From Michael Vick’s Perspective

Eagles QB Mike Vick and Nick FolesChip Kelly had a one-on-one with Michael Vick Tuesday to deliver the news that Nick Foles would remain at quarterback moving forward. The meeting was really just a formality, a courtesy. Vick has been around long enough to know when  the writing is on the wall.

“I see things before they happen. You can’t be naive,” said Vick at his locker after practice. “You’ve got to understand the situation, have to see and know that the most important thing for you to do is try to be there and support your team. I didn’t want to make this a hard decision for Coach, I didn’t want to make this a hard decision for anybody, for myself. Can’t be frustrated about it. I just wanted it to be a smooth transition, and it was.

“Coach Kelly, when we sat down, he didn’t even need to say much because we’re always on the same page. And I think you have to be that way with your head coach, especially at my age and the amount of time I have been in this game. It’s only right.”

Vick said that he is back to 100 percent after weeks of dealing with a bad hamstring. The injury forced him to miss five starts and ultimately cost him his job. Foles stepped in and played exceptionally well, going 4-1 as a starter and tossing 16 touchdowns and no interceptions. Vick seems to be genuinely enjoying Foles’ success, even if it is coming at his own expense.

“It’s all about support,” he said . “I’ve been playing in this league a long time and it’s great to see guys who I know can play, who I spend a lot of time with, go out there and have success. I enjoy watching my team go out there and do the things Coach Kelly asks them to do, and seeing it turn over and correlate into wins. It’s exciting to see.”

You could forgive Vick is he was a little less level-headed about the situation. He is 33, his one-year deal is almost up and he is extremely competitive. Yet it struck him as odd when a reporter asked:

Deep down, how disappointing is this?

Vick offered a quizzical look before responding.

“It’s not disappointing at all. I can’t even answer [the question],” he said. “I’m still a part of an organization that took great care of me, gave me all the opportunities and possibilities that I could possibly imagine and it’s just great to be a part of it. Obviously as a competitor you want  to be out there, you want to play, but you can only control what you can control so I just have fun just being a part of it.

“I’m not a selfish person. I don’t ever feel the world revolves around me. I’ve been blessed with the ability to play this game, I’m extremely talented and I know I’ve got a lot of football to play. That’s what keeps me going.”

Vick thinks he has a couple good seasons left as a starter and then plans on transitioning to a full-time back-up role. Who knows how many more opportunities he’ll get to be the man. Whether his life as a back-up officially starts now or a few seasons from now, he is showing that he can play the part.

“It’s tough when your future is uncertain but you also have to look at the things that you did and things you were able to do well. Hopefully that’s enough to show that I can continue to play,” said Vick. ” I feel good — I feel great — still feel like I have a lot of time to play this game, and I’m still learning. I’m excited about it, but I still have to focus on each and every day for the rest of this season, and continue to help this team win games.”

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  • morgan c

    Way to handle this Mike!

  • G_WallyHunter

    Damn, are these quotes made up?
    Guy is a BEAST
    Couldn’t be happier he’s an Eagle, and as GEAGLE has suggested, hoping he decides to stay in Philly next year as the highest paid backup QB in the league

    • yodoc

      yep / give him a 3 year backup deal Go Eagles

      • GEAGLE

        Man, if FOles develops into a stud, and Vick signs a 3yr deal as our backup…the future will be extremely BRIGHT!

        We had some success with backups like Feely and Garcia, but as a backup Vick will be as good as it gets. he can’t play 16 games, that’s practically a FACT..but he could be one of the best backups in the history of the game. Who has a better backup? mcCown? Cousins?
        I’m gonna watch the colts vs. cardinals game tonight…can someone tell me how good the colts Oline and Dline are?..l want to watch the colts game because they play a 34, and luck is a young QB who is comperable to Foles(who ever thought we would be saying that lol)..I also think TY is stylistically comperable to Desean..Arizona had one of its best games against the Colts who have some similarities to us, so I felt that would be a good game to watch

        • anon

          CK’s offense is unlike any other NFL offense. I think it’s QB friendly. That said AZ is great against the run and it showed in that game. Luck played terribly.

        • #7

          Luck’s o-line is a disaster and the Browns pulled a fast one on them. It’s funny…they have a lot of Eagles castaways blocking for Luck..McGlynn and Justice that I can think of.

  • Joe from Easton

    Vick wants to “lead” a team to the promised land. I just didn’t know he didn’t care if it was from the sidelines or on the field. Heckuva leader in my book; thanks MV7.

