown, so it’s a nine-point swing.”

Thornton has been perhaps the Eagles’ most consistent defender this season. He’s young, plays with great effort and figures to be a great complement to Cox for years to come.

2. Credit where credit is due: Special teams came up big. The Eagles tried to pin Devin Hester in a corner on kickoffs and were very successful. Alex Henery kicked off nine times. On one of those, Bradley Fletcher forced a fumble. On the other eight, Chicago started on average at its own 22.6 yard line.

The Bears’ best starting field position on kickoffs was their own 33. And remember, the Eagles were playing without core special-teamers Colt Anderson and Kurt Coleman, who were out with injuries.

Henery, meanwhile, connected on a 49-yard field goal in the second quarter. Overall, excellent performance from special teams.

3. Speaking of which, Brandon Boykin deserves some praise too. He has been an outstanding gunner on the punt coverage team all season. In the third, Boykin saved the ball from going into the end zone, and Roc Carmichael downed it at the 2. That coverage led directly to the safety by Thornton.

Boykin also picked off Cutler in the fourth and returned it 54 yards for a touchdown. The second-year player now has five interceptions, tied for fourth-most in the league.

Not bad at all, considering he had only played 52 percent of the Eagles’ defensive snaps going into Sunday.

4. While we’re praising the 2012 draft class, Mychal Kendricks came up with a pair of sacks. In the last two games, he has three sacks and an interception.

In the second quarter, he blitzed up the middle, beat Forte (one of the best blocking backs in the league) and brought Cutler down.

And in the third, he used his speed off the edge to turn the corner, hit Cutler and force a fumble.

The coaches still believe Kendricks can improve in coverage, but he’s been a versatile playmaker for this defense down the stretch.

5. I probably haven’t said enough in this space about how good McCoy was. He torched the league’s worst run defense for 133 yards and two touchdowns on 18 carries. Since Kelly made adjustments to the run game during the Eagles’ bye week, McCoy has run 74 times for 467 yards and averaged 6.3 YPC.

He is the NFL’s leading rusher with 1,476 yards, leading Jamaal Charles by 189 yards. McCoy needs 37 yards against Dallas to break Wilbert Montgomery’s record for must rushing  yards in a season (1,512).




The offense:

Total Snaps
Percentage Of Snaps
Nick Foles6195%
Michael Vick35%
LeSean McCoy4469%
Bryce Brown1219%
Chris Polk914%
DeSean Jackson5992%
Riley Cooper5586%
Jason Avant2742%
Jeff Maehl711%
Damaris Johnson35%
Brad Smith12%
Brent Celek5891%
James Casey3047%
Zach Ertz1523%

Casey has solidified his role as a blocker in the run game. He played 30 snaps, compared to 15 for Ertz.

Brown had easily his best game of the season with nine carries for 115 yards. Polk got into the mix too with the 10-yard TD run.

The defense:

Total Snaps
Percentage Of Snaps
Vinny Curry3858%
Fletcher Cox3757%
Bennie Logan2538%
Cedric Thornton2132%
Clifton Geathers2031%
Damion Square1929%
Connor Barwin5178%
Trent Cole3858%
Brandon Graham2742%
Casey Matthews1422%
Mychal Kendricks5382%
DeMeco Ryans5382%
Najee Goode1218%
Jake Knott1218%
Bradley Fletcher65100%
Cary Williams5280%
Brandon Boykin3554%
Roc Carmichael1320%
Patrick Chung6194%
Nate Allen5382%
Keelan Johnson1218%
Earl Wolff46%

Earl Wolff’s knee appeared to be acting up on him, so he only played four snaps at safety.



My guess to McManus in the press box during the game was Cowboys (-2), only because they are at home. I think the Eagles would be a field-goal favorite at the Linc.

Kickoff is set for 8:30 next Sunday night on NBC. Winner gets a home playoff game. Loser goes home.

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  • hillbillybirdsfan

    The kid looked good again. Nothing to nitpick about in this one. All I want for Christmas is a nice win over Dallas!

