Three-And-Out: Eagles-Vikings Predictions

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson running against Chargers

Before we get to Tim and Sheil’s picks, here is the iTunes podcast link from Thursday night’s Birds 24/7 show on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Player I’ll be watching:

McManus: DeSean Jackson

The Vikings rank 30th in the NFL in pass yards allowed/game (282) and have yielded a league-high 29 touchdowns through the air. The Eagles’ passing attack has a chance to go off in this one.

Jackson is currently 10th among wide receivers in receiving yards (1,080). His 65 receptions are already a career high, and he needs just 77 yards to establish a personal best in that category.

The 27-year-old has played indoors seven times since 2010. He has gone over 100 yards in four of those games. This kind of fast track is perfect for his skill set.

Kapadia: Jason Peters

The Eagles’ left tackle has quietly put together an excellent season after missing all of 2012. He’ll get matched up against five-time Pro Bowler Jared Allen. Allen is 31, but he still has seven sacks and a pair of forced fumbles on the season.

The Vikings’ best chance of winning is to force turnovers defensively and make plays on special teams. The Eagles didn’t have to do much in terms of protecting the quarterback last week (given the snowy conditions), but Peters will have to keep Allen away from Nick Foles’ blind side on Sunday.

Prop bet of the week:

Minnesota turnovers — 2. Whaddya got?

McManus: I’ll try the over.

The Eagles have forced 12 turnovers over the course of their five-game win streak, an average of over two takeaways per game. They are currently sixth in the NFL with a plus-9 turnover margin. The Vikings have given the ball up 25 times, fifth-worst in the NFL.

Matt Cassel is expected to start at quarterback for the Vikings. He is 1-2 this season with seven touchdowns and four interceptions. With running backs Adrian Peterson (foot) and Toby Gerhart (hamstring) ailing, Minnesota may have to turn to third-stringer Matt Asiata, who has zero carries this year and only three lifetime.  It could be a rough day for the Vikings’ offense.

Kapadia: One thing that the Eagles have going for them is that the defense is filled with high-energy/high-effort players. Trent Cole, Connor Barwin, Cedric Thornton, DeMeco Ryans – those guys never take plays off, let alone entire games.

So I agree with you that the defense should have an edge against a banged-up, ineffective Vikings’ squad. But three takeaways in an environment where we know the weather is not going to be a major factor is a high number.

The Vikings’ offensive line is OK, and the Eagles might be playing with a hobbled Cary Williams (hamstring). So I’ll take the under.


McManus: Eagles 34, Vikings 17

Could this be a letdown situation? Sure. The Eagles are coming off a significant home win over Detroit, and have big games against Chicago and Dallas on the horizon. This one seems kinda sandwiched in-between, and a lot of fans are looking beyond this game towards bigger and better things.

There were no signs at the NovaCare this week indicating the team is doing the same. Chip Kelly has done a pretty good job of keeping the players focused on the day-to-day work. If they can get up for this game, the Eagles should win it pretty handily.

Kapadia: Eagles 27, Vikings 17

I thought it was very interesting that the day after LeSean McCoy set the franchise record in rushing yards, Kelly pointed out that the running back cut the wrong way on a fourth-quarter run that should have gone for 70 yards.

It was as if the head coach wanted to make one thing clear: We won a game in the snow. Great. Time to move on and get better.

This could be a letdown spot, but unless the Eagles just look like a complete disaster on special teams (which is possible), I see a double-digit win.

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  • Will

    Hall of Fame pic…Got to give Shady and his O-Line their props…Franchise rushing record for a single game of 217 yds. on 29 carries…Prediction Eagles 42-21 over Minnesota…I’ll take the over in the turnover battle…

    • OregonDucker

      Thank You McCoy! Thank You OL!! Thank You Chip! Thank You Eagles!

      • Clamdigger

        So are Oregon fans like unofficial Eagles fans now?

        • OregonDucker

          Many Oregon fans followed Chip here. We are no longer “unofficial” Eagles fans but all in. All of us are in for a ride to the SB.

          • GEAGLE

            I actually think you Oregon fans are awesome because you help balance out our Negadelphians traumatized heartbroken nature and have brought positive mojo to our Stockholm syndrom fanbase…
            Like Ducker, you only know me as this super positive eagles fan hahahahah….the past 14 years, I was NOTHING like this(except when we had TO and I used to walk around the street singing TO songs and stopping traffic to flap my eagles wings at cars lol)…before Chip Kelly, I would 100% be predicting a loss in a game like this and that’s SAD. We have been so heartbroken that we always expect the other show to drop when things go away…Chip, has transformed me..I. Watched the redskins and cardinals come back on us! and I swear I had NO DOUBT that we weren’t going to lose that game and the past 14 years I would have assumed we were in for an epic meltdown loss. thats the Ultimate testament to Chip….

            We,don’t beat ourselves,
            We adjust
            We don’t jam square pegs into round holes
            We no longer brag to the world about how great we are
            We COACH UP our Talent
            it’s an amazing transformation, ESPECIALLY so QUICKLY.

