Where the Eagles’ QB Situation Stands


Chip Kelly needed just three words to properly sum up the play of Nick Foles Sunday afternoon against the Cowboys.

“He was off,” Kelly said, before expanding.

“I guess that’s what I would say. At times we had guys open and we didn’t put the ball on them. But there were other times where we didn’t help him either.”

The whole “win as a team, lose as a team” thing almost always applies, but Foles didn’t give the Eagles much of a chance, going 11-for-29 for 80 yards and averaging 2.8 yards per attempt. Coming off a strong showing against the Bucs, the Eagles’ second-year quarterback missed open receivers all day long, held on to the ball too long and suffered a head injury late in the third quarter.

“I don’t have an answer for it,” Kelly said. “Again, I think it’s everybody on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t think we blocked very well, I don’t think we caught the ball very well. I don’t think we got off routes very well. It was 11 guys on offense. It was all of us on offense, me calling plays, everybody. It’s not just one guy.”

Kelly said Foles went to an independent neurologist, and he had no further news on his status.

Asked if the performance changes his overall confidence in Foles, he said: “No, I think you have to look at them through the whole body of work in terms of what he can do and can’t do. You hopefully like to chalk it up as just a bad day.”

Michael Vick was inactive for the game as he continues to recover from a hamstring injury. Late last week, he made no guarantees that he would be ready for next Sunday’s game against the Giants.

“He ran around this morning before the game,” Kelly said. “I think he’s progressing. I don’t have an exact number on him where he is. But he’s better than he was. Obviously, that is an injury that takes time. But I’m hopeful Mike will be back and we’ll have to make a decision where we are based on his health and Nick’s health in terms of where we are right now.”

Asked if Vick will start when healthy, Kelly said: “I can’t answer that question because I don’t know if he can go. I can say, ‘Yeah, he’s my starter’ and then find out he can’t play.

“I think he needs to prove it to himself. I’m always going to trust Mike. I think Mike understands himself. He felt like he wasn’t top end and he couldn’t do what he needs to do for him to be effective. I think not a lot of guys do that. Not a lot of guys will tell you exactly where we are. They just say, ‘Hey, I’m good.’ I think Mike understands his body and we’re going to listen to him. He’s worked extremely hard with our strength and conditioning staff and our trainers in terms of trying to get himself healthy. He had a good workout this morning, so we’ll see where he is when we get to Tuesday and we start practicing again.”

Kelly will have a decision to make before next Sunday against the Giants. If Vick is healthy, the guess here is he’ll be the starter. But that’s no guarantee. There’s a chance Foles could be ruled out as well. In that case, rookie Matt Barkley would be in line for his first career start.

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  • Vick Must Go

    Possibly picking up a 4th QB? If Barkley is only healthy one, do they call on Dixon? Is Dixon with a team? GJ Kinne?

    • #7

      Dixon is on a squad I think..or I think a practice squad

      • Vick Must Go

        Buffalo, but not sure if 53 or PS

        • Myke Lowery


    • TheCatalyst

      I agree. Pick up Dixon. He knows enough of the offense and is a running threat. I though Kelly’s offense could work with a pocket passer but it really seemed hampered when you can’t open up running lanes for Shady.

      • Basscase

        Dixon has nothing. Otherwise, they’d have kept him.

        Putting him in there is just asking to get laughed at.

        • Vick Must Go

          Not to start. But you can’t dress only Barkley if Vick and Foles are out. You need at least 2 QBs. So where do you look?

          • HowboutdemIggles

            Holy Touchdown Batman is that?… It’s TTTTTTTEBOW TIIIIIIMMME!

  • phillyeagle77

    Hmmmm??? I thought it would be more comments until i realized, damn we didnt win.. smh..

  • Dutch

    The worse possible scenario would be to rush Vick back. Play Barkley he can be no worse for the wear and tear of a first start. Don’t chance Vick at this point, the Eagles can still pull off a 8 or 9 win season.

