Vick: I Can’t Worry About Losing Job

Michael Vick

TAMPA, Fla. — LeSean McCoy pretended he didn’t understand.

The Eagles’ running back was making his way back to his locker and saw a crowd of reporters nearby surrounding Michael Vick.

“Why y’all talking’ to him?” he joked. “He ain’t play a [expletive] down!”

But McCoy knew exactly why Vick was drawing attention. The veteran signal-caller beat out Nick Foles for the starting job in the summer, but suffered a hamstring injury last week against the Giants. For the first time all season, when the offense took the field for its opening drive, Vick wasn’t out there.

Now, after Foles’ performance (22-for-31, 296 yards, three touchdowns), there is a degree of uncertainty surrounding the Eagles’ QB situation. Chip Kelly said after the game that he would evaluate everything moving forward.

“He did everything that he was supposed to do to put this team in position to win that game,” Vick said of Foles.

Asked if he was concerned about losing his starting job, he said: “Not at all. It’s the game of football. Nick’s a great player. He’s a great football player. He does exactly what he needs to do when he goes out on the field. That’s not something I’m gonna worry about. I’m gonna worry about getting healthy.”

Has Kelly reassured him that he’ll be the starter once he is healthy?

“We haven’t talked about that,” Vick said. “There’s no need to talk about it. We gotta go with the momentum, we gotta go with the flow. As players, we do what we’re asked to do.”

Vick tested out the hamstring before the game, but already knew that Foles was going to start today’s game. He said it still felt a little tight and a little sore.

“You know you got a quarterback behind you who can play, who can go out there and get the job done,” Vick said when asked about not coming back too soon. “The team believes in him, the guys believe in him, the coaching staff believes in him. You don’t have to rush it. You don’t have to try to stress it out and make it even worse, so it’s a good opportunity for me, it’s a good space to be in.

“You just gotta be cautious with an injury like this. If you go out there and stress it out, then you hurt yourself for the next two weeks and the next three weeks, so I just gotta make sure I’m a hundred percent when I’m out there.”

The Eagles’ next game is Sunday afternoon at the Linc against the Cowboys.

Asked if he expects to be healthy enough to play in that game, Vick said: “I can’t say right now.”

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  • Brian

    Just get healthy Mike. You’ll be a good starter, or the best backup, in the NFL when you do.

    • Pennguino

      That thought crossed my mind a few weeks ago about Vick becoming a backup. A veteran presence, that can provide a spark and move a team for a few games. Provides a leadership presence in the locker room. Has enough skills to keep the starter on his toes.

      • Vick isn’t going to be a backup. He’ll retire first.

        • theycallmerob

          Source? I mean, other than the voices in your head?

          • #7

            Haven’t seen you this happy in a while rob

          • theycallmerob

            As I said in the other thread, this was the first week the Eagles seemed to execute in all the key categories. They beat a very good defense on the road. Red Zone, big plays, run game, winning the penalty game, no ints (only that weird McCoy fumble away from a win in that category too)… was just nice to see.

            In football, you ride the hot hand. What has Vick done all year to demonstrate that playing him next week would lead to more points or a win? What if he’s not 100%? What if Harbaugh had never started Kaep last year after Smith was fully healthy?
            There is just no reason to bench Foles, save for a miserable performance.

          • Justin

            That McCoy fumble was a fluke. He got flipped in so many directions who probably didn’t know which way was up.

          • sprawl

            I thought Tampa Bay had finally figured out how to stop Chip Kelly’s offense. Just flip Lesean McCoy upside-down and shake him every which way and you can produce a fumble!

            Easy, right?

          • BlindChow

            Tampa tried that a second time, but Chip adjusted and made McCoy hold on to the ball this time.

          • Maggie

            The biggest problem McCoy seems to have, at this moment, is lack of command od the English language.

          • #7

            Foles played well. No excuses from me. Is there a reason to bench Foles? It’s been one game and a half. Roll with the starter and I would say that if Foles had won the job. One thing this has done is raise the stakes. Vick has to answer or he will sit. He will respond.

            Again, great game by Foles. I give credit where it’s due

          • Vick has to play the game he’s been playing. He hasn’t played badly, They were up 2 scores in the Giants game. There really is no there there except for a fanbase who is always in love with the backup.

            And honestly…Vick does many things, but buckling under competitive pressure ain’t it. It’s annoying folk just can’t be happy with the win but this is Philly after all.

