Week 7: Eagles Snap Count Analysis


Here’s a look at how Chip Kelly and his staff divvied up playing time Sunday against the Cowboys.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
LeSean McCoy7594%
Bryce Brown810%

Bryce Brown spelled LeSean McCoy less than usual. This was the fewest (eight snaps) Brown has played all year and the most McCoy (75 snaps) has played. McCoy struggled to get going with 18 carries for 55 yards. Brown had two rushes for 4 yards. He’s had a disappointing season with 99 yards on 35 carries (2.8 YPC). Brown has not had a run of over 9 yards.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
DeSean Jackson7999%
Jason Avant7695%
Riley Cooper6784%
Brent Celek5569%
Zach Ertz2329%
Jeff Maehl1519%
Damaris Johnson22%

The Eagles’ passing game was horrendous. DeSean Jackson played all but one snap (ankle), but had just three catches for 21 yards on eight targets. Riley Cooper was the team’s leading receiver with six grabs for 88 yards.

Prior to Sunday, Zach Ertz’s snaps had increased in four straight games. But he was on the field just 29 percent of the time vs. Dallas and had three catches for 33 yards. Brent Celek had one catch for 9 yards on four targets. Nick Foles had him open on a corner route in the first half, but overthrew him.

Jason Avant played a season-high 76 snaps. He was targeted 12 times and had three grabs for 32 yards.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
Fletcher Cox5977%
Cedric Thornton4761%
Vinny Curry2634%
Isaac Sopoaga2431%
Bennie Logan2127%
Clifton Geathers1114%

Vinny Curry’s snaps have increased in five straight games. He played a season-high 26 snaps vs. Dallas and had one of the team’s two sacks.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
DeMeco Ryans77100%
Mychal Kendricks77100%
Connor Barwin77100%
Trent Cole5977%
Brandon Graham1823%

DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks and Connor Barwin each played 100 percent of the snaps. Trent Cole was replaced by Brandon Graham at times. Graham played 23 percent of the snaps.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
Nate Allen77100%
Cary Williams77100%
Bradley Fletcher77100%
Earl Wolff7395%
Brandon Boykin4356%
Kurt Coleman45%

Nate Allen, Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams all played the whole game. Earl Wolff got banged-up after a collision with Dez Bryant, but only missed four snaps.

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  • jabostick

    I’m looking forward to the Defense review this week. Maybe it’s being overshadowed by all the QB drama but there’s hasn’t been a lot of Allen and Wolff being mentioned during these past two games (which I take as a good thing). Could our Safety duo’s have made an exploding leap up to ‘serviceable’?

    *knocking on every piece of wood I can find*

    • morgan c

      Wolff has been improving. He is already better than Nate Allen. I guess Allen has “improved” too, but watching the games, it looks more like he just has nothing to do with the play (good or bad). He is just so terrible, it’s almost sad. This guy looked to be a future stalwart in his first month of games as a rookie, but has regressed to beyond bad. Truly puzzling.

      It honestly boggles my mind that we haven’t turned to Colt Anderson or really just anyone else.

      • JofreyRice

        I think they know what they have in Colt Anderson. He’s not a safety, either. He’s just a special teams player.

    • Kevin

      Speaking of Safeties, Wolff may make rookie mistakes, but finally a Safety laid a nice hit on a WR. He could definitely turn into a good NFL safety.

      • Richard Colton

        and just about knocked himself out in the process. Wolff had a nice game – I’m 99% done with Allen. Need to upgrade the position (he said every year since 2009)

        • Token

          I think the days of looking for a hard hitting safety are over.

          They will get fined weekly and penalized. And, as is the case here, will likely injure themselves in the process. Theres just a bunch of monster WRs and TEs out there now.

          What you want is a guy who can cover, has good instincts, some ball skills and makes the sure tackle. Safeties are so hard to come by you just want the good ones to stay healthy. Let LBs set the tone in the hitting department.

          • Richard Colton

            you’re a Kenny Vaccaro fan, correct? he’s a pretty hard hitter from what I can tell. Wouldn’t mind someone like him patrolling the back line.

          • Token

            Yep he can hit. But he can also does all that other stuff.

            I guess my point….

            A guy like Chung for example. Cant cover me or you. But can hit, play in the box. Thats really the only thing hes kind decent at.
            Just dont think thats what you want. You flat out have to be able to cover. Being a big hitter is far down on my list of qualities in a safety at this point in time. Remember Michael Lewis? He was another one of those guys.

