What They’re Saying: Eagles-Cowboys

Eagles Coach Chip Kelly signals play on field

Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about Sunday’s Eagles-Cowboys game.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com notes what Nick Foles has at stake Sunday:

Michael Vick was a 53 percent passer this year before popping a hammy and giving way to Nick Foles, who doesn’t have the wheels but does have the accuracy—67 percent in his game and a half in relief of Vick, with five touchdowns, no turnovers and only two sacks. A good start against Dallas, and Foles won’t have to look over his shoulder at Vick. He’ll likely win the job.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com predicts a 37-31 Eagles win:

This is for first place in the division, but the Cowboys come limping in. They are hurting and won’t have their best pass rusher in DeMarcus Ware against an Eagles offense that is third in the league in total offense. That will put a lot of pressure on the Dallas back end. I just don’t see them slowing down the Eagles offense without him. But Tony Romo will get his, too.

Andy Benoit of TheMMQB.com isn’t ready to anoint Foles just yet:

Let’s wait and see how Nick Foles does this Sunday before declaring him the man for the job. Foles was impressive off the bench in Week 5, but that was against an iffy Giants defense that spent the week preparing for the totally different style of Michael Vick. Foles was even more impressive in Week 6, but that was against a zone-based Bucs defense. The Cowboys’ scheme is zone-based … on the inside. Outside (where a lot of Chip Kelly’s route combinations emanate), Monte Kiffin has used press-man concepts with talented corners Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and, in the base 4-3, Orlando Scandrick. Philly’s wide receivers, particularly Riley Cooper, cannot consistently get off press coverage. Which means Foles will not have the benefit this week of seeing consistently synchronized routes when dropping back.

Peter Schrager of FoxSports.com predicts a 34-24 Eagles win:

Though it was all about Chip Kelly’s offense this summer, it’s the Cowboys who actually have the most points in the NFC through six weeks this season. Foles, Vick, it doesn’t matter. Without DeMarcus Ware in the lineup, I’m going with Philly.

ESPN.com’s John Clayton offers his take:

Elias noted that the last time an NFC East Division leader was only one game above .500 in sole possession of first place was 2001. That year the Eagles started 4-3 and finished 11-5 as the division winners. This is not to say the Eagles will win the division, but they have a decent chance of winning Sunday even with Nick Foles at quarterback. Chip Kelly’s offense is putting up 449.8 yards a game. The Eagles are the first team since the merger to put up 1,600 passing yards and 1,050 rushing yards in the first six weeks of the season. The Cowboys probably will face Philadelphia without DeMarcus Ware, who has a groin injury. Dallas owner Jerry Jones invested heavily in the defensive line, but injuries have forced a lot of journeymen to fill out the four spots. For Kelly, this is an important game because the Eagles have a chance to end an eight-game losing streak at home.

Eliot Harrison of NFL.com goes with the Eagles, 29-24:

One might think this game will come down to Tony Romo, as Dallas contests often do, yet the running back position is the 300-pound Jay Ratliff in the room. Boy, the Cowboys could use help on the defensive line. Ratliff is gone, DeMarcus Ware is out and Jason Hatcher is banged up. We’ve seen Dallas going with a D-line that often is composed entirely of backups, which means LeSean McCoy could rush 25 times for 150 yards or 25 times for 1,500 yards. The other running backs in this game figure to be Cowboys rookie Joseph Randle and the physical Phillip Tanner. There’s no doubt Romo can exploit the Eagles’ secondary; the question is, how will Randle and Tanner fare in pass protection — or at catching the ball? Oh, how this Dallas team will miss DeMarco Murray.

