What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Coach of the Year buzz for Chip Kelly and a lot of writers picking the Cardinals to beat the Eagles. Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com is looking forward to Sunday’s matchup:

I love the Arizona-Philadelphia game. It’s a matchup of a classic, traditional offensive coach, Bruce Arians, with a deep-ball-throwing quarterback, Carson Palmer, against a new-wave offensive coach, Chip Kelly, who like to play fast and has a smart quarterback, Nick Foles, to run his offense the way he wants.

Peter Schrager of FoxSports.com goes with the Cardinals, 31-26:

Because it’s important to mention and you really care, I’ve been picking the Cardinals every week since their Thursday night loss to the Seahawks and they haven’t dropped one since. I know they’re traveling across the country. I know they’re playing a team coming off its bye. I know the kickoff will be at 10 a.m. local time for the Cardinals players. And I know the Eagles look like the team we thought we were going to see after their Week 1 smashing of the Redskins. But guess what? I don’t care! The Cardinals defense will keep former University of Arizona star Nick Foles in check and a rejuvenated Carson Palmer will throw all over the Eagles D.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com goes with Arizona, 26-24:

Nick Foles’ interception streak comes to an end. If there is one contest on the Week 13 slate that could go either way, it’s Cardinals at Eagles at the Linc. Who wins likely will be determined by which quarterback makes the big turnover. Foles has been nearly flawless, at least when it comes to ball security. Facing an Arizona defense that has 15 interceptions (tied for third in the NFL) will pose a challenge to the second-year pro. Carson Palmer has been almost error-free over the last two games, and if you broaden that out to four games, his numbers read very well: eight touchdowns with two interceptions and a passer rating well north of 100. This is a game that Chip Kelly might want to go up-tempo, because LeSean McCoy will have trouble against a rested Arizona front that’s allowed the fewest rushing yards in the NFC (81.3 yards per game).

ESPN.com’s John Clayton previews the matchup:

Chip Kelly has the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense on track possibly to win the NFC East. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has Carson Palmer clicking at quarterback and Michael Floyd developing at wide receiver. Sunday’s meeting in Philadelphia could actually be a playoff preview. Of the two, the Cardinals might be the hotter team. Their defense isn’t getting enough credit for how good it is. Defenders fly to the football as fast as any team in the league. The defense has star power, and the schemes are creative. But the big story has been Palmer. Over the past three games, he has been almost unstoppable. He’s completed better than 70 percent of his passes over the past two games and has averaged two touchdowns a game over the past three. The key for him has been cutting down on his interceptions.

Andy Benoit of TheMMQB.com previews the game:

Everyone talks about Chip Kelly’s creative offense. What about Bruce Arians’ scheme? Philosophically, Arians’ system has the same objective as Kelly’s: to create favorable one-on-one matchups for receivers in open space. The difference is how they go about it. Kelly uses spread formations and short drop-backs, attacking defenses horizontally. Arians uses tight formations and longer drops, attacking vertically. Both are big on pre-snap motion, diverse personnel location and intertwined route combinations. And both have had fine results with their respective systems.

Chris Burke of SI.com thinks the winning coach of this game could generate some Coach of the Year buzz:

Which team needs this one more? Hard to say. The Eagles can join Dallas atop the NFC East with a win; Arizona, at 7-4, sits just outside the wild-card race on account of a tiebreaker with San Francisco. There is the possibility that this is an opening-round playoff preview, since Philadelphia would be the 3- or 4-seed if it were to win the division crown and Arizona almost certainly will not wrestle the NFC West from Seattle.

Oh, and one more topic to chew on: Does the winning team here give its coach the inside track for Coach of the Year?

Burke names eight teams that should be better in 2014. The Eagles make his list:

The Eagles are neck and neck with the Cowboys in the NFC East, so they won’t exactly be starting from scratch in 2014. But if college football has taught us anything, it is that offenses typically need a year or two to transition into a scheme like the one Chip Kelly brought to the City of Brotherly Love (even though Kelly’s O is an animal unto itself).

