Observations: Eagles 49, Raiders 20

foles_400_110313Here’s what we saw during today’s Eagles-Raiders game.


* The question coming in was: How would Nick Foles rebound from his disastrous performance two weeks ago against the Cowboys? Even Foles’ biggest supporters could have never imagined he would come back with one of the best statistical performances in NFL history. Foles completed 22 of 28 passes for 406 yards and tied an NFL record with seven touchdowns. The Eagles routed the Raiders, 49-20, for their fourth win of the season.

* The fireworks started early. Foles hit Riley Cooper on a screen that went for 42 yards on the Eagles’ first possession. He then found Jeff Maehl for 20 yards over the middle and connected with Brent Celek for a touchdown from 2 yards out. Foles completed balls to six different receivers on the Eagles’ first possession.

* On the second possession, the Eagles got Bryce Brown going. Brown ran seven times for 54 yards, easily his best showing of the season. Foles then made a beautiful throw to Cooper for a 17-yard touchdown down the left sideline.

* On the third touchdown, Foles launched a 63-yard bomb to Cooper, who finished with five catches for 139 yards and three touchdowns.

* Foles found Zach Ertz for a 2-yard score in the second quarter. It was the rookie’s first career touchdown. Celek took a screen 24 yards for the big play on the drive. Foles also hit DeSean Jackson for a 17-yard completion on 3rd-and-16.

* The Eagles had the Raiders on the ropes in the second half. Foles motioned LeSean McCoy out wide and then swung a pass to him for a 25-yard touchdown. Oakland somehow did not account for McCoy on the play.

* Then it was Jackson’s turn. The Eagles’ speedy receiver left cornerback Mike Jenkins on the ground and got free for a 46-yard touchdown down the right sideline.

* Later, Foles found Jackson for a 59-yard bomb and then connected with Cooper for his third score – this one from 5 yards out. On the touchdown, Foles bought some time as Cooper got open in the back of the end zone.

* McCoy had 12 carries for 44 yards.

* The Eagles’ offensive line did a great job. And when Foles did face pressure, he did an excellent job of buying time and keeping his eyes downfield.

* The Eagles had managed just three points in their previous two games, but exploded for seven TDs in this one. Matt Barkley came into the game with about nine minutes left in the game.


* The Eagles’ defense held up well for the most part, allowing two touchdowns (one late with the game out of hand) and a pair of field goals. Terrelle Pryor made plays with his legs, running 10 times for 94 yards, and Rashad Jennings had 102 yards on 15 carries, but Oakland was stuck on 13 points until there was just 52 seconds on the clock.

* Darren McFadden suffered an injury in the first half and finished with just 12 yards on five carries.

* Trent Cole got his first sack of the season in the first quarter and pressured Pryor on multiple occasions. This was the best he’s looked from a pass-rushing standpoint all season.

* The Eagles’ defensive front as a whole did a good job of pressuring Pryor. Mychal Kendricks and Vinny Curry also had sacks. Curry provided pressure throughout. The defense also came up with a pair of turnovers. Bradley Fletcher had an interception in the second half, and so did Connor Barwin.

* In the first half, Kendricks had some trouble containing Pryor, and the Eagles got burned by a few blitzes.

* Pryor completed 22 of 41 passes for 288 yards, no TDs and a pair of picks. He left the game in the fourth quarter with an injury.

* Cedric Thornton nearly sacked Pryor for a safety early on, but the QB escaped and found a receiver downfield for 27 yards.

* The Raiders’ biggest play of the half was a 66-yard completion to Rod Streater on a shallow crossing route. Great hustle by Nate Allen and Brandon Boykin on the play, keeping Streater out of the end zone. Oakland ended up settling for a field goal on the drive.

* Earl Wolff was effective as a blitzer. He had a batted pass on one play and forced an intentional grounding on another.

* DeMeco Ryans had 11 tackles, and Kendricks added 10.

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  • Richard Colton

    Chip just needs the gentle breeze of the North Pacific Ocean. Problem solved.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Add some Dr. Dre to the mix, perfect

  • dislikedisqus

    Well, at least one team hasn’t solved Chip Kelly’s offense.

  • Good game. Lord knows we needed this win with Dallas and Redskins winning today.

    • Andy124

      So, like, was it good, or one of the best ever?

      • Vick Must Go

        One of the best ever.

      • RIP illa

        Kinda amazing that he had a historical low point and high point, all of his young career..in the same year.

        • Andy124

          In consecutive starts no less. Note, asking question, not implying answer: Are we not making enough of his lack of turnovers in that godawful game? Sure it was ugly, but it’s not like he threw 4 or 5 picks. Can it be the ugliest game, without being the worst?

