What They’re Saying About the Eagles

kelly_940_102313Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles this week.

Grantland’s Bill Barnwell lists Chip Kelly’s decision to kick a 60-yard field goal as one of the three worst coaching moves of Week 7:

You could piece the logic together for this one for a team like the Raiders, but not here. Henery doesn’t have the sort of leg to boot a 60-yarder. A likely miss gives Dallas excellent field position to try for a field goal of its own after a couple of completions, which is almost exactly what happened. Punting basically ends the half. Why, with one of the best offenses in football, didn’t Kelly try to pick up one yard? Even a failed conversion attempt gives Dallas the ball back with worse field position than a missed field goal would. If the Eagles can convert with a short run or a pass play, they can call timeout and end the half with a closer kick; the odds of Henery hitting even a 52- or 53-yard field goal are much better than they are a 60-yard one. Kelly knows that, and maybe he attempts the conversion with Michael Vick in the lineup. In any case, though, Henery’s field goal try was the worst of both worlds.

Those of you who checked out the first edition of Zone Read know I didn’t understand this decision either.

The Eagles fell two spots to No. 19 in ESPN.com’s power rankings:

Nick Foles may have won the starting job for Michael Vick after Sunday’s performance. Foles is now 2-6 career as a starter, with both wins coming against the Bucs.

Andrew Sharp of Grantland attempts to write the worst sports column on earth. The topic? Chump Kelly.

Did you see the game Sunday? The one when the Eagles got embarrassed at home against the hated Dallas Cowboys? That was a genius on the Philadelphia sideline. A celebrity. A rock star. The guy who promised us 10 touchdowns before you could blink. But there he was Sunday, staring into the distance while his high-powered offense scored three points in 60 minutes. Chip? What a chump.

Before you go e-mailing the author, please realize this is a satire. With some of the stuff out there, it can be difficult to tell these days.

Peter Bukowski of SI.com names Matt Barkley in his “bad” section of the Rookie Watch list:

You can’t be too hard on a quarterback forced into action due to injury in a game against the division leader. That being said, Barkley threw three interceptions and at least two more that could — and probably should — have been intercepted. As you’d expect, he looked tentative and unsure of his reads and was unable to make use of Chip Kelly’s trademark pace. Luckily for the Eagles, Michael Vick should be back in action soon, but Barkley didn’t do himself any favors in the race to be Philly’s starter in 2014 and beyond.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Eagles 19th in his power rankings:

A wonderful effort by Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis’ unit was ruined by quarterback play. This tweet from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Charean Williams pretty much sums up what transpired at the Linc on Sunday:

“Foles was bad. Barkley was worse.”

Brian Billick of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 21st:

Do you think the Eagles will have another Vick/Foles joint press conference to now name Vick as the starter? At least we can rule out Matt Barkley as a viable option.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 17th:

It’s time to go back to Mike Vick. Even if Nick Foles is healthy, he isn’t the answer.

Pat Kirwan of CBSSports.com has them 25th:

A week ago, the speculation was that it was time for Nick Foles to be the permanent starter. But he suffered a concussion vs. the Cowboys and probably heading to the bench in favor of Mike Vick.

Four quarterbacks were worse than Nick Foles last week, according to Football Outsiders:

Foles’ performance his last six drives went like this: 6-yard completion; four incompletions in a row; 16-yard completion; sack; completions for 12 and 9 yards; eight incompletions in a row (!!!); sack, injury, game over.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the Eagles 18th:

Matt Barkley is the answer, if the question is “who can throw three interceptions?”

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    Unbearable reading these comments

  • Adam

    I witnessed the train wreck that was Barkley live, and man, it was painful. He’s not even remotely an answer any time soon. It was like he was throwing a balloon out there.

    • Shane Brown

      I agree he played terrible, but the situation he was thrown into wasn’t very welcoming either. His vision just seemed terrible though. There was at least three times where he didn’t see the linebacker and two of those times he was picked, although the one was called back by a penalty. Although i would like to see him in a game where he has a week to prepare as the starter, this performance did not make me feel comfortable about him at all.

      • Weapon Y

        If he’s going to be “the guy,” he’s got to be able to deal with tough situations. You do rate rookies with a curve, but they have to at least meet some baseline. That’s nowhere near as good as he needed to be.