Philadelphia also would be wise to re-sign Jeremy Maclin, who has spent his contract year on injured reserve. Plop him back into the lineup alongside DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and an emerging Nick Foles, and Kelly’s attack would have a shot to elevate again.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com goes with the Cardinals, 27-23:

The Cardinals are 7-4 and in the thick of the wild-card race. The Eagles are tied for the division lead. How big is this game? Who thought it would be? Carson Palmer has been hot lately, but the Eagles defense is improving. Nick Foles has played well, but will face a good Arizona defense. I think the veteran quarterback will be the one who gets it done here. Upset special.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk goes with Arizona, 27-20:

Former Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles comes home with a much better defense, and one of the hottest teams in the league. Chip Kelly never saw an Arizona team like this when he was at Oregon.

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  • Eagle in VT

    Win or lose this week, I’m still calling this season a win. I think we’ve seen what we need from Chip to know that he’s the real deal, and Foles has shown that he’s got great potential. We knew our defense was a mess but we have made unexpected leaps there. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a big win Sunday and actually like that we are the underdog going in; I believe we can pull out another win at home. But either way, I’m thrilled with the potential of the coming seasons!!

    Fly Eagles fly!!!

    • GEAGLE

      Absolutely…right now we are basically playing with the houses money…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get greedy and try to take down the house!!!

      Today I don’t have any SB hopes..but if you sneak into the playoffs with a hot and healthy team we have seen that anything can happen especially when we are watching a solid but new and young team who can’t possibly be operating at more than 70% of it’s potential this soon in the process. the team has been improving week in and week out for about thy past month and a half. Who is to say how good we look after 5 more weeks of improvement if we continue to stay healthy

      • Eagle in VT

        Absolutely! Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see us make a run up to and into the playoffs. And I believe we can. I’m just saying that if you told me in August that we’d have 6+ wins on the season, have clear evidence that Chip’s offense DOES work in the NFL, that Foles is showing HUGE promise, that his sports science seems to pay dividends and that our defense would make huge strides, I would have been thrilled with that progress and called it a successful season.
        Perhaps it’s the recent Thanksgiving meal and time with family, but I just wanted to share how thankful I am for the strides we’ve made and my resulting optimism for our future.

        • GEAGLE

          Dude, I feel exactly the same!! If you are a realistic person with any common sense and you look at where we were 365 days ago, it’s virtually impossible NOT to be THRILLED with the first year of this new era!! Win this game and our coach will be in the coach of the year conversation…not bad for a inexperienced, GIMICKY, spurrier, college coach and a terrible GM in Howie….

        • OregonDucker

          Thank you Eagle in VT!!

      • OregonDucker

        I agree GEagle that we are about 70% of potential. Yet, I also feel the players now BELIEVE in themselves and the coaching. For the DL, hitting the sleds EVERY practice is making them tough as nails. Even the secondary has learned a thing or two about tackling and coverage – I’m looking at you Nate.

        For me, this is clearly a Chip Kelly team. It’s got a Chip on its shoulder and the team knows it can win every game. This was not the case early in the season but it is now. What a turnaround!

        • GEAGLE

          SOOO agree. I would love to know from our returning players how much more they are hitting the sled and working on tackling this year than they were under the previous regime

  • Justin

    I like how everybody talks up Arizona’s defense as if Foles hasn’t dissected two top 10 defenses already.

    • GEAGLE

      But “they all fell down” lol

  • theycallmerob

    But the big story has been Palmer. Over the past three games, he has been almost unstoppable.

    Really Clayton? all that love for Palmer, yet the Player of the Month with his jersey in the hall of fame who just put up the best stats in a month in the history of the nfl? he’s not “almost unstoppable”?
    these guys are ridiculous.

    • Eagle in VT

      They are, but I kinda like the fire it lights under our asses when the are stingy with the respect…I’d certainly prefer that to any ‘dream team’ talk.

      We the fans know the score, and that’s what matters.