          • RIP illa

            Good question. Wish I could let it sit w/o an answer but I can’t. I would say that depends on the type of picks, ie, off of receivers hands and fluke plays, and also the situation(s) and implication(s) for the team at the time that game is played. Yet until Foles has a game as such, the Dallas game stands as his god awful worst.

          • FMWarner

            I think that game was a lot uglier watching it than in the stats. He just didn’t look right. Really inaccurate, slow, like he was hungover or something. I keep thinking he must have gotten dinged a lot earlier in that game.

          • pjcostello

            Second play of the game, he did… no one’s talking about it, but he was sacked for a 9-yard loss, and never looked right after that. My guess is that he was concussed on that play, and the one later in the third quarter merely exacerbated the condition to where he couldn’t hide it from the coaches any longer.

    • #7

      BBaS get ready for the assault lol. They coming for you

  • Will

    Foles is Fantastic…

    • GEAGLE

      Just as I promised :)


    So…what do you guys think about Nick FOles and this young defense now?

    “FOles will get C oop involved because he knows how to use him”

    Keep talking about 1st round QBs… Lol :)

    • RIP illa

      I’m not sure if you’ll remember, w/ the sheer frequency and volume you post, but didn’t you have a post on the other site claiming something akin to, how Foles was a big question mark and that you weren’t on his bandwagon??? That was after posting over here about how he was your boy Folesy and whatnot. So now your back on his jock (no malice)??? Sounds like you we’re doing some serious hedging, homey!!!

      So don’t come over here like you knew this was gonna happen all along, cause nobody did!!! W/ that being said. Yes you were all about this D from the start and they’re living up to your billing. And yeah, as long as Foles doesn’t pull another Dallas type game, I think we don’t have to worry bout using that 1st on a QB. So that could mean your boy Barr. And if Coop keeps this up then we won’t have to spend it on Evans either.

      • GEAGLE

        Funny,…head over to the “other site” right now. Scroll down and count the “props to GEAGLE” posts…HI hater!!!!

        • RIP illa

          I told you bout replying to me like you’re a 12 year old before!!!
          Anyway I already gave you your credit where it was due and will continue to call you on your BS, if you should continue. Props on the other site means nothing to me and doesn’t negate the fact of what your past posts were.

          • Jerry Pomroy

            If memory suits me correctly, his post said something along the lines of not riding the Foles bandwagon & not saying Foles was the answer, just wanting them to give him a shot to prove himself either way. But this came after months & months of being the campaign manager for the “Nick for President” campaign (relax G, just having fun with yah).

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      lol 1 great game and hes the future. Hes going to get the opportunity to finish out the year and we’ll see if hes the future then. But the touch on that long ball was impressive for how much even I criticized him for being a dink and dunk.


    Poor raiders had to suffer because all the media blowhards talked crap about Chips offense in the NFL and his young QB…

    • RIP illa

      If that’s what it took for Chip to make some adjustments and bring back the tempo then…let them talk and dog out his O every week before a game!!!

    • OregonEagle

      Chip’s not one for wasting time. I don’t think he reads the sports page or watches much TV during the season.

  • RIP illa

    We gotta sure up our backed of the D!!! We have no CB depth and too many Safeties that are only good at ST. Fletch now has a pec injury, hope it’s not torn. He’s played hard for us. If that means Boykin moves to the outside, don’t completely trust him there, then we’re weak at the slot. If he stays in the slot, then it’s Roc on the outside and we’re weak on the outside!!!

    We worked out a guy this weak but he’s beyond small and beyond slow. Surprised the FO hasn’t been more aggressive in this department since both Fletch and Chung have a history of injury problems.

    Not really excited by any names on the street at CB but would really like to see Burley activated and see if the kid has anything to him. He’s small but fast as hell and I would love to see if we are actually signing guys to the PS w/ actual hope of them being developed!!!

    • BlindChow

      Hey, I hear Nnamdi might be getting cut… He’s on our payroll this year anyway, right?

      • #7

        Dude fell off FAST

      • RIP illa

        HELL NO!!!
        Not just for the tainted image that he brings, nor his lackluster play, but I seriously think that it could be a locker room problem between him and C-Will. I think Cary would try and kill him for his blown assignments and softer than Charmin play.

  • G_WallyHunter

    How refeshing was that?


  • Soybot

    Hilarious after all of the terrible columnists this week trashing Chip. This is the team I’ve been expecting all year.

    • #7

      lol yeah ok

    • southy

      Can’t wait for the Grantland write-up.

  • #7

    Got to give Foles credit this guy balled out. I don’t know if the Raiders sucked this bad or not but it doesn’t matter.