            Hopefully Wolff isnt in that mold, going by college tape he isnt very instinctual or very good in coverage. But I thought he had good moments in coverage last week or the week before. Hes got it athletically. Can he improve mentally will be the key. Certainly should be given a chance over Chung or Allen when all 3 are healthy.

          • anon

            Chung can play the slot. But he’s got injury problems. I think Nate + Earl is fine. Theyve played well the last couple of games at least to the point where no one is blatantly complaining about them.

            We held (literally and figuratively) Dez to 88 yds no TDs — anyone think we do that?

          • Token

            Chung has never been a good cover guy. Basically another wasted check Lurie had to write.

          • cliff henny

            guy just was a plug in since he knew kelly’s scheme. takes horrible angles, but hopefully will be 3rd safety next yr, special teams ace. another contract Eagles can easily get out from under, wouldnt lose sleep if he was upgraded, like about 9 other positions

          • Basscase

            Buddy of mine (who follows the Patriots closely) gave me his opinion of Patrick Chung: he’s very, very bad, and you would have to be very bad to be benched on the worst secondary in football.

            Every time he’s not on the field, the defense improves.

          • JofreyRice

            Dez went for 110, and drew the PI in the endzone that set up the 1 yard TD run for Tanner. He’s a good receiver, so he’s gonna get something, but I can’t really claim that was a victorious performance.

            I can’t agree about the S’s. I don’t want the Patriots trash to be our treasure.

      • Dutch

        Old school tax collecting. There may be a cost again for crossing the middle of the Eagles defense. That kid brought a sledge hammer yesterday.

  • Token

    You know, I dont think Johnson is some great player.

    But 2 snaps? Seems like hes better than that. Hes a terrible returner. But that doesnt mean hes a awful WR.

    Just feels like one of those guys we will let go and then he will go become some teams nice shifty slot guy. Maybe like a Danny Woodhead in the passing game. I dunno. Maybe im overvaluing him.

    • JofreyRice

      He’s done more in the NFL than Maehl, who dropped every ball they threw at him yesterday.

      • distantfires

        As with Celek, who drops passes at the most inopportune times every week.

      • Token

        Yea but Oregon.

        Hopefully that Oregon connection actually plays into our favor at some point and I dont mean on bums that fill out the bottom of the roster.

        Mariota watch has officially begun.

        Saturday 7pm vs UCLA
        11/7/13 9pm at Stanford

        • cliff henny

          welcome to the watch, couple of us have been on it since 1/20

          • Token

            Ill be watching closely these next two games and I think they will tell a lot. The leadership quality though. That counts in tight games.

          • anon

            Less high on Mariota, looks good against awful teams. If they make the national championship it’ll be interesting to see if he can play against teams with talent.

          • Token

            Well he plays two pretty good teams in the next two games. UCLA and Stanford. @ Stanford. Lets see how he does.

          • cliff henny

            dont forget my dark horse…Manziel. guy is growing on me. he’s putting up monster numbers against SEC defenses. plenty of nfl talent he’s lighting up. not sure if he’s leaped hundley yet, that boy is a horse, but he’s closing the gap.

          • Token

            Tebow put numbers up too in college. Next time you sit down to watch him just keep asking yourself, would this play work in the NFL? Most of the time the answer is no.

            And hes no Russell Wilson. That guy is built and thick. Johnny would get snapped in half.

          • Dutch

            Hundley, nor is Bridgewater playing the same level of competition in their conferences as Manziel. The question comes down to whether Teddy and Hundley are cool under the rush of a 320 lb nose tackle that runs a 4.8 40?

            We know Manziel does he shows us week in and week out.

          • Token

            I wouldnt say hes cool under the rush. He runs from the pocket at the first sign of pressure. Can he STAY IN the pocket and deliver the ball with a guy diving at his chest? Thats a much more important question to answer for a NFL QB Prospect.

            In the bowl game last year Teddy got destroyed on like the first play. Then was a beast the rest of the way. Hes #1 overall. Not shot at him anyway.

            Hundley was dreadful last week. Curious to see how he bounces back.

            I still am just of the opinion that people watch Manziel and arent thinking about it as, can this guy play this way in the NFL? I dont know how the answer can be yes to that question.

            If I know Howie like I think I know Howie, Manziel is probably at the top of his board. So you guys may get your wish. And the Eagles will continue down the road of mediocrity.