      • GEAGLE

        I absolutely love when no one picks us to win the game, unless we are playing Peyton..

        I think it’s a disgrace for a veteran QB to only have 1 more TD than INTs when he is throwing to Monsters like Fitz n Floyd. Carson has played in 5 more games than Nick and has 15 more INTs. Cossel was jus talking about how shocked he is to see the pressure that Oline gives up even when defenses are only I rushing 3…Cox abused and out classed Trent Williams and the cardinals have no one close to as good as Trent…if we get pressure on Carson, he will throw up some balls that give us a chance to make a big play and I like our boys chances of capitalizing on it…Cardinals have a really good Dline! but we have stonewalled some really really good players like Lamarr Houston, Gerald McCoy, Orakpo

        We can win this game, but it’s going to require us playing some hungry, inspired but clean football and take that next step as a united team. Don’t shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers, and play your most physicals Game to date….All 3 phases of the game must show up on Sunday This is Such an important game…I, ready for Kickoff

        • cliff henny

          i was ready for kickoff after Arians stupid ass comments.

          • GEAGLE

            Same!! As soon as I read that, it was time for WAR…hopefully our offensive and defensive lines feel the same. If FOles gets time, and Carson doesn’t! we can put a Kensington Curb stomping on ANOTHER top defense. Wonder what people will say if Top rated cardinal defenders magically fall while FOles shreds them!!

            Nick wasn’t intimidated be Revis, so if Patterson thinks he will show up and his name will keep him from being tested then he is in for a rude awakening…all it takes is one play for Desean to do some serious damage!

          • cliff henny

            say the same thing as TB GB Oak, were over-rated defenses. then go overboard in discrediting Palmer, who is fine, but they’ll make him out to be be worse than jamarcus russell. it’s fool proof plan

          • GEAGLE

            Sounds about right…smh

        • G_WallyHunter

          lmao “5 more games, 15 more INTs” all that needs to be said

          • Finlay Jones

            5 more games and the same number of touchdowns

        • Always Hopeful

          Ha, ha, ha two down votes…no love for GE? Really y’all? Keep bringing the crazy hyperbolic perspective and insight GE. I don’t always agree with you but I appreciate your consistency as a fan.

          You don’t need no pep talk. Something tells me you will always do what do regardless. Let’s go Eagles!

    • bsn

      The thing that really bothers me about that is who has Plamer played? Falcons, Texans, Jaguars and Colts – not exactly a list of defensive minded teams. He’s been hot against a bunch of nobodys.

      • theycallmerob

        it’s infuriating how so many of these guys see those games and immediately jump to Palmer has rejuvenated his game and playing at his old pro-bowl form.
        Sheesh, look at Harrison, talking about how the game will come down to a big turnover:
        Carson Palmer has been almost error-free over the last two games, and if you broaden that out to four games, his numbers read very well: eight touchdowns with two interceptions and a passer rating well north of 100.

        How about we broaden a little further, Elliott? say, the entire season? 15 ints, and 5 fumbles, 83.0rtg? and yet Foles (16/0/1/128) is more likely to create a turnover? where’s your defense for that innane logic? is this too many questions? will batman survive?? tune in next week???

        • G_WallyHunter

          It’s pretty damn ridiculous, it’s like they’re all completely biased against Eagles, or they’re just stupid. “Let’s talk about how good Palmer’s been against all these crap teams”

        • bsn

          I love this comment. Not only does it coincide with what I’m saying and further the point, the “will Batman survive” bit is hilarious!

      • GEAGLE

        Yet our inexperienced kid who only played 11 games in this league DESTROYED defenses like the Bucs,Raiders,packers and skins, WAY MORE than Carson has done to those bad defenses and Carson has the more dangerous WRs…yet Carson is the QB that people are praising going into this game? MADNESS!!! Keep disrespecting the rainmaker, it makes it that much more sweet when he shreds defenses!!

        • jshort

          rainmaker only gets credit for being lucky.

      • Um…that argument works for us as well. We haven’t played anyone with a winning record and an Aaron Rodgerless Green Bay. Another reason why this game is so interesting.

