Not Canton-Worthy, But Foles Gets Job Done

USATSI_7545606_168380503_lowresGREEN BAY, Wisc. — Last week’s gem was about precision and command. Sunday’s outing was more about good fortune, timely throws and quality play from his supporting cast. Nick Foles‘ day wasn’t Canton-worthy, but it was good enough for the Eagles to leave Lambeau Field with a 27-13 win.

Foles ended 12-of-18 for 228 yards with three touchdowns, no interceptions and a 149.3 quarterback rating. He was aided by a productive run game (LeSean McCoy went off for 155 yards on 25 carries) and a defense that proved stingy for the sixth consecutive week. The last time an opponent scored more than 21 points against the Eagles was back on September 9 in Denver.

The football gods (which I would imagine make Lambeau their home) were on Foles’ side from the start. That  was evident when an underthrown ball into double coverage resulted in a 55-yard DeSean Jackson touchdown. Both Tramon Williams and Morgan Burnett were in position to make a play on the ball but the ball instead was tipped up in the air and into the waiting arms of Jackson, who leisurely strolled in for the score.

“I just happened to get a bounce and have it fall my way, man,” said Jackson. “I guess I’m the lucky one…Nick does a good job of just giving us opportunities to catch the ball and make big plays.”

The advantage was extended to 14 early in the third quarter on a 45-yard TD throw from Foles to Riley Cooper. The pass was underthrown and wide, but Cooper adjusted his route, dove and snatched the ball right before it hit the turf. Foles said afterwards the ball placement was by design.

“I could tell the ball, coming off Foles’ hands, was going to be a little short,” said Cooper, “so I just had to adjust to it. Just go get it.”

Later, Cooper made an inside-out cut that froze Burnett, and Foles zipped it out for a 32-yard score. Earlier that drive, Foles made a dangerous pass across the middle that somehow made its way past a defender and into the hands of Jason Avant.

He didn’t rack up the kind of style points that he accumulated in Oakland during his seven-touchdown performance. Then again, this outing was in wind-swept Green Bay, where style points aren’t always easy to come by. Bottom line, he got the job done.

The second-year QB now has 16 touchdowns on the year and has yet to throw a pick. That ties him with Milt Plum (16 in 1960) for the second most touchdowns to start a season without an interception, according to the Eagles. Peyton Manning had 20 without an INT to start this year.

“I think Nick does a great job of protecting the football,”said Chip Kelly. “He doesn’t really make egregious mistakes out there…I think he has a good grasp and command of what we’re doing, and I feel real comfortable right now with him.”

Michael Vick told Derrick Gunn prior to the game that he suffered a slight tear in his hamstring when he re-injured it against New York. Chances are, Kelly won’t have to address the “what if they’re both healthy?” question until after the bye. The more Foles produces, the easier Kelly’s decision becomes.

“He did a really nice job,” said Kelly. “They showed us a lot of man coverage, and one of the things you have to be able to do is throw the ball over top and he did. He took advantage of that.

“Winning on the road is very difficult in this league and we did it again (5-1 now), so we’ll take it.”


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  • DirtyWaters

    “Foles said afterwards the ball placement was by design.” Not sure I totally believe that. The AP writer called him “strong armed Foles”. Not sure about that one either. Either way a win’s a win. Let’s go get one in the Linc now. Go Birds!

    • Andy124

      I think the depth was a little short of where he wanted it, but the location towards the middle of the field was intentional.

      • DirtyWaters

        Call me picky but I think at this level the degree of accuracy should be better than “toward the middle of the field”. I like how he does throw guys open.

        • cliff henny

          he is making cooper look like a legit nfl recr…that has to count for something

          • DirtyWaters

            No doubt. It’ll be good to get him two home starts before the bye without having to look over his shoulder. High hoped for for next week.

          • Justin

            You mean one home game? Our bye is after we play Washington.

          • DirtyWaters

            yeah. for some reason I thought they were off Thanksgiving weekend.

          • Mr. Magee

            Way to go cliff! Too bad I’m only entitled to one ^

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Possible the shadows played tricks on his depth perception? Half the field was in bright sunlight, the other was pretty dark. That does screw with your eyes. Not making excuses, but he made those throws with ease last week. This week you saw the slightest hesitation in his delivery as if he was gauging his deep throws in mid-delivery.

