Three-And-Out: Eagles-Redskins Predictions

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McManus: Patrick Chung

Early in the season, it almost felt like it didn’t matter who was lining up at safety. Whether it was Nate Allen, Patrick Chung, Earl Wolff, Kurt Coleman or Sheil Kapadia, all seemed to instill an equal amount of confidence — which is to say very little. Wolff, as the coaches routinely reminded us, was making his share of mistakes out there.  Credit to the rookie for developing to the point where his absence is felt in the secondary.

With Wolff nursing a knee injury, the Eagles are back to their original pairing of Allen and Chung. Allen is playing really well right now, which is a pleasant surprise. Chung has been in and out of the lineup with a lingering shoulder injury. He says he is feeling much better and the coaching staff didn’t sound too concerned about it. Chung and Allen will be tested by a Redskins team that can beat you in the run game as well as over the top with play action.

Kapadia: Zach Ertz

The rookie played 34 snaps last week, but what’s worth noting is that on 23 of those, he was a run blocker, according to PFF. That was an aspect of Ertz’s game that needed work earlier in the season, and last week it looked like he was making real progress.

As a receiver, he was not targeted against Green Bay. But I doubt that will be the case this week. The Redskins are 20th in the league at covering opposing tight ends, per Football Outsiders. The Eagles, meanwhile, still rank 31st in red-zone efficiency, scoring touchdowns 41.94 percent of the time. Look for Ertz to get free, make an impact in the passing game and maybe even notch his second touchdown.

Prop bet of the week: Nick Foles passing touchdowns — 2 1/2. Whaddya got?

McManus: Let’s go over. Washington is 30th in the NFL in passing yards per attempt (8.3) and 29th in opponent’s completion percentage (66.5). Foles is tops in the league in yards per attempt (9.2) and is averaging over three TDs per game in his four starts this season (Granted, the seven-touchdowns in Oakland help that average.)

Another opportunity for Foles to state his case. The last time he played at the Linc, he had the worst performance of his young pro career. Was that outing a fluke, or something more? Time will tell. Betting he does fine against this defense, though.

Kapadia: I’ll take the over also. You laid out all the reasons pretty clearly, T-Mac.

As we discussed on Birds 24/7 (podcast here!), in the final six games, I’m looking for the one quality Foles possesses that sets him apart. Maybe it’ll be his decision-making or his ability to process information before the snap. I don’t really know. But the information-gathering process continues Sunday at the Linc. And I see no reason why he should have trouble moving the football against this defense.


McManus: Eagles 30,  Washington 23

Some injury concerns in this one. Jason Peters (quad) was sidelined this week. Same with Mychal Kendricks (knee) and Wolff (knee). We know Wolff won’t play, and judging by the way Kendricks was moving around the NovaCare Complex, I’d be surprised if he gets the green light.  Bradley Fletcher (pec) is an0ther question mark.

The Eagles’ depth will be tested. While the defense will probably take a step back this week, the offense should be able to put up enough points. I trust Allen Barbre will fill in adequately at left tackle if called upon.

Kapadia: Eagles 31, Redskins 30

Happy to say I picked a game right last week. Those cheese curds at Lambeau must have given me a clear mind.

I think the offense is on a nice roll right now, and it’s not as if Foles and company are going up against the ’85 Bears. Kelly kept Jim Haslett and the Redskins off-balance in the opener, and I think that happens again on Sunday.

Defensively, I’ve been impressed with the way the coaches have gotten guys to improve from Week 1 until now. But the Redskins’ offense can be very good when it gets rolling. I think Washington moves the ball effectively, but in the end, the Eagles end the home losing streak, and everyone gets their free Dunkin Donuts coffee on Monday.

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  • Richard Colton

    If you’re both picking the over, then it’s not a good line.

    Here are my two over/under:
    Nick Foles Ints: .5
    Nick Foles Total TDs: 3

    • nicksaenz1

      You think BPF is finally due for a pick?

      • Richard Colton

        Naa. Just trying to set a better line than Sheil and Tim. Personally, I’m hoping Foles goes Int free for another week.

        • G_WallyHunter

          Let’s hope he gets to 21:0, beats the record that other QB set this year at 20, he plays for Denver, forget his name

          • Andy124


          • G_WallyHunter

            It might be him, don’t think so tho, I just looked it up, I guess his name’s Peyton Manning or something

          • nicksaenz1

            Is he that no-name QB who managed to put up a HOF game in week 1?