Doug Farrar of SI.com previews Eagles-Cowboys:

So, it’s fair enough to expect a barnburner at Lincoln Financial Field. As such, the game may swing on which quarterback is able to drop the final hammer in a furious scoring contest. Tony Romo is coming off a wild two-game swing in which he set a franchise record with 506 yards and five touchdowns against the Denver Broncos one week before managing just 170 yards and one score the next against Washington’s generally porous defense. With Michael Vick’s hamstring still an issue, Dallas’ defense will see Nick Foles, who had perhaps the best game of his young career last Sunday against Tampa Bay — 22-of-31 passes for 296 yards, three touchdowns, no picks and a rushing touchdown against a Buccaneers defense that has been surprisingly good at times.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk goes with the Eagles, 31-21:

Whether Nick Foles or Mike Vick or Matt Barkley, Chip Kelly’s offense is poised to run rings around a more-porous-than-expected Dallas defense.  And Philly’s defense quietly has improved to the point where it can keep the Cowboys in check, especially with DeMarco Murray missing this one.

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  • Jay Matt

    Andy Benoit *isn’t ready to anoint Foles just yet..

    • sdk152

      Fixed, thanks! -SK

  • RaiderDebo

    Eagle7 owns the Cowboys. Foles, not so much. Would also like the Eagles more if it weren’t at home. Jason Hatcher and the rest of those guys are coming into this game with a lot of confidence with Eagle7 out.

  • Token

    Tonight confirmed my beliefs.

    No thank you to Tajh Boyd.

    • cliff henny

      manziel though is one tough SOB…tell ya, he’s growing on me. yes, 100 of those yards are all evans, but he’d still of thrown for 350. those scrambles back and forth would have to be coached out.
      live is sc, bro-in-law is clemson booster…seen most boyd games, i have never seen it either

      • Token

        Yea watched Manzeil today. I think hes like a Mike Vick without the rocket arm. I suspect he will have a similar NFL career. Its really hard to coach the things he doesout of his game. Its just who he is.

        • cliff henny

          has throws alot more ontime than vick does now. cant hold the throws to evans against him. that’s like holding stafford’s throw’s to green agianst him at georgia or to johnson now. we’ve talked about this a bunch, he needs to stop the jumps balls and wold scrambles. he does show he can throw in pocket, putting up 40 every game in SEC is pretty good. kid has talent. stop the 24/7 hating

          • Token

            Hating because I dont share your opinion?

            You think all the bad things he does can be coached out. That rarely happens with this type of player. He wants to run soon as he senses any pressure. Gotta be able to hang in there in the NFL.

            I dont think weighing in at 5’10 175lbs. at the combine will help his cause either. Tebow went in the first so im sure some team will talk themselves into taking him, just dont want it to be us.

            Better yet, I hope we end up not needing a QB. That would be the best thing.

            Because if Mariota doesnt come out the pickings are looking SLIM in a draft that was supposed to be so great for QBs.

          • Dutch

            Its delusional to believe we don’t need a QB and Chip isn’t taking one of the featured QBs currently running one of the spread option attacks in major college football. Besides the Eagles don’t have the receivers to make a pocket QB a weapon.

            Chip is not looking to put away his offense and his offense runs better when he has a QB under center who is an equal threat to pull down the rock, tuck it away and run 20 yds. He’s a rage in the NFL specifically because of his offense. He is not packing that away.

          • Token

            Yea i agree it probably is whats gonna happen. But if Mariota stays in school who out there is worth trading up for? I dont see it. How many teams are still using their QB as a running threat? Seattle? SF kinda stopped doing it much. Chip didnt really run Vick til the Giants game out of panic and we saw tge result.

            If a offense scores points thats all that matters. I dont xare how it occurs and neither does Chip.

          • Dutch

            Manziel is not a pocket QB, and he’s not going to suddenly become a pocket QB at the next level. If you’re looking at strictly a set up pocket passing QB, look no further than Bridgewater. Manziel does fit the model Kelly wants. Kelly needs two QBs with the same skill set Manziel demonstrates.

            Kelly’s already shown his offense works at this level it’s a mistake to believe he is willing to shelve his offense to suit a pocket passer 100% of the time.

        • ICDogg

          I really would prefer not to have a QB who is not at least 6’2″. They need to be able to see the field with all those big linemen up front.