    • Jason Hall

      If it wasnt a division game I would agree but we need this win . If we win we will be 3and 1 in the NFC east the Cowboys are now 3 and 0. These NFC games count at the end of the year for decisions on playoffs

    • #7

      Heeellll no. Please no Barkley

    • anon

      I don’t know if i can watch matt play another game.

      • #7

        Me neither and it was just one quarter

      • evanphilly

        Pretty sure if you want to get a good QB in the draft,then you want Barkley to play as much as possible

    • HowboutdemIggles

      I gotta say it… Bring in Tebow.

  • Byter

    Out of all these unanswered questions on thing is for sure, the college scouting department has their marching orders.

    • Tom w

      Let’s keep losing. All these dopes want a weak ass division title In a shit division. Give me 4 wins and mariotta and a real chance at a parade in 5 yrs. stop thinking small and projecting yourself on this average team … Let’s lose, get a stud qb and make history.

      • #7


        • Justin

          He has a point though.

  • #7
    • Justin

      That jackass has a bad habit of putting Mike in some bad spots. No doubt he’ll be asked about Marcus’s comments again if he hasn’t already.

      • #7

        I agree with him, but not the way he says it. It’s a shame that his brother can’t control himself. That twitter can be a bad thing. Especially for him, who’s probably smoking on that stickiest of the icky

        • Basscase

          Twitter is bad for most athletes, who don’t have the luxury of a filter to keep them from saying something stupid, like hoping someone takes out the guy your brother throws to.

        • Eagledelphia

          “I was having too much fun. I offer you a truce. The stickiest of the icky. You want to smoke with the old boy Rick James?”

    • All Things Bad@ss

      His brother purports him to be the 2nd coming of Christ probably so he can stay on Mike’s payroll. He’s not right about anything. Choosing between Foles and Vick is like picking between presidential hopefuls.

      • #7

        He believes in his brother. You wouldn’t? He expresses it wrong, that’s for sure

  • #7

    2.8yds per attempt. Unbelievable

    • aub32

      McCoy had his worst rushing day and still averaged more ypc at 3.1

  • Eagles4Life

    We need a big, dependable WR to complement DJ that can consistently get open and work the slot at times too. Even though Foles had a bad game, we don’t have that one guy that can consistently take on man coverage and win in the short to intermediate range. Hopefully Vick is back soon, but that need would take a lot of pressure off everyone else.

    • #7

      Man I keep believing in Cooper and he’ll flash something. All the size you need to be competent. The throws he needs seem to be tough throws under tight coverage and the QBs don’t trust him to make the play. Foles trusted Cooper a lot more than Vick, but the results haven’t been there

      • Vick Must Go

        Disagree. Cooper has made huge plays the last 2 weeks. Last week on that 44 yarder that he broke a bunch of tackles. This week he broke a tackle for a key 1st down.

        Last week, 4/120/1 line is no joke and #1 on the team (DeSean #2 at 6/64/2).
        This week, 6/88 and #1 receiver on the team. (Ertz #2 at 3/33)

      • Mike Calabrese

        Hey not to argue, but how can you think that the results have not been there? If anything I think Cooper at least showed he can run some hitch routes or be trusted when gets single coverage due to his size. What about yesterday or against Tampa made you feel that he did not show results? Cooper had been irrelevant. He was actually the leading receiver last 2 weeks. He is definitely not ideal, but if nothing else he gives us more than most of us thought he could based on what have seen last 2 weeks.

        • poetx99

          this i’d agree with. the routes called for him need to be more tailored to his strengths.

          with the hitch routes, however, that’s a function of the type of coverage. vs. off coverage, sure. he should be able to plant, pivot and use his body to shield the defender and pick up 5 yds, and maybe more if they bounce off.

          but he is VERY slow in and out of breaks and telegraphs his breaks, so if he is facing press man and you throw a hitch or curl to him, that is probably going to be an INT, because a decent corner will read his break and break on the ball and finish his route for him.

          they do need to throw the high fade to him from time to time (and back shoulder if he is not at least even up in speed).

