‘It Was Like A Horror Movie’


A sequence late in the first half told the whole story.

Final minute of play. Third-and-1 from the Dallas 42. Nick Foles takes the snap, finds an open DeSean Jackson along the right side, and misfires. Jackson smacks his hands together in frustration before heading to the bench to steam.

Meanwhile, Chip Kelly decides to send Alex Henery out for a 60-yard field goal attempt, which predictably fails.

Poor quarterback play. Bad body language. Questionable decision-making. That about sums up the Eagles’ 17-3 loss to Dallas Sunday.

“To be so flat, to be so sporadic and just inconsistent the whole game,” said Jason Avant. “Usually inconsistency happens for a half or a quarter, to have it happen the whole game is very bizarre. It was definitely frustrating for us.

“I don’t think it was [lack of] motivation or people being flat in their personalities. It just was one of those games where we didn’t execute, and it happened the entire day — it was like a horror movie.”

For the fans, this is more like a recurring bad dream. The Eagles have lost nine straight games at home — a new franchise low. They haven’t won at the Linc since September 30 of last year against the Giants, the night they retired Brian Dawkins’ number. A lot of the losing streak is tied directly to the Dawk-less defense, but Billy Davis‘ unit cannot be held responsible for Sunday’s defeat. Seventeen points against the Cowboys attack is pretty commendable.

It was the offense that was “flat” as Avant said, and at a very peculiar time. A divisional game at home with first place on the line. Ranked second overall in the NFL, this group was coming off one of its most impressive performances of the season against a respectable Bucs defense and with Foles at the helm. This was the biggest moment of Foles’ young career, a chance to perhaps snatch the starting gig away from the injured Michael Vick. Instead, he put forth a very poor performance (11-of-29 for 80 yards) before being knocked out in the second half with a head injury.

How can a player go from reigning NFC offensive player of the week to that kind of showing in a span of seven days?

“I don’t have an answer for it,” said Kelly. “I think it’s everybody on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t think we blocked very well, I don’t think we caught the ball very well, I don’t think we got off routes very well. It was 11 guys on offense. It was all of us on offense, me calling plays, everybody. It’s not just one guy.”

Foles had a bad day any way you slice it but didn’t get a whole lot of help from his receivers, who dropped several passes Sunday. LeSean McCoy (18 carries, 55 yards) called this one of his worst performances since his rookie year.

“I don’t think, as offensive weapons, we gave him much of a chance. There are plays that we should have made, there are plays that I should have made, to help him out,” said McCoy. “We didn’t give him a shot.”

Troy Aikman, part of the television broadcast crew, apparently didn’t like everything he was seeing out of Jackson.

The receiver appeared frustrated on a few occasions, including at the end of the opening half. Jason Kelce went over to have a talk with him on the bench shortly after Foles’ third-down pass sailed over his head and out of bounds.

“DeSean was a little frustrated with a play that happened that previous drive,” said Kelce. “The biggest thing, you can’t get frustrated or down during a game. I think that’s when things really start compounding on you. So I was just trying to get after him, came to pick his head up. He’s probably our most dynamic weapon when it comes to man coverage so I was just trying to get him back into it.”

Asked if some players allowed their frustrations to get the better of them, Kelly responded: “I didn’t see that, no.”

The Eagles now sit at 3-4. Their top two quarterbacks are hurt and they remain winless at home. For all that, they are still right in the thick of the NFC East race and have a shot at another divisional foe, the Giants, next week. And it comes right here at the Linc. It will be another opportunity to exorcise some ghosts that continue to linger, despite the organizational reboot.

“The fans spend a lot of time and hard-earned money on the organization, season tickets, packed houses year after year,” said Kelce. “This product that we’re putting out there, it’s not acceptable. We’ve got to get it corrected.”

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  • damrvrhunter

    Moribund is the only way word I can find to describe Foles’s future with the team. I don’t see how he can ever come back from this outing.

