Arians: We Sent Tape To League Office

The Arizona Cardinals have sent tapes containing about 15 plays from Sunday’s game to the league office for review.

“There were obviously problems in the ballgame,” said head coach Bruce Arians. “There are protocol to follow. We followed the protocol. We sent the tapes into the league office. [Vice President of Officiating] Dean Blandino does a great  job as far as being honest on the calls, and we’ll follow up more…on what will be done and can be done later, but that’s all I’ll say about the officiating in that ballgame. The proper channels have been followed, and there were obviously very many problems.”

Arians noted that the Cards submitted about 15 plays for review.

“That’s pretty high,” he said. “I think that’s considered a problem.”

Among the plays submitted was the 4th-and-5 on the Cardinals’ last possession, where Bradley Fletcher broke up a pass intended for Michael Floyd. There was some contact before the ball got to Floyd but nothing was called. The Tyrann Mathieu defensive holding call that negated Nick Foles‘ interception is sure to be on the tape, as well as the holding call on Matt Shaughnessy in the game’s final moments that allowed the Eagles to run the clock out.

“As long as everybody owns up to it, you move on. It’s part of the game,” Arians said. “We’re here working our tails off this week, those guys are back at their other jobs.”

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  • Johnny_P

    Sore losers send tapes to the league office for review.

    • Jason A Hines

      True. I wonder if Arians sent the plays where his db’s were all over Eagles WRs. Those types of things go both ways, and I think the holding call at the end was legit.

    • GumboGumbo

      He’s just butthurt that they won’t be catching the 49ers for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

      • Gavin Duran

        If you just look at the holing call on Mathieu and the no call on the 4th down play you will see there is more contact on the no call. I can understand as an Eagles fan it may be hard to see that they barely squeaked out a win despite the Cardinals turning it over multiple times and the Eagles none, but the fact is the call were a little one sided. If they were consistent with the contact that was being allowed on the receivers then the interception would have been upheld and the Cardinals would have had it around the 40.

    • Coatesvillain

      I get this narrative, but I’m sure every team sends tapes to the league office. They just aren’t public about it. Arians came out with the old “complain about the refs without breaking the rules” approach.

      • hillbillybirdsfan

        It’s just gamesmanship to get a call somewhere down the line for him to announce this. I’m sure you’re right about every team sending a tape to the league each week.

      • Walter

        Actually, Arians normally does not. The calls on this game were flagrant and easily seen as bad and intentional. The referees sold out to someone in Philly, probably Obama’s pals. Obama is a crook too.

    • Avery Greene

      To be fair all teams do this, they just don’t tell the world as a sorry excuse for why they lost.

    • Walter

      When the referees have to make bad calls in order for their financiers favorite team to win, because the Cardinals outplayed the Eagles even with three turnovers, it is a sad day. Philadelphia is known for being crooked anyway.

  • Andy124

    Kelly should send 16 plays in for review.

  • Those calls had nothing to do with the interceptions and fumbles that the Cardinals commited.

    • Sonny

      Correct these are calls that affected the outcome of the game. Some of your fellow fans need to look closely at that punt return holding it was obvious and it prevented a player from making the play on Jackson.

      Face it your team was given an early Christmas gift not just by the officials.

      • Jobbydoohickey

        If not for the first 3 quarters of calls going the Cardinals way, none if it would have mattered anyway. Eagles outplayed the Cards every step of the way, and deserved the win that they earned.

      • Mike Calabrese

        Sonny how you feel about Santonio Holmes and Roethlisberger ending your super bowl dream. It was awesome! Love that drive!

      • GreenScabs

        Hey Sonny, explain to me how the punt return by Jackson for a TD affected the game in favor of the Eagles???!?? The penalty WAS called on us and the TD was negated, so explain again what we need to go back and look at???

        The refs were clearly letting the DB’s for both teams play physical, there were at least 4 PI’s that could have been called on the Cardinals (two on Cooper alone) that were not called. So to cry about it after the fact, and act as if the game was completely one-sided is very effeminate and lady like, which suits you and you head coach perfectly………

  • Drin

    Bruce Arians needs to shut up and prepare for next week. He got beat by a “college offense” LMAO

  • Media Mike

    Bruce Arians is a giant pussy. How about the BS call vs. Avant for a block in the back? The BS call on Coleman for holding that wiped out the DeSean TD? The 137 holding penalties that should have been called on guys mugging Fletcher Cox all day? Arians sucks.