    • jesse

      have me and my sons #9 jersey coming for christmas ,we’ll be able to where them while we watch Foles bury the cowboys and roll into the playoffs

  • bill

    Wow. The DLine snap counts are really shocking! Not just that Curry led, but overall, the way they apparently rotated is amazing. The starters should be feeling relatively fresh for the Cowboys game.

    • EaglefaninAZ

      Spot on. Those percentages jumped out at me too. Lots of balance there.

      • Richard Colton

        caseymatthews played 14 snaps too many

        • nicksaenz1

          Just get your Casey Matthews jersey already. He’s a ST stud hahahaha I can’t even say this with a straight face.

          • Andy124

            All the hate is just trying to mask his undying love for Clay’s ineffective brother.

          • nicksaenz1

            He’s a great scout team LB, be fair. I mean, we have such a confident offense coming out of practices because they get to light up a playmaker like a Matthews brother.

          • Richard Colton

            I swear to god every mock draft I do will have an ILB in the first three rounds just so I’ll never have to hear that guys name again.

          • nicksaenz1

            If he were smart he’d just get Clay’s juicing regimen from him in the offseason and show up to camp looking like a monster ready to wreak havoc.

    • nicksaenz1

      A lot of passing plays means a lot of Vinny Curry. I expect he’ll be in Romo’s grill quite a bit next week, too.

      • G_WallyHunter

        Bingo, and I think they were sending him in a lot more in the second half (both because of more passing downs, and sitting the starters, combined for plenty of more snaps for him)

        • nicksaenz1

          That’s true. Wasn’t thinking about sitting the starters so much, but with that in mind we won’t see as much of him, but should still get a solid dose.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Yup, can picture it now, end of 3rdQ into 4th on Sunday night, the Dline is still just murking Romo’s Oline because they so fresh, then, they force Romo into (you guessed it) an ill-timed interception..

          • nicksaenz1

            It’ll only be ill-timed if the game is within reach. I can see us being up by 20 at the half, so ill-timed might mean icing on the, er, the jewel on the crown.

          • George

            The straw in the protein shake

    • Scott J

      The numbers are skewed because the starters were taken out midway through the 4th quarter.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    They aren’t “essentially” throw aways when they land in the bleachers. They are complete throw aways. Foles literally had the most perfect game a quarterback could have. Every single snap he did exactly as he should have done. Even the one sack in his own territory he took, it was the right decision because his initial receivers were covered and if he had thrown it away we would have gotten an illegal man downfield penalty since the O-line was blocking.

    It is the wrong attitude to believe that none of this will matter if we lose next week. What matters is that Nick Foles led an obliteration of a potential playoff team who could have clinched a playoff berth with a victory. Even if they lose next week, this season was a resounding success in Chip and Nick’s first year together. Of course, I don’t expect them to lose next week, or the week after, and if our defense hangs in there we could legitimately make a run this year. Seattle, Carolina, San Fran, New Orleans – none of these teams look intimidating at the moment.

    • nicksaenz1

      @NO scares me, not at home, though. Agree with the rest. None make me think that if we face them we’re likely to lose. A lot of coin flips there.

      • Andy124

        Losing record on the road for them.

        • Token

          Yes. But Brees is the best QB in the playoffs and Payton is a good coach.

          Brees, Wilson, Newton, Kaepernick, Cutler are the likely playoff QBs. Im not scared of any of them except Brees.

          • Andy124

            No argument here. Just pointing out something that I found rather surprising and interesting.

            I’m not really one to worry much about who we’ll play in the playoffs. I just want to curb-stomp Dallas.

          • nicksaenz1

            Dear God and Santa,
            Some may think that Christmas came early with last night’s game, and I won’t disagree, but if you could bring us 60 points in a win over Dallas to go to the playoffs while completely demoralizing a terribly sinful, coal-deserving team, the City of Philadelphia would be forever grateful. Thank you.
            City of Philadelphia

          • Richard Colton

            May want to ask Baby Jesus too. Couldn’t hurt.

          • nicksaenz1

            8lb 6oz Baby Jesus? I don’t know. I feel like Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt would appreciate the request more.

          • Richard Colton

            I just like praying to the baby version

          • BlindChow

            Yeah, we haven’t thrown snowballs at Baby Jesus (yet).

