Cooper Keeps Producing: ‘Nothing’s Changed’

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay PackersGREEN BAY, Wisc. – Riley Cooper insists nothing has changed.

But the reality is, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Maybe he hasn’t made any dramatic adjustments with the way he practices or trains, but his production in the last five games bears no resemblance to his production in the first five.

“I’m playing the same football I’ve played in the last couple years,” Cooper said. “Nothing’s changed at all. I’m just going out there and trying to play hard like the game’s supposed to be played.”

On Sunday against the Packers, Cooper hauled in three catches for 102 yards, including a pair of touchdowns. The first one came in the third quarter with the Eagles holding a 10-3 lead. Nick Foles threw a pass up for grabs towards the end zone, and Cooper did a great job of adjusting to make a play on the ball. The result was a 45-yard score.

“It was just a post route, and I had the DB kind of holding me at the top of the route,” Cooper said. “I kept going and then Foles threw it up, had trust in me, and I just went and got it.”

The degree of difficulty on the second touchdown was much lower. Cooper used a double move against safety Morgan Burnett to get wide open for a 32-yard catch and run.

“I was thinking, ‘Just catch it and get in the end zone,’ ” Cooper said. “Ran a little banana route and Foles read it perfectly, had the safety come down, threw it to me and it was perfect.”

When the Eagles’ offense has stalled this season, it’s been because opponents zero in on their run game, play man coverage on the outside and dare the Birds to make enough plays through the air. For a variety of reasons (QB play, WRs not getting open, O-Line breakdowns, good defense), the Eagles hadn’t been consistently answering the bell.

But the passing game has managed 10 touchdowns in the past two weeks. And Cooper’s production has helped make life easier for some of the team’s other playmakers.

“It’s helped honestly because defensive guys aren’t able to just key in on me and [LeSean] McCoy and things like that,” said DeSean Jackson. “So he’s [Cooper] doing a good job of taking his plays and getting the best opportunities and not only making big plays, but scoring touchdowns as well too. So that’s a good addition to have.”

In the past five games, Cooper has 20 catches for 462 yards and six touchdowns. He’s averaging 23.1 yards per catch during that span. Take a look at those numbers compared to the first five games.

First 5 Games8189311.61
Last 5 Games202946223.16

In the past two weeks, Cooper has five catches of 25+ yards and three receptions of 40+.

“I am getting a little bit more opportunity, which is great,” Cooper said. “But it starts from the quarterback. When he is spreading the ball out like he is, everyone is going to get touches, everyone is going to get numbers, and everyone is going to get touchdowns.”

Added Foles: “He’s showing you what he’s always been. I believe in Riley and it just so happens that when I’m reading out plays, he’s getting open and making plays. He’s a big, physical receiver and I love the fact that he does a great job blocking and he’s a team player.”

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  • d.j

    pocket QB = patience = reading the field = hitting open receivers = TD’S.. simple game, simple formula, wins championships.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Foles has been winging up a couple ex. Cooper and DJax TDs and the one DJax lost in sun…these were not smart throws. We can all celebrate when it works out but hes gotta be smarter.

      • anon

        Agree but Ws erase a lot of mistakes. Excited to run this table.

      • EaglePete

        Ill take a high qb rating and no turnovers all day. D playing well also but 3rt string qb all things considered. Little mcnabb in that game. Plenty still to see but cowgirls gettin stomped crazy this team is even talked about per playoffs

        • Nik

          He did have one turnover, but I’ll still take his performance all day. Stood strong and gave his guys a chance.

          • EaglePete

            sorry, INTS, not turnovers, thanks.

      • d.j

        um, yeah.. With this city’s history of QB’s and a decade of Donovan?
        I believe we should all be very excited. – c’mon give it a try.. its fun! – Negadelphia.. – GCobb

  • Mike B

    Coopers speaks and it’s about “team’
    Foles speaks and it’s about “team”
    DJax speaks and it’s about me and LeSean

    • SunShine

      What????? Guy has been a team-player. Knock it off

    • RIP illa

      You speak and it’s about nonsense!!!

      Maybe you need to learn how to read, but every quote from Coop was about himself or himself and Foles, w/ the exception of one blurb saying everybody’s going to get there touches…in reference to Foles. Why is this…cause those were the kinda of responses given to the type of questions he was asked!!! Nothing wrong there.

      Desean spoke of Coop and the pressure it takes off him and Lesean!!! Nothing wrong there, cause it’s in response to the question he was asked!!!

      So we got Coop speaking about himself and Foles = great!
      Desean speaking about himself, Lesean, and Coop = bad!

      • Richard Colton

        people hear what they want to hear. all four of those guys played well today.

    • Maggie

      Actually it should be about LeSean and me. Grammar police, lol.

      • Nik

        Try “LeSean and I”.

        • Jonathan R. Henry

          Maggie was right. “Me” is the correct choice because it’s the object of the preposition (“about”).

          • Nik

            Me stand corrected

  • cliff henny

    well, SOMETHING changed! smoothies kicking in, navy seals training paying dividends, kelly’s elecro-shocker (sleep monitor) hooked up to help you learn…i’ll buy alot of things after a win, but one sure aint this is same cooper from ’11-’12

    • Maggie

      Isn’t it great? All those new position coaches who seem to know what they’re doing!