    • BrothaMalcolm

      Yes Mike is a leader and I’m glad that he’s excepted his role now as a back up to Foles, who has proven me wrong on weather he is the QB that can lead us and everyone knows that you need two comparable QB in this league, so I hope Vick stays after this season, a second year under Chip Kelly for both QB’s would be great and Vick has already proven he can run the Offence if Nick goes down

  • Bula412

    Honestly, backup qb would probably be a great gig for mike. Mike can’t be counted on for 16 games. He’s proven that. But he can be good for 4 and 5 game stretches. Perfect backup material. Of course sometimes he might be needed for more than that, but tell me a team wouldn’t feel so bad about losing their qb for a month if they had vick on the bench? Bet green bay wishes he were their backup

  • nicksaenz1

    Hope he stays around to continue to push and support Foles as he grows. He’s been a great leader, something I doubted he was and have been proven tremendously wrong about this season. Happy to eat those words. I hope he doesn’t sign for a team like the Vikes or Jags who ultimately have no chance to get to where he wants to be (the SB) and he’s in a role where he’s helping them transition. Unfair to him. If he can sign with a top contender in starter or backup capacity, God bless, but if not, I hope he’s right back here in the midnight green.

    • cliff henny

      not bashing vick, with his injury history, what SB asperation team would sign him for starters salary? best he can hope for is kyle orton type situation-who is making 3.5m -if he wants to be qb on what is percieved as above average team(see him being back-up in SF or SEA pretty easily, not sure they’ll pay). if he wants to start, he probably has to go to Vikes, team hoping to catch lightning in bottle.
      only team i see is texans, browns-they might be rookie qb wary, bengals-dalton doesnt make alot could use some comp. be interesting to se landing spot for vick.

      • evanphilly

        He may take an incentive laden contract to a team that is looking to compete next year. Of course, there is such a black hole of talent in the QB market, that there may be a desperate team that signs him to a 3-4 year deal

        • G_WallyHunter

          upvote for Ruxin lol

      • nicksaenz1

        I never stated that a team with such aspirations would be willing to sign him. It was an “if” scenario. Can def see him backing up SF or SEA. Maybe even the Jets, if they wanted to give Geno some pushing. They certainly have a playoff D in place. Texans are overrated and that window is all but shut. Browns and Jets are the best options to start for any team who isn’t abysmal like the Vikes/Jags. SF/SEA/BUF for backup, maybe TEN. As for salary, I think he knows he’s not getting starter’s money wherever he goes.

        • GEAGLE

          I’m so damn curious to see what the Texans do in the draft. Do they draft a QB? Or do they put Clowney or Barr next to JJ WATT? Scary

          • cliff henny

            thought they were on on the manziel-wagon. if clowney ever gets his head right, wont matter where he goes, it’ll be scary.

          • anon

            Will he be? Clowney fell completely off, i don’t know when’s the last time i heard his name — after he was touted as the best football player at any level. He’s got 2 sacks YTD…If college D’s can neutralize him doesn’t fare well for him against NFL offenses.

          • anon

            They need a QB, they also need an RB since they ran foster into the ground. They need a LB since that dude stays hurt.

        • cliff henny

          was sort of combining what you and article (saying start for 2 yrs) were saying. go thru teams, ones without qbs are bad, just trying to figure out if he can get into better situation he would of had in philly if he could have stayed healthy and continued to perform.
          other team might be tennesee.

        • BlindChow

          I can see him going to Tennessee. Locker has been erratic and is always getting injured, so even if Vick is named the backup, he’s very likely to start at some point during the season.

          • nicksaenz1

            I’d love to hear about the foot race between Vick and CJ2K.

      • JofreyRice

        Oh, just saw your post here Cliff. I think it would depend on Vick–if he’d be willing to take a little less for the chance to win a title. With his financial obligations, it might not be the #1 priority for him, I really don’t know.

    • JofreyRice

      If Vick really wants to play on a SB contender, I think he’d be an extremely desirable guy to have on the bench for a few clubs that fit that description: SF, CAR, and SEA. All three of those teams incorporate some of the read-option concepts he’s now become familiar with, and feature offenses that showcase the ability of the big-armed QB to let it rip down the field. If any of the starters on those teams got hurt, I honestly can’t think of a better player than Mike Vick to bridge the gap until the starter returned.

      • Clamdigger

        Yeah, I could really see him backing up Kaepernick. Vick would be nasty with those receivers.

