McCoy Delivers A Record-Setting Performance

LeSean McCoy
had just ripped off a nine-yard run on what proved to be his final carry of the night, and did a little Incredible Hulk flex as he sat in the snow. As he got up and exited the field, chants of  “Shady!” began to break out. They got so loud that some members of the offense began waving at the crowd, asking them to quiet down so they could execute the next play. The fans knew they had just witnessed something special.

It was a performance that left his teammates in awe.

“The cutting and everything, the jumping, that’s…I just was kind of watching it and going, ‘That’s the best running back in the league right there. It’s a good thing we’ve got him on our side,’ ” said Jason Kelce. “It was impressive to say the least because if I was to try one of those, I probably would have did the splits right around the 50-yard line.”

McCoy took over down the stretch and carried the Eagles to a 34-20 win over the Lions. He set a franchise record with 217 rushing yards — 148 of which came in the fourth quarter. The previous  record was set by Steve Van Buren (205 yards) back in 1949.

“He’s definitely a Hall-of-Famer, one of the best backs to play this game and obviously to play in Philadelphia,” said McCoy. “So it means a lot. Records are meant to be broken. It’s been standing for so long and if you want to break a record, why not his?”

Three snaps into the fourth quarter, McCoy broke off a 40-yard touchdown run . On the following possession, he got loose for a 57-yard score. A two-point conversion gave the Eagles their first lead of the game, and they pulled away from there thanks in part to an0ther long TD run — this one by Chris Polk. Suddenly, an offense that was stuck in neutral for almost the entire afternoon found its groove in a huge way.

There are a few different reasons for the turn of fortune. For one, the footing got a little bit better in the second half, according to the players. Evan Mathis was one of the players that put on longer cleats at halftime to help fight against the eight inches of snow on the ground. Lane Johnson actually forgot to bring his big-studded cleats to the facility, but adjusted his technique as the game went on.

“I found out you can’t fire off the ball because it gets real slippery. You have to kinda slow it up a little bit, then I’d come up second-level on the linebackers late,” said Johnson. “That allowed for linebackers to go across the formation to where the backside was really open for the run.”

Chip Kelly started dialing up more inside zone runs, and used a tight end to help keep the backside defender off the running backs. All that helped. The rest was McCoy.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect McCoy to have the biggest game of his life in conditions like this. He is known for his ability to cut on a dime. To start, stop, change direction, and start all over again. His agility was most definitely still on display Sunday, but the situation required him to be a little more of a north-south runner.

“People really don’t know, they see the moves that I make, but I actually like to run between the tackles. It gives me so much different leverage — do I go up the middle, bring it outside, reverse it — so I actually like to run between the tackles. You can see your holes,” said McCoy.

“I mean the guys up front just gave me opportunities one-on-one, blowing those guys off the ball. I think everybody is so intimidated and scared of their guys up front on Detroit, but I think the big guys on my team took a challenge and stepped up. The whole week all they talked about was running the ball and giving me different matchups, one-on-one.”

McCoy now has 1,305 yards rushing on the year. He needs only five yards to establish a new career high for rushing yards in a season, and with three games to play. Sunday was an historic afternoon in the midst of an historic campaign.

When Connor Barwin was talking about his unit’s outing, he said he didn’t want to label it as the defense’s best performance of the year, noting that these elements work in the defense’s favor. He was then reminded that McCoy was able to go off for a franchise high in rushing yards.

“Or not, I guess,” said Barwin.

“We see him do those  ridiculous cuts all season long, but to do it in that kind of weather? We all fell half a dozen times and we didn’t have the ball in our hand, we didn’t have anybody running at us, and we were just falling. For him to do that, to not fumble the ball once, I mean is really incredible, and what maybe won the game.”

No maybe about it.


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  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    Shady wins

    • Maggie

      However, give the entire Oline the game ball. Or maybe the coaches.

  • joethomas215

    That was some very impressive running by Shady. Very exciting game(late).

  • DirtyWaters

    Great job. So proud of the o-line, stable of backs, and coach for stickng with the run. What a game. Wish I saw a shot of Washburn after those runs.

    • IHD

      F Washburn. We have Stoutland.

      • Kushan Patel


        • IHD

          The D is playing well; Stoutland’s guys were the ones taking it to Washburn’s, however.

          • Johnny Domino

            So if the D line pitches a shutout, it’s an “Az-kicking”?

        • JReamer


  • Kevin

    Awesome, Awesome game. In Chip we Trust. In game adjustments. Sticking with the run game. For a while, I thought that was all illegal for a coach.
    Wondering if conditioning helped in the 4th Quarter too. Running is snow is tough and burns the legs quickly. The Eagles O and D looked so much quicker in the 4th quarter. If this keeps up, maybe the most off season recruited guy from Philly’s staff will be Hulls.

    • cliff henny

      good point. by end, Detriot looked absolutely gassed.

    • DirtyWaters

      Officially there is no record of Hulls ever existing. He is like the Area 51 of the coaching staff.

      • GEAGLE

        I wanted to build a statue for the guy but I can’t find out what he looks like…hopefully THAT dude is getting laid in philly

        • nicksaenz1

          Lurie probably just sends him girls since he’s practically non-stop monitoring the players. He has no time for the small talk. Jeffy sends’em over, Huls bends’em over, back to work.

        • DirtyWaters

          Actually, isn’t he the one on game day holding up the signs of Rocky, Bart Simpson or the Liberty Bell? That’s pretty cool that Chip gives him something to do on Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a non disclosure, non compete clause knowing how secretive they’ve kept all this.