    • Michael Jorden

      No no… the only bad calls were the ones he pointed out. The calls that cost the Eagles points were fouls and those were legit. AZ doesn’t commit fouls – the refs should know that and I’m sure the League will take immediate action and send Chip Kelly back to college where that SOB belongs!

      The fact that Bruce Arians has to sit when he pees has nothing to do with holding these refs accountable.

    • makarov123

      The “holding” call on Coleman was legitimate since he basically tackled the guy by his helmet.

    • Corey Dawson

      The call for Avant for the block in the black was legit. A bunch of people in 204 called it and were yelling at him before the flag came out.

  • DEBO 215

    Was the garbage holding call on the punt return TD by DeSean on there?
    Come on Bruce…first you call the Eagles offense “Ok for a college offense”…then you get beat…then you cry about it? Last year when you filled in for Chuck Pagano in Indi, you were the hero. This year you just come off as a blowhard…

    • Rugby Ralph.

      Actually, Arians statement about the offense wasn’t even directed at the Philidelphia offense. He was taliking about the Washinton Redskins and how the option read can lead to a QB like RGIII getting hurt. I’m fairly certain the Eagles themselves knew this and why it seems to be a bigger item for discussion on this page then in the Eagles own locker room.

  • cliff henny

    was an oddly ref’d game. when Eagles were up 24-7/14, seemed like every call was going AZ’s way. Refs kept them it it, doubt those plays were sent.

    • Shane

      You want them sent in have Chip kelly send them the fuck in.

      • Sonny

        Yeah definitely lol

      • devCal

        and then announce it to the nation??

        get a life shanye.

        • Shane

          Every coach “Announces it to the nation” when they send tapes in… Devchal

  • mtn_green

    Has anyone heard Kelly send in plays?

    • anon

      Even when officiating is terrible he never blames them and moves on — unclear whether that’s the strategy or he’s just forcing his players to make plays and not teaching them to b**** about refs / other things you can’t change.

    • Tyler Thierolf

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he does send in plays as that is the official channel for officiating concerns, however he obviously doesn’t feel the need to gloat about it in the media or use it as a way to be passive aggressive and make excuses for why his team lost…….to a college offense. LOL

  • andy hensley

    hey we got screwed in the championship game back in 08 against you guys, a no PI call to cost us the championship, this still wasnt a good enough payback

    • GEAGLE

      This isn’t payback,,we earned yesterday’s win…we led for 55minutes!!

      • Sonny

        Yes you guys did take advantage of mistakes that were made and you did have a couple of good drives.

  • PhillyDon

    Dam, I can think of at least that many calls that should of been call for the Birds including a few other interference’s and holdings on the O line. Quit your bitching and take the loss like a man and realize it was your turnovers and your non protection that got you beat, NOT the refs. Oh and when your D player grabs a jersey and pulls an eligible receiver backwards usually is called D holding

    • PhillyDon

      Somebody needs to run out and get Arian’s some cheese to go with all that wining while watching his films

  • Tyler Phillips

    What a crybaby franchise.

  • TNA

    Instead of taking the good with the bad, Arians is keeping the good and complaining about the bad.
    There were tons of potential penalties that weren’t called. When Cooper’s arm was being held and brought down on a potential catch, Cooper asked the ref about it, but didn’t go apesh#t. That was as blatant a situational non-call as there was.
    There was also a missed holding call stopping Kendricks from getting to Palmer on the TD pass to Fitzgerald. If the AZ o-linemen had not held Kendricks, Palmer would have been sacked or at least had his pass thrown off.

    But what’s the deal with Chung? There were at least 3 plays when Chung picked off his own guy – including the TD to Fitzgerald. This is becoming a recurring theme (he picked off Cole two weeks ago on the TD pass to the Redskins TE). He needs to watch where he’s going even if he’s looking to make the big hit.

    • GumboGumbo

      I noticed Chung doing that also. Friendly fire can be a real hazard! Is Wolff going to make it back onto the field by the end of the season/playoffs? I hope so!