  • theycallmerob

    On an unrelated note, anyone else see Fales and Carr duke it out last night? Both guys looked like NFL prospects.
    Kind of excited for the late round pick of Fales. Really screw with jersey sales

    • cliff henny

      both looked great, might helped if defenses werent playing 11 v 7. fales was dropping faster than hundley prior to that game, see if that helps his stock. if he’s still available with extra 5th pick, have to jump all over him.

    • GEAGLE

      That first half was just insane

  • G_WallyHunter

    I find with these idiots it usually goes the other way. I remember reading “What they’re saying” before the Dallas game and every one said Philly by at least a TD. In other words, keep picking the Cardinals idiots!

    • GEAGLE

      Exactly..same with the national pre game shows…when all the “experts” pick a team to win, it usually loses…hope everyone picks the cardinals..
      we have played 5 games so far against HATED rivals who make my blood boil, yet Arians and these national DOPES have me so aggrivated that this is the most jacked up I have been for a game all year. I really want to see Chip n FOles productions STOMP these warm weather pansies!!

      • cliff henny

        have a west coast team coming east, playing at 1pm, home team off of a bye on holiday weekend (idc if these guys are professionals, everyone gets distracted…love to see if home teams have a spiked winning percentage this weekend, i would think they do), neither team has elite qb, healthy and playing well…only reason eagles are not overwhelming favorite can only be bias. if philly was playing in AZ with them coming off bye, i’d be chalking up L.

        • GEAGLE

          Good stuff…it’s getting really hard to not think it’s about be
          Ing biased…FOles had the worst game imaginable and didn’t throw a single INT, yet all I read is Love for a veteran QB with 15 INTs playing with one of the best WR in the game…I don’t get it!! The analysis shouldn’t be so one sided. This is a battle that can go either way, predictions should be 50-50….what’s the Line on the game? I don’t bet so I have no clue

          • cliff henny

            eagles -3, HT gets 3pnts, basically 50/50 games as you said. o/u about 50.

          • GEAGLE

            Thanks…that’s fair…

          • jshort

            God, another day to go! No love for Foles. Easy for them to predict an INT, Its bound to happen one of these days, hope not this week. I’ll bet on the chipper coming up with something special for this Cards team. Eagles 44 Cards 17. Throw your prediction out there G……You know this team better than the national writers…….Go Birds (in green) Can’t wait for this one!!!

          • GEAGLE

            Eagles 33, cardinals score some meaningless points in garbage time to get to 24….LETS GO GANG GREEN!!!!

            Funny, I kind of see it similar to you…I was thinking our offense would score 24-31, if we get points from defense or ST U saw us putting up 38-41….17 was basically the number I saw for the cardinals! with them getting a garbage TD late to get them to 24….hopefully this will be one of those great minds think alike moment!!!

          • SeaDucks

            Yeah, I don’t get it. Foles just has the best month of any QB in the history of the game but yet Palmer is the one playing lights out? How about at least an honorable mention?

            But hey, no problem. The Tweety Birds can focus all their attention on shutting down Shady, and this will be another 7td game for the Napoleon Dynamite Doppleganger!

        • nicksaenz1

          What do you mean Foles isn’t elite???

  • BlindChow

    Strange that the Andy Reid train has cooled so fast for Coach of the Year. Three weeks ago he was a shoo-in. Had these last two Chiefs losses (which weren’t blow-outs or anything) been earlier in the year, would there be any discussion about Arians or Kelly now?

    • JofreyRice

      It seems like the NFL makes us all prisoners of the moment, to a certain extent. I mean, right now the “Coach of the Year” talk for Kelly and Arians is predicated on them being able to keep up the way they’ve been going for the rest of the year.

      Objectively, if Reid goes 2-3 the rest of the way, ending at 11-5, and “taking” the Chiefs from worst in the NFL to the playoffs, I’d imagine he’s the odds-on favorite for COTY. The guy is loved everywhere outside this city–right or wrong.