    • Joe from Easton

      Given how fickle today’s NFL is, particularly with the QB position, I’m afraid you might be right. The only thing that will probably help him is MV7’s propensity to get hurt. I’m sure that he’ll see the field again this season whether it’s next week or not.

  • Weapon Y

    I don’t think Doug Pederson, Bobby Hoying, Rodney Peete, Bubby Brister, Mike McMahon, or Vince Young ever looked this bad. This has to be the worst performance I’ve ever seen from an Eagles quarterback. And this is coming from a guy who really liked Foles. So disappointing. I just can’t see him redeeming himself after this. With Bridgewater probably out of reach, I’m hoping Marcus Mariota falls to the Eagles in the draft.

    • Token

      I was thinking about this. Absolutly right there with awful Mike McMahon games. Gotta be in the top 3 worst Eagle QB performances ever. And thats really saying something.

    • deluxe

      Yes, Doug Pederson looked this bad. Let’s trade the phrase in fact- it was Doug Pederson bad.

    • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

      Clearly you’ve blocked out that 2005 season if you don’t remember Mike McMahon being this bad every time he took the field…

  • Horror movie is right. SMH.

  • jakethesnake

    I am astounded Foles played this badly today. he was missing wide open receivers even without pressure. This means let stop with the Foles nonsense and realize that we need to draft a QB that has quickness and guts. Very disappointing day in eagle-land…not just for the loss but the reality that Foles is just mediocre.. Also chip showed great stupidity, I mean vision by going for a 60 yard FG when Henry has never even made one from 50..

    • JofreyRice

      haha, yeah that was really stupid. Hopefully he’s learning something with some of these bonehead decisions.

    • Vick Must Go

      That FG attempt was a terrible terrible decision.

  • Moesus

    Mariota would be the perfect fit obviously. I’m convinced that he could come in right now and run the offense better than Foles did today and certainly better than Barkley. I don’t think there is any way Chip let’s him get away if he comes out. I think he might stay in school though, they’re set up to win at least one National Championship with him at the helm but who knows. I think he’s going to be better than Bridgewater anyway.

    • Token

      Well its a interesting thing. Two big games coming up for Mariota. As someone watching him as a pro prospect, I want him to show well. But, if he does he likely puts himself pretty high in the draft.

      If you dont have a QB you have no chance. They better be prepared to trade up for a guy if Chip feels like hes the one.

    • BlindChow

      If his agent tells him he’ll be a top 5 draft pick, I think he’ll come out. Especially after the Barkley freefall.

  • Brandon

    Are you sure he didn’t have a head injury before going 11 for 29 for 80 yds. How can someone be that bad?

  • djack10

    this is a game i would love to see on all-22..is it really possible the receivers were covered that long? he had a long time to throw on most plays. i hate dallas.

    • The Answer

      I agree I’d love to watch the film of this one to see what Dallas did, if Foles didn’t see open guys, if guys were actually covered for 5 seconds, run blocking, etc.

      • anon

        avant was pretty open on that td pass. i think he just choked.

        • The Answer

          Oh yeah obviously Foles missed throws, that was an easy 6…I honestly wonder if there’s any chance Foles was on painkillers for his groin and it messed with him? Sounds crazy but seriously how could someone play that badly after playing a more than capable game 7 days earlier? That was as bad a quarterbacking performance as I’ve ever seen. I guess we’ll find out.

  • RaiderDebo

    Tried to explain to the Vick haters last week. This is what happens when you send a boy to do a man’s work. How many of you goofs kept saying “we already know what Vick, but we need to see Nick”. Idiotic take! Truth is, we know Vick is the boss against the NFC East, especially the Cowboys. And we’ve seen Nick Foles piss down his leg against the same teams. Only team he’s beaten in the NFL is Tampa. Bottom line is that Vick is better than Nick Foles no matter what the offense is. Whether it’s running or passing the ball. He’s been better his whole life. Time for the haters to wake up.

    • Justin

      Sorry about your short sightedness.