        • anon

          He’s third string. Buuuuut — that third stringer in Texas played KC pretty tough so maybe no excuses.

      • defroe81

        again foles was thrown into the same situation last year against the same team and in dallas with no line and no weapons and i say performed way better than barkely. lets not talk about that though poor barkley…

    • Shane Brown

      That performance makes Kafka look like Brady

    • knighn

      He’s a better prospect than Nick Foles – Dutch told us so. Dutch also told us that we can tell what a QB is going to be by his early games, so… apparently Matt Barkley is going to keep throwing 3 to 4 interceptions out of every 20 attempts but be absolutely amazing on those other 16 to 17 throws. Can’t wait to see it. Dutch is never wrong – he’s been watching football for a long time and he sees how it is.

      • Dutch

        That definitely applies to Nick Foles, you got nothing down the pike.

        Barkley was put into a much tougher position Sunday and proved he’s going to be much more successful than Foles. For one Barkley never flinched in the face of that rush and floated around that pocket even though he had a rough going he never hesitated to go down field to try and rally his team. It’s obvious he was distracted by the speed of the defenders to close on his passes. But the bottom line is safe was not his option of attack.

        Foles on the other hand, as scared stiff and refused to throw the ball into the teeth of the defense, he challenged nobody and just folded up.

        Foles went from being the potential starter for the rest of the year to a laughing stock.

        • knighn

          So… once again, according to your prevailing theory (“What you see is what you get with young QBs”), we can see that Matt Barkley is going to continue to be a weak-armed, interception-prone QB, but he will throw those floating passes and interceptions without any fear or flinching? Is that about right?

          And how was Foles ever a potential starter, when, according to you, his ceiling was backup, and that should have been obvious to a bright football mind like Chip Kelly?

        • knighn

          Oh, and once again: if Matt Barkley was truly a better option than Nick Foles from the start, why was he not even an afterthought in the QB competition this summer?

        • defroe81

          na foles was thrown into a much tougher situation last year same team no line no weapons and in dallas but sure…. poor poor barkely…

  • Andy124

    Four quarterbacks were worse than Nick Foles last week,

    • Richard Colton

      seven, if you include high school and Pop Warner

      • biteme

        good one

    • bentheimmigrant

      No turnovers probably helped. Though I keep seeing people describing it as “historically bad”… does no one remember Eli scoring 21 points for the Vikings a few years back?

      • defroe81

        foles had a bad game foles gets ripped barkely is who they want because they know barkley has no chance in hell of taking the job away from vick. foles on the other hand did have a chance and still does IMO which is why they want him out the way soooo bad. they more stinky barely goes out and plays the more people will want vick and these posters know that.

    • jabostick

      They must’ve included Peter king and Gregg Easterbrook

  • Shane Brown

    Thanks for not posting any Phil Sheridan articles. He is terrible and doesn’t deserve to write about this team.

    • Loke1988

      He must just hurt your feelings because he is by far one of the best. Way better than this dribble.

      • evanphilly

        Sheridan is the biggest Reid apologist and has a vendetta against this organization for letting him go.

        • Loke1988

          You should maybe try reading and comprehension. Either that or we are not talking about the same guy.

      • borntosuffer

        Yo, “dribble” user. I think you mean “drivel”. Also, I disagree as I find this site easily has the best information on the Eagles.

        Dribble vs. drivel

        One definition of drivel is senseless talk or content. Dribble’s main noun definition, outside sports, is a small, unsteady stream. The words almost converge where drivel, in a secondary sense,means to slobber or drool (drool being a sort of small, unsteady stream), and this perhaps has something to do with dribble sometimes being used in place of drivel in the senseless talk sense.

        • Guest

          Who do you think is currently the best driveller in the NBA?

        • djack10

          I love using a drivel drill for small crafts and stuff.

      • jabostick

        Who do you think is a better driveller – Kyrie Irving or Derrick Rose?

      • SoCalEaglesFan

        agreed. Sheridan isn’t buying what the Eagles PR staff is selling. Like him a lot.