          • Eagles4Life

            Exactlyyyyy…he can’t separate at the times he needs to in order to win the route, so the man on him pretty much has every opportunity to break up a pass.

      • poetx99

        cooper is a body catcher. all the jugs work that the receivers were doing and whenever the ball is thrown to him he lets it hit his chest. that is a terrible habit.

        occasionally he’ll go up for a ball and if its not right at him, he’ll extend, somewhat. but he doesn’t trust his own hands.

        it’s important to keep in mind that cooper is not a #2. he’s a number #4 pressed into service because both maclin AND benn went down, and avant doesn’t have the speed to routinely escape man coverage vs a #2 corner AND hold the interest of a safety.

    • Addicted2Mula

      Ocho cinco

      • Vick Must Go

        I think Ocho cinco is his age now.

      • HowboutdemIggles

        Mike Evans.

  • Justin

    I’ll come out and say I wanted Foles to play this week to see what he could do. And he was abysmal. That said, while something seemed off (I think the announcers said he had a groin injury), I think Kelly has to roll with Vick again.

  • 1972

    There is no situation. Vicks the starter, Nicks the back up, and neither is the future.

    • Maggie

      Foles will not be backup. He will not get through concussion protocol in time,

      • Vick Must Go

        Maggie, he was implying long term (rest of this year), not specifically next week.

  • ojdiddoit

    Now we will see if Kelly really can fit his system to a third type of qb

    • Johnny Domino

      It always seems like a good idea, but invariably somebody is disappointed in a threesome.

  • #7

    Weak ass Mike Florio says that Vick will be back next week. Vick has
    to come back this week 100% hamstring or not and produce. F all of that
    not being able to run around crap. McNabb played on a broken leg.
    Come back and throw it from the pocket and Vick could shut a lot of
    people up. Show people that he doesn’t need to run. This would be the
    ultimate challenge for Vick at this point.

    was inefective even with the complete starting o-line and had weapons
    which was a major excuse that people used to defend Foles. 3 chances to
    steal the job and was not good enough.

    And this is
    the one thing that I agree with Token on. Is this on the coach that we
    can’t beat man coverage? If we want to get down to it, Vick beat that
    man coverage against SD and WSH and failed against KC. Foles beat two
    winless teams playing zone defense which appears to in favor of
    Chippah’s offense. Shout out to BBaaS on that. We’ve seen man coverage
    shut us down with both QBs…pretty much one time for each.

    bad Token probably couldn’t be cordial on this and many of his
    cronies. I view these as facts and would like to know what people

    • Byter

      I think beating man coverage is more of a talent deficiency than a coaching one. Sure any offense is easier when there’s space to move in but it takes talent to beat the man in front of you. I will say that Chip’s offense doesn’t have a lot of motion in it but you can’t have a lot of it in a hurry up offense. I’m sure if the Eagles had Dez Bryant, man 2 man defenses wouldn’t be as successful.

      • #7

        Good points for sure, but what about all of these TEs? Ertz doesn’t even see the ball. We need to make him an option in the offense. Celek kills me man. Love the guy, but those hands have concrete all over them and he doesn’t seem to move like he used to.

        I like this team and it’s not over. Foles did his job. People were trying to make him a Franchise QB on here and he is not. So what Vick is not the future, supposedly. He needs to play and play next week.

        I can’t take hearing all of the hype for Foles…quick release, smarter, better deep arm…all that crap. We saw the real Nick Foles today and the Dallas defense wanted Foles. They didn’t want to play against that old man Vick

        • Byter

          Hard to say, but if the D is only rushing 4, and the 3 WR’s can be taken out be 3 defenders, it leaves 4 LBs/Safeties to cover 1 TE and 1 RB.