          • nicksaenz1

            Some idiot will. Give it time.

          • nicksaenz1

            I do, too. But Tuxedo T-Shirt Jesus says “I want be formal, but I’m here to party”, and given the party that will ensue in Philadelphia if we win on Sunday, Tuxedo T-Shirt Jesus would likely show a little more appreciation.

          • Joe from Easton

            I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party.

          • CTAZPA

            I suppose we should add Rodgers to this list.

            He’s inspires scaredness

          • BlindChow

            And Rodgers has proven he can do it on the road. Brees has never won an away playoff game.

          • Andy124

            Did not know that. Cool.

          • Breezy

            Except for the superbowl at a neutral site

      • OregonEagle

        Enjoy the ride. In the words of the Chipper (as best remembered from a drunken fog):

        ” We respect everyone, we fear no one”
        “We keep our heads down until late December, then we’ll look up and see where we are”
        “Tell us when and where and we’ll be there”
        “We’re from Philadelphia – we fight”

    • JofreyRice

      Yep. Totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not managing expectations because I’m afraid of a letdown–getting into the playoffs would be fantastic, and I think Dallas is very beatable. If they can’t manage it this year, though, I think they are absolutely trending upward, and the experience they gain from a meaningful pre-playoff playoff game will be invaluable to everyone.

      • TheCatalyst

        I think next year, with the trend upwards, the NFL will give them a “harder” schedule. Then the debate will really begin.

        • Token

          Well thats true. They will get a harder schedule based on this years record. And teams will have a whole year of tape to study in the offseason.

          • Goombachiphi

            We play the NFC west next year.

          • theycallmerob

            …but also the AFC south.

        • Broadcasting Wisdom

          This is overblown. It impacts two out of the 16 games that we play, when we play the same place finisher in two other divisions. The other 14 games are the same for us as for the Redskins, Giants, Cowboys.

          • knighn

            Way overblown, too. As said: it only affects two games, and due to the parity of the NFL: a playoff contender one year may be a struggling team the next year, or vice versa.

      • Token

        Its all gravy from here.

        But they could be a team thats hot going into the playoffs if they win next week. And a team like that is always dangerous.

        Honestly, NO might be the team that scares me the most. Most people seem to feel the opposite. But in the playoffs QB play is generally even more important. Brees is still Brees and he has weapons that could hurt us. Now they lost Vacarro yesterday, so thats a big blow to the D.

        But if im looking at it, they just worry me if thats how it would shake out.

        • Adam

          I like our matchup against their D, and our pass rush against their o-line. It’ll be an entertaining game if nothing else.

          • Token

            You know they are throwing 40 times. And losing Vacarro does hurt their D.

          • EaglePete

            didnt know they lost Vacarro, thats good. I still think Brees puts a beatdown on our D similar to what Vikes were able to do. Im not going to sugar coat, this D is Jeckyl & Hyde, and they still can be exposed. Also, the Rob Ryan D could be enough to slow us down. Thing that was great last night, was maybe the home field advantage is back, they played with swagger on both sides.

  • Jim Blizzard

    Your link at the bottom of page 3 to open page 4 is broken, it just reloads page 3.

    • cloisterwater

      Just click the 4 or “next” at the bottom of the page

      • Jim Blizzard

        Thanks I realized that but figured they would still want to fix the broken link…

        • cloisterwater


  • Bird of Prey

    Wolf came in and played real well for only running 8 snaps.

  • Joethomas215

    Does anyone know the number on plays of 20 yards or more? Before Minnesota, I believe we were at 80, and the Greatest show on Turf has the record at 96.

    • pjcostello

      According to Bleeding Green Nation, the Eagles needed 9 plays of 20 yards or more (BEFORE last night’s game) to break the Rams’ record… Also,

      DeSean Jackson needed just 25 yards to make him and LeSean McCoy the 13th wide receiver/running back tandem to both go over 1,300 yards. They have already combined for the most combined yards in franchise history by a running back/wide receiver tandem in one season.

      McCoy has passed Westbrook for third place on the all-time Eagles list for rushing TDs with 39.

      The Eagles have forced at least one turnover in the last 11 games.