          • OregonDucker

            I just have to post this again. It’s an addiction – sorry.

        • nicksaenz1

          I’m hoping he does it for the rest of his life. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

          • Andy124

            Seems pretty likely. I mean, Vick is still the starter seeing as Nick has yet to go 100-100 with 27tds. Therefore, Sunday is probably the last time Nick will ever see the field.

    • Basscase

      Division games are always a different animal, which is why I almost never look at stats (since stats would’ve told you there was NO WAY Tennessee was losing to jacksonville at home last week).
      I think Philly ends the streak, but it’ll be something like 20-17.

      • BlindChow

        Tennessee loses to the worst team in the league every year. It’s an annual tradition!

    • UKEagle99

      I’ll take the under on both. I don’t think Foles has a bad day, I just think they run the rock, a lot.

    • UKEagle99

      So what do I win? :-D

  • nicksaenz1

    I think the Eagles red zone needs an adjustment fromt he opponent’s 20 to the 50 yard line. We’re pretty efficient in that red zone.

    • BlindChow

      If we get to the Red Zone, we should just keep false-starting until we’re out past the 20 again. We’d have much better odds with 1st and Goal at the 25!

    • Pennguino

      Need more runs in the red zone. Shady hasn’t had a rushing TD since week 5

  • Harty

    If the Redskins are 28th in the league at covering TEs, I say we go with the preseason 4 TE package……….one of them is bound to be open………

    • pjcostello

      Maybe. Failure to cover the TE is, I think, more a function of their leaving the middle of the field and the seams open.

      • theycallmerob

        i.e., having a worse S situation than we do

        • Eagles4Life


    • GEAGLE

      Look we all respect London Fletcher but we are a nightmare match up for him. we NEED to exploit London, get him matched and having to run with shady and Ertz and make them pay for it..

      Who is starting In the skins secondary? No clue who is healthy and who isn’t for them after 10 days off. But FOles needs to be sharp, dissecting a porous secondary…

      I think the only ways we lose this one are:
      1) Our Oline doesn’t show up and we get manhandled at the LOS
      2) We play sloppy and beat ourselves:
      FOles NEEDs to continue to be responsible with the rock
      once FOles does his job we need our pass catchers to do their job, I don’t want to see accurate balls tipping off their hands and into a defenders lap? FOles is playing too well, I would hate to see his teamates ruin his INT streak because they didn’t do their job

      We need our return men to be smart. Division games are battles, we have to have a clean game. No botched catches, no laying the ball on the turf during the return same goes with our pass catchers when they run after a catch.

      Skins are GOING to make mistakes. Play a clean game and we will be fine. I pray we get off to a hot start. ii don’t want to see them start slow, start losing the crowd and then players trying to press to hard to make plays in front of the home crowd…THATS when mistakes occur! No matter how the game starts, I really hope the crowd stays in this game and support this team during what should be a battle…football is a game when it’s rarely smooth sailing for 60 minutes. their will be low points, but unless we are down by 21, I really hope fans don’t act ridiculous and stop supporting the team. Even if we are down, THIS is NOT last years pathetic group that will quit..We will keep fighting. THIS team IS NOT going to quit on us….So let’s NOT quit on them and go turn the corner and make this division OUR BITCH!!!
      Fly Folesy Fly!!!

  • GiveMeABreak

    The Ertz v. Reed matchup should be interesting to watch. Reed has blown him out in year 1 but LJ Smith also outperformed Witten in years 1 and 2. Still not sold on a TE with 31-inch arms in any event, Kerrigan/Orakpo vs Lane J is also interesting. Both guys can rush the passer. Getting to Fowles is almost certainly part of the skins plan for the game.

    • BlindChow

      Reed is 6’2, 236 lbs. He doesn’t block. There are other ways to evaluate TE’s besides pass stats.

      • nicksaenz1

        There are not. You know this.

    • GEAGLE

      Jordan reed is no surprise to me. I expected him to be a good player but if we could re-draft tomorrow, there is just no way i would take him over ERTZY..
      Who is playing better NOW is pretty damn insignificant. We have ourselves a stud future match up NIGHTMARE in ERTZY poo, a player I rated so high that leading up to the draft I thought it was pointless to talk about him because I didn’t think there would be any chance he lasted til round 2..

      If Mykal doesn’t play tomorrow i don’t know how we are going to go at Reed. Would we trust Goode enough? Or are they going to go with Barwin? I like Barwin containing him within 13-20 yards, but it will be tough for him to run deep with Reed..