          • Dutch

            You have mistaken Manziel for a pocket passer well he’s not. Manziel is a certified dual threat option QB, period. Running is part of his game the same as it’s RGIII’s game. However, Manziel’s passing accuracy is second to no other QB in a major program. It is simple if you aren’t running any option in your offense you would be better served to find a pocket passer and pass up on Manziel. Chip Kelly runs an option offense thus Manziel is the perfect fit for Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

            The Eagles offense is rated among the top offenses in the NFL, don’t think for a second Kelly is scrapping his offense that’s not going to happen. What was proven yesterday with a pocket passer is that pocket passers, well Foles any way is not a good fit for his offense. He is more a liability than anything.

          • Token

            You are just looking at box scores.

            Manziel is not a highly accurate passer. He has a great 6’6 WR that saves his butt on a bunch of questionable decisions. Hes not a quick decision maker.

            At the end of the day you need a guy to stand in the pocket and make a quick accurate good decision in this offense. Consistently. This isnt about having a QB run a ton. Certainly not at this level. I dont think Chip is that dumb. Thats just another threat/weapon to have on the field.

            The thought that Manziel would survive running a lot in this league is laughable. The guy is as slight of a QB as you can find. Im guessing he comes in at 5’10 or 5’11 at the combine. Look at his shoulders. He cant even put on much more weight on that frame.

          • Dutch

            Stanford will be the barometer. UCLA doesn’t quite belong in the same conversation. Mora doesn’t have the savvy to compete in College amongst the top teams yet. Shaw spanked him last week and showed him he was not ready yet.

            Manziel if it’s possible is the kid with the golden arm for Chip Kelly

  • jabostick

    On a completely unrelated note, i CANNOT stop watching this:


  • JofreyRice

    I thought Cox played another nice game. Starting to show some consistency in disrupting the pocket. Romo’s slippery, but Cox made him move off the spot quite a few times.

    The Eagles really need an OLB to start providing passrush, though. One of the reasons the Chiefs have such a good D is that both their OLB’s can beat one on one blocking. Opposing offenses have to leave a back in to help, which means less people to defend or more rushers to send at the QB. I think Derrick Johnson has picked up a couple of his sacks in that manner.

    • Token

      When Barwin is left unblocked, he is fully capable of getting to the QB.

      • Richard Colton

        Unlike Berwin, who may be the worst OLB to ever play

      • JofreyRice

        haha, yeah, same thing with “virtual first round” QB Mike Berkley. Of course, he’d have a hell of a time dragging the guy down with his noodle arms.

        • cliff henny

          he got alot of tackling practice yesterday. tough feat, guy threw 4 ints in 3 possessions.

  • Rick H

    CLIFTON GEATHERS played 11 snaps. That is 11 too many!!! Put Damien Square in Davis. Boykin has to be on the field more then 56% of the time. How about putting him at one of the safety spots when he doesn’t need to play the slot? Graham needs more snaps. I am a big big fan of Trent Cole but either they should give more time to Graham or go in another direction. Trent is not the same player anymore in this defense.
    I am a big Foles fan and always have been. He was horrible yesterday period. I can not figure out how he can be so good one week and so bad the next. Tampa is a better defense then Dallas without question. Dallas ‘s defense has been stomped on this year. Nate Allen has played well the last three weeks. Wolff is getting bettter but way too early to tell. Cornerbacks have been pretty good too, Romo had a 68% rating.
    I believe the offensive line has been a dissappointment this year. It is not nearly as good as expected. Herremanns job is in trouble (see Barbre). Bryce Brown should be traded he simply is not that good and not particularly intelligent in terms of football acumen. Try Tucker! Jackson was open and was getting frustrated but he also has to realize not to let up plus he dropped at least two balls.
    This season is going pretty well considering our talent on the team. Andy, Joe Banner and yes Howie left it a mess for the most part but did have and we still have 35% good to very good players.
    The Eagles are not going to the Super Bowl Da! So I am remaining very interested and focusing on how Chip is putting the team together and sense Tom Gamble is doing the right things personel wise. I am not a Bill Davis fan and have stated so numerous times but that defense played really well yesterday. They/he deserves credit.
    If the Eagles get to 8 wins it has been an excellent season. I hope Mike Vick finds magic in a bottle because that could change everything if the defense sustains this level of play. That is my 2 cents!

    • Token

      This goes back to my play the unknown over the known bum philosophy.