      • anon


    • Will

      It’s the smoothies….definitely the smoothies…lol…

  • Brian

    The difference is that his quarterback can see where he’s going, not just where he is.

  • HomeFieldDisadvantage

    Don’t worry people, we are at home this week.

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    “Throwing up for grabs”= throwing the ball where there is little.chance the DB can make a play and some chance the WR can. Foles is pretty good at throwing it where the other team ain’t.

  • theycallmerob

    –.500 record after 10 games, with no wins at home? who saw that?
    –more wins than last year, with 6 to go. I get what Reid’s done, but he walked into 6 pro bowlers and his dream qb. We’ve had 3 QBs play. Colt Anderson and Najee Goode were on the field for us. Yet, somehow Riley’s become Optimus Prime in this offense, McCoy is leading (or close to) the league in rushing, and for the first time in franchise history, Eagles have put up 400+ yards in 8 games. 8 out of 10! Kelly is on to something
    –The Unassuming One showed he can do what most good, starting QBs can do on a week to week basis: win games behind a strong OL. Aside from the arm strength, he was very Flacco-esque today.
    –So often, I’ve watched other QBs (often of teams I hate) make those plays that we made today. I get that Nick Foles’ official stat line, particularly the 16TD:0INT will forever have a giant *. But for once, that’s our qb that other fans are shaking their fists at (and breaking their big screens :))

    • Token

      I think the thing to remember is this is a young QB. They will all have bad games and they will all not always look perfect.

      The future of Foles on this team will be determined over the next few weeks. And im interested to see it unfold.

      Today he wasnt perfect but managed to get the job done against a D that isnt as bad as certain posters would like to believe. They have some players.

      At this point when you look at his overall stats in his career starts its just too much to ignore. They really can be stacked up against any of the other “top” rookie QBs over the last few years. Not saying he will be that, but it atleast gives you a little hope.

      I dont care if hes playing high school teams, 16TDs and no INTs is a pretty good start.

      The kid has obvious things to work on. Im hoping he gets more decisive and sure of himself over time. I wish he wouldnt have to worry about getting yanked for a bad game, but thats on Chip, thats how he is choosing to handle this situation.

      Basically, today didnt make me suddenly believe he is gonna be a legit franchise caliber QB. But it just continues the conversation. I dont think he is Kevin Kolb.

      • theycallmerob

        Today in particular made me see shades of Flacco. Wild inconsistency? check. Will scramble when necessary, extending drives? check. Pocket mobility? check. Willingness to “throw open” receivers? check. Occasional “WTF!” moments? check.

    • nicksaenz1

      No * at all. Just a double take when people see the name because it wasn’t pushed in their faces like the rest of that rookie draft class and he isn’t exactly full of charisma.

    • anon

      Also he’s tied with Peyton for the most TDs before an interception.

      • macadood

        don’t jynx it man

      • Andy124

        Peyton got up to 20 this year.

    • Wilbert31

      Don’t forget “the Roc””

  • theycallmerob

    Demarcus Ware is tremendous. Sean Lee is injured (hamstring! I’ve forgiven you!). Jeff Heath (???) is terrible, yet seeing significant starting time.
    Beautiful end to a sunday.

    • cliff henny

      nbc is really pushing the dez bryant possible blowup on the sidelines. nice seeing miles austin is sweats, mixed about Lee-good old PSU boy, dont have too many in nfl anymore, and hopefully garrett is stupid enough to let ware re-aggrivate that quad so he’s never right rest of the yr. eagles win, cowboys lose=perfect football sunday

      • anon

        wonder if Dez would every think about testing FA??

        • cliff henny

          let’s just draft our own “Dez” and have some control over his maturity level. i see about 5 incredible fits for this offense that’ll be available in 1-3rds so they shouldnt have to reach. i’m greedy, i want 2 of them and stud olb in first 3rds.

  • Jason

    Are we really not going to talk about the elephant in the room? I know we have enough Vick vs Foles fights on here, but really? Ah, maybe it is the fact that Foles throws him open and gets the ball out on time.

    • Myke Lowery

      or maybe Vick wasn’t throwing to him on purpose.

      • ICDogg

        I think Vick nearly always just throws to guys who are already open. Foles trusts receivers to make a play and throws to a spot.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    We need to extend Riley’s contract at a reasonable number for the next 3-4 years now. Even when Maclin comes back, he should still get 30-40 snaps per game especially in 3 or 4 WR sets. 1,000 yard, 12 touchdown production doesn’t grow on trees.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Coop always been a beast. finally has a QB who trusts him and that trust is paying off in a big way. Way to go to Nick too. keep doing your thing boy.

  • d.j

    Donovans’s attitude, accuracy, mind, or Foles? – Get excited Bitc#$:)!!! Vick naturally slipped into his true roll at his age – back up.

    There’s a winner in town. – B. Ryan

  • d.j

    Funny how simple things get figured out. – double cover jackson? ok.. Cooper one on one? – nice decoys.. Hard to see when your instinct is to run, and have tunnel vision. – its not a fluke that cooper is suddenly getting open, and actually being thrown to. – Jackson, Cooper, Avant (best hands ever) and Macklin? I like those targets. and next season? so will Foles. – GET JACKED BITC#$%;)!!!

  • d.j

    4″ taller and 30 lbs more than your average corner? – Hello my name is Riley Cooper. I can catch, and bench press a Fiat.. nice to meet you, see you in the end zone.