    • ICDogg

      The placement was approximately where he wanted it. He did deliberately throw it short where Cooper could come back to it, but maybe a couple of feet shorter than he intended. That required Cooper to reach further for it than intended.

  • Aussie Eagle

    200 yards rushing, including 38 from the QB – so Vick must have played right?

    • Pennguino

      Nick had 40 yards but the kneel downs…haha
      The 200 yards rushing is because Rodgers was out. If Rodgers had played there is no way Shady goes off like that :/

      • Vick Must Go

        What? When did Rodgers start playing LB?

        • Andy124

          That was total sarcasm my friend. He’s poking fun at those who’ve sworn up and down that the running game doesn’t work without Vick at the helm.

          • Vick Must Go

            I caught Aussie’s comment on Vick. But I didn’t catch Penneguino’s comment.

  • Explorer51

    Good Foles comparison article this morning form Martin Frank at the News Journal; here is a chart that needs to be updated after this afternoon’s game but it is still interesting. We really need to remember that today was only his tenth start:

    Comparing Nick Foles to some of the best QBs through their first 10 NFL starts. Foles will make his 10th start today.
    QB Team Comp-Att Yards TDs INTs
    Nick Foles Eagles 194-321 2,262 15 4
    Aaron Rodgers Packers 205-318 2,351 15 6
    Peyton Manning Colts 209-376 2,189 15 20
    Tom Brady Patriots 193-292 2,036 16 7
    Dan Marino Dolphins 171-285 2,281 22 5
    Drew Brees Chargers 190-309 1,999 12 11
    John Elway Broncos 110-225 1,520 7 10

    • Koala

      Marino was doing that in the 80’s that’d kind of absurd. Gotta love “Top 10 QB of all time” John Elway and his 50% Completions. It’s a wonder he had to come back in all those games.

      • greenblood20

        If you don’t think Elway is a top ten QB you are the one that is absurd. You obviously never watched the man or the teams he was one. How clueless and foolish you sound sitting there acting like some authoritative source of football knowledge and having such an uneducated perspective. The wind I hear must be the wind blowing in and out of your ears…

        • Koala

          Ha wow. Lot’s of college fans here. Truth is his number don’t hold up and he put his teams in a lot of the holes they had to climb out of. He was good at i, don’t get me wrong. But I can name 5 QB’s who are historically better QB’s and given the time could find another 5. He’s not as overated as Brett “I cost my team 3 superbowls at least” Favre and his inability to keep the ball. Then again I also don’t believe in ghosts, bigfoot, or aliens. Your senses LIE. Numbers do not.

          Speaking of uneducated perspective ever read Descartes? interesting read. Probably not though. See ya on the short bus.

          • d.j

            I have studied Descartes. He would have done the math quickly on Elway.. JE = Winner. So much more than stats that make up a winner. – Charlie Sheen aside..

      • EaglePete

        Elway was the best to every play the position imo. Nobody has convinced me otherwise. His athletic skills were outstanding, took teams on his back very far and also won with a good team around him. Not much he didnt do. Best arm by far, dude had a serious gun.

        • Koala

          He didn’t complete 60% of his passes or have a QB rating over 80. So yeah there’s that.

    • d.j

      Nice work 51.. At first i thought all the negativity? was due to the Iphone mentality that society has unconsciously adopted.. Then i was hearing idiotic comments out of the Kennedy crowd – 45 -55.. then it hit me, oh yeah, also ibots. – excellence is never instant..

  • Mr. Magee

    Set aside the stats…. This was not an elite level performance. But you don’t always need exceptional QB play to win in fhe NFL.

  • Kev_H

    Unfortunately, as we all know and are constantly reminded, Foles is no Kaepernick or Luck. Those guys never do anything poorly.

    • Explorer51

      Yeah, Kap today 11/22 90 yds, 4 rushes 16 yds, a pick; Foles vs Dallas (when plenty of folks said his career was over due to the “worst game ever played by a QB”) 11/29 80 yds, 3 rushes 25 yds, no picks.