          • James Skip Carl

            Tell that to Drew Brees

    • Media Mike

      Yup! If you lose in your own building to a collection of female genitals with inbred fans like Florid State, you cannot be that good.
      I’m looking forward to THE U owning Florida State and making a lot of free shoes university / Criminoles fans killing themselves.
      There really are few fan bases and teams in this world more despicable than Florida State.

      • G_WallyHunter

        FSU is going to national championship, Jameis is a beast, Time for Miami and Florida to take a back seat once and for all.

        • Media Mike

          They’re going to get owned by the U and would lose an SOS battle to Bama and Oregon. FSU is going nowhere except to another bowl defeat. F them.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Nope, watch and see. Can’t be messed with, Who’s gonna stop Jameis? favoured by a field goal last night LOL, I sense jealously in your comments, who do you root for? Miami? I can’t wait for that game GAWD DANG

          • Media Mike

            I just hate Florida State. I’m not really a fan of The U, but I appreciate their ownership of Florida State. Florida State is really a collection of misinformed rubes. If, at any point, they fully admit their historical inferiority to Penn State and Bowden’s inferiority to Paterno; I’ll stop launching comments in their direction.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Fairly said, I respect that, I don’t even know what you’re talking about to be honest lol, still a fairly new college fan, obviously you aren’t. One of my good friends died tragically last summer, he was a die hard noles fan (I recall him saying Jameis was going to be BIG), I continue on his fandom for him, that’s the main reason I’m digging them now. No other reason for liking them.

            Miami doesn’t always own them do they? I thought FSU owned them last year..

          • Media Mike

            Props to you for keeping your friend’s rooting interest alive. I can totally respect that. Historically, if you watch The U special from ESPN’s 30 for 30, Miami ran wild on Florida State.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Ya the least I could do, it gives me comfort as well. He was just getting me into college ball too, only fitting that I root for his team.

            And thanks for that I should definitely check it out, being a newer noles fan and all, it’d probably be good to inform myself on that rivalry lol.

          • Andy124

            Bowden from FSU and Paterno were neck and neck for most wins as a D1 coach for a long time. Bowden finally retired and Joe kept on trucking, piling up 409 in the end. When many of those wins were “stripped”, Bowden jumped back over Joe. Based on MIke’s comments, I can only assume he’s had to endure FSU fans bragging about their coach being atop the all-time wins list, which would certainly merit the misinformed rubes comment.

            I’m anti-all-Florida schools for my own reasons, but that’s not one of them. 409 forever.

          • Media Mike

            Word up Andy! Thanks for adding the context!

          • G_WallyHunter

            Thanks for that, I can see now lol, would be very frustrating for PS fans or anyone for that matter who is sick of FSU fans.. no bragging going on over here. I just started rooting for them in the last couple years. Noles come second to my beloved Eagles.

            Did anyone see how bad of a typo was on NFL Network Live Coverage of DAL-PHI? It said today was Nick Foles’ 2nd career start LOL, NFL network sucks, they’re always screwing up and making typos..

    • theycallmerob

      I’m with Jimmy ‘bama though, huge fan of Joyner esp. after last night. Kid is a player at DB. Also impressed by WRs on both sides
      (Benjamin and Watkins)

      • Token

        Yea Joiners knock will be he is tiny. But, like Boykin if you can play you can play.

        I dont think they can afford to take a WR #1, but man there looks to be some beasts that will be on the board. Mike Evans….

        • GEAGLE

          man, I Would love Evans…however, I would prefer snagging Khalil Mack or Barr in round 1, then grabbing an Adrian Robinson, Odell Beckham type later on….
          Im wondering if Walterfootball knows an Eagle Scout that is designated to scout LSU….leading up to the last draft, Walter for Months had us taking Benny Logan in round 3…I. Thought he was crazy for projecting that pick, but thru all his updates, he never waivered from Mocking Logan to us in round 3….he has updated his Mocks a few times already, and he always has us taking LSu safety, Craig Loston….I’m wondering if he is connected to the eagles scout in charge of scouting LSU, or is he just getting lucky?