      • G_WallyHunter

        So if they only needed 9 before last night, do they need like 1 or 2 now? (I guess there were 6 or 7 last night) I guess we’ll find out in next few days. Tim or Sheil will obviously cover it somewhere

        • nicksaenz1

          5 last night, below our average, which is funny given the beatdown we just handed out.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Very odd ya, woulda thought at least 7
            So if Eagles get 4 palys over 20+, they become the greatest show on turf?

            Damn, can’t wait

          • nicksaenz1

            The Greatest Show to Not Need Turf

          • G_WallyHunter

            HAHA ya, The Greatest Show on Real Grass

          • pjcostello

            We had a lot of plays between 10-19 yards, which don’t count. :-(

          • G_WallyHunter

            Ya I noticed, would have thought way more than 5 last night lol

      • joethomas215

        Chip setting the bar high in his first year.

    • skeletalsid

      They are currently at 91

    • pjcostello

      OK, I went and counted all of the 20+ yard plays for the Eagles and came up with 5. If I am correct, that leaves us 4 shy of the record set by the Rams in 2001.

      • theycallmerob

        correct, Kempski over at philly. com RedZone has been keeping tabs.

    • nicksaenz1

      According to Kempski that count is at 93. 4 to go to beat The Greatest Show on Turf, while not even playing on turf.

  • JBrooks

    I really like the D-Line counts as well. Young group, I hope they all realize what they can do if they stick together. I also don’t want a loss next week but can I just say that the fact that Chip Kelly has brought the Eagles together as a team in his 1st season is incredible. The past 2 seasons have been rough and our squad is starting to realize that as a whole, they are very good. The whole mentality of the team has changed and that is the BIGGEST take away from this season for me.

  • pjcostello

    I loved the defense that Bill Davis called, with all that man coverage. How many times when the cameras showed us the secondary were we doubling the Bears wide receivers? We singled Bennett and Forte, and refused to let those WRs beat us, and it was an awesome display. Fantastic showing by the offensive line, opening all those holes for the running backs, and kudos to the entire coaching staff for getting everyone UP for this game, when they could easily have played soft, knowing the game had no real meaning (except for possible playoff seeding–when we haven’t made the playoffs yet).

    • JofreyRice

      Ross Tucker talks about how when he played, he just tried to take away the one signature move that guys could beat him with. Like, if you’re playing Dwight Freeney, don’t get beat by the spin, be prepared for it. If Freeney beats you with something else, then so be it, but make him at least go to a move that’s not what he’s known for.

      It seems like Davis has some of that same mentality. He doesn’t get beat by an opponent’s “best move”. He doubles guys like Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald, and doesn’t switch it up at the end to get cute. I’ve been very skeptical of him and hammered him on some things, but I can absolutely respect that philosophy.

  • Andy124

    Eagles jumped up to the 2nd highest scoring team in the league with that beatdown last night.

    • Gnostic

      yeah , but ask Simms or Bradshaw , that offense sucks.

    • Maggie

      Kelly – Coach of the Year. And I’m serious.

    • mtn_green

      Hilarious. Love to see opposing defense ranking before playing eagles and after playing eagles.

      The defense accomplishments are shocking and a huge surprise.

  • Beastmode

    If we win vs DAL, we would face NO at home right? Who are we likely to face the next game, Panthers?

    • Andy124

      If the playoffs started today, that would be the case – Home against NO then at Car.

      But at a glance, it looks like SF, NO and Ari all could end up in that 6th seed and Sea and Car haven’t even clinched their divisions yet.

      • Token

        Id rather not see Arizona again.

        • nicksaenz1

          I don’t disagree with you, but of all potential QBs to face, give me the ones that throw the most picks. See: Palmer, Carson

          • EaglePete

            ya gimme az over Brees all day. Saints worry me but Dallas does now, first things first. Its the Philly fan in me, that just doesnt change overnight.

      • OregonEagle

        To get the most out of the season, think like Chip. The only game we have to think about is next week against Dallas.

        If the Eagles win that one, someone will tell us when and where to tune in for the next one. That will keep happening until it doesn’t.