      • TNA

        Just watched the game again and a few plays/players really stood out.
        Ertz and Cooper made some incredible leaping catches in the first half.
        It’s been talked about, but DeSean’s prevention of the interception in the endzone was really impressive given that Peterson is way taller than him and DeSean had to go over his back and get a hand on that ball. DeSean got knocked around a bit in this game, but he stayed with it like a well-conditioned warrior. That said, DeSean should take heed of his own advice to Shady and instead of dancing around on punt returns, just hit the holes.

        With the exception of a potentially blown coverage on the TD to the TE from the one-yard line (it looked like Allen was walled off while Kendrick got a late read on the TE releasing), Kendrick seemed to have a really good game and didn’t show rust. He made several solid defensive plays in rush and coverage and had some “blow up” tackles and defended passes. (DeMeco was solid as usual)

        Carmichael didn’t have a great game. He got picked on a bit at the end of the game. Not sure if there was an injury, but I wonder why he was playing so much at the end of the game.
        Chung needs to step his game up. He’s not half-bad in applying pressure on a blitz, but in coverage and in stopping the run, he always seems a step slow and then (as mentioned above) is a pretty terrible defender – you don’t get the sense that he’s playing with a lot upstairs. You always see him hovering over the pile of players at the end of plays, but never in on an actual tackle. I appreciate Chung playing hard and possibly hurt, but hope Wolff gets healthy quickly and provides more competition in the safety spot. Right now, the Eagles must be trying to hide Chung on defense.

        Congrats to Allen on his first pick. With the exception of the endzone pass that Boykin got his hands on in the 4Q, the Eagles took advantage of the INT opportunities that were there.
        The front DL played well. Thorton is a beast. On one play, he literally threw the RT to the ground with seemingly little effort on his way to the ball.
        Special teams was very very solid. If Carmichael had secured the ball on the punt that hit the AZ player on its way down, the game may have been put away right there. The kickoff returners did great in getting the offense up to the 30 yard line twice. When you catch yourself actively watching Eagles punts and expect to either watch a 70 yard punt or a pinning inside the 10, you know your team is on to something special.

        • BlindChow

          This was the second game (San Diego) where a missed fumble recovery on special teams kept the Eagles from putting a game away.

    • Turk502

      Glad someone else noticed the hold on Kendricks on the Fitzgerald TD. It was a blatant mugging, nobody mentioned it, it was on a 3rd and long, and directly resulted in a TD. And the Chung point is great too. Did you notice later in the game when Chung popped Cary Williams while Williams was tackling an Arizona wideout? Williams got up and started giving Chung the business, like, “what the hell are you doing? You’re bleeping killing us out here!”

  • outlove33

    God I am soooo happy we chose CHIPPER over this big PU**Y.No class and a sore loser!!!!!!

    • Sonny

      Don’t a dumb **** It was sent in for one reason so the league can get after the refs. Most philly fans are not this stupid.

      • outlove33

        Stupid hmm ok!!! I will let that slide because I am a diehard sports fan and just basing my opinion. Anyways refs screw things over all the time. It was penalties that were called on us that shouldn’t have been called but it’s sports. If we would have lost and Chip sent in the tape what would Card fans say. They would say (stop crying),(don’t be sore losers). Our CB Cary Williams even said Arians was a crybaby for this case. If you are a Cards fan Sonny sorry you lost suck it up and beat the Rams. We won case closed!!! The way you Card fans are believing this crazy case hype it serves you more you guys LOST…..

  • Cardinals got robbed

    I know I’m gonna down voted to hell for saying this cause I’m not an eagles fan. That was was extremely biased against the cardinals. You guys are complaining that the illegal block in the back isn’t legit but honestly how is it not? The guy pushed mathieu on his back and that’s the point of the penalty. Also if they were gonna call the penalty for mathieu on the peterson interception (which honestly they shouldn’t have) why did they not call it on when the eagles molested Floyd way worse than mathieu? Also how is it defensive holding when the linebacker is behind the lineman and has a free lane to the quarterback? Honestly I’m not one to blame the refs for the outcome of the game, but in this game i will. I am aware that if the right calls have been made, it’s no guarantee that the cardinals have won, but it gives a good chance.

    • Cardinals got robbed

      To all the grammar nazis that are going to bombard me with corrections, English is not my first language so I’m sorry, but I tried my best

      • Media Mike

        And football obviously isn’t your first sport. Your “analysis” of the calls in the game is amateurish and shows no understanding of the NFL rule book.

