Observations: Eagles 31, Bucs 20


TAMPA, Fla. — Here’s what we saw during the Eagles’ 31-20 win over the Bucs.


* Nick Foles went 22-for-31 for 296 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He also ran for a score and had a passer rating of 133.3. The Eagles got off to a good start, going 85 yards on eight plays on their first possession. Foles hit LeSean McCoy on a 44-yard screen on the team’s first offensive play. Foles later got in the end zone from 4 yards out on a designed QB draw. In the second half, Foles was able to connect on a couple deep balls. He found Riley Cooper down the left sideline for a 47-yard score, and he hit DeSean Jackson on a 36-yard bomb.

* Cooper did a nice job of adjusting to the ball against rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks for the touchdown. He had four catches for 120 yards, more than he had in the first five games combined.

* Jackson caught all six balls thrown his way for 64 yards and a pair of scores. Foles found him in the back of the end zone for a 12-yard score in the second. The Bucs’ secondary looked confused on the play as Jackson ran away from Darrelle Revis.

* LeSean McCoy had 25 carries for 116 yards against one of the better run defenses in the league.

* Foles faced pressure from unblocked defenders on at least three occasions in the first half. It was tough to tell whether there was an issue in setting the protections or if Foles should have sensed the pressure and gotten the ball out sooner. Foles was sacked just once, but hit six times.

* Damaris Johnson seemed to be getting his most playing time of the season.

* Jason Peters left with an injury in the third quarter, but returned in the fourth. Allen Barbre replaced him temporarily at left tackle.

* Third-string running back Chris Polk left the game with a shoulder injury.

* With 2:58 left, the Eagles sent the offense onto the field on 4th-and-1. Peters was actually calling for crowd noise as it seemed apparent that Foles was just going to try to draw the Bucs offsides. But a defender jumped, and the Eagles were awarded a first down. The offense was able to kill 5:29 off the clock with a 12-play, 49-yard drive that resulted in an Alex Henery field goal.


* The Eagles’ defense delivered an uneven performance overall, but limited the Bucs to just three points in the second half. Bradley Fletcher had a third-quarter interception that led to a touchdown. And Connor Barwin came up with a sack on third down in the fourth to force a punt.

* The Eagles failed to get adequate pressure on rookie Mike Glennon in the first half, but Billy Davis’ crew got better late. The 6-foot-7 QB went 26-for-42 for 273 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. On several occasions, the pass-rush got close, but Eagles defenders didn’t finish. Glennon had three runs for 20 yards, including one 16-yarder.

* The defense couldn’t get off the field on a couple different occasions. One was during a 10-play, 79-yard drive in the second. Doug Martin had a 24-yard run, his second carry of 20+ yards on the season. Entering today’s game, the Eagles had only allowed one run of 20+ yards all season. Later on the drive, Glennon found Vincent Jackson on the fade from 1 yard out against Cary Williams.

* Overall, the Eagles kept Martin in check. He had 67 yards on 16 carries. DeMeco Ryans struggled at times in coverage, but made a lot of plays against the run, finishing with 11 solo tackles.

* On one drive in the first, the ‘D’ was saddled with poor field position and let the Bucs score from 39 yards out. Glennon found Jackson for a 24-yard touchdown on a slant that looked similar to the play Reuben Randle scored on last week. Tough to say whether Fletcher, a safety or a linebacker (play-action) was at fault on the play. The slants and underneath routes are open against the Eagles on a weekly basis.

* The Eagles’ defense gave up a 16-play, 90-yard drive in the third/fourth quarters, allowing multiple third-down conversions. Roc Carmichael came in for Cary Williams at right cornerback. He was called for a pass interference penalty that put the Bucs in the red zone.

Fletcher Cox seemed to have one of his more active games of the season. He had a QB hit in the first quarter.

* Brandon Graham had a near-sack and drew a holding penalty on one play in the first half.

* Bennie Logan had a sack on third down late in the fourth, his second in as many games. He knocked Glennon down on the next play.

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    THE Tampa slayer!!! How about YOUR clutch 4th quarter defense? Did I not promise Folesy would get Riley involved…
    Maybe we should slow down slobbering over college QBs…ST. NICK lit up a defense that shut down Drew Brees….didn’t he have a week arm? Hahahahaha fly FOles fly

    • James

      Tampa were 0-4 champ, pump the brakes a bit.