        • theycallmerob
    • BlindChow

      Hundley had a rough day as well.

  • Tyler Phillips

    Benoit must not actually have watched the cowboys CBs lately. Claiborne is playing awful and scandrick is avg at best.

    • Token

      Was just going to post the same thing. Wasnt Claiborne benched for sucking?

      • Tyler Phillips

        Yep. They have also given up 400yds passing 3 times already. fearsome

      • cliff henny

        jabc…just another ‘bama corner. some point gms will figure this out

        • B-West


        • GEAGLE

          Hopefully the eagles NEVER draft a bama corner

      • nicksaenz1

        Claiborne was benched because he doesn’t do well in zone coverage. It doesn’t help that he’s a complete idiot, which would likely make learning how to play it a little more difficult.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Points galore in this one. Ya all get your popcorn ready!!!! Wil come down to who gets last pos.

  • Media Mike

    No way the Eagles score under 30 in this game. Dallas has a skeleton crew on D and the lack of Ware really cripples them. They don’t have a CB who can cover DeSean 1 on 1 and if they put the safety over the top to help out on every play we’ll gash them with passes to Ertz down the seam. We’re likely to steamroll them in the run game as well.
    The problem coming back is that Dallas is going to move the ball on us as well. We simply cannot cover Bryant or Witten. As long as we limit the YAC we can force Dallas into frequent enough 3rd and long situations due to their garbage RB situation. We’ll give up too many first downs again on 3rd & 7+, but Romo will eventually make a bonehead turnover that turns the game around for us.
    Also, expect another 100+ QB rating day out of Foles.

    • GEAGLE

      Monte kiffin hasn’t slept an hour in 3 days

    • OregonDucker

      Eagles rate of scoring will be faster than Cowgirls. Just play zone and give ’em short passes. It will take them longer to score. Once we have a good margin, march down the field with run plays in the 4th qtr. – i.e. eat the clock.

  • Token

    Its ONLY 9am? UGH!!!!!!!!!

  • Media Mike

    I am now a double ball of angry. That LOSER, Sean O’Hara, just tried to claim a track meet game would result in a Dallas win because Brandon Carr would be able to shut down DeSean Jackson. REALLY? How about, NO! O’Hara, in addition to being named after one of the worst high schools in the Greater Philadelphia Area, is a dope. Pick Dallas if you’d like, but don’t tell me shutting down that garbage WR Pierre Garcon is the same thing as trying to cover DeSean Jackson. DeSean Jackson is a true #1 WR, where as Garcon is a 3rd passing option (behind Wayne and Clark when in Indy) and not worth the bloated contract given to him by the Skins.

    Then NFL network had the nerve to show a graphic of O’Hara wearing a Super Bowl hat and he started bragging about having a key to the city of new york in his hands. That key isn’t worth squat, just like any new yorker isn’t worth squat.

    • Token

      Its a unwritten rule that one should never turn on NFL Network. Those guys make ESPN talking heads look knowledgeable. They basically just get the guys that ESPN, FOX, CBS etc… didnt want.

      • Media Mike

        Nice! That just make me laugh!


    Dirty stinking cowboy day….around 4pm today, romo will need the Hiemlich maneuver!!!!

    • OregonDucker

      No, he’ll need a stretcher after Curry decks him.


    I missed all the games yesterday….can someone tell me how van Noy, Khalil Mack and Barr played yesterday?

  • Will

    Here’s hoping Foles crushes Cowgirls today 35-21 Eagles! McCoy helps his QB with a banner day at rushing the rock down their throats!

  • BigWhoopWannaFightAboutIt

    Does anyone know where one could watch the game on the web? I have a friend who lives in the NY market and can’t watch his Eagles beat the girls so I’m trying to help him find a good place to stream the game.