        • Cardinals got robbed

          It isn’t, but obviously posting on a Philadelphia website would lead to comments like yours

          • Media Mike

            No, it is. This would get you laughed off of the radio on the Sirius NFL station with actual football minds like Pat Kirwan, etc.

          • BlindChow

            Well, trolling on a Philadelphia website would lead to comments like that, at least.

          • Buge Halls

            The hold was obvious at the end – the TE (Casey) was the hot read and the LB grabbed his jersey and kept him from running the route as he (the LB) was running to get the sack. So your “analysis” that it was a “lineman” is incorrect and you obviously don’t understand what a holding penalty is. The hold can happen anywhere on the field – it’s BEFORE the pass.

            And if you’re claiming to be “unbiased”, change your screen name douche!

            Now run along back to AZ and cry on your boyfriend Brucie’s shoulder! And go kick a soccer ball around – maybe that’s the “football” you claim to understand so well.

    • GEAGLE

      What a Loser…I seriously hope you regulars don’t go trolling another teams site after a loss. I don’t know ghastly worse Arians crying or you looking for redemption on another cities blog,..I wouldn’t be caught dead on an Arizona blog lol

    • Josh Jordan

      What part of Arizona are you from friend?

      • Johnny Domino


    • Rick H

      If you are not one to complain then why did you write your comments. I can name four pass interference calls on Cooper alone by the Cardinals. I can name two on Jackson and two on Ertz. I can name almost every play the Cardinals were holding Fletcher Cox to keep him from Palmer. They held Celek multiple times. The call on Coleman on Jackson’s punt return for a touchdown was horrific. The Cardinals got a huge break on the pass that hit the ground while the receiver was still trying to control it. The fumble with your punt return team was inconclusive but you got the ball back anyway. SERIOUSLY WHAT GAME WERE YOU WATCHING???

    • Bob A

      You can’t hold the TE on your way to the QB, and if it looks to the ref like he’s the primary receiver ( you could tell by the way Foles rolled right and then decided to keep it when the guy grabbed Casey) they’ll flag it every time.

  • sprawl

    Well that’s it guys, the league has officially reversed the results of the game and awarded Arizona a 24-21 victory.

    At 8-4 Bruce Arians is on his way to winning Coach of the Year

    • Media Mike

      28-21 Eagles win if were fixing all calls because D-Jax’s TD would now count!!!!!!!!!!

      • cliff henny

        31-21…if casey’s hold isnt called, it’s still 3 pnts.

    • OregonDucker


  • cliff henny

    this was probably as much to distract AZ fans, since loss makes playoffs pretty sizable stretch w/ eagles holding tiebreaker. was really a huge game for AZ, figuring next 2 games are winnable, stl @Tenn then staring 2 loses w/ @sea an SF both will be playing for playoff seading. 9-7 wont get them in.

    • BlindChow

      This is what I thought, too. On Cardinals’ blogs, the unfavorable officiating was pretty much the only narrative being discussed.

      It could be this happens regularly; the only difference in this case might be the coach was actually asked about it.

      • cliff henny

        really not sure what game they watched. refs sucked from mid 3rd thru mid 4th against us, kept them in a game that should have been a walk-away, and in end, yeah, probably got a couple (casey was held-that’s an insane compalint, makes me take rest as sour-grapes) even-steven’d it. obviously i’m huge eagle fan, but i’d be shocked if any causal viewer watched that game and didnt think eagles we by far the better team.

    • OregonDucker

      I agree completely with your assessment. Wrong message to send the players though.

  • @PhilthyBird215

    This is funny. but it is his right, and I will respect that.
    with that said: the Eagles should have run away with this game. i can mention so many aspects of this game where the cards lost that dose not include the refs.

    -if they want to complain about the the call that negated the pick by Peterson,
    then they probably should mention the block in the back call that negated Desean’s touchdown punt return, in which the flag flew as Desean was crossing the 20 yard line of the Cardinals.
    – if they want to complain about the holding call that on james Casy. then, its only right to mention the no interference call on the trow to Cooper along the left side line.

    i don’t want to rub things in, but maybe Mr Arians is a bit upset because this collage offense showed up his stout and i do mean stout NFL defense.

  • bentheimmigrant

    Waaaaaah. Waaah waah wah, waah wah waaah wah wah wah wah. Waaaah waah WAAAAAH wah waaah. Waah.