          • Vick Must Go

            5/14 for 100 yards and no touchdowns is by definition, “badly.” So yes… yes he did play badly.

          • 7 of 79 on the ground is not in any way bad. Not only that but Shady’s 1 yd. TD was ALL Vick. The pass to Desean, the 14 yd scramble…it doesn’t show up in his stats, but let’s not act like it didn’t happen.

          • Vick Must Go

            Oh, I’m not acting like it didn’t happen. Michael Vick is the 2nd best RB on this team… and the 2nd best QB on this team. I will take a QB that can pass ANYDAY of the week over a QB that can only run and absolutely nothing more.

            Vick’s completion percentage through all his games this year, 54%. Let’s not act like that hasn’t happened.

          • Vick Must Go

            Of QBs with at least 40 pass attempts… any guess where Vick rates in regards to his completion percentage? Any Guess for Foles?

            Vick: 34th in the league
            Foles: 6th in the league

            There are only 3 QBs lower than Vick with that criteria… Fitzpatrick, Gabbert, and Eli. Any questions?

          • Maggie

            Yes. Why would you compare to other QB’s with “at least 40 pass attempts?” How about a comparison with the more standard 30-35 pass attempts?? The standard. You must think you’re Andy Reid or Marty, his sidekick, who LOOOVED to throw the ball 40 to 60 times a game. And only let the best RB in the game touch the ball 4 TIMES. Of course their WINNING percentage became very spotty with that philosophy. Then again, you never let facts get in the way of your prejudices.

          • Vick Must Go

            Maggie, you are so far off base that I question your sanity. At least 40 pass attempts on the SEASON!!! If your IQ didn’t get in the way of you trying to call me a racist, you would have understood your gaffe. If I included anyone with an attempt, you would have had receivers with option passes. If I only included QBs with >100 attempts, I would have excluded QBs with just a few starts. I figured 40 attempts would include starters such as Cassel, Freeman, Fitzpatrick, Foles, Locker, Henne, Gabbert, Ponder, etc.

            Season, Maggie. Not per game. Everyone but you was able to see that. But go ahead, keep on calling people racists.

          • Maggie

            Huh!?? Well you really prove your stupidity If you actually think the word “prejudice” refers only to racial concerns! I am prejudiced in favour of Kenmore appliances and Chevvies. I am prejudiced against Fords. etc. etc. In court, being “prejudicial” simply means favoring one side of an argument over another. Grow up and think.

          • Vick Must Go

            That is the only response you have, you prejudiced fan? No comment on the objective verifiable facts I provided you?

            I would love for anyone… ANYONE AT ALL in the Vick camp to please provide me any data at all from the last 2 years (2011, 2012, and even count 2013) that can support why Vick should be starting over Foles.

            Please, anyone… I’ve asked over and over but all I can get is these garbage responses. Please some objective data on why Vick should be starting. Objective verifiable facts.

          • Loke1988

            Your wasting your breath you do realize that don’t you?

          • Dutch

            the rational is stunning to replace the QB of the No.2 offense in the NFL with the back up who looks great against the weakest opponents in the league who both have zero wins this season in, a combined 10 games.

            That No.2 Offensive rating comes in conjunction with the Eagles having completed games against the 4 toughest teams on their schedule and arguably best in the league.

          • Yeah. It’s INSANE. ONE game and it’s REPLACE THE STARTER. Typical Philly.

          • Dutch

            How could you expect much less from Foles considering neither the Giants or Bucs have won a game this year?

            This was a perfect game for all the young guys to build some confidence. The Offense did well holding in check the Bucs defensive playmakers. The Defense not so well. The Defense had you sitting on the edge of your seat. Nothing is secure with that bunch of castaways, but they held on when Kelly chewed up clock and ran the ball on consecutive downs and series in the late 3rd and 4th Quarters.

            Everybody, including Chip is learning and making adjustments.

          • me

            against the chargers, the redskins.

          • theycallmerob

            neither team had as good of a defense. And Foles 71% comp. is the best all year. There is no reason to bench him.

          • He’s not the starter…so he wouldn’t be being benched if the starter is healthy and he comes back. It’s 1.5 games dude. Relax.

          • Pennguino

            I am pretty sure it will be written in the history books as Foles was the starter for this game. Will he be the starter next week? Don’t know. He should be based on how he has played this season.