      • RaiderDebo

        If hoping that Vick can lead the team to the playoffs THIS year is being “short sighted”, I’m guilty as charged.

        • Justin

          Making the playoffs THIS year means nothing if we aren’t winning the Super Bowl THIS year. And if we think we will, I have to question your sanity.

          • You can’t win the SuperBowl if you don’t get to the playoffs. You also can’t predict when that will happen. I mean, with your logic, the 9-7 Giants should have just phoned it in since there was NO WAY that team was going to win the SuperBowl.

          • Justin

            The 9-7 Giants weren’t 4-12 the season before with a brand new coach.

          • Vick Must Go

            Giants had Manning

          • aub32

            I always thought this is some of the dumbest fan logic. If this is the case, why not go 0-16 every year until we have a team that on paper looks like they can win the SB. It’s worked so well for Jackson…err well what about in Clevel…surely the Raid….ehhh I don’t seem to be making my point. Well let’s look at the SB winners. The Ravens were stacke last year. They had a top 5 Quart….I mean the beat receiv….ok scratch that. Sorry but I really don’t see where your logic comes from.

          • Justin

            I don’t see where your logic is coming from, either. Neither Jacksonville, nor Cleveland, nor Oakland has gone 0-16 every year.

          • aub32

            They have been terrible. They have had high picks every year to assmeble some sort of super talented team. Losing out every time you don’t think you have a chance to win the SB is dumb. Who thought the Ravens would win it last year. No one thought they had the talent on paper to beat Denver, NE, and San Fran. How about the Giants? You play to win the game. That’s my point.

          • Justin

            And my point is you don’t take a team as bad as the Eagles were last year, bring in a new coach with new schemes on both sides of the ball, and then make a Super Bowl run. Especially without a Super Bowl caliber quarterback.

    • Vick Must Go

      Vick’s record this year, 1-3
      Vick’s record last year, 3-7
      Vicks record year before, 7-6

      Vicks completion percent 2013: 54%
      In 2012: 58%
      In 2011: 60%

      TD/Int in 2013: 5/2
      2012: 12/10
      2011: 18/14

      Games played at least a half as a percent:
      2013: 57%
      2012: 63%
      2011: 81%

      Fumbles per game
      2013: .67
      2012: 1.1
      2011: .77

      yes, I think we ALL know exactly who Vick is. And if you like what you see… then I wish I could see life through your eyes.

    • morgan c

      Dude, Foles was terrible yestrday. No doubt. Vick has also had some terrible performances. I was pro-Foles for starting, but I can admit we need to go back to Vick when healthy. I’m not an idiot; saw the same thing you did. He blew it and lost his shot this season probably. But at the same time, shitty performances happen. This is the same guy who was outstanding last week. This doesn’t mean Foles is terrible overall. It just means he’s not where a lot of us hoped he would be.

  • James Skip Carl

    It’s my fault, I put him on my fantasy team and played him with the other guys I jinxed. Trent Richardson, C.J Spiller, Randall Cobb and Danny amendola. Next year I’ll pick all Cowboys

    • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

      Can you start Eli Manning next week…

    • Kevin

      I started him too James… not all your fault.

  • Max Lightfoot

    And why is Nick Foles’ head bigger than a weather balloon in the photo above?

  • JofreyRice

    eh, players get frustrated when they play sh!tty. Brent Celek was screaming at Lane Johnson for not following through on a block of a McCoy run that went 25 yards horizontally, no one is making a big deal about that

  • JofreyRice

    Very solid game for Zach Ertz. Not quite the monster showing he had last week, but still, really exemplary. Trying to determine whether I’d classify it as “great” or just “really, really good”.

  • TXEaglesFan

    Two observations: One, Foles has been more injury prone than Vick during their Eagles careers. Two, McCoy is dynamic, electric, etc, but when his cutbacks are not working he just needs to take the 2-3 yards straight ahead and line up for the next play. Especially in a defensive field position game.