      Do we know yet if Mykal is playing or not?

  • David Griffith

    Sheil Kapadia played safety!!!!!! lmfao!!!

  • theycallmerob

    My prediction:
    Chung goes down. Coleman comes in, reverts to ’11 form against the ‘skins (turns out, he has native american heritage). Pick 6 right off the bat.
    fans be like damn, coaching staff be like “yea, wait til you see Colt play….”

  • BHOtheLiar

    Skins are ready to pack it in for the year. Plenty of dissension/issues. Eagles need to come out with maximum intensity and effort and they will fold their tent.

    • EaglePete

      just read a week ago how they wanted to go on another run similar to last season to make playoffs. Also not hard to have motivation in this crappy division

    • Joe from Easton

      Earlier I saw a report that RGIII said he’s “been getting hit too much” the past two weeks. Inadvertently calling out lineman might piss some of those hogs off. I’d be happy if they busy with internal issues come Sunday.

      • BHOtheLiar

        Yeah, throw in the reports about a poor relationship between Bob and Shanny, speculation about Shanny getting fired and folks questioning Bob’s leadership and it makes the skins ripe for an implosion. If the Eagles can just focus and execute, the skins are ready to fold.

        • GEAGLE

          Add in their captain London Fletcher calling the eagles the best team in the division and the skins the worse…
          This is an opportunity to stick the nail in their coffin! They overcame a 3-6 start before, but the ain’t coming back from 3-7 regardless of how bad this division is.

          We have a unique opportunity to get a terribly heavy monkey off our back winning at home, while further solidifying our QB situation, turning the corner as a team with a huge win that can spring board us to a hard fought end of the season run, all while ending the season of a hated rival, the national darling Skins who were SUPPOSED to win this division..
          Bring your hard hats and let’s get this done!! ITS TIIIIIIIIIIIIIME for youuuuur Maaaaaaiiiin EVENT of the season!!!

  • d.j

    And still the best tackling safety sits.. – Anderson.

  • d.j

    Dust clears, Chip grabs Boyett in the off season. Problem solved. Wolff/Boyett -14


    I hate these games where everyone is predicting a big win for us,,,someone post some pro skins predictions lol

    • Andy124

      Ike Reese picked the ‘Skins. But I think he did that strictly as a superstitious, “no jinx!” kind of thing.

      • GEAGLE

        Yeah Ike’s JINXED ass BETTER be picking against us

    • SoCalEaglesFan

      Here’s one. I think Washington wins by double digits. And by that I mean by about 20 points. Not because Foles has a bad game, but because Washington is not as terrible as people think. Additionally, they are finding their stride. I think they put up 42 points on the birds and the Eagles score 21, with one being a late, meaningless touchdown.

      This won’t be pretty. Fans will boo. Desean will get pissed off. The seats will be empty by the start of the 4th quarter. Lurie will notice.

      • GEAGLE

        Thank you!! Lol

        • SoCalEaglesFan

          I do hope you keep your sense of humor after your delusions are exposed. The eagles are a very bad team. Washington had a very bad start to the year. There’s a difference, you know.

    • Michael Winter Cho

      I have another. The line can’t seem to block and Foles has to deal with pressure all day. He doesn’t see the field well, fumbles twice, throws an interception (with another near-interception the defender couldn’t grab), then gets another concussion. Barkley has to come in the 3th Q and stinks it up again. Meanwhile, the D loads the box but can’t get off the field on 3rd down. Washington wins 21-2. We didn’t get a safety, it’s just that Barkley played so bad that the field goal got docked one point! (*** reverse jinx! ***)

      • GEAGLE

        Hahaha I LOLed


    35-24 eagles!!!

    • GEAGLE

      But FOles is only scoring 4TDs this week (throws for 3, runs 1 in)..The other TD is coming from RBs, defenders or ST….the team UNITES to kick the skins monkey ass back down I95…I’m expecting a BIG TEAM WIN!! No field goals this week MEN!!

      Defense really holds the skins to 17 but they get a garbage time TD to make it 24

  • Media Mike

    3 things I demand this game.
    1) A good blocking day from our o-line.
    2) Tackling of that overrated pudgy turd Alfred Morris
    3) A complete and total smashing of RG3 thus preventing him from completing any passes to that other overrated piece of garbage Pierre Garcon.