  • Joe from Easton

    I think what stands out most about this team is their resolve and their understanding of the collective goal. They won their one week season last night, but there’s another one this Sunday. Chip has these guys playing with a winning attitude. I can honestly say that I watched last night’s game the same way that I think Philly played it; good plays should happen, don’t let them get you to “up” because this was a warm up for next week. They looked so business like. I love it. For the first time since vintage McNabb I feel like we should win games.

  • OldDocRoss

    Patrick Chung completed four tackles and none of them were against players employed by the Philadelphia Eagles!

    Best. Game. Ever.

    Our O-line just flat bullied Chicago for most of the game. Peppers was anonymous and that series of Lance Briggs clips they showed towards the end where he just got blocked into oblivion time and again gave me flashbacks of Ernie Sims (except without the soul-crushing pain and anguish).

  • Byter

    We don’t use the word “scamper” enough. Great word Sheil!

  • cloisterwater

    I’ll tell you one thing about Andy Reid. The man knows offensive line talent. Shout out to the walrus for leaving behind some studs. Perhaps Fast Food Fridays and Taco Tuesdays aren’t the best way to keep that line together however.

    • Token

      Didnt the lineman he picked #1 suck so far? O, and Danny Watkins.

      • Adam

        He was good at getting Castillo guys, either through FA or draft. Peters and Herremans can play in any system. Wiffed on more guys in the Mudd era though.

        • theycallmerob

          bingo. see Castillo’s struggles in Bmore this year.
          Specific OL, which Reid knew well.

      • Richard Colton

        Peters was a trade for a #1 (not the same, I know) – that worked out great. Andrews was a probowl guard at #1. That was a qualified success. And of course, he inherited 2 quality linemen in Tre and Jermaine Mayberry. Lot of draft picks and free agent $$$ spent by Andy and co. on that line. No wonder it was so good for so long.

        • Andy124

          Runyan was a pretty big free agent signing Reid had for the OL that worked out well too.

          • Richard Colton

            I loved that line. Jon would “maul” people. Literally. That word is thrown around way too much with O-lineman today. With him it was true. I heard the real reason he’s retiring from politics is because it wasn’t dirty enough for him.

          • Joe from Easton

            Runyan was an absolute savage. That dude’s picture is in Webster’s as the definition of “offensive lineman”. I’m almost certain he was part Yeti.

        • Bdawkbdawk

          I agree. Also with Mayberry, it was Reid that shifted him to Guard where he developed into a pro bowl lineman. Further, Reid was uncanny at identifying centers. Picking up Fraley from waivers and squeezing above avergae play out of him until Jamaal Jackson outperformed him. Now with Kelce. This will help us for years to come.

  • Scott J

    Are we taking Nick Foles for granted? Every game it seems like there’s another record he’s setting or breaking alongside names like Brady and Manning. Crazy stuff.

    • Joe from Easton

      Yea, if Manning wasn’t putting together the best season ever then I think a lot more people would be taking notice. Well, that and the fact that he’s a third round pick. It will take a super bowl trip for him to get the kind of respect he deserves in my opinion. Seriously, he’s tied the NFL record for TD’s in a game, broken the Eagles record for most attempts without a pick, came within one of Manning’s 20-0 TD-Int (surpassing milt plums record of 16 that stood for 50+ years), broke the Eagles single game completion % mark, had the best month for a QB in history, only QB to throw for 7-0 & 158.3, best passer rating in the NFL and if the season ended today it’d be the second or third best in history, he’s also the third or fourth QB in the modern era to avg over 9 YPA, he’s gonna be the second QB ever to go over 25 TD with less than 5 Int, he’s in like second place with 40 yard throws this year in less than 70% of the games played by others, he’s top 10 in TD’s in the league, he’s going to break the eagles passer rating record this season, oh and he’s 8-2 in his games so this was all in 10 games. I’ll bet I even forgot some things, this was all off of the top of my head. You might luck into one or two of these accomplishments in a career, not all of them in 10 games.

      • Richard Colton

        We have two legitimate MVP candidates on our offense. It’s Manning’s award running away, but its still nice that Shady and Nick could each crack the top 5.