    Foles is the starter for the season and there’s no arguing that anymore. He made the most of his chance and he earned the job and that’s what I like. Vick earned the job and I supported him. As long as a player earns it on the field I’m good and at the end of the day I want the Eagles to win.

    Problem is, Foles hasn’t been exactly durable either so we may see Vick again in a playoff chase and Vick can win.

    Could this be from Chip making the adjustments we’ve been screaming for the last couple of weeks? Seems that way. Kudos to the team.

    • BlindChow

      Chip just had the QB start completing his passes. Who knew?

    • Dutch

      Foles was poised in the pocket and wasted no motion in moving away from pressure while keeping his eyes down field.But God, those instances where he had to run were god awful, lets just hope he does not have to run or pull off many boot legs. He’s definitely a fish out of water tucking the ball and running. Chip helped with his play calling and getting guys open against coverage.

      Hodge and King seems to have put their foot in their mouths dissing Kelly’s offense last week and Oakland had a legitimate No.6 Defense.

      • Vick Must Go

        Who cares how he runs? Dear god!?!?!

        • Dutch

          Isn’t that what got Foles knocked into a concussion last game he played, the inability to out run defensive linemen collapsing the pocket? He’s proven to be kind of fragile so avoiding useless contact should be a priority.

          • Vick Must Go

            Is that a serious question? Did you even watch the game. Foles escaped the pocket just fine. Outran all the DL to the sideline. But held the ball instead of throwing it away.

          • Jernst

            Proven to be kinda fragile? He missed 1 game due to a concussion.

    • Vick Must Go

      Shouldn’t you change your name to #9?

      • #7

        Nope won’t do that

        • Kev_H

          7 TDs?

  • BlindChow

    14.5 yards per attempt. Oh yeah…

  • Dutch

    the kid looked like a totally different qb today. Stunning performance. Almost like he’s still unconscious from the concussion. The Raiders is a good defense, very good defense and the Offensive Line handled them and gave Foles plenty of time and space to exploit opportunities down field. The Eagles totally wore out the Raiders rookie defensive back.

    Great game, now if he has the consistency to repeat this kind of effort is the question.

  • RIP illa

    Can’t say enough about Chip’s play calling and tempo in today’s game! This is what this team has been sorely missing for the last 2 months. It also helps that Foles played lights out from the start. So thankful that the running game had more to it than just stretches, although their were a number of them. I would love to see Chip throw in some more formations and make the TE’s featured a little more, but can completely understand, that w/ the team playing out of it’s mind today, that he didn’t. If it ain’t broke!!!
    Davis and the D…Excellent. Cox was great, Allen was good, Wolff was stepping up, Barwin was stout, Thorton, Chung, C-Will, the list goes on. Even proud a Kendrick’s who was coming off a monster game and had the most difficult assignment on the field. Was so down on them at the start but they are coming together nicely and having lessened the amount of resources we need to apply to that side of the ball from the Draft. Hope they keep it up throughout the year.

    • Dutch

      Wolff is playing better every week, making plays and showing some consistency. It is going to get hard to pull that kid off the field.

      • RIP illa

        Yeah I see it. Not ready to put all my chips in on him yet but I definitely see some signs of life.

      • Uncle Carm

        And I never thought I’d say this, but Nate Allen is starting to come around. He showed good attack and closing speed on one Pryor scramble where it looked like he had a lot of field until Allen showed up. Excuse while I choke down this crow….

        • southy

          You’re well within reason to hold off on the crow a few more games with Allen. He’s got a couple of godawful seasons to make up for.

          • Joe from Easton

            Allen had an excellent rookie season (marred by injury in week 13 I think). Then he had two defensive coordinators (one of whom was an oline coach) in two years while playing for a BAD team. I really only started to get down on him in the first few weeks of this season, but he’s been playing very well the last few weeks.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    The line looked great and the QB wasn’t too shabby either. Good game by the D as well, it’s a pain in the ass chasing a guy like Pryor all day.

  • JofreyRice

    that was crazy

  • Jerry Pomroy

    I recorded the game & watched it last night. A few things stood out besides of course Nick throwing for 7TDs & 400+yds. I’ll need to rewatch to confirm.

    It looked like we saw more of the “spread” up-tempo using 12 personnel & much less read-option on offense. I also noticed the O-line was lining up in a wing/arrow formation, whatever you want to call it, where they looked to be changing up from run first blocking to more pass protect & creating a natural pocket for Foles to work with.

    So while they may say that the play calls were much of the same, it’s clear that the strategy (much less read-option) & O-line formations/blocking schemes were not & more suited to Foles strengths.

  • Scott J

    Theres not much talk about the fast pace of the offense. We haven’t seen it sustained like that for a while.