    • Mr. Wu

      Sounds good to me…I’m in

      • Media Mike

        The uppity behavior of Skins fans, especially as reflected in the empty garbage-time stats / “achievements” of Morris, Garcon, and RGKnee, is maddening.

  • Media Mike

    31-16 Iggles!

  • Will

    Eagles 42 Skins 24…Execution, Execution, Execution…

    • OregonDucker

      Good call. This is the score differential I see. Our D will score this time, as well as maybe ST. Skins ST is poor so we might break one.

      Foles will cut-up the Skins secondary like a quality steak. Shady will also shine.

  • 34 – 27 Eagles


    The round mound of rebound, sir Charles Barkley made a great point this morning..
    He thinks out home loss streak is a fluke and he does make a good point on that during our losing streak at home, our QB situation has been an unstable mess.. How many of our home loses came when we had a QB under center who had played the previous two weeks? When these 10 loses came with 3 different QBs who have basically been playing musical chairs the past season and a half. No continuity at QB and you probably are going to lose more games than you win.

    This week, FOles should be more prepared to win at home than he has ever been. He got a half of work against the giants! full week of reps! full game against Tampa! Full week of reps, 3 quarters against Dallas before getting hurt? Missed the next week and game(Barkley losses at home). Then FOles got a full week of reps and full game against Oakland, followed by another full week and game vs. GB…another full week of confident reps, with a team sorrounding him who really believes in the kid…This should be the most NFL ready Folesy we have seen and hopefully he sets off Fireworks at the Linc tomorrow, get the monkey off our back and turn the corner…

    Btw, ii hate this home streak but I don’t really like how Chip has to deal with it..Chip hasn’t won a home game yet but the man had nothing to do with last year.
    1) He lost a Thursday night game in a crazy stretch of 3 games in 11 days against the undefeated team in the NFL, KC
    2) He lost to a good chargers team at a time where the offense wasn’t playing bad but the defense wasn’t ready yet

    3) he lost a game to Dallas where he put together a game plan that had our weapons wide open all game and his young QB had a crazy, uncharecteristically bad game where nothing went right and he was never able to get it going..

    4) He then loses a home game with a 4th round QB who had like 10 minutes of NFL experience and not many practice reps..

    We ALL knew that with ALL the change, if we had good coaches in place that we would be a much better team in mid November than we would be in September. There was no way with all the change on defense that we would be ready in September so while I would have loved to see us beat KC and SD, how much can we really hold it against them if we are being rational? How can we really be upset about not winning with Barkley? The ONLY loss that really bothers me is the Dallas loss but that was mostly in part to 1 young, inexperienced player who just had an off day, like Reggie Miller on that rare day when he can’t hit a jumper.
    Tired of this home crap..we are getting Fired up tomorrow, and TAKING OUR HOUSE BACK!!! So fans and players can stop dealing with this crap, put it behind us and go get this division!!

    Trying to get the FOLES chant going at kickoff…but if we get a decent lead, the one chant

    • G_WallyHunter

      ya hopefully the atmosphere at the Linc is much different than past games, hopefully the fans (or 90% of them anyway) realize what is at stake here and they put their ill-feelings aside to give the players their 110% of contribution, will be exciting to see, hopefully Desean made a few fans think twice about booing as well, sure they deserve it, but they also deserve the support after the last roler-coaster-of-a-year, be nice to see the support tomorrow

      • GEAGLE

        Yes sir!!!


    LET it RIP Folesy!!!

  • KOBE 2K14


  • d.j

    Ruben Amaro is a smug idiot. – just sayin..

    • Andy124

      I would totally argue with you and defend Ruben… but I can’t; My mom taught me not to lie.

  • #7

    We need to exploit London Fletcher again. We had him completely confused in the first match up

  • UKEagle99

    “I think Washington moves the ball effectively, but in the end, the Eagles end the home losing streak, and everyone gets their free Dunkin Donuts coffee on Monday.”

    Not everyone Sheil :-( I love coffee almost as much as I love the Eagles.

    • Andy124

      I hate coffee. I would totally give you mine.

  • Joe

    So I log onto to check their picks for the game and what do I see? Good ole Merril Hoge picks the Redskins. I swear an Eagles fan slashed his tires after a game or something because he hates the Eagles. I looked back to check his other picks for the Eagles games – he had them going 3-7 up to now. I just don’t get his Eagles hatred.

    • d.j

      early dementia..

  • Brian

    Eagles comeback win. 38 – 31 in OT