        • #7

          Knowing Harbaugh, Vick might take that job. Kaep appears to be a one read QB like RG3

  • theycallmerob

    Class act.

    • Ron Swanson

      And Nick Foles is a real gym rat.

  • DirtyWaters

    Effen goosebumps. Good for you, Mike. I like that he has a realistic plan. Let him test FA and see if someone wants him as their starter, if not, come back and be a back-up. I agree, he doesn’t have the frame to last 16 games, but off-the bench, I like it. Of course, this all depends if Foles is the man. Another reason I wish the draft was right after the season and THEN free agency started. Build through the draft and fill in the pieces through FA. We probably wouldn’t have Casey on our roster if that were the case…sorry, i digress. Good job, Mike.

  • jon h

    Great answers, and I still believe that if we advance to the playoffs, Vick won’t be holding the clipboard for 5 weeks. He may not be the starter, but he’ll probably play some sort of role – Kelly values his skills and will find a way to use them.

    • BlindChow

      Mop up duty once we lay 42 points on the 49ers?

  • BlindChow

    “I’ve been playing in this league a long time and it’s great to see
    guys who I know can play, who I spend a lot of time with, go out there
    and have success. I enjoy watching my team go out there and do the
    things Coach Kelly asks them to do, and seeing it turn over and
    correlate into wins. It’s exciting to see.”

    Wow, Vick sounds like more of an Eagles fan than some of his supporters!

    • anon

      Maybe that’s why he’s got so many supporters…

  • knighn

    Right attitude, Mike. Won’t make things awkward in case he has to play some more.

  • devCal

    McKinley Vick… .

  • Adam

    He’s a true pro. With all the stuff that goes on in sports you don’t see too many good stories like Vick’s redemption. He’s overcame more adversity than any of us will ever know.

    • Warhound

      …more adversity than ANY of us will EVER know… ??? I agree with the point you are trying to make; but, I know their are people reading this who have suffered through more than Vick.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    Smart move. He just added 2-3 years to his career.

  • djack10

    i give credit here in thirds: reid gets a third for reaching out to vick and i think putting him on this path, kelly gets a third for the treatment this year and establishing a team-first culture that all but disappeared last year, and vick gets a third for not making this about him.

  • djack10

    vick has to have some plays this year, right? his speed? wildcat-ish stuff? two qb’s on the field on the same play?

  • John J. King

    He will get a shot with another club and I wish him well in every game except vs. the IGGs. He has grown up as a man and deserves to benefit from his experience,

  • atlvickfan


  • mtn_green

    Vick knows that he may not get a starting gig next year. He needs to handle this perfectly to get 6 mil ish as a backup.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      Vick’s injury history will make it tough for him to get a starting gig, though i think there are a couple of teams who would likely take a flyer ’cause they are built to win now minus the QB position.

      With that said if Philly is willing to make him the highest paid backup in the league (’cause that’s what I think it will take to keep him here) he may stay. But he’s def looking to start somewhere..and since teams were calling both Carr and Farve this year, there’s no reason Vick won’t be on that list next year for some.

  • #7

    Great leader and class act. Still a starter in this league and we may see him again this year. Hoping that Foles can stay healthy. Like Chip always says “you’re only a chinstrap away”. Go Eagles

  • Lamar Newsome

    Where are all the Vick haters now? For the first five weeks of the season, the majority of comments were that Vick’s a bum, he sucks, he’s a dog killer, he’s a thug, etc. Where are all you guys now. In my book, just because a player does not play up to your expectations, it does not give you guys the authority to trash him. Mike Vick has been a “model” citizen since he was released from prison. He’s ALWAYS been a class act, and nobody gave him credit for that. He’s always been a great teammate, and an unselfish player. Maybe if you guys supported him through the adversity that he was facing in the first 5 weeks, we would have a better record than 6-5…But of course not; you’re Eagles fans. Maybe you haters should try to show as much class as Vick has through this ordeal?

  • greenblood20

    Where are all the Foles haters?!? They thankfully have foot-in-mouth(or at least they should). Most of us had to brave a storm of absurd racial accusations, and other generally ignorant comments just because, suffice it to say, we saw the forest from the trees. The NFL is a spit’ em out league baby, and your number comes up like a daisy more often than not. Vick had a nice little run but there was noting there to suggest longevity. Betting on Vick to have a long career in the NFL was a lot like betting on an aging whore to pass her hepatitis exam…it just doesn’t add up.