          • Dutch

            Those are just uninformed flash opinions based on subjective reasoning. Still Foles looked well against another winless team who he should have done well against.

            It’s not possible to take more than that away from this game given the level of competition.

            The certainty which was painfully obvious is, Foles is not the QB to run Chip’s Offense.

          • Maggie

            Yup. the schemes were changed for Foles.

          • Dutch

            The Redskins having won a single game this season has more wins than the Giants and Bucs have together.

            Tells us how you had determined the Bucs and Giants defense was “as good, or no as good” in comparison with the Chargers and Redskins.

            That definitely wasn’t obvious as the Eagles were streaking to 30 pts on the Bucs.

          • theycallmerob

            It’s called statistics

          • Jay

            Look at the defenses Foles has looked pretty against. Kansas City’s defense would have exposed him. He’s a great backup but he won’t take the Eagles far this year. Stick with the starter chip.

          • theycallmerob

            TB was a top defense. Try again

          • Jay

            I understand that they were ranked as a top defense. But as you can see they aren’t. They beat a Patriots team that the Bengals held to 13 points. Bottom line is the Bucs are a winless team and so are the Giants. Vick put up enough points and yards to beat the chargers but you can blame the loss on the Eagles suspect defense. Foles basically played the way he should have. Nothing more.

          • Jay

            *didn’t mean to say they beat the pats. Almost beat them

          • Maggie

            Let s not forget that the play calling was also adjusted for Foles. As it should be. Difficult to HONESTLY compare apples to oranges.

          • Dutch

            Foles did well against two winless teams. Tampa and New York, each being a dumpster fire; are a combine 0 wins and 10 losses.

            If Foles could not look well against the weakest of teams in the weakest part of the Eagles schedule, then who and when could Foles look well playing?

          • Source that he will choose to be a backup?

        • #7

          Not time for that yet.

          • I’m not talking about with the Eagles. I’m saying he’s not likely to sign to another team as a backup.

        • Brian

          The way he handled being the backup at the end of last season, and his reactions to questions today, lead me to believe that he would come back next year, as the backup. Vick loves living in (around) Philly.

  • Justin

    Say what you want about Vick, but the man has some class.

    • Christian

      Fo sho! Vick is a professional!

  • #7

    Way to stay classy #7. You will have your time again. Soon. Really soon

    • G_WallyHunter

      Should I grab Foles on wire? that’s the real ?

      • Vick Must Go

        You have to grab any chip kelly QB for fantasy just because of scheme and offensive talent.

    • nicksaenz1

      He’ll likely be starting next week.

      • #7

        Yep, he should be, but he needs to let it rip. Foles let it rip and that’s a credit to him. Unlike a lot of people on these threads, no excuses from me. Foles played well.

        • nicksaenz1

          Crappy thing is we’re going to have to wait again until Friday or Saturday to know who’s starting.

    • Vick Must Go

      For the Raiders… in 2014…

  • Justin

    Like I said in the Observations thread: Let Foles run with it next week against Dallas and see how he does. If he has another game like he did against Tampa, keep rolling with the hot hand. If he flops bad, you can say “Vick is 100%” and start him against New York.

    • Always Hopeful

      Whomever is the starter next week will have more pressure on them because Dallas’ offense is way better than Tampa’s. Whether Nick or Vick, the offense is going to be under much more pressure than they were the past two weeks.

      I’ll be “scouting” Dallas tonight, Washington’s defense is about as good as ours, right?

      Can Dallas stop our offense?

      • Justin

        I missed the game last night (needed sleep to get up for work at 4:30 am), so all I know is Dallas won. I expect next week to be a bit of a shootout honestly. So the question becomes “Who do you trust to win a shootout?” and I think I’d have to say Foles.

        • Always Hopeful

          Dallas didn’t do much offensively, because they didn’t have to. They had some short fields to work with and a kick (or punt can’t remember) return for a TD.

          Several injuries on Dallas: D. Ware was out, DeMarco Murray was out. They had dudes off the street harassing RG3 in the 4th quarter!

          Our offense may be similar to Washington’s, but I think it will cause the Cowboys more problems than Washington’s did.

          I don’t trust our D against Romo. I think we could win a shoot out. It would be nice to win a home game, huh?

          What better way to do it by beating the Cowboys and holding down first place!