            I never really understood you guys all following this college coach…now I WOULDNT UNDERSTAND how you could have NOT followed him. I GET IT NOW Ducker!!!

            we are GOING to win a SB…I just see visions of Chip with his players who adore him celebrating on The SB field, and Chip making some witty speech at the SB trophy presentation. I can SEE IT..I don’t know when, but it’s coming!!! And it’s not like we have been the jaguars these past 14 years, we have been a pretty successful franchise, yet I NEVER really saw Andy and Donovan winning it all(without TO)…but I c n just smell the success with Chip in town…the emperor RAINMAKER, FEARLESS FOles,Chip,Davis,Shady and our OLINE will TAKE us to the promised land. When, is the question!!

          • Maggie

            Actually I can see Chip at the podium saying, “We won the Super Bowl, but, we didn’t have enough Pro-Bowlers!. We will try to do better next year. And, no, I DON’T know who our starting quarterback will be!”. Lol.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Welcome aboard! Good to have ya!
            Your knowledge of Chip and pre-eagles insight is great, no one else can bring those kind of points to here.

        • GEAGLE

          Have u been living under a rock?

        • IAteLunchToday

          I think we all respect Chip Kelly and are very grateful for everything he did for our program. I, personally, hope he does very well in Philadelphia and wins a Super Bowl. I wish we could have gotten a National Championship, but hopefully next year. I’m still a Seattle fan, though. I lived in Denver for a while so I’ve always liked the Broncos, too. My allegiances just aren’t as strong in professional football, especially with fantasy football.

          Teams I hope do well: Oregon Ducks, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Mariners, Colorado Avalanche, Portland Timbers, and now the Philadelphia Eagles

        • OregonEagle

          Unofficial? Was I supposed to register somewhere?

      • GEAGLE

        Ducker…if this Oline stays healthy, Shady will have a 300yard game under Chip….take that to the bank!

  • Tom W

    34-10 Birds. Desean has a big game receiving and on special teams as the Vikes over compensate for McCoy and the defense dominates. Cox has his best game of the year. brad Smith gets more involved.

    • Will

      Graham and Curry give Matt Castle fits all day long….5-7 sacks this game for Billy’s Philly D…Foles should be on Fire again with near perfect indoor conditions…

      • GEAGLE

        Oh yeah,mthe sacks are certainly coming!!!
        MR. December/January/Febuary, Cary CDub agent 26 Williams will have two INTs in these next 3 weeks, hamstrings be damned!

  • VA Eagles Fan

    I’ll take the under on those 17-point estimates for MN. And the over on MN turnovers. Go Birds!

  • cliff henny

    as bad as Vikes passing defense sounds (wouldnt this be a Reid’s dream game…for once after throwing it 50 times, he really would have seen something on tape), reading sbnation’s vikes blog, sounds like they hate lbrs. a ton of those yards are to backs on swings and screnes. also, think shady and crew are going to have field day once hitting 2nd level.

  • daveH

    SI JINX is very real. it scares me. its not fair. PRAYING it doesn’t get us – I HATe THAT SUCKY MAGazine !!!!!!!

    • OregonDucker

      The jinx holds for a national front page pic. The Foles pic is Northeast regional and does not fit the jinx criteria. We are safe but not complacent. Chip will have the Eagles machine running like a Ferrari.

      • daveH

        excellent insight!!! thank you for sure!

      • Joe from Easton

        I love that I feel like we haven’t seen their best yet. Chip will eventually just have a team full of robots doing his bidding on the field. I can’t wait.

    • Matt Broad

      If the SI Jinx was actually real, wouldn’t Kate Upton’s boobs have fallen off by now?

      • daveH

        NICE!!! prefect reasoning indeed!

      • Will

        LMAO…good one lol…

    • cliff henny

      dont believe in SI jinx…now, if foles ends up on Madden whatever, i’ll crap kittens, cause that one is

      • Marilyn Monbroe

        Megatron destroyed the madden curse

      • theycallmerob

        Only the powes of Jobu are real. Hopefully Foles respects that.

    • mrparabolic

      Worst secret message ever: SI JINX PRAYING I HAT THAT SUCKY MAG

    • Maggie

      It was only a regional cover. Not to worry.

  • Adam

    I smell a big breakout game for Ertz. He cracks 100 yards for the first time this year.

    • GEAGLE

      Maybe, but I wouldn’t go there this game….Vikings cornerbacks are so horrible, WR will be huge part of our gameplan…Doubt Ertz gets the opportunities he got against cardinals..I knew he was going to have a big day that day(started him in fantasy lol)

    • theycallmerob

      Kinda hope not…I’m praying Djax, coop, and shady carry me this week and next (ffl). Big $

  • Scott J

    I see the Eagles scoring over 30 points and the defense giving up under 17. I think the only way the Vikings score over 17 is in garbage time.

  • devCal

    help me out here, who should i start in my ppr league: riles cooper, anq boldin, or jul edelman. my other two wrs are djax, and larry fitz.