      • nicksaenz1

        Kaep must not be an NFL qb

        • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

          Definitely just a backup until we see more consistency out of him!

      • aub32

        So we are saying that the Dallas D is the same as the Carolina D? Some of you are so funny.

        • Explorer51

          Carolina D is pretty good this year (with a D-Coordinator booed out of Philly btw) but Kap’s #s are putrid regardless. The point is that every QB has a dreadful game including a guy…Kaepernick…who was pointed to as the future of the NFL just last year. But it’s not just Kaepernick, every QB who has played in the NFL has a horrible day…that’s not funny, it’s just the truth.

          • GEAGLE

            Yes I don’t disagree with a single word you wrote, but to expand on it…these young QBs, kAp,RG3, FOles, Tannahill! Cam, they are all judged unfairly because almost everyone’s oppinion is skewed by their desire for instant gratification, and never factor the human element into the game…

            Traditionally, great QBs are terrible as rookies. Get better in their sophomore seasons, you start to really see who they are in Their 3rd season (should experience some playoff success in this year), and starting the 4th year is when they are really ready to compete for it all….The more they play, the quicker the curve..
            And when you see mobile QBs have instant success as rookies, you almost always see them struggle in their second year when they are asked to handle more responsible of an NFL pocket pro style passer…This is RG3 and Kaps sophomore season of playing time! and like Cam Newton they are struggling in gene it second season…now If they are going to be the real deal they are going to have to rebound in their 3rd season like cam is doing…

            We are all going gaga over FOles but the fact of the matter is he isn’t even close yet to being developed…we are probably seeing about 60% of the player he can grow to be right now…My BET is that we have the coaching in place, that can really help a kid with FOles work ethic develope and reach his full potential, and when that happens two years from how, I expect to have a brilliant QB on our hands…and the kid is proving to this city that he is going to do it WITH or WITHOUT your support!!!!!

            Mcnabb was the 2nd pick in the draft on a horrible team that played a week schedule just like we did…he had way more arm strength than FOles and he used his legs brilliantly in his is first two seasons, yet their is a SERIOUS debate about who was better in his first 6 rookie starts, and who was better in their first 5 sophomore games…All Mcnabb did was hand the ball off to Duece! make plays with his legs and throw the ball to Chad Lewis….
            If people are going to compare young QBs to the instant success of Luck and Wilson(who has been sorrounded by a top NFL Roster from day 1(which is friggin rare for a young QB), then they are going to make SERIOUS MISTAKES in their evaluation!! Easy to support the kid when he is throwing 7TDs…but I think it’s time to support the kid even during the tough times!!!!

            Down vote me, blast me all you want, this kid is going to be the TRUTH with Chip here!! I just KNOW it!!!

          • theedevilsadvocate

            i feel the same way.

        • nicksaenz1

          No, but many people wouldn’t even mention Foles in the same breath as Kaep. Kaep is the NFL media’s second coming, so he shouldn’t be putting up games like that.

      • BleedGreenJames

        To be fair, Carolina’s defense is pushing SEA and KC for the league’s best this year, while Dallas is pushing for the worst in the history of the NFL.

        • Explorer51

          You’re right, Carolina is very good, probably second only to KC, but EJ Manuel put up almost three hundred yards on them and won in his second pro start. My point is that every QB has a horrible game, often caused by a strong D but sometimes it’s just a bad day…and historically that is proven with every QB in the NFL.

          • BleedGreenJames


    • Vick Must Go

      Sarcasm? I hope

      • Justin

        On the day when both of them played terrible, there’s no way it’s not sarcasm.

    • HowboutdemIggles

      Luck threw three picks vs STL and lost by 20 only scoring 8 points. Kaep had a shitty game doing basically what Foles did vs Dallass even worse with a pick.

      • pjcostello

        Actually, they lost by 30. Just sayin’!

    • GEAGLE

      I had the balls to bench luck yesterday for FOles n coop

      • pjcostello

        Nice! I benched Rivers for Foles. :-)

        • GEAGLE

          Dude…..SWEET!!! Lol

  • Brian

    He NEEDS to win at home in week 11, to get everyone behind him. For many reasons, the Redskins game is a must win.