          If Vick isn’t 100% Nick should start. I see Vick re-injuring his hammy if he’s not 100%

  • William

    All these Nick Foles lovers, havent we learned from Kolb….I am not taking anything away from his performance but we do know that the Giants are what O-6 and the Bucs are what 1-5( not sure) . I means let’s just relax a minute, please

    • #7


      • Andy124

        fwiw, I do not consider posting of simple facts down-voteable.
        Up-vote just to balance the injustice lol.

    • Muke

      THese are philly fans you are asking to relax. LOL u r smoking. Nick Foles is their guy now till he starts messing up, if I was VICK ill chill and let foles take over, trust foles just had one good game. Next it will be the Oline wont let Foles be successful.

      • William

        It’s crazy ….I was born and raised in Philly but lived on NYC, Miami, now Brazil…I can understand why Michael Irvin hates us . Maybe because we are so championship starved.But the better teams, once they plan for Foles, He won’t be the same, not with that line and that defense….the seasons not halfway full…why can’t we just enjoy 500, which is an improvement over last year. I just don’t want to hear the Nick Foles Hype. If our defense doesn’t start getting teams off the fied on 3 and long, it won’t matter who is our QB ….I hate Romo but he is probably chomping at the bit right now

    • Kevin

      Foles deserves credit for playing a very good game against a premier defense. He isn’t the next Brady (yet), but it us OK to be excited about his performance and the possibilities.

      • BlindChow

        When people were excited by Foles’ performance against the Giants, skeptics cited New York’s woeful defense as reason not to jump the gun, and rightly so, saying the real test would be against Tampa, with their stellar defense.

        I’d say he passed. Still not a large sample size, but he hasn’t given fans any reason to be worried yet.

    • It’ll play itself out like it always does.

    • Vick Must Go

      Last I checked, we were able to trade Kolb for a 2nd round draft pick and a Pro Bowl CB. So I would love for Foles to be the next Kolb. Even if Foles turns out to just be a backup, you can’t undervalue the cap flexibility that a backup QB on a rookie contract gives you.

      How much do you think Jason Campbell is making? Chad Henne? Matt Flynn? Having a 3-4 million dollar backup really fouls up your cap.

  • Explorer51

    Thirty one points, a 133.3 QB rating, 3 for 4 in the RZ, no turnovers, all against the second best defense we’ve played this year…and Shady did just fine on his own! 0-4 (now 0-5) doesn’t matter, it was the Top 10 defense that some posters on this site…you know who you are…said was going to confound Foles because they would stack the line to stop McCoy with Revis stopping Jackson…

    Only one game but the offense looked more efficient today than any time this year.

    • Jay

      This so called top 10 defense played teams with NO RUNNING GAME. Patriots, Saints, etc. They became one dimensional which is very easy to stop in this league. Lesean McCoy’s running opened up the pass. Foles didn’t do anything he was expected to do. You can’t crown the guy just yet. He hasn’t proven shit!! And I won’t even discuss the Giants defense who got blown out by Carolina. Careful what you Foles lovers wish for

  • KimbaFuzz

    I’ve never seen a fanbase so enamored with the backup as Philadelphia. Feeley, Hoying, Garcia, Kolb, and now Foles…. I remember Matt Flynn playing LIGHTS OUT football for Green Bay when Aaron Rodgers couldn’t go. I remember Matt Cassel doing the same for the Patriots a few years back. Look what happened with both of those guys.

    Nick Foles had a really REALLY good game against a *winless* Bucs team. Can we just enjoy that performance and victory instead of rushing to crown him the new king of the Eagles? Sheesh.

    • Vick Must Go

      Big difference Kimba… Flynn was backing up Aaron Rodgers. Cassel was backing up Tom Brady. If we had either of those QBs, I don’t think any of us would be pulling for Foles to get in.

      But… we don’t have those QBs. We have Mike Vick… ugh… And who the heck was Hoying playing behind… Peete?

      • Explorer51

        Actually, Bobby Hoying wasn’t the backup QB, he was third string behind Ty Detmer and Rodney Peete in ’97 (he ended up starting a few to games at the end of the season) and then he was the starter, at least in the beginning of the year in ’98. They were some bad teams.

        • Vick Must Go

          Exactly. You can’t compare rooting for the backup QB when Peete/Vick are the starters to rooting for the backup for Brady/Manning/etc.