        • Maggie

          coach of the Year.

          • Richard Colton

            Still don’t think he gets enough respect around the league – we saw it with the whole “college offense” insult. At this point, looks like a 3 horse race between Reid, Rivera, and Arians, with Chip running a distant 4th. I honestly don’t care if he wins COTY, as long as he puts a Superbowl on that resume.

          • nicksaenz1

            I’d like to see him recognized. Taking another man’s talent and putting them in the playoff conversation in week 17, likely to make the playoffs, should garner it. But, no national love for Chip, just the prayers that he fails.

          • Richard Colton

            Its really not even “Coach of the Year” its more like: Coach who surprised the national pundits by winning more games than expected and garnered some national “Buzz.”
            Hard to fit that on a plaque though.

          • nicksaenz1

            If only there more vowels in the title, you could fit it in via abbreviation.

        • Joe from Easton

          In most other years I think one of the two would win it (with a win this week of course) and the other would finish in the top 5. Damn Manning’s year.

      • Andy124

        Technically, he’s only 7-2 (NYG win goes to Vick).
        I believe he now has the 9th most td passes in a single season for the Eagles while playing just 9.5 games.

        Among quarterbacks with at least 300 attempts for the Eagles, he has the highest quarterback rating, lowest interception %, highest YPA and highest completion% for a career in Eagles history.

        • Richard Colton

          But will #9 always love you?

          • Andy124

            The hope is that he will as long as I keep yeasting him up.

        • Joe from Easton

          Thanks Andy! He did it all in 9 1/2 games then, haha.

  • E-A-G-L-E-S… EAGLES!

    Philadelphia, remember these times. Every era ends and all though this one is just beginning people tend to ride the wave and forget to capture the moments to share with the next generations.

    Buy your jerseys, capture your photos /videos. Save your tickets, hold on to your new articles because this ride looks to be a special one! Can’t wait to show my children, grandchildren my collection from the era the Eagles won their first Superbowl


  • Richard Colton

    “Nick Foles has had a passer rating of 130+ four times this year. Only Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana & Steve Young have had more in a season.” – Reuban Frank

    • nicksaenz1

      He’s lucky. Football gods are on his side.

      • Richard Colton

        Damn right. WRs do all the work anyway. If Nick Foles was a common expresson for a cold & flu symptom, he’d be a “YAC.” If he was an animal at the Philly Zoo, he’d be a YAK.

        Can’t checkdown your way to Canton.

        • OldDocRoss

          If you take away completions on screens, or to Pro Bowlers, or where the line gave him more than 2.6 seconds to throw, or where the spiral he generated rotated at less than 180rpm his numbers are, I kid you not, pedestrian.

          Additionally his running style is unbecoming of a quarterback in the National Football League, his success at quietening the crowd pre-snap could charitably be described as patchy and after all these weeks he still shows no signs of even attempting to grow a Kelce-esque beard.

          Whatever do people see in the man?

          • nicksaenz1

            In fairness, very few can grow a Kelce-esque beard. It’s a marvel to behold. Fear the beard.

          • theycallmerob

            hey, that’s my beard to love on! don’t you see my avatar?!?! with all the white on the chin, as my colleague would say?

          • Andy124

            There’s enough beard to go around…

          • Maggie

            The saintly Peyton Manning and Tom Brady never completed passes to Pro Bowlers? Were never lucky? Besides, how few Pro Bowlers are on the Eagles offense? Last year I mean? :} All that aside, why is Kelly never mentioned as coach of the Year candidate? Oh, I forgot, saintly Andy Reid actually built this team and recruited all the assistants, etc.

          • nicksaenz1

            It was a joke.

          • OldDocRoss

            “The saintly Peyton Manning and Tom Brady never completed passes to Pro Bowlers? Were never lucky?”

            Yes, but I give them a pass due to their unerring ability to pick up on my wit and sarcasm (WHICH FOLESY NEVER DOES!).

            “how few Pro Bowlers are on the Eagles offense?”

            I believe GEAGLE currently has it at 24. Matt Barkley never made the cut :(

          • Andy124

            I think she was playing along. See the :}

          • nicksaenz1

            The :} means something with most other posters. Can’t guarantee that with ol’ Mags.