          • #7

            Hell two TE sets, which is what we thought we would see more. What happened? Get Ertz on the field since our WRs other than #10 aren’t up to par. Ertz can be a weapon. He needs to play more and the QBs need to look his way

          • Basscase

            Someone put out an APB for James Casey – he was last seen in the vicinity of Broad and Patterson stealing money…

          • #7

            Big time

        • Vick Must Go

          They hype was never for Foles, but rather against Vick. We have all seen what Vick can do over the last 2.5 seasons, and I don’t care to watch another game of it.

          • RIP illa

            Which makes it even stupider and worse!

          • Vick Must Go

            Um, again, no. Vick’s record the last three years:

            2011: 7-6
            2012: 3-7
            2013: 1-3

            See a trend there? You can give me Foles and/or Barkley’s numbers all day, but they both have youth and upside (though the amount of upside is debateable). Vick has no upside at this point of his career. We know what it is, and it is not a champion. Let’s move on.

          • Chali

            So you admit that you’re a fraud fan that you would rather see us lose than to see Vick start… that’s some pure hatred right there.

          • Vick Must Go

            Umm, no. I’m a fan of all 4 Philly teams. I’m 34 and have never seen a Philly championship for any of those teams (I was 3 for the sixers and don’t remember, and I was in Afghanistan for the Phillies). I want nothing more than an Eagles championship. Every single day Vick is a starter, we are one day further from that dream.

            Vick will not win the Super Bowl for us or anyone else. I would rather move on, see what we have in our young guys so we can make a determination on QB for next year.

          • aub32

            You hate Vick. Don’t try putting everyone in that boat. Some really did believe in the Foles hype and thought was the better option. He isn’t. Though that doesn’t mean much to you I guess. You hate Vick more than you care about the Eagles.

          • Vick Must Go

            A third time, no. I want my Eagles to win a championship. If there is anyone out there that thinks the Eagles will win a championship with Vick, please respond to this and let’s put your money where your mouth it. A straight up bet, if Vick wins a championship for the Eagles or any other team as the starting QB, you win. Who’s in?

          • Justin

            My hype was for Foles. I wanted to see what we had in him. And while I highly doubt what we saw Sunday was the real Foles, I won’t blame Chip when Vick starts presumably next week.

    • Vick Must Go

      Broken fibula, a non weight-bearing structure, is much different to play on than a hamstring. The hamstring, if serious, would be much more limiting.

      3 chances to steal the job, and was good enough twice. Was terrible once. Vick had 5 chances to solidify the job. Was excellent twice, mediocre once, and terrible twice.

      The question on coaching is valid, but could be more of a personnel issue implying more of a GM cause. I also think losing Maclin was huge. No way they play 1 deep safety with man with Maclin and Jackson. No knowing what Maclin will be like next year, if we sign him. So will need another WR.

    • aub32

      Man coverage is the only way to defeat this offense. There are too many options for a zone defense to stop them all. However, man coverage isn’t really a weakness for this defense. No matter the offensive scheme, you will lose to man coverage if you don’t have the talent to beat the defender either at the receiver or QB spot. I blame yesterday’s loss on the QB. Guys were getting open. They weren’t as open as in Tampa, but if you need guys that open then you shouldn’t be in this league. Foles had more than enough chances to put up more than 1 points. He didn’t execute. That’s not on Kelly. I have yet to see any flaw in Kelly’s scheme (his clock management is another story). Kelly will be fine once the personnel gets a little better and stops with the mistakes.

    • Mike Calabrese

      I do think that we need to run some more “man beater” route combinations I would like to see more pick route concepts and just motion before snap to get wr off the line without being pressed. I trust Kelly as an offensive mind mostly and am just hoping he like anyone needs to learn from experience. We have all seen some of the clock management has been rough. However does appear that he seems to learn from the mistakes. I think he does need to scheme the wr route concepts a little better to help Jackson beat press man and help the guys get better release.
      I also thought we gave up on the run to easily yesterday period. Normally Kelly runs enough so I am not worried, but McCoy was getting bottled up, but we could have worn down there small rotation of d lineman. Especially with Foles and offense struggling. Just run McCoy behind Peters and let the 2 best offensive weapons go to work.