  • theycallmerob

    I do give Foles kudos for airing it out in those conditions; clearly the kickers had trouble with it. If confidence was truly his issue in the DAL game, he seemed over it (for the most part). Made plenty of throws into coverage.

  • nicksaenz1

    Foles intentionally placed that deep ball to Cooper where it was at on purpose. Haha.

    • EaglePete

      well to be fair, it was obvious he led him to the open field. Windy conditions and his arm, it comes up a little short but that probably isnt a lie. Hes throwing it away from the safety towards the middles of the field or further right. I never understand why QBs dont do that more often. So many times they try to get the ball perfectly thrown when it seems like leading the WR to the open area of the field is a better option since their vision is better than a CB running with them.

      I actually think its kind of strange how everyone is nitpicking the throws. You gotta be brave enough to try to make those plays to complete them. On some days though they can turn into a 3 Int performances, its the chance you take, ask Eli aka slingblade.

  • JofreyRice

    This looked more like Foles’ from ’12. Objectively, it looks like it’s got a bit of “throw it up there, and hope for the best” that Eli is famous for. I mean, hey, it kinda worked for him.

    That first TD reminded me of DJacc beating then-Arizona DB DRC to grab a McNabb TD in ’08’s NFCCG.

    • HowboutdemIggles

      Win is a win, efficient football in a windy environment, with a few missed calls also, but this wasn’t the best, but W is what it’s all about.

    • FMWarner

      I was at the 08 NFCCG, and that’s the first thing I thought of, too.

    • Token

      Its at the point where its hard to devalue the production. If his name was RG3 or Russell Wilson they would be building statues of him by now.

      Obviously when you watch every play the production at the end was kind of surprising. He looked hesitant to me. He really has to trust himself more. He says he does, but it doesnt look like that on the field every week.

      I think its a good quality to trust your WR to make a play. Cooper has shown since he has been here he is quite good at adjusting to balls in the air, if anything.

      • nicksaenz1

        As far as trusting himself, he’s still learning defensive looks. Can’t expect him to walk up to a line and within 3 seconds knows the defense like Peyton Manning.

  • Weapon Y

    Foles didn’t play great and had some flaws, but fortunately none were costly. I would think the wind might have had an effect on his passes, possibly keeping the ball as far as it normally would. That’s no excuse. He has to adjust to that factor, but I think he’ll do better if he plays more games in bad conditions. All in all: not bad, not great.


    Considering FOles put up the highest QB rating of ANY opposing QB in the HISTORY of LAMBAEU field, and is now the ONLY QB in the HISTORY of the NFL to have a QBR of 149 or better in consecutive games and is only one of 13 QBs who have had a 149 twice in one season…I would call that HALL of FAME worthy for another week…

    Take FOles first 11 NFL games and go compare them with McNabbs first 6 rookie games, and Mcnabbs first 5 games in I his sophomore season, and then get back to me and tell me what you see..
    THE RAINMAKER is here to end our QB drought!!!

    • Explorer51

      Anyone can go to and check out the career stats for any QB but let’s pick, arguably, four of the best ones playing right now and look at their first year record as a starter: Brady 9-7, P. Manning 3-13, Rodgers 6-10, Brees 8-8. Do you think they were dissected game by game (Jeez, some people here are doing it throw by throw) like Foles by their respective fan bases? Of course we need a larger sample size of his games, and hopefully we will get that; but it does amaze me when folks just can’t accept promising performances and remember that he’s played 10 games!

      • Coatesvillain

        They didn’t live in the social media age. I’m sure people scrutinized all of them.

        • Explorer51

          Excellent point…they were likely all heavily scrutinized but the compliment/complaint venue was your favorite bar with your boys. Strangers…like you, me and everyone on 24/7…didn’t swap opinions on a regular basis.

  • #7

    The Football Gods. I guess I’m a trendsetter on here. I did a post on this exact topic and got hammered for it lol.

    You have to admit, those of you that went at me as a “Hater” this does appear to be a coincidence. Everything….. EVERYTHING is going right for Nick Foles and he’s taking advantage of it