Chip Updates Status Of Vick, Foles


Chip Kelly confirmed what most suspected: Nick Foles has a concussion.

“I saw Nick after the game last night. He seems like he is doing well,” said Kelly at his day-after press conference. “There is a protocol and a system that you go through before he’s cleared but he says he feels good, so we’ll see how it goes as the week progresses.”

Foles was injured at the end of third quarter Sunday after being taken down by a pair of Dallas defenders near the sideline. That ended a very rough outing for the second-year signal caller. The television broadcast made a couple references to the groin injury Foles sustained in practice prior to the Bucs game. Kelly said that Foles had a cleat mark on his knee from getting kicked by a Dallas defender at some point, but didn’t think he re-injured his groin. Foles did not appear on the injury report leading up to the Cowboys game.

Kelly indicated that a lot of issues were related to his footwork, and didn’t think it had anything to do with injury or the size of the moment.

“Nick never struck as a guy where the moment kind of catches him. He came off the bench against the Giants without taking a snap and led us on a drive to get a field goal in a critical situation. When I saw him play in college, I don’t think any time in college did I see Nick get overwhelmed by the moment.”

Michael Vick was in for treatment on his pulled hamstring Monday. He worked out before the game and feels like he is moving in the right direction, per Kelly. Vick will warm up with the strength and conditioning coaches prior to Tuesday’s practice. That session will help Kelly determine who gets the first-team snaps to start the week.

If Vick isn’t all the way back, there’s a good chance those snaps go to Matt Barkley. The rookie was tossed into action in the fourth quarter and threw for 129 yards with three interceptions.

“Difficult situation for him to come into,” said Kelly, “and I’m sure he would want those throws back.”

If Vick and Foles are unable to play, Barkley will get his first NFL start on Sunday against the Giants. The Eagles will also have to sign a quarterback for this week to back up Barkley if the top two QBs are out.


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  • Johnny_P

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. I think what frustrates me the most is that even though I knew the Eagles would be a sub-par team this year, the fact that after 6 weeks they are in first place, and ready to position themselves above everybody else by going undefeated in divisional play, then they go and lay an absolute egg, gets under my skin.

    • jabostick

      Yeah that’s how I was watching the game. Super frustrated and then Ryans got that pick and I thought ‘Ok, slate wiped clean, we’re back in it.’ The near-miss TD to Desean (good defensive play) gave me more optimism only to have that horrific throw to Avant a couple plays later.

      I’m still super pumped about the Chip Kelly era, but within these games (other than the Denver game) they all seem winnable with just a play or bounce here or there. Coupled with a god-awful division and it’s more painful than it should be

      • anon

        We always beat ourselves. We should be 6-1.

    • Kevin

      I agree Johnny. Surprisingly I could live with a 38-35 loss in a shoot out, but the defense showed up and looked like a NFL Caliber unit. The offense…. don’t know what to even type… and that is what hurts and frustrates the most.

    • Richard Colton

      Thinking with our heads before the season; thinking with our hearts during the season. Deep down, we all knew it’s a rebuilding year. By the time Sunday morning rolls around it’s going to be: “hey, we’re only one game out.”

      • EaglePete

        This pathetic division is ruining our draft position and confusing our hearts

      • Kevin

        Definitely… I expected a 5-11 to 7-9 season at the beginning of the year where we progressed during the year. Completely rationale. We have holes at LB, S, CB, WR, QB and more to fill…

        Now I look at the schedule and say, but we can beat the Giants, Oakland and Skins. The Packers are losing players at an alarming rate… the D is improving…. we can go 4-0 or 3-1 before the bye… and be right in the playoff race…

        • dislikedisqus

          Skins now not the same Skins from week 1. They looked very good yesterday.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            Still beatable

    • Token

      In reality the best thing that could happen to the team long term is to lose a lot and be in position to jump at one of these QBs. But that makes for a loooooooooong year.

      • aub32

        And what if that QB is a bust or gets injured in his rookie year.

        • Justin

          You’re right, we should just never try to draft what could be a quality QB because of a “what if”.

        • Token

          Then Chip wont be here very long. Nature of the beast. If you find a way to win without a QB let me know.

        • Chali

          Retain Vick as insurance.

  • GiveMeABreak

    Sign Tebow. Get it done Howie!