  • SeaDucks

    I actually think Foles stepped his game up- Last week he was Offensive player of the week, This week he is the MOST offensive player of the week………wahwahwaaaah.

  • Loke1988

    I wonder if maybe one or two of the balls that clanged off hands today had been caught if things could have turned around. I wonder if Kelly, the supposed Guru, could have designed a few more plays to get guys open if perhaps the outcome could have been changed. I remember the one play Celek was wide open and under thrown but there weren’t too many of those situations. There was a ton of lock down man coverage and plenty of hands on balls that fell to the ground. Foles wasn’t great by any stretch but he got no help from his friends.

    • Vick Must Go

      Celek had a big one, Maehl 2, I think Jackson had a few. Avant had at least 1, and 2 if you count that TD one. Bad.

      • aub32

        That missed TD was on Foles.

    • Chali

      Lets see these same reasons when Vick’s in instead of putting it all on him… that might be asking too much of some fraud Eagle fans.

      • Andy124

        You do see the same excuses when Vick’s in, just coming from different people.

        • aub32

          You saw these excuses for Vick when he played SD, a game where he threw for 428 and did more than enough to win. No one made excuses when Vik played bad against KC. Had Foles looked even remotely competent then maybe the blame could be shared. He looked bad, really bad. Please don’t try to equate Vick being defended when he played really well to FOles being defended when he played awfully.

          • Andy124

            No one made excuses when Vik played bad against KC.
            LMAO. You’re kidding right? Seriously? lolololololololol

          • aub32

            Who said Vick didn’t play bad? Who said Vick wasn’t the main factor for the loss. Did other players struggle or fail to play their part? Yes. Though Vick was bad and even the most die hard Vick defenders said as much. The “excuses” were made in regard to the SD game where some, not you, continue to count that game against Vick because we lost.

      • #7


      • EaglePete

        nope, the difference is fans clamoring for Foles just want to see more to know if he can be “the guy” Who cares about excuses and blame, we want progress and results. I still feel the same about Vick, just now Id rip Foles all day long. Just dont understand how you can look so good one week, so bad another. Or rather, every QB has ups n downs but whatever that was by Foles was downright pathetic. Really bad. Another difference is Foles backers will step up and admit that, Vick fans can admit it but in the long run wont let go when all the evidence that just says “average”. That is also in terms of chances on one team vs getting a new start etc. At some point a team moves on, still feel that part of it applies with MV. I also dont think it does with Foles yet, just not feeling like he has earned much more at this point to show something. Maybe a backup who gets a chance again if it arises.

        • aub32

          So the team should move on from Vick despite him being on the roster. What are fans supposed to cheer for? Fans should want their team to win games. No? If fans believe one QB gives them a better chance wouldn’t they support that QB? Who is calling for Vick in 2015? Who is saying Vick is the future? Why is this sill argument still being made?

          • EaglePete

            this goes back to since Vicks been on the team, including off season before they resigned him. But yes of course you then root for the starter but its much larger than that with Vick. Who are you trying to kid. Vick fans think he can improve and be great because he flashes at times, Vick naysayers, not so much. So the discussion is much larger than just this season, heck, he could even be discussed coming back next season. So if you think he could improve and maybe be great, then it absolutely is more than this year. Feel free to pretend otherwise and you may not be one who cares about that stuff, but its there.

          • aub32

            .The argument this offseason is that Vick could perform better under Kelly that he did under Reid and do some special things. That happened. He lead the #2 offense. He had the best rushing attack in the NFL, and it wasn’t close. The Eagles tied an NFL record producing more than 400 yards to open the first 6 games. That’s only been done twice in NFL history and that includes this year’s Eagles and Broncos. So to say he didn’t improve would be ridiculous. So I’d say the argument to bring him back given what QBs would be available was the right thing to do, unless you think we should have gone with Flynn, Palmer, or traded for Alex Smith.