    • Tom

      Look at targets last 3 games … edelman catches more ballz and gronk is out but cooper more tds … tds are unpredictable so I would lean toward edelman bc he is safe for 5-7 catchest and 60-80 yds … not feeling bolden as much

    • GEAGLE

      Coop…Vikings cornerback has given up 3TDs the past two weeks and the other CB is a wide eyed rookie…Coop and Djax are gonna have HUGE daysridiculous

      • cliff henny

        believe the 3rd is shaun prater. sure kelly is figuring out a way to get d-jax/coop 1 v 1 deep on him

        • GEAGLE

          I’m talking about the starting CB, not the rookie, as the one who gave up 3tDs the past two weeks, but yeah Prater is also a pigeon…I mean, when we are talking about the team to give up the most TDs in the league thru the air, it’s probably faster to talk about the defenders we want to avoid, then all the ones we want to pick on :)…they don’t have ANY CB who we look at like “we have to move Coop and Desean away from him”. BOTH Desean and COOP THERE it IS, can go bananas on EVERY CB on the Vikings roster lol..

          Then again, this week it’s ISNT about our opponent. We don’t even need to spend time talking about the Vikings because this game is all about us….continue to execute, play hard and MOST importantly: if you don’t turn the ball over this week and you don’t give up SPecial team TDs, then WE CANT LOSE!!!

          Is a Lame duck Frazier coached team, really going to execute better and shoot themselves in the foot less than our Chip Kelly coached team? Coaching is so important in the NFL and I have a hard time envisioning Leslie Frazier being the one to out coach Kelly and cool his team off. we consistently win turnover and penalty margins against our opponents and we have executed as well as ANYONE

          As traumatized Negadelphians we fear the let down games..but Where Chip comes from, he is programmed to FEAST and VICTIMIZE inferior opposition. I have a feeling the people who expecting a let down are WRONG, and that THIS is the week, where we REALLY see this team take on the personality of it’s coach and use this as an opportunity to make a STATEMENT!…

          NO turnovers, NO giving up ST TDs and NO injuries…and Sunday will be another party fun day!!!

          • theycallmerob

            Both their starters may be out. Prater is their 3rd if so.

          • GEAGLE

            lol sounds like they need some sports science in their life :)

          • Richard Colton

            “COOP THERE IT IS” made me think of Joe Carter. So now I’m sad.


    The points we give up this week won’t have much to do with our defense..Vikings ain’t scoring more then 2TDs on our defense, and that’s a stretch in my eyes….Vikings ST scares me…ST is how teams lose these “let down” games, and our ST unit got killed last week, understandable circumstances…if our coverage units come out angry, looking to prove a point about last week, and none of our players have the stupid fumbles be have avoided all year. Then this becomes an easy game…this game can be very difficult, but it will only be as Hard as we LET IT be…keep up the intensity, execution and discaplin and this will look like Oregon vs. W ashington game

  • Beavis

    Shady runs wild, Vikings D tries to stop the run and Foles and Co. do their damage in the air. Greatest Show on Turf version 2.0.
    Vikings will be forced to rely on Matt Cassel to win this game.
    I like our chances.
    Birds 38-13

  • distantfires

    Matt Asiata? I have two words of warning for Eagles: James Starks.

    • Explorer51

      Two more words: James Mungro (114 yds and two TDs in his first start against the Eagles for Indy; entire career 430 yds, ten TDs).

  • MattF

    I’m hoping we see the whole package on offense at this point. Lots of shady, a few big throws over the top, some nice conversions from the TE’s, and a clean game (turnover wise, I don’t mind when our boys get a little fiesty). This is just the opponent to show how far the understanding of the offense has come, and what the whole package should look like. Defense is playing top notch, hoping to keep it going. Doesn’t seem like this is a D unit that is going to take a step back and fall off. They seem to be playing as a full defense, not one chopped up into “good d-line, bad secondary” or any of those labels that lots of teams get. Could still get some improvement on our back end, but I don’t think it’s as noticeable because they are playing well together. No ceiling for this team anymore, seems like they are going to go as far as the execution takes them. Special group.

  • Maggie

    I’m a bit sad this weekend. I used to sort of like the Vikings. I still remember Joe Kapp running right over a linebacker or two, and liked the Purple People Eaters. But that was yesterday. Go Eagles.

  • Travis Papa

    I don’t understand how everyone can sit here & say Maclin isn’t a fit for this scheme or that guy. Foles wasn’t a fit & neither was Cole or graham. Bring him back at what he’s making this yr to rehab for 1yr maybe 3mil. Try to resign cooper in 3yr 10mil 5 mil guaranteed. Get Byrd if they can if not Allen becomes bigger priority & I’d to see him get the same deal as cooper. Draft bpa all day long. It ain’t rocket science

  • Cyrus Robinson

    Eagles 42-9. I feel a huge blowout. I think we only give up field goals in this one. McCoy 2 rushing TDs, Ertz 1, and Cooper and DJax combine for 3 TDs of 30 yds+.
    I think the Lions game awoke something in the Eagles. I think they’ve solidified and hit a confidence level they haven’t had all year. They’re going to start steamrolling teams now.
    Foles goes for over 400 yards and McCoy hits 150.

    • Richard Colton

      how about some optimism?

      • Cyrus Robinson

        Just wait and see!!!! Is it optimism, or is it seeing a good match-up? *don’t answer that* lol