    • #7

      Easy now

  • Max Lightfoot

    I reiterate my opinion that we need both QBs for the season. I have no favorite in this alleged controversy, but I am really happy for Foles. If Vick won today, I’d be just as happy for him. If Foles can do it again, and Vick is still injured, then he’s the guy. But Vick may come back strong and it’d be great for the team if he does. As I’ve also said, I just DO NOT get the vitriol over Vick – he did a crime, he did his time – get over it, already. Go Eags!

    • BlindChow

      I think good games from Foles will only make Vick play better if/when he gets back in. He seems more focused when he has to compete.

      • Chuck Dougherty

        I was just talking about that before..his “game” has dropped off after two weeks (after he been named the starter) .seems like he been regressing..
        But I do like Foles, and think we should stick with him.

      • #7

        We’ll see. If he doesn’t he’ll have to sit

    • Vick Must Go

      My hatred of Vick goes far beyond just the dog issue. I will never get behind Ron Mexico.

      • #7

        Uh oh we heave one of these now. Foles has woke them up

    • EaglePete

      Wtf r u talking about. Most fans dont like him as a qb not the other stuff

  • Justin

    So, apparently, James Casey is the Eagles emergency QB. Explains why he was inactive this week.

    • BlindChow

      He was injured. Vick was active (despite the hamstring) to be emergency QB, I think…

  • Kevin.Rosenberger

    I kind of have absolutely no clue who should start next week… Scary. Foles looked…crazy good.

    • Justin

      I was just discussing this with another Eagles fan. My thinking is, let Foles play against Dallas. If he can put up another performance like he did today, you gotta keep going with the hot hand.

    • hawaiieaglesfan

      Kind of a good problem to have not too many NFL teams have 2 quarterbcks that can start any given game.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Great game played by foles. Slow start for d but picked it up in the second half. Im a Vick guy but now on the fence. I think both quarterbacks are good. Foles does have an arm. Two nice bombs for TDs. He looked comfortable in the pocket. O played really well in pass protection. Two good QB on our team. Team averages 30 points with either QB.
    Like I said this teams fortune lies on the D. If they get better watch out. O has never been an issue with me.

    • Pennguino

      Yep just finished my breakfast. The Eggs Benedict went down great with this win. I’m not a Vick guy and Foles exceeded my expectation on a a top ten defense

  • Byter

    Maybe this Chip Kelly guy is as good as the hype… Doesn’t matter who QB’s…

    • hawaiieaglesfan

      Gotta agree to that now!!!

  • Explorer51

    133.3, was involved in all 4 TDs against a pretty good defense, no TOs. No QB controversy here.

    • Explorer51

      Oh, and McCoy had 116 rushing yards against a D that was giving up 94 a game; guess that “McCoy needs Vick to get yards” meme can be silenced for a week. And this note isn’t meant to be a Vick knock, it’s a McCoy compliment.

    • morgan c

      Well, there is, because ppl still stupidly believe Vick is the better option, even when the facts are so alarmingly opposed to that. 4 total TDs. Zero TOs. Threw the deep ball great, threw screens well, took what the defense gave him and went through is progressions. The guy is just so much smarter than Vick. You can trust him more. Go with the real QB.

  • 1972

    RACIST RILES!!!!!!! Did Riley Cooper just have a great day of receiving???
    I’m shocked and overjoyed at the same damn time.
    Go EAGLES!!!!!!!

  • 1972

    Let me shout out two players that I always ask to be cut
    Nate Allen , really good game.
    And my man Racist RILES!!!! Great Game!!!!

    • quarterback pessimist

      Agreed. I was at the game and watched Allen closely. He was very active pre-snap and doesn’t hesitate like he used to going for tackles. Chung is clearly hurt, so fortunately Allen is earning his playing time and Wolff will get his developmental minutes. They switched a few times between strong and free saftey as well.

  • UKEagle99

    Most people on here were looking to comapre this game for Foles against a good D, to Vicks game against KC and another good D. It’s not all on the QB in either of those as the OLine is under performing imo. They played better 2nd half here than against the Chiefs.

    I’m not a Vick hater, I like the dude, I like his play but a couple of times now we have seen the O with Foles (no cApital O) at the helm and he has done everything that has been asked and more. I say roll him out next week and beyond purely on the fact that he is younger and deserves a shot under CKs tutelage.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Start the controversy now. Foles should be in all year. Makes most sense. He needs to be in to grow. Vick isn’t growing. Nick made Riley a player this game. Good qbs do that. And shady ran with foles in the game. Wow. All those who thought it couldn’t happen. Eat crow. Go birds!!!

    • Vick Must Go

      Funny… I thought we had terrible receivers that couldn’t get separation and that is why Vick would hold onto the ball for eternity and then get sacked.