  • Weapon Y

    The debate is no longer between Vick, Foles, and Barkley. The real debate is now between Bridgewater, Mariota, Hundley, Boyd, and Manziel. That’s the debate I want to have and I want it to start now.

    • RIP illa

      There’s not really a debate in that either. Bridgewater hands down. But if we’re debating draft position and who we have a realistic chance at getting, then that’s another story.

      • HowboutdemIggles

        I think Winston is already a better pro prospect than Hundley, Mariota, and Manziel.

        • jackpotsdad

          Winston is not eligible. He’s a redshirt freshman.

          • HowboutdemIggles

            He will be in 15.

      • jackpotsdad

        I doubt we’ll be bad enough to draft either Bridgewater or Mariota. Hundley maybe. Most likely we’re going to look at names like Keith Price and Derek Carr.

        I think Boyd would be a terrible pick. He’s Vick minus the athletic ability. You only have to watch the game against FSU to see that.

        Manziel might offer the most upside. He brings a huge set of off-the-field issues and he’s immature. However, due to that, he’ll be in a position where the Eagles can draft him – late first round / early second. The thing about Manziel is that he’s exasperating. A great, great instinctive player, but one who takes a lot risks and has a skillset that is at odds with a pro offense. He’ll flounder in WCO style, disciplined offense. However, no question about his arm, elusiveness and athletic ability.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Foles looked scared to pull the trigger and certainly doesn’t have Vicks elusiveness to even hold the ball that long and create. he needed to get rid quickly. oh well on to next week. cant dwell on this one. remember a win isn’t always as good as it looks and a loss isn’t as bad as you think. need to get better and move on to get back to .500

  • Andy124

    My thoughts on the quarterback situation:

    If you made excuses for Vick like covered WRs, pressure, dropped balls and the like, make the same excuses for Foles. I accept them for neither. Not that they are never a factor, but certainly not enough to excuse some of the poor performances we’ve seen this year, of which yesterday’s was the worst.

    If you tried to temper reactions to Foles’s hot start due to small smaple size, which I did, then you should do the same for his bad performance, as it was also a small sample size.

    That being said, everything a QB can do poorly, besides turn the ball over, he did poorly. It’d be convenient if we could excuse it with an early undiagnosed concussion, but I doubt that’s reality. More likely the pressure of every game being a do or die audition and just flat out having a bad day.

    I guessed that Vick’s hammy would heal more quickly if Foles had a bad game. I think that will prove to be the case. I’d love to see how Foles bounces back, but I don’t think he’ll get the chance. At least not this week.

    • #7

      Good. He’s hasn’t earned the chance to bounce back

    • aub32

      What pressure did Foles have. The O line did pretty well in the game I watched. Foles didn’t have anyone dropping TDs either. There really isn’t any excuse for him. I agree that it was a small sample size but not as small as you are implying. I said last week that we saw Foles struggle against man coverage in the 3rd quarter of the Giants game. His showing in the 4th seemed more a product of very short fields and a bad and demoralized Giants defense. He isn’t the “worst QB ever”, but he still struggles with what a lot of fans were claimimg was fixed.

      • Andy124

        There really isn’t any excuse for him.
        And I didn’t make any.

        • aub32

          I never said you made excuses. In fact I went back and made sure I didn’t type “you” in my post. It was a question about where the excuses would come from. I figure since you could provide an objective view you could play devil’s advocate without being ridiculous.

  • Johnny_P

    If the Eagles were smart, they should have dangled Foles as trade bait after last week and see who the highest bidder was. He went from a hot commodity, to a marginal back-up QB for a team. Funny how things can change so dramatically in 1 week.