      • flyigglesfly

        Maybe it is us who are being subjective against Andy Reid here. The KC coach last year had the same level of talent and failed miserably. Andy going 9-2 and barely losing to the Broncos (one of the top 3 teams in the NFL) is very impressive. I also thought Andy should have left 3 years earlier than he did but give the man some respect. He ushered in a golden age of football into this city and set the bar as it now stands. He is a great coach but a lousy game day coach. He will always be succesful but will never be able to win the Super Bowl because he doesnt have the game time decision making capabilities of a Belicheck. My point is the rest of the league is right. Reid is a great coach and as of right now deserves to be the COTY. Arians and Kelley need to keep winning to knock him off that pedestle.

  • Beavis

    Every season there is a team that national pundits underestimate. This year, the Eagles can claim the “No One Believes In Us” crown.

  • BlindChow

    I’ve seen some people point out the “fools gold” nature of the Cardinals’ recent win-streak (FAL, TEX, JAG), with the Colts being the exception; but one thing I haven’t really seen noted ex post facto is that Arians coached the Colts last year.

    Not sure how much it would translate into a clear advantage, but Arians being very familiar with the Colts’ schemes and strategies (and knowing the strengths/weaknesses of Indy’s players) would go a long way to explaining how such a lop-sided victory against a 7-3 team fits in with the Cardinals’ other recent wins.

    • mtn_green

      Eagles wins have been against terrible teams, ” fools gold” as well.

      Bowles knows six eagles defensive starters.

      Palmer is terrible, but a savvy vet,
      Foles has been incredible but will regress to the mean a little.

      • GEAGLE

        Lol the mean is the Tampa game…I’ll take that for the next decade!!

      • Tyler Phillips

        You can’t be terrible and savvy at the same time.

  • Andy124

    Guess who's finally on the 2014 Pro Bowl ballot … VOTE: http://t.co/jGUHF4dOgo pic.twitter.com/Cxb8TNbyJg— Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) November 30, 2013

    • GEAGLE

      Probowl ballot? If the rainmaker finishes with 24TDs and 2INTs, then he NEEDS to be in the friggin MVP convo hahahahah.

      And if he can actually lead us to the playoffs without throwing a single INT(crazy right?) I don’t even know how you don’t give him the award

  • Always Hopeful

    Dang! This game feels like a playoff game! There have been three games this season that I thought would tells us a lot about this team: 1) Denver (ugh) 2) Dallas #1 (double ugh) and 3) Washington #2 (whew, made it out!)

    Cardinals look like a tough match up. Looking forward to see how Nick handles this situation. The beauty of Nick to me though is that he KNOWS he has to get the ball to the play makers for us to win.

    It’s fun to have meaningful games after Turkey Day again. I’m such a fan that I think the Eagles can (and should) win out and finish 11-5. I know we have some holes, but the defense seems to be improving each week, and if Kelly’s Crew can continue to put pressure on other teams it should be fun.

    I like how this season is unfolding….get ’em!

  • jim

    The way i see this game playing out is as a slow starting game as the offence’s adjust and then I see it turning into a big play contest with Palmer liking to throw down field and Fitzgerald and then obviously the eagles big play offense. I think a key to this game will be the Te’s because Desean may only have a few oppertunites and you never know what you’ll get from cooper. I also think we might want to think about using a lot of those weird formations to try and confuse the Card’s d just to maybe snag a few big play chances against such a stingy d. My prediction is 24-20 Eagles with palmer throwing a big pick on the last drive of the game.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Our Eags get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield, who don’t get no respect. Especially from Joe “Nasalboy” Buck and Troy “Flannelmouth” Aikman. So it’s delightful indeed when the Eagles pull an upset. Go Birds!

  • Mike

    Uuuuhhhhhhh Carson Palmer sucks

  • Byter

    If everyone is picking the Cards (and I see this in other media outlets too), then why are the Eagles still 3 – 3.5 favorites? I can’t believe that Vegas set that trying to get betting on the Cards side.