  • Kevin

    Any word on if the tapes were from Sundays game or were they from a college game?….

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    Somebody better call the Waaaaaaahhhh-bulence.

  • Adam

    G-Code, baby. Snitches get stitches.

    • Sonny

      I can’t wait til we meet again lol it will be a blood bath.

      • devCal

        seahawks will destroy you before you even get the chance for a rematch.

        • Avery Greene

          Not really – they have the #1 and most likely we’ll have the #3 (if we make the playoffs). There’s no way they can be a lowest seed before the NFC Championship game.

          • devCal

            i was talking regular season matchup, they both still play each other.

          • Avery Greene

            Not this year, we go detroit/chicago/minnesota/dallas to end the season – so maybe I missed something else. I think we have them two years from now though. Unless you meant against Arizona, and I apologize since I didn’t get that connection in this thread.

  • Tara G.

    If they would have played better, the calls would have been a non-factor. Quit your crying.

  • morgan c

    You lost. Our college offense led to 3 TDs and 0 TOs. You are a pretender team and nowhere near as good as the hype you’ve been getting would indicate. #oldschoolstubborncrumudgeon


    Hahahaahahahahahaha I LOVE this!!! Made my day!!!


    If our coach EVER does this, and sends this type of a pussy message to our team, I want him FIRED on the spot…football is a BATTLE!! You overcome ALL Obstacles

  • Kristopher Cebula

    I think that Chip should find SIXTEEN questionable plays that went the cardinals way and send THAT to the league office. just for spite

    • Kristopher Cebula

      ha. someone beat me to it

  • Bird of Prey

    I used to like Ariens, now he’s coming off like a d_ck. Calls go both ways, stop complaining about it and move on. He’s got a ring solely on the worst officiated Super Bowl in recent history. 15 plays? That’s pathetic, he’s really looking like a dope on this.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Ya, maybe he should also send the Holmes catch in to league office, where his left toe never touched the turf… Oh ya, that catch won them the ring
      pfffttt… get outta here Arians, go take your hack of a quarterback and get outta here

  • G_WallyHunter

    off topic, but has anyone else noticed that on every other sports site it seems they are saying “Chip Kelly commits to Foles long term”??
    Are they that dumb? They can’t even go and watch the full press conference to get the context?

    This baffles me, these professionals, jeeze. I love how Chip has been screwing with their minds all year, throwing them curveballs and they have no idea how to handle them, so they fail.

    • Bob A

      On those other sites,they’re probably debating whether Nick deserves the whole 1000 years or just 500.

  • Andy

    Sending in plays is okay for a college coach, but come on, Arians, this is the NFL!

  • Southwest

    What’s the point of sending in tapes? Surely, all they can do is say, yep, we screwed up on a few plays. That happens in every game doesn’t it. Please excuse me if I appear ignorant but I am a fairly rare beast in that I am from the UK (so by definition not an NFL expert) and an Eagles fan. Been following from afar since 1984.

    • BlindChow

      The idea is to alert the league that certain officiating crews might be missing calls (or calling penalties incorrectly); the league will then inform the crews to tighten (or loosen) up their judgement on similar instances in the future.

      • WJS

        As well as to provide educational feedback to the coaches and players why a certain call wasn’t a penalty, or why it was a penalty. The system/protocol exists for a reason, and that is more than just to complain. It serves a purpose to improve officiating and to educate the coaches/players.

  • Rick H

    I believe the black blinder sunglasses Arians wore are a great college pair of sunglasses. They made him watch the Eagles offense score with college dismay. His post game review and comments were that of a ill tempered high school coach. I also think his logic and objectivity is that of a intramural grade school volunteer coach.
    I do believe Coach Kelly should send his 25 plus missed calls into the league as well just so Arians knows what the game really looked like without the blinders on. If the Eagles ran 40 pass plays at least 20 could have been called defensive pass interference/holding/illegal contact but that would be a sore loser mentality. I went to college and there they teach you to grow up!

  • BobA

    Did he send the DJax return that got called back? How about the Cards fumble after they initially recovered and advanced the muffed punt that the ref said wasn’t a fumble and gave it to the Cards? How about the Roberts non catch? How about the McCoy 30 yard run that was called back when Avant barely touched the guy? How about the obvious PI they should have called on a pass intended for Avant. He’s lucky they weren’t down 45-21 when they didn’t get those calls at the end of the game.