    • The Answer

      I thought he did that. Maybe 1 bad run when he reversed field but their were defenders all over him, can’t fault the guy for trying to make a play. He did take the 2-3 yards and still made some dirty cuts. Barry Church #42 made a bunch of nice tackles in the semi-open field. The O-Line run-blocking deserves the blame, not McCoy.

  • Loke1988

    Glad to hear the players admit they didn’t give Nick much of a chance. At least they owned up to the truth as apposed to so many of the regular posters on this blog.

    • Nah__Roots

      You’re out of material, sir.

      • Loke1988

        Whatever Bra. Thanks for reading my posts. Who are you again?

  • Loke1988

    Almost forgot to mention. Jackson is still such a diva punk beatch.

    • Token

      Yea he is. Jackson overall is having a great year statistically. Actually scoring.

      But its frustrating to see him shut down by man coverage consistently. Teams are not always doubling him. Thats why we end up seeing more players in the box. Theres safeties coming down to help the run.

      He flat out needs to be getting open when hes manned up. You can see him run half hearted routes sometimes.

      It will be interesting to see what happens with him this offseason. No way does he get the 12.5 million he is due IMO.

      He would certainly be a better weapon if he had someone across from him.

      • anon

        Limitations of a 5’10 guy. Can’t toss him a jump ball. There are some balls that when plays broke he should have come back for when Foles was scrambling – but i think he like everyone else was really frustrated with the performance.

      • TheCatalyst

        My question is, what happened to Chip Kelly using DJax like he would use De’Anthony Thomas? Why not line him up in the backfield and run some tosses or screens? We need to get him the ball with some blockers in front to take some of the edge off of Shady and himself while confusing the defense at the same time. Where’s the innovation?!?!?!

      • Loke1988

        Or if he just grew up and became a professional and lost the whole Long Beach crap attitude. He needs a Chris Carter like intervention which is why I said a while back sending him to Minny for Harvin would have been a great idea. You see the way he was working away from Foles when he was scrambling to the sideline? That kind of crap.

  • RaiderDebo

    Foles stat line was very deceiving last week. All the guy did was throw screens. Lots of YAC by McCoy and Cooper. A little different story against man coverage. Never send a boy to do a man’s job. Vick needs to get back in there like yesterday. The division is very winnable.

    • defroe81

      says marcus vick…

  • 1972

    When foles plays teams with winning records, he holds the ball too long and he’s been injured two straight years.
    Remind you of anybody? One thing the foles supporters cant really dispute is that he’s injury prone.

  • LB01

    Foles beat Tampa Bay last week the Falcons beat Tampa Bay this week and I was at the Tampa vs Falcons game Tampa def sucks Matt Ryan blew them up with 3rd string players…

  • Johnny_P

    *officially jumps off Foles bandwagon* Can we all agree now, that Foles is terrible and has no business running Chip’s offense, or any business starting another game in the NFL? He’s a serviceable back-up qb at best.

  • Chali

    I kind of knew we had over-evaluated Foles in winning against 2 winless teams. I am not sure whether people actually legitimately thought Foles was the answer or it was out of pure hatred for Vick. Logic points to Vick as simply just a stop-gap answer for the remainder of this season and possibly next season unless we can take Mariota next year which is unlikely. I believe you retain Vick next season as *insurance* to an unknown answer at QB next season. I also believe Vick would have won that Dallas game especially with the defense playing as well as they did. We can win with Vick in this sub-par division to be in 1st place but he is not elite and very very doubtful he can take us to the Superbowl. So even if we do grab a QB next year, do you let that QB start or have him sit back and learn behind Vick? I also think Chip has to stay with Vick to work out the kinks of his read-option offense in the NFL with a QB that suits his style until he can get the QB he really wants. Playing with Vick as his QB will give him experience running his offense until he gets HIS QB. Seems we are stuck with Vick for this year and next. You can’t just tank the season as well as fans have been asking for. Ultimately, I think Vick can possibly win you the NFCEast but that is all and we need to try our best for Mariota next year.