          • Maggie

            The particular emoticon I used was supposed to be as ironic as some of the comments. Or something.

          • nicksaenz1

            Or something is right. If you didn’t go on that long-winded tangent of questions, the implied meaning might have been caught by those of us that failed to see that your intended point.

          • OldDocRoss

            I thought that was a “last year’s offense had no Pro Bowlers, but this year’s are pretty good!” smiley rather than an “I see what you did there!” one, but my emoticon knowledge is pants.
            (delete as appropriate)

          • Andy124

            I’m no psychic, I just play one on the internet.

          • theycallmerob

            not bad, but Nick could do better

          • A Roy

            hahahahahaha. .

        • theycallmerob

          yea, he’s ok I guess.
          What do you think, Manziel at #32?

    • Andy124

      I can think of someone who’s had exactly 4 of those in his career…

  • Andy

    Only 11 points to one of the best offenses in football. Oh, BTW three of those points were on a field goal a the end of the half that wouldn’t have happened if the refs had spotted the ball correctly.

    • Warhound

      They gave up 11 but scored nine themselves!

  • Alex

    Eagles are 2.5pt favorites in Dallas! Does anyone else besides me not like us as road favorites?

    • cloisterwater

      The line doesn’t make a difference to me in terms of how I feel about games.

    • nicksaenz1

      Only 2.5?

  • Andy124

    This will not be Foles first time playing in Jerry World.

    The first time came last year where he took a broken down, dead in the water, given up team with a bunch of backups on the OL and no McCoy or Jackson and put up 33 points in a losing effort. He completed 65% of his passes for 250 yards (7.4 ypa) and a touchdown with no turnovers. QB rating of 96.6.

    I’d say his situation is a little bit better this time around…

    I do like that this will not be his first Sunday night game and will not be his first game in that circus.

    • EaglePete

      Im kind of annoyed it was moved to Sun night. No Packers/Bears there because well, midwest vs east coast/Cowboys is a no brainer.

    • Broadcasting Wisdom

      Foles played great that game and Riley Cooper made one of the best catches I have ever seen in person. People laughed and ridiculed me when I referenced that game during the off-season to support the fact that Foles and Cooper would have great success if given the opportunity. Only thing more fun than being right is watching the Eagles win.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Really impressed with Michael Vick’s positive attitude and teammate support. Hoping he stays – he can be an awesome backup player for this team. Go Eags!

    • Brennan Hildebrandt

      I agree did you see that hand off last night it was magical and with one play it was taken to the house!!!!

  • Max Lightfoot

    I also liked how Chip kept the crushing pressure on the entire game. I think it def sent a message to the Cowboys. I hope we obliterate them. We really can’t take Romo lightly because although he’s a bit gimpy now, he’s having the season of his career. And Kyle Orton is a good backup. Go Iggles! Search and destroy!

  • Maggie

    Why is Chip Kelly not in the running for Coach of the Year? Look at the nearly-destroyed dregs that the Eagles were the last 2 years. Look at them now. It should be no contest.

    • EaglePete


    • Aussie Eagle

      With that logic you would have to give Andy Reid top honours, taking an even worse record to an even better record

      • cloisterwater

        Andy Reid was great here too when he inherited a great defense.
        Kelly should be in the running, as should Reid. Although I’d probably give it to Rivera or Arians.

      • docboy75

        Reid inherited a team with ( i think ) 8 pro bowlers…. and the first pick… what did Chip get? he had to do a whole make-over….Chip should be head and shoulder over the next runner-up for the Coach of the year award…

        • cloisterwater

          To be fair, Chip inherited some great players as well. Including at least 5 probowl calibre players this year.

          • cloisterwater

            I got a downvote for stating a fact? Good stuff.

          • Chris

            it’s Monday man. the downvote fairies are always out on Mondays

      • Maggie

        How did Todd Bowles do in that morass that the defense became under Andy? how is Todd Bowles doing this year with a different head coach?

        • pjcostello

          Todd’s doing very well as the DC in Arizona.

  • Tim_A_H

    Curry led the DL in snaps? Interesting swing there.