Signs Point To Foles Starting Against Dallas


Michael Vick continues to work back from what he described as a “bad” hamstring pull.

With the Dallas game just five days away, Vick does not sound like he is close to full health. Signs point to Nick Foles getting his second straight start.

“I’m just trying to work every day to get myself back into a position where I can come out here and run full-speed down the field,” said Vick, who was limited Tuesday.

“When I try to burst, the knot is there. I think another week of rehab could put me in a position where I can start gaining some confidence and doing things that I normally do.”

Vick mentioned that his hamstring injury is “up high” on his leg which, according to the QB, increases the chances of re-aggravating it. He stressed that he needs to take the proper precautions so he does not suffer a setback. The 33-year-old signal-caller sat out Sunday’s win over Tampa. With James Casey sidelined with a groin injury, Vick dressed and served as the team’s emergency quarterback.

He was asked: What are you able to do and what are you not able to do?

“If I had to go in the game I could just sit in the pocket and throw the football,” said Vick. “That’s like playing seven-on-seven, but seven-on-seven is unrealistic on Sundays because you’ve got people coming at you. Being an emergency guy, that’s just what I’m going to be — emergency guy — if that’s the case.”

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  • nicksaenz1

    Can Vick catch? If Foles is doing well, and earns himself the position full-time, Vick should play slot when healthy. Chip likes versatility, and that would be horrifying for DCs to have to game plan for on top of everything else. I’m half kidding, but don’t act like it doesn’t have you thinking.

    • G_WallyHunter

      One hit over the middle and there goes our slot receiver

      on the other hand, could make some pretty creative flea-flicker plays out of it…

      • nicksaenz1

        I obviously wouldn’t advise him going over the middle to do anything more than execute a drag route. Him coming out of the middle on the drag would be tons of YAC.

      • nicksaenz1

        Vick in a stack to one side, D-Jax solo on the other. Hitch to Vick, who bombs to uncovered D-Jax. You’re welcome for that one, Chip.

        • G_WallyHunter

          LOL what I was thinking

        • G_WallyHunter

          That’s disgusting thinking about, need Riley and Maehl over near Vick to block on the “screen”, up at top of screen 3 WRs (Riley, Maehl, Vick), then Djax on the bottom of the screen doing a streak. Can Sheil do an All-22 on this? Gross play call.

          Snap to Foles in shotgun, quick backward left pass to Vick (who has Cooper and Maehl blocking), then Vick launches one diagonally downfield to the streaking Djax. This is just gross to visualize lol

  • Justin

    I’m okay with it. I wanna see more of what Foles can do.

  • Richard Colton

    Someone in the Philly media should do a Vick vs. Foles story, then let the fans talk about it in the comments section. Now THAT would be something.

    • cliff henny

      remember the days before every other article wasnt foles vs vick…yeah, me neither

      • Token

        Id like to see a article on why the ST is so terrible. Is there all 22 film of ST plays? At least itd be a change of pace.

        • cliff henny

          there’s about 3 yrs worth of gametape.

        • theycallmerob

          ^this. The article can be titled “All-22 Confirms: Damaris should stop returning kicks”

        • Pennguino

          Great call. We kept certain players and got rid of others that looked like they could develop into quality starters all for the sake of Special Teams Play. I don’t see the value.

          I want to see Bryce on KO returns. He has breakaway speed but not a lot of wiggle so no punt returns. Need another speed guy for punts that has some wiggle. That is why I was hoping for that Rookie Qb/Slash guy to make the team and develop. Size, Speed, and Agility.

  • Ebrano1

    Foles, if he can beat the cowboys, is going to win the job… the emotional high of beating the key rival would make it impossible for Kelly or anyone to hand the ball back to Vick.

    • defroe81


      • BlindChow

        Caps make it so!

      • theycallmerob

        Your caps key seems broken. Oh yea, trolololol.

      • Eaglehaslanded

        I’ve been looking at the production of the two QB’s. I think Vick has difficulty in the red zone because of his lack of height. He struggles seeing receivers on a limited field. Nick on the other hand has the height and is more methodical with his passing. Simply puy, he takes what the defense gives him. I prefer Foles because he has better red zone production. No one can argue that…Stats don’t lie, nor does the tape!

  • theycallmerob

    The “debate” is useless, Vick should not play for no reason other than his health

    • UKEagle99

      There is no debate. Chip says who starts.

  • Media Mike

    Cynic alert!
    Vick will be “injured” until Foles has a bad game.

    • theycallmerob

      it would be more suspect if Vick came back to start this week. A 33 yr old who relies on speed and mobility would be hard pressed to play on an injured (upper) hamstring after a fortnight

      • Media Mike

        I don’t disagree with Vick actually still being hurt, I’m just saying that he’ll be “hurt” until Foles doesn’t play well if Kelly can avoid having to make a decision either way.

  • Johnny Domino

    Nice of Mike to take Chip off the hook. He could stay here another couple of years with that attitude and a pay cut.

  • HowboutdemIggles

    If he starts this game I’m done arguing for Foles. There’s no point if he’s the starter, l just hop this defense can keep Romo in check. We can’t stop him; we can only hope to contain him.

    • Romo has been playing some good ball lately. I feel about this game like I felt about the Denver game. We “could” put 30-35 on them they *could* put 40-45 on us.

      I will just hope Romo has an epic meltdown.

      • Media Mike

        Peep Romo / Cowboy numbers when DeMarco Murray isn’t playing. Not good at all for Dallas that he’s out.

        • I know that. BUT they finished off Wash strong with Murray out – that young kid (I think he’s young) showed up. And our defense isn’t too much better than Wash. We made Glennon look good.

          • Vick Must Go

            Yeah… Glennon did look like a superstar against us. I’m not sure what to think about that. Is he really that good, or are we really that bad?

      • HowboutdemIggles

        I’m thinking it will be one of those games that Romo makes that one mistake like always and loses the game.

        • SLB

          You mean like every game that they lose. Philly fans would roast him if he were an Eagle. I love that he’s in the division. “I ain’t got no worries!”

  • UKEagle99

    Vick sounds like he is being the consummate “team guy”. I’m really not sure what to read in to that. I know that I like the Mike Vick that’s been with the Eagles a lot more than the previous Mike Vick, I also know I love watching him when he’s on form. I’m not sure where I am on who the best QB for us this season is, I think CK is in my boat.

    • Media Mike

      That Vick was left in the cell. The guy we have is a consummate professional. I don’t care for his injury propensity and style of play at times, but the dude is locked in and I have zero worries about his behavior.

      • SLB

        The man said he would coach QBs if necessary. Scary thought but few starters would put their egos to the side to say that. Mike has been a complete pro about all of this.

  • I see why they are being so coy now. Vick’s injury is worse than previously reported and dude may be out a minute. Interesting.

    Edit: Well they didn’t do much reporting about it, but you get what I’m saying.

    • knighn

      Makes no sense for the Eagles to disclose any more than they need to. Make the opposing defense plan for more than one style of QB. Hamstrings are tricky. He could be back sooner or later.

  • Vick Must Go

    Praise God! Another week of Foles. Seriously better than winning the lottery…