    • Uncle Carm

      That would be a hoot, wouldn’t it?

    • cliff henny

      rather see gj kinne

      • Kevin

        Or Dennis Dixon…..

        • mtn_green

          Or Donavan McNabb

          • Justin

            Or Kevin Kolb.

          • Kevin

            well he already leads Foles in concussions and injuries, so he should be a perfect fit.

          • Kevin

            Chances are he would throw up during the no huddle in every game….

          • Chali

            Or Vince Young

  • Andy

    Ah! He had a concussion the whole time. That explains his performance!

    Wait, what???

    • Andy124

      That’d make for a convenient explanation.

    • ftotheyu

      If only.

  • JofreyRice

    Any update on Wolff? After-effects from that hit? When he laid the smack down on Dez Bryant, I was like “yeah!” then when he had to leave the game, and Bryant only missed one play, I was like “yeah!”, but this time I was being sarcastic. Was glad when he got back out there.

    • cliff henny

      was a nice hit. took me couple seconds to figure out what we just saw…it’s been awhile.

      • nicksaenz1

        They’re certainly welcome around here. They’re dearly missed.

    • Andy124

      Earl went completely limp on contact. I hope they test him for a concussion, I don’t want this to be one of those undiagnosed ones that gets compounded by playing again too soon.

  • Soybot

    Somebody get Jeff Garcia on the horn, stat!

  • JofreyRice

    Plenty of NFL Quarterbacks have come back from concussions and gone on to success. What if I told you a guy got concussed and went on to win the Superbowl? Would you believe me? Surprise! His name is Steve Young. BAM! Probably.

    Now I’m not saying Nick Foles is Steve Young, he’s just a second year player that has received a concussion. We don’t know if he’ll go on to win the Superbowl, too, but we can say things about Steve Young. I had a point at the beginning of this.

  • dislikedisqus

    It sounds like someone asked CK if Foles choked which I wondered about too, not just because he was in position to grab the starting job with good play but also because it was afaik the first time in his college or pro career he had a chance to put his team in first place. I still suspect that was what happened. Cannot explain why he imploded. Footwork was bad often but that cd have been because he was not thinking clearly due to aforesaid choking.

  • Chali

    I kind of knew we had over-evaluated Foles in winning against 2 winless teams. I am not sure whether people actually legitimately thought Foles was the answer or it was out of pure hatred for Vick. Logic points to Vick as simply just a stop-gap answer for the remainder of this season and possibly next season unless we can take Mariota next year which is unlikely but we have to try. I believe you retain Vick next season as *INSURANCE* to an unknown answer at QB next season. I also believe Vick would have won that Dallas game especially with the defense playing as well as they did. We can win with Vick in this sub-par division to be in 1st place but he is not elite and very very doubtful he can take us to the Superbowl. So even if we do grab a QB next year, do you let that QB start or have him sit back and learn behind Vick? I also think Chip has to stay with Vick to work out the kinks of his read-option offense in the NFL with a QB that suits his style until he can get the QB he really wants. Playing with Vick as his QB will give him experience running his read-option offense until he gets HIS QB. Seems we are stuck with Vick for this year and next. You can’t just tank the season as well as fans have been asking for, for obvious reasons. Ultimately, I think Vick can possibly win you the NFCEast but that is all and we need to try our best for Mariota next year. Right now you have to play the best guy you have, which is Vick. The East is still open we are 1 game behind.

    • Justin

      I can tell you what it was. It was a desire to see what we have in Foles. I’m still not convinced we know what we have in him.

      • Chali

        Man sometimes you have to just give an eye test. There were times he had all day back there to make a throw to a wide open receiver and he flat out missed. If your a pocket passer your strength has to be accuracy and game management, if not you have nothing. It is clear that Foles is not the answer. Defense *KEYED* in on McCoy and Foles cannot deliver to DJax our home-run hitter (that’s all hes good for). Our offense clearly looked frustrated, Djax whining and I saw McCoy trying to pep up Foles slapping him in the shoulder pads. Leadership is also a good quality to have that Foles lacks. He doesn’t put the team on his back and say lets go out and get it. I see no fire in him when the chips are down. You have to ride it out with Vick, there’s no other answer until next year maybe and I still keep Vick as insurance.

      • #7

        What did you see that you liked?

        • Justin