  • BC

    I would love to know 2 things. 1 is when vs man 2 man how comparable have Foles and Vick been. I know Foles did bad yesterday but i dont see Vick doing much better except he would have tucked the ball and ran which is a obvious bonus. 2. Why cant the eagles use Djax Similar to Wes welker. Djax is quick and fast and they should really look at welkers routes and see about using him in a similiar manner minus the obvious ones accross the middle that could get djax killed.

    • aub32

      I think seeing Vick falter to the Chiefs is a big difference from Foles faltering to the Cowboys. Foles had all day. Vick isn’t the greatest QB, but he would have killed it with that much time to throw the ball.

  • Ray

    Isn’t probably in our best interest to go with Barkley and see if this guy has got any future in this league? It’s a rebuilding year clearly and “win now” is nice and well but let’s be realistic.

  • defroe81

    everyone has bad games and foles has only had a limited time so 2 and a half games is a small sample size to admit that foles has potential but 1 bad game is enough to admit he sucks… riighht. vick haters can point to his whole career and say it hasnt been a great one foles haters can point to his rookie season and yesterdays game and know with all their heart of hearts that foles is a no one. it doesnt balance out both camps are full of hate IMO. and both camps sit around finding ways to twist stats to boost their fav. qb vs the other. both camps are a joke like i said last week foles haters are hoping and praying for foles to have a bad game just to show up on message boards to say i told you so. no real fan of the birds will sit back and intentionally root against either one of these qb’s in the hopes of making their qb look better. thats what for the most part both camps do but i feel since foles is only a second year player the foles haters are far worse as they wont give him a real chance due to their loyalty to team vick. yep team vick not team eagles. your hopes and prayers are answered now. lets hope vick gets back and lights it up history sows this might not be the case though. hope he proves me wrong unlike yall who feel it necessary predict a bad game for foles then rejoice when it happens… what a bunch of true eagles fans…

  • DJ007

    Im a diehard eagles fan and i would like to hear your opinion on my plans for eagles future:

    – Cut M.Vick. B.Brown,

    – Use to Trade up in Rd1 (Brandon Graham + 2016 Draft Pick) for QB
    – Restructure deals of J.Peters, T.Herremans, B.Celek, D.Jackson
    – Trade Foles for 3rd Round Draft selection
    – Resturcture Deal with T.Cole + 2015 Pick for J.Gordon (C.Browns)
    – Sign J.Maclin as cheap as possible (leverage for Eagles with missing production, Injury History) if not let him walk in FA


    Sign OLB (Michael Johnson)
    Sign DE (Antonio Smith)
    Sign Backup QB (C.Henne)


    Rd1-QB (Mariota, Manziell)
    Rd2-NT (McCullers)
    Rd3-ILB (Skov)
    Rd3-OLB (J. Attaochu)
    Rd4-SS (CJ Barnett)
    Rd5-WR (Cody Huffman)
    Rd6-OG (Ryan Groy)
    Rd7-TE (Crockett Gilmore)

    After this plan, we have a
    – franchise QB
    – a good NT (integral part for 3-4 Defense)
    – good corp of WR with speed&size (D.Jackson, J.Gordon, D. Johnson, J.Avant,
    A.Benn, C.Huffman)
    – TE (Celek, Ertz, Gilmore)
    – attacked the OLine for Future
    (J.Peters (Bamiro), Mathis (D. Kelly), Kelce, T.Herremans (Groy), L. Johnson)
    – Improved overall Defense (Secondary (C.Williams, D.Fletcher, B.Boykin, Wolff&Allen,
    LBs (Barwin, Ryans (Skov), Kendricks (Knott), M.Johnson (Attaochu)

    A good corp of Dline & LBs makes CBs better with generated pressure, Maybe address it in FA wit one CB, Safties look already improved

    2015 Draft address OT, OG, DLine, CB, RB

    2 Years after that (Time to Gell, QB getting better) i hope promised land for Eagles >> GO EAGLES