    • Explorer51

      I remember those guys but I also remember when Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Steve Young, and, yes, Aaron Rodgers were backups and won the starting job. Can it happen with Foles? Sure. Will it happen? Can’t tell after a game and a half. But it looks like he can handle the offense against a pretty good defense and that’s a start. This isn’t about a “new king” but it is about saying maybe he played well enough for another shot.

    • BlindChow

      Who was in front of Flynn and Cassel? There’s a reason there was never a QB controversy in Green Bay and New England, despite the backups playing well.

      Vick just hasn’t been playing on the level of Rodgers and Brady. He’s only been above 50% passing completion in one of his last 3 games, and has been very underwhelming in the red zone. I don’t think he should be ousted after only 1.5 good games from Foles, but let’s not pretend Vick has been amazing out there.

    • Jay

      Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better. Let’s not forget that the Bucs beat one dimensional teams like the Patriots and Saints that didn’t have A RUNNING GAME! These Foles fans love talking about how Foles beat the Bucs. It was shady’s running that won that game. Without that 100 yards on the ground you can kiss that pretty qb rating good bye. Just food for thought.

  • morgan c

    Foles should start.

  • Token

    In his last 3 games Vick is completing 46% of his passes.

    In the 2nd half of games this season Vick is completing 51% of his passes and has 1 TD.

    In the redzone he is 5/19(26%) with 1 TD.

    Vick is hurt again.

    At this point, it really doesnt even matter who the backup QB is or how he is playing. Vick has played himself out of a job.

    Then you factor in age, and that the backup is playing better… its a no brainer.

    Foles has contributed the same amount of total TDs in 1 and a half games as Vick has all season. Hes also 5/7 in the redzone with 3 passing TDs and one rushing TD.

    • Maggie

      No quarterback has EVER completed a single pass. QB’s initiate passes. Other people complete them. All dependent on O-line, talent on the whole offense, play calling by the coaches and training. Plus a little luck and perhaps lack of talent on the defense of the opposing team. Get it straight, Token. eg. “The Catch”. Forty-Niners. That was NOT Montana’s throw. That was Dwight Clark’s CATCH.

  • OregonEagle

    During pre-season, when being pressed to name a starting QB, Chip said that in his experience these things always had a way of playing themselves out. It’s still Vick’s job to lose but his margin of error is getting smaller.

    Foles will start next week and Vick will continue to heal. Next week is a test. If Chip does a good job of planning for Dallas and Foles does a good job of executing it then Foles is the starter, win or lose until he shows that he can’t execute the plan Chip makes for him. If Foles can’t execute the plan then Vick becomes the starter again until he conclusively proves that he can’t execute the games Chip plans for him. If Chip’s plan for Dallas sucks and they blow us up next week, maybe Foles gets the benefit of the doubt and gets another start.

    • Kelly also said Vick wouldn’t be looking over his shoulder. He took so long to name a starter for a reason. 1 or 2 game isn’t going to be enough to unseat that.

      • Jason Hall

        True he did say that

  • anon

    Usually I love coming on here – hearing people cheer for the Eagles and talk about the games. Through 6 games we’re still tied for the top of the division, i think we look like the best team in the division. Chip’s system is working, the D is looking better. Can we talk about how much better the D looks? Getting takeaways, sacks, making stops, etc. Not getting killed on big plays. Not getting dinked and dunked all day. Bradley Fletcher looking like a boss. So much positive to talk about — and what do we have; Vick vs. Foles — as if we didn’t talk enough this summer or this week. It’s sad really. Oh well, maybe it’s better on Eagles Bltiz.

  • Johnny_P

    Foles is a very good back-up, perhaps one of the top 3 best back-up QB’s in the league, but he’s a back-up. He filled in admirably. MV7 is the starter of this team for the 2013 season. Chip’s QB is not on the roster. If I’m Howie I am shopping Foles this morning. His stock is peaking at the right time. Make some calls, see if you can get a 2nd rounder for him, heck, even a 3rd rounder at this point.

  • BleedGreenJames

    Vick is the starter, you can’t waffle on something like this. You had that competition in the offseason for a reason, Vick was the decisive winner. I am not that big of a Vick fan, I believe he’s been in a significant regression as a passer since 2010, but he is the starter. I like Foles, he’s been all you can ask a backup to be, especially in only his second year. I see him at this point as a pretty good trade asset, I think the FO has their eyes on the “made for Chip Kelly” QB class this year.