      • G_WallyHunter

        They better stay away from him. Huls and his two assistants are the keys, Lurie better be giving them plenty of what they want and more.

  • Nikolai

    The eagles kept going when Detroit ran out of steam.

  • Johnny Domino

    Bear fan for life.
    This week, at least.

  • usmcnole



    I’m in awe of this coach and this team

  • JReamer

    Great win. I honestly believe this team can run the table. And if we get in…let me put it this way, I’d not wanna face this team in the first round coming off an eight game win streak.

  • nicksaenz1

    The pressers from Chip and LeSean were pretty funny. Foles’ was all team, as usual.

    • macadood

      what’d I miss?

  • Baloophi

    Lane Johnson forgot to bring his long cleats? What is this, Pop Warner? Who brought the orange slices this week?

    If nobody’s in charge of cleats maybe Smolenski can add that to his duties as president…

  • Steag209

    The best thing about his performance, and it’s not even close… He didn’t fumble. Not Once.

    • HowboutdemIggles

      How about the discipline with only one flag thrown.

      • HowboutdemIggles

        A false start by our best offensive lineman no less.

        • UncleCarm

          It looked like Mathis did not move until they came across the line to me. They didn’t show a replay.

  • cliff henny

    i’m ordering a party bus with half a dozen strippers for shady, anyone wanna go halvies with me?

    • DirtyWaters

      I would but I promised Kelce I would pick the red bugs out of his beard.

  • Shane Brown

    Unrelated to this post,
    This is the first time since Foles took over that i didnt hear Vicks name one time during the broadcast. I cant even remember the camera showing him at all.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    I’m just thrilled to death is all. Going in, I’d have been happy with 4 wins and signs of improvement, but this season has turned into something really stupid-cool.
    Oh…please don’t lump Donnie Football in with the rest of the ST’s play today. Again… he was monster. He could pop a wheelie on a unicycle… in the snow.

  • TNA

    What.A.Game. There were some incredible plays given the conditions. Most incredible? DET had 7 fumbles. Stafford alone had 5. And they lost 3.
    PHI had 1 fumble (Foles) and the Eagles recovered it. Maybe that half inch in hand size Foles has over Stafford made a difference.

  • HowboutdemIggles

    Philadelphia is growing up in my eyes in just 13 weeks. We pick up Chip Kelly after his change of heart, We bring back Vick, after an abysmal season prior. Coming into the season we talked about how perfect Vick would be in this offense. We start the season firing on all cylinders this is amazing, then the defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed, but the offense put up numbers that were amazing. They start struggling on offense, the defense is improving, Vick gets hurt, oh no what happens next? Foles shows what many thought were his true colors, then the next week no points on offense. Was this a mistake, later we come to Nick Foles’ game of his career, and the defense is stepping up, offense looks good, consistent games, throughout, defense is a beast, offense then can’t keep the lead safe can’t put games away It seemed as though one thing is good another bad. Then comes a game like today, tough conditions, offense is sputtering then, they put it together second half and win by two scores, it’s that time to where they are starting to click on all cylinders, and putting together the offense and defense at this time it’s nice, would be even better if they win out, greater if and perfect if they win a playoff game. It’s starting to feel like 2005 all over again.

    • knighn

      You mean 2004. 2005 was the worst Super Bowl letdown year in the history of Super Bowl letdowns.

      • HowboutdemIggles

        It was the 2004-2005 season, I was talking about the year that the actual game was played, I forgot that’s how they do the season.

  • MildEagsFan

    Birds – checking in here to say I was wrong about McCoy. Some/all of you may have noticed me defending Bryce Brown as a superior back earlier this week. Shady put those thoughts to bed this week with his performance in that snow. Although Brown likely would have tore up the Lions with the way the O-line played (see: Chris Polk) had he received 20+ carries, he certainly wouldn’t have matched the 200+ yard effort we got from McCoy. Hats off to LeSean, first of all.

    Secondly, Bradley Fletcher needs to be cut asap. Did you see him gunning it down the sideline after the blocked XP? Unacceptable to not be aware of such basic rules. How long has this guy been playing football for? And he still thinks the defense can score points in an extra point scenario? That is BRUTAL. That kind of stupidity/ignorance will permeate through the locker room if it isn’t ousted. I can’t imagine Chip will be playing him many snaps next week.

    • BlindChow

      Bradley Fletcher needs to be cut asap. … That kind of stupidity/ignorance will permeate through the locker room if it isn’t ousted.

      I was thinking the same thing. By next week five or six guys will think the defense can score points in an extra point scenario. By the week after maybe twelve guys. Then, before the end of the month, THE ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE RUNNING BACK BLOCKED FIELD GOALS!

      • nicksaenz1

        It’s the snowball effect… Release him. Today.

    • theycallmerob

      Wow, jumping from one absurd statement to another. Impressive.
      Next week- “guys, my bad about fletcher. See that INT? But damn, if Chip doesn’t fire that Desean Jackson guy soon…..”

    • Richard Colton

      OK – glad you admitted that you said something monumentally stupid – very few here do that. So now you know Shady is better than Gio Bernard and Zac Stacy. Don’t qualify it by saying Bryce Brown would have done the same thing.

    • HowboutdemIggles

      *slaps you. Wtf were you thinking?

    • HowboutdemIggles

      Fletch is 4 years removed from college where you can run back blocked XP. McNabb didn’t know you can tie in a football game, and it was his 10th year in the league.

  • Brian

    Brian • 5 days ago

    Answer the question this way: During the first drive of the Lions game, you have to replace either Foles or McCoy. For me, I’d replace McCoy.

    Glad this didn’t actually happen…