  • Josh Jordan

    A losers mentality, “We have petitioned the league and submitted video evidence why we lost the game”
    A winners mentality, “this is a one week proposition, I am focused strictly on Detroit!”

    Who do you think is leading thier team in the right direction?

  • Bob A

    Jeff Fisher is totally on board with Arians spending time on this ,since the Rams are their next opponent.

  • Matt

    Maybe he should send them into the NCAA instead of the nfl?!

  • NineseveN

    What a giant sissy. There was a lot let go for both sides (at least on the outside), the refs let the guys play and tried to call the obvious stuff (with a handful of garbage calls against both sides). Doesn’t matter, we won. Time to move on, no reason to cry about it.

  • Crimzin

    I wonder if Arians sent in the tape of his team being down 24-7 before most of these calls in question, or the tape of his team’s 3 turnovers, or the tape of his DBs all over the Eagles wide receivers. Sack up, Bruce. You lost, and you were made to look like a fool because you made foolish comments before the game. And everybody knows that sending tapes to the league office is something every team does. They just don’t make a point of announcing it publicly. Arians is just a sore loser and this is his way of whining about the refs without getting fined.

  • djack10

    Hey Bruce, the NFL called. They said you whine like a college coach.

  • Ryan

    Good move Bruce terrible officiating all around the league needs to be cleaned up.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    how bout that TE post for a TD in the first quarter. was that one sent to the league office? or how about the TE drag for a TD to Celek. or the other TD and conversions the team made. how bout Cole with his strip sack. was that one included too. face it Arians. you got your ass beat

  • Explorer51

    I’m sure various folks have said this here but it is league protocol to send in calls that you consider questionable; I remember Andy Reid doing this on occasion over the years. The objectionable thing for me is to give a number (15!) and then editorialize about it. One can presume that since he is requesting fairness, those fifteen examples include ones wrongly called on the Eagles and/or uncalled on the Cardinals? And unlike the late call on DJax’s TD that was negated, none of those fifteen had a direct impact on a scoring play. Bruce, listen to John Lennon: “Kharma’s gonna get you…”

    • Bob A

      ..and we all shine on….like the moon,and the stars, and the sun.

  • cards fan

    Why are Philly fans getting all worked over this calling Bruce a pussy. This game was obviously poorly called and I see nothing wrong with filing tapes. I’m sure the league officials will look at plays from both sides of the ball. It’s about time they start fining officials for a certain number of bad/missed calls. Arians is a playersAll he wants is a fair game decided by the players.

  • Addison

    the Matt Shaughnessy call was entirely legit. He was trying to watch Foles and hold on to Casey to prevent him from getting a quick break in the flat so that he didn’t get the first. He held him so he would have time to react and go with him when he broke away.

    • Coach K

      Wrong. Casey was blocking on the line and Shaughnessy engaged him as any D-end would. It’s not holding when you are being blocked. D-ends are taught to control the endge nd keep their outside arm free. that is what he did. Bad call because it was on the line of scrimmage.

  • cloisterwater

    The only call I found to be terrible was the defensive holding on Mathieu. When you tug a guy’s jersey that blatantly, not allowing him to break off into the flat to become a receiver, it has to get called. Besides that, the officials pretty much let the dbacks get away with a lot of grabbing.

  • UKEagle99

    Goodell fines Arians $15k for sending in a tape of himself mooning the League Office. The fine is later retracted once Arians proves it was his actual face in the video.

  • CardsNigga

    Fuck them Eagles yall aint shit with yo cheatin ass. Yall Garbage like yo division. Mock my words yall Eagles and Eagles fans aint never going to b Shit. That is all Carry yall lame ass on. O yea Foles aint shit either yull find out

    • Avery Greene

      “Mock my words…” – okay. You’re grammar is crappy and even for ebonics you are not following the right rules. The Eagles didn’t cheat, they had a couple calls go their way. On the converse, the Cardinals also had a couple calls go their way. Foles has a better TD to INT ratio than anyone in the league and has done it against a couple good defenses. I’d recommend some English classes to help with your writing.

