Foles, Eagles Prepping For the Dome

Nick Foles
From one extreme to another in a matter of seven days.

Nick Foles, fresh off his first snow game at any level, will now play his first NFL game indoors when the Eagles travel to Minnesota Sunday.

“Yeah, it will be a little different. Wind shouldn’t be a factor unless they have the AC blowing up,” Foles joked. “I’m just going to play football.”

The roof was open when the Eagles visited the Cowboys last season. That would have been his only other opportunity to play inside as a pro. Foles said he played several playoff games in the Alamo Dome in high school, and also played in the Alamo Bowl in college.

“The big thing with domes if you haven’t played in them before, it’s a sight to see,” he said. “Everything’s enclosed, they’re usually pretty awesome. I think the big thing is just really focusing in and keying on the football field and in your mind just realize it’s the same football game.”

Noise is the other obvious factor. It’s very difficult for visiting offenses to communicate verbally in dome games. The Eagles practice every day with the speakers blaring, and often communicate via hand signals in their no-huddle operation. That should come in handy in an environment like the one they’ll find themselves in Sunday.

“We’ve worked with sound since the first day of practice,” said Chip Kelly. 

Added Foles: “When you can have controlled chaos in a practice and get used to not being able to hear the guy next to you because the music is loud…dealing with that in practice, dealing with the signals, dealing with the silent huge. That’s why we have that at practice so when we do get in that environment, we have been practicing in that environment so it doesn’t catch us off guard.”

Foles has a ridiculous 146.9 quarterback rating in road games this season, having thrown 16 touchdowns with no interceptions while completing 71 percent of his passes. The Eagles are 5-1 on the road, so they’ve obviously handled themselves pretty well to this point.

“Communication is going to be a big deal,” said rookie tackle Lane Johnson. “Being on key with what the center says is going to be [important]. I think this is the noisiest place we’ve played so far.”

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  • Andy124

    Good warm up for tougher, more important dome games down the line.

    • mtn_green

      And last weeks game was good preparation for their last game in February.

    • GEAGLE

      Yeah. I thought the exact thing, it’s another test that can help to get under our belt although I wonder what their crowd will be like this time of year when they aren’t playing for anything…hopefully we get a big win and some experience that can help when we go to Seatle of NO..

      • Andy124

        Exactly. I like that the first taste will be not near as harsh as what we would encounter in NO or Sea. Dip a toe in the water before diving in to the deep end.

  • Rohan Patel
    • Andy124

      Nice find. We’ve come a long way since then.

      • Richard Colton

        shame there weren’t any comments

        • Andy124

          lol. I’m sure nobody had anything much to say about that at the time. Nope. No strong opinions at all.

          Would be pretty fun to read them if they had persisted.

          • Richard Colton

            how is it even possible we all let a Vick vs. Foles article go without comment?

          • Andy124

            Long day, can’t tell if serious.

            Just in case, and at risk of killing the lolz, the comments get deleted after a certain amount of time. Couple months I’m guessing.

          • Richard Colton

            Nope. Please do yourself a favor and check out some of the comments on this one. Some ALL TIME greats from Aub and Dutch


            Edit – and Geagle – he was 100% against any FOles trade.

          • Chris


            • 10 months ago

            The Fact that Foles can’t hit the Eagles No.1 receiver should disqualify him from being the starting Quarterback.


            This stuff is too good

          • BlindChow

            Lastly, I look forward to the hypocracy to come if we are offered the 34th pick in the draft and turn it down. I can see fans now griping about how we could’ve gotten a safety or corner but instead held on to Foles because he won one game on a bad team.

            –aub32, on why we need to trade Foles

            Foles, because he can’t hit the deep ball is not suited for DJax and Maclin, Foles may have potential, it’s just not in Philly that he’ll shine if he does well in the NFL, not as this team is presently constructed. His best pass is any pass under 8 yards off the line. He’s built to run a WCO, short dink and donks to the Backs and tight end in traffic. The in traffic, disqualifies Celek.



            Numbers can be manipulated to say so many things, but what does the eye test reveal about Foles? He clearly isn’t ready, and that’s okay because he wasn’t meant to be a second year starter in the league.



            The only way I’d trade Foles was if I was sure I could keep pick 4, and with the pick in exchange for Foles I’d be sure I would parlay that pickinto taking Geno Smith off the Board.


          • Richard Colton

            that last one’s pure Dutch. I wonder if the Jets would do Smith for Foles today?

          • BlindChow

            Aw man, here’s a good one:

            Foles isn’t a better QB now than Vick, but there is not a football team at any level willing to put a QB who runs a 40 in 5.6 in a position to run the keeper around end.

            Foles on a keeper is a sign of complete and unconditional surrender!


          • cliff henny

            AHHHH, Dutch is timeless like the classics. like reading Hamlet for a 4th time.

            The book on Foles is being written by Philly Sports writers and those local paid shrills on the radio who never played a down in the NFL. It’s utterly ridiculous to project Foles is worth more than a 4th or 5th round pick, given how he compares to the Quarterbacks drafted in his class before him.