      To me… it certainly looked like the receivers were wide open all day long today. I don’t remember a single pass that had to be forced into a tight window.

      • anon

        Cooper was on a rookie CB w/ a staph infection — it’s not that serious. Foles was impressive though — glad we got the w.

        • Brent E. Sulecki

          to get the #2 receiver going is pretty huge. helps the whole team. out. desean included. was good to see foles give him opportunity so frees up other areas.

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        everyone was open. Jason. desean .riley and Zach. brent. shady. you just gotta sling the ball.

        • #7

          When WRs are open it’s easier to “sling it”. They were in zone all game pretty much and our WRs found the holes.

    • “Nick made Riley a player this game.”


      Boy things round here get more and more comical.

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        maybe you should watch the game. shady said it himself. “YOU” were surprised. him and his teammates weren’t. they know what he can do when given a chance. and Nick gave him that opportunity. by throwing him open. where as vick waits till last minute.

  • Uncle Carm

    I love that: Peters called for crowd noise… in an away game. The thing is, he got it. I just got back from the game and the number of Eagles jerseys and fans there was amazing. By the time the game ended all the Tampa fans were gone and there was nothing but green walking out of the stadium cheering and generally making a nuisance of their selves. It was great.

  • Luke39

    No QB controversy at all. Vick hasn’t done anything to lose the starting job.Foles is our insurance policy period. We need to win now. Not next season or the year after that. Last time I check Peyton Manning is like 5 years older than Vick and I don’t hear Denver talking about the future. Let’s win a Super Bowl period and be happy we got good QB’s. I would keep them both over a Flacco. We need more receivers

    • Vick Must Go

      Because Denver has a present. And if you want to win now, Foles should be your guy. In the two games he’s been in, the Eagles are 2-0. He’s accounted for 6TDs in 6 quarters of play. 71% passing today. Which game this year did Vick get to 71% passing?

  • #7

    If Vick isn’t 100%, let Foles start vs Dallas. I don’t think it should be a QB controversy, but it will be unfortunately. We have two QBs that can play. I’m with Vick starting for reasons I’ve already stated 100s of times on here.

    I’ve said it plenty of times even though it gets ignored. If Foles earns it on the field, then he’ll get the job. 1 1/2 games against winless teams is a point to make, but like I say, a win is a win in the NFL and I’ll take all of them.

    If/when Vick gets another shot, he needs to let it rip. Go down fighting. He’s seems to be super-careful with the football and he needs to let it go. That’s what Foles is doing mainly because he’s playing free and has nothing to lose. 7 games into his career, unheralded, I can see why he’s letting it fly and he’s doing that. Vick needs to play free and trust what he sees or he will sit

    • Andy124

      I’d be curious to hear what people’s definition of QB controversy is. To me, it’s when a significant portion of the fan base (33% or more?) dissent on who the starter should be. Anyone that agrees with that definition, or something close to it, should realize that this situation applies.

      While I am an unabashed ABV guy, I think it’s important to concede that (in general) a QB shouldn’t lose his job after 1.5 games of good play by the other guy when the starter’s struggles have only been for about 2.5 games. His completion % is on the extreme side of low though and, personal bias disclaimer, that’s always been a stat I gravitate towards.

      • #7

        I agree, but IMO Vick has to let it rip. Vick should start, but if he falters against Dallas, who is tied with us for first place, Foles will be in the conversation. Tension is rising but I expect Vick to respond.

      • UKEagle99

        I know you said in general but it happens. Alex Smith lost his job after 1.5 games and was playing well! I believe he came out against the Rams and missed the Bears game the following week, was cleared to play the week after but Kaep was named the starter).

      • Finlay Jones

        According to the poll on philly.com, we have 30% dissenting on who should be the starter. 70% are sensible and want FOLES

    • Disagree. Don’t want Vick “letting rip” if it’s not there. Guys were wide open against TB…you can’t look at the Denver game or the KC game and show were Vick was just not throwing the ball to open receivers.

      Like I said, I don’t mind him having a little Alex Smith in him. We can’t afford turnovers with this D.

  • Bird of Prey

    How about this observation, name one time the Eagles corners attempted to jam the receiver at the line of scrimmage? I’ve been looking for it all season and cannot find it. That brings up the question of setting up 5 yards off the receiver on a third and 3, or being toast on timing routes. I have repeatedly seen the safeties up lower than the corners and the receivers running free. So I have a question, are the corners unable or afraid to challenge at the line or are they being coached out of it. Either way I wonder what technique the secondary coach is employing. Because the line can’t do it’s job when the secondary is getting killed with three step drops all day. Just an observation…..