  • BigRed

    Cardinals fan here! Now I won’t complain about the refs and how they cost us the game cause in all honesty they didn’t. We can’t expect to win games when we have 3 turnovers.. We made a late push but it just wasn’t enough. However the inconsistency in the officiating frustrated me. Like when our interception was called back for a holding, why wasn’t there a flag on our last play to Floyd? What’s done is done and to be honest I’m disappointed because that game was huge for us in sense of making the playoffs..

  • Ebenezer Skrews

    Listen up douches the calls were bogus and you know it does it change anything no just let the dude vent that doesn’t make him a pussy the only “cry babies” I see are the ones crying about what Arians has said ….wah!

  • HowboutdemIggles

    Take a damn loss and quit bitching, they’re lucky that Punt return was called back, or we wouldn’t worry about the score.

  • Steve Schneider

    Too bad the Cardinals aren’t still in the pathetic NFC East. They would be in a first place tie with the Beagles and the Cowgirls. If the Beagles were in the tough NFC West, they would be in the Cardinals shoes at the moment. Typical ‘Filthydelphia’ fans. You would have been moaning and groaning about the blown calls if things were reversed in typical Filthy style.

  • Coach K

    It was too obvious the refs screwed the Cards especially in the 4th quarter in a very close game. You don’t make those highly questionable calls in a close ballgame. Arian’s had no choice. The bad flags were simply too obvious.

  • art

    arians fucked up with this shit..i’m a cards fan..every team gets good calls and bad calls all the time..none of them mind it going their way even when they know it shouldn’’s just the way the game is played…get over it…besides if those two interceptions palmer threw were catches we would of won this game..eagles just aren’t a good as us right now.( their qb is better…way better
    )…just sayin

  • Rev. Royce Beasley

    Perhaps all of you who have posted negative comments before this one, should re read the article again, this coach intentions were and I will quote my self, that he wanted to notify the league of mistakes that happened during this game, did you read about him crying !!! NOPE !!! they followed normal protocol. This year I have seen more missed calls in numerous games than in years past. Like one post stated all teams do this, remember this one,,, money is the root of all evil my fellow Americans

  • Jordan Bradley

    I’m a Cardinals fan, not the butt hurt “refs 42 – cards 21” kind of fan.. I’m glad to see we made it as far as we have tbh…

    But I downloaded a copy of the game since I had to work it.. While I was listening to the radio at work it sounded like 1 bad call for philly and about 3 bad call/ no call for us.. I thought it was BS before that people were trippin on, what I thought was “nonexistent” calls.. I honestly thought the commentators were BS’ing… but after I downloaded the game and watched the last Drive I did see MAJOR holding on 2nd and 5Th and 4th and 5th.. no talking like 5 yard bump and run shit, I’m talkin straight m. floyd got held and molested, yet no call… Not saying philly didn’t have a bs call on them either.. although I cant remember what it was.. ALL I do know is that 1 BS call obviously beats 4 BS calls/no-calls… BUT before anyone Eagles crazy starts trippin I would like to say that ya’ll played AMAZING football. even though it was a close game, decided by a couple of plays, ya’ll held in for the win, and that you should be proud of.. We had chances to light ya’ll up.. And I say chances because if our O-Line Held up Carson would have made some unbelievably crazy throws into tight coverage for amazing pass plays.. But your d-line really outdid itself and your secondary played well off the energy of the of the front seven so I’ll give you that.. Though I thought this game was going to be close from the get go, I honestly thought the cards would win, its a tough loss and I think officiating should go through some scrutiny.. Though I feel this way I don’t blame the refs for our loss.. there were a couple “big plays” that we could have had but that eagles defense really made us feel pressure, cause turnovers and all that good stuff…

    now I do admit if the refs called obv penalties against the eagles on that last offensive drive, I feel we could have tied the game up… I also thought the call on T. Matthieu was a legit, yet akwardly called flag.. but if they called that flag, why not call those on the last drive on the eagles d?… shit happens.. we just got to move on, make our oline better. and really put in 100% and we’ll definitely make the NFC championship next year… unless BA and team make some kind of cinderella story and do it this year… which is unlikely… BUT you never know… good game for the eagles but I think you got away with far too much and I think that if you end up having to replay that game due to bad calls, I think you will get a real feel for how we do things offensively when we’re not held or PI’d etc etc..

    until then, good rough physical game on both sides, I wish the best to both teams. :)