            Foles has not proven much of anything other than he’s not yet ready. Foles can’t hit the long ball or the outs at this point. Given the Eagles talent at wr and tight end, his potential would be wasted. DJax is a deep ball receiver not a possession receiver, and Celek doesn’t have the talent to catch in traffic. Foles will do well hitting flares and screens in the WCO, but he’s not the Quarterback to hit receivers 15 to 20 yards down field.

            Foles showed this in the 7 games last year. It’s just not possible Foles has shown in his limited body of work the potential to draw anything better than a 4th or 5th round pick in the draft. Having said that I wouldn’t entertain any offers for Foles. I trust that Pat Shurmur could if needed devise a scheme with short routes suitable to get some mileage out of Foles in another year or two.

          • Richard Colton

            its an all time great. I wonder if Dutch gave up on football, the internet, or both.

          • Sven

            sorry to bring up the name again…it sounds like Brady’s NFL draft scouting report.
            What annoys me the most about the sports talking heads and (so called) fans is their rush to judgement. I remember how Chip Kelly responded to his impression of Vick and Foles on they 2012 performance. He said, I cant put it all on them coz I dont know what they were asked to do.

          • Andy124

            Amazing. I’ve seen a bunch of old threads with no comments. Assumed the comments had been deleted for whatever reason. No idea what to think now. Thanks for posting that link. Just amazing.

          • BlindChow

            I had assumed the comments were deleted when they switched to the new format…but I guess not?

          • theycallmerob

            Sheil and Tim have an override button, for articles like that. Those threads go in the Hall of Dutch

          • GEAGLE

            They go in my hall too :)

          • GEAGLE

            Mama ain’t raise no fool lol…smh at only 4 people up voting my post at the time…the last two sentences of my post should be pasted at the top of PhillyMag in bold!!

          • Steve

            I wonder if GEAGLE’s iPad is also auto-correcting “POSSABILITY”. He may want to consider turning that feature off.

  • Km19107

    He threw an interception on Sunday against Detroit.

    • cheapmeat

      that was a home game, Tim’s referencing road games

    • Maggie

      One interception in how many pass attempts?

      • Richard Colton

        some people. buzz kill

  • cheapmeat

    I hope this is the game that we get 4 quarters of domination. Oakland was close, but we still didn’t finish. I want Chip stomping on throats to finish games, like Sean Payton and Bill Belichick

    • GEAGLE

      Football isn’t a 60 minute picnic in the NFL so normally I don’t get carried away with ups and downs during a game! but because the nature of this letdown potential matchup, this is a time where I would really like to see them build killer instinct and not allow a weaker opponent to play to our level…If our ST does their job and doesn’t allow this game to get messy, we should get that “Oregon type of BCS stomping” we all crave

      • cheapmeat

        I just get a bad taste in my mouth when we don’t finish games. It’s an uncomfortable reminder of the Andy Reid Era…

  • Justin

    “The Eagles practice every day with the speakers blaring, and often
    communicate via hand signals in their no-huddle operation. That should
    come in handy in an environment like the one they’ll find themselves in

    And when we beat Seattle in the playoffs.

    • JofreyRice

      The guy is majorly detail-oriented. There were times when I was a little shaky on him–questioned his methods, etc–but it’s hard to imagine a better rookie campaign than the one Chip Kelly has put together. I never thought the Eagles would be in this position in 2013. If both he and Reid get their teams to the playoffs, I think you have to give the COTY to Chip. More with less.

      • Richard Colton

        a lot less. would love some of that defensive talent over here

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    Definitely getting the feeling that the 2013 Eagles are akin to the 2001 Patriots, and we all know how that turned out. The beginning of a dynasty behind a tall, slow, strong-armed, quick-decision maker, under-rated QB thrust into action in place of an established starter; a coach that just seems a step or two ahead of the other coaches in the league; 1-3 to open the season and then finishing 8-1 with a defense that did not give up more than 21 points to get to 11-5 (which is what we would get to with 3 more wins). The similarities don’t end there, because they shocked the Rams in the Super Bowl – the greatest show on turf – after losing to them earlier in the regular season. This is what will happen when Foles lines up against Manning, Welker, D. Thomas, and Decker in the Super Bowl this year.

    • Richard Colton

      can’t decide who’s crazier, you for writing this or me for agreeing with every word.

      • Joe from Easton

        I feel sick with hope. It’s great.

    • Eagle in VT

      Why not us? I’m in…

    • macadood

      slow please. have you ever seen Brady run a keeper on the read option?

    • Mr. Magee

      Agree with Richard… Much as I want to get carried away, I’m gonna try to stay as calm and measured as Nick Foles.

      Been to a game in Minnesota, btw…. Incredibly LOUD!! Key will be to get up on them early, and take crowd out of the game

    • Beastmode

      Wisdom, broadcasted, yo.

      Great analogy!!

  • HowboutdemIggles

    At this point I’d be excited to make the playoffs, disappointed if they miss, which I don’t think they will, and satisfied if they win at least one home game in the playoffs. Divisional win and NFC championship appearance would exceed my already exceeded expectations this season tenfold.

    • Justin

      Call me crazy, but I think our team would have the best chance at beating Seattle. The noise there shouldn’t affect our play calling due to it being done by hand signals and signs.

  • Folds

    Vick will play again this year