      At this point in his career 5 teams in, you pretty much know what Geathers is and is not. Square? What do you lose? You can only really gain.

      Agree about Cole. Put Graham in more, have Curry rush from his spot…. something. Pass rush sucks. Barwin is consistently stonewalled by any tackle or RB he comes in contact with. Gotta try to get something going on the other side. Really puts a huge burden on our secondary.

      • Rick H

        Your right about Curry I am a huge fan of his and failed to mention him, Barwin your generally right but put more talent around this guy and he will get better plus he is a leader. He is overall pretty good. Kendricks is a mystery. Every time I expect him to make big plays or shine on a regular basis he becomes very ordinary. We need linebackers. Ryans has played very well but how long can he keep it up without Kendricks stepping it up.

        • Token

          Kendricks just sucks I think. The light bulb is never going on. We need at least one new starting ILB next year. Add it to the list.

          Now this idea Ive floated a few times but nobody responds because it must be too retarded….

          Kendricks rushing from OLB….. Maybe? Put less on his plate mentally. I know hes tiny.

          • D-Von Funk

            Kendricks is an enigma. He’ll flash for a play or sometimes an entire game and then his play will regress for a period of time. Terribly inconsistent. I had really high hopes for him (as a lot of us did) coming out of college, and hoped we had finally found our athletic play-making linebacker.

            In my opinion, he misses WAY too many tackles and is not as good in coverage as he should be. He seems to do better covering backs out of the backfield, but really seems to struggle against tight ends. The tackling issue is a matter of fundamentals in my opinion. He wants to play so fast and fly around that his technique suffers and he fails to break down and make a proper tackle. If you were to go back and look at all of his missed tackles (it would take awhile, I know) I would venture a guess that most of them happen as hes pursuing straight towards the sideline (after a receiver has caught an out, for instance). Whether he’s able to make the adjustment remains to be seen, proper tackling involves a mental element just as it does a physical element.

            I think it’s still too soon to know exactly what we have in Kendricks, although I am starting to worry. Keep in mind this is only his second year in the league and he’s playing in a new scheme behind a new front. He’s also playing under his third D-coordinator. That being said, he’s probably better suited as the WILL in a 4-3, but I had hoped that in the right scheme, with the right personnel around him, he could still flourish as the weak inside backer in a 3-4. If memory serves me, he actually played as an outside backer in a 3-4 before moving inside in his final year at Cal and managed 8 sacks as a pass rusher. I firmly believe that he very well could be our best pass rush option at linebacker, and would like to see him used more in that role (ala Daryl Washington in Arizona last year). Unfortunately it seems that his athleticism is forcing Billy to want to use him in coverage more often than not.

      • Richard Colton

        But if Graham gets hurt because of the extra snaps, how will we trade him for a conditional 6th rounder in March?

  • theycallmerob

    Kelly needs to institute a punishment system. Every drop in a game = 30 min on the JUGS maching after practice each day with Avant (give the guy an extra mil for his time). Awful drops count double (looking at you, big Brent). I get that not everyone is beating man coverage the whole time, but there is no reason they should not develop amazing hands.

    And this must be done in the NovaCare bubble, where they can crank up the heat like that fancy type of yoga. And also, Coach Fipp is staring at you the whole time.

    But seriously, Foles sucked yesterday.

    • JofreyRice

      Seeing Mr. Fipp on the sideline–with the dumb sunglasses they force him to wear because he creeps them out–gives me a really uneasy feeling. I can’t explain it, it’s like he really looks like amateur hour out there; makes me worried the whole staff is like that. Same thing with Azzinaro, he looks like one of my neighbors that’s always monkeying around with his lawnmower on his driveway. I wish there was someway these guys could look different.

    • nicksaenz1

      Looks like Congressman Brody from Homeland.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Vinny playing more than Sopes?
    Damn straight

  • anon

    Emmanual Acho is back on the squad.

  • Damien

    Anyone else think it’s time to go for a high pick this year? With Barkley at QB for the next 1-2 weeks and our team’s clear issues at many positions, not only will we not make the playoffs/not make it past the 1st round, we should just go 5-11 or 6-10 for our own sake. I mean for god sakes, we need a QB, WR, OG, OLB, CB, S, NT? Those are more needs than we can fill it seems.

  • Damien

    I would not mind getting the 8th pick and trying for Boyd or Mariotta. 2nd round we go S, 3rd round CB, 4th round WR.