  • Uncle Carm

    I’m making a little bit different read on the Barkley performance. He could have gone out there and been safe and deliberate, and we would have lost the game. Or he could go out there, try to make something happen, and have a chance at a great comeback. He took the chances (and regrettably failed miserably) and we lost the game anyway. He probably hasn’t had any real reps since the preseason so we really should not be too hard on that performance. I did think his arm looked stronger.

    • aub32

      He looks to have some potential. Maybe in 2 or 3 years down the line we will see something. I would keep him on the team over Foles going forward, if we decide to go QB early in the draft.

      • Basscase

        I’ll give Barkley the (somewhat) benefit of the doubt, since the Vick/Foles battle lowered his playing time, and Dallas was feeling very confident the closer the game got to :00. Still, yeargh.

        • aub32

          It was bad, but he at least had the confidence to keep throwing despite his first pass having been a pick 6 if not called back. I can think of another QB in this division who has that kind of confidence in this divsion that still to this day has weekly amnesia and two rings to help him forget all about his mistakes.

          • anon

            Yeah but they weren’t even picks b/c he was getting hit or had pressure — they were just bad throws. Wish there was a way he could get some experience not in an actual game. But yeah he was in a tough position.

          • Dutch

            Another good sign, Barkley was nailed a couple times, and I didn’t notice a flinch next time standing in the pocket. So bodies flying by him in the pocket didn’t seem to unnerve him.

          • ACViking

            2nd pass.

          • Dutch

            He definitely did not suffer from lingering doubts. That’s a good thing. Short memory for a Quarterback in the NFL is a requirement.

      • defroe81

        whats the diff between him and foles. foles came in last year due to vick injury against the same team as a rookie and yall ripped him apart. is it that no one is even talking about barkley taking vicks job? and even last year many people were wanting foles even as a rookie over vick… yeap no bias on these boards…

    • Eagles4Life

      Arm wasn’t an absolute noodle like people have said, and I definitely respect him going in and actually trying to make something happen. The reads he was making though…GOOD GRIEF.

      • Dutch

        The Game proved to be much faster than he though and there’s nothing like facing that speed on defense unless you practice like that and the Eagles don’t practice at full speed.

    • evanphilly

      I’m not going to rip Barkley like some people have. I still want to see him operate a game from start to finish, not come in during a losing situation and be forced to throw the ball on almost every down.

      • defroe81

        ill rip him havent seen anything not even in the preseason that has changed my mind about the 4th round pick…

    • Dutch

      Well thought out and realistic reply. I think the kid should start this week, why take a chance with Vick injuring his hammy? If Foles isn’t ready and it looks like he’s a wash, there aren’t any other options than Barkley.

      • Mr. Magee

        I’m with you on this one Dutch… I think Barkley looked horrible – bad reads and (more concerning) no zip on the ball – but I don’t see why he hasn’t gotten more consideration for a couple starts here. Nothing to lose. And if Barkley is in needs of so much work that he has to be hidden on the roster at this point, then I expect him to be let go at the end of the season.
        Hey Chip: Let’s stop being so conservative with the roster – start using the word “rebuilding” and let’s figure out what we have!!!

  • Will

    Brutal just kick Foles when he is down….Barkley is the answer if the question is who can throw 3 picks just brutal but true…Vick should be back still really concerned his hammy won’t hold up when Vick runs…we shall see…

    • defroe81

      ill take foles over barkely for sure why doesnt anyone look back to last season when foles was thrown into the same situation and see how every single vick loyalist here ripped him apart but wont rip barkley apart…

  • RaiderDebo

    Pat Kirwan is a smart guy, but his comment was lame. He made it sound like the only reason Vick will get his job back (he never lost it n the first place) is because Foles is hurt. Vick = most disrespected QB in the NFL.

    • Brandon Roerick

      I agree. Vick is completely underrated.

  • anon

    I like how ESPN didn’t bother to change their analysis from last week.

  • Bird of Prey

    Pat Kirwan aside, these guys are the biggest Band wagon jumpers since Howard Eskin. If you look at their articles last week, they were anointing Foles as the next Andrew Luck. He’s still basically a rookie, who looked like one. Just like Geno Smith of the Jets. We need to get a QB in the draft, and there are a few good ones coming up. Trade up, and get who we need. This is where Howie is going to make it or not.