Vick Questionable For Bucs Game


Michael Vick was a full participant at practice on Friday, according to the team’s injury report, and is officially listed as questionable for Sunday’s game in Tampa.

Vick was limited the previous two days as he recovers from a hamstring pull suffered against the Giants on Sunday. The expectation is that Vick will sit out this week, giving Nick Foles the start.

Foles appears on the injury report as well with a groin injury and is listed as probable.

Connor Barwin (knee),  Brandon Boykin (groin), Patrick Chung (shoulder),  Donnie Jones (left foot), Jason Peters (finger) and Chris Polk (ankle) are also probable. Chung was a full participant once again and looks to be in line for a return after missing the previous two games. Billy Davis suggested that Chung will be part of a safety rotation as he works his way back in. Jones ruptured a blood vessel on his kicking foot during warm-ups last week. He expects to be fine.

The only other Eagles player listed as questionable on the injury report besides Vick is tight end James Casey, who is dealing with a groin injury.


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  • GEagle

    Vick better not play Sunday!!!

    • nicksaenz1

      He is. You know. And I called this 3 days ago.

      • GEagle

        Be my guest Vick…ruin your season. More Nick FOles for me. hamstrings are a Biatch…Vicks playing for his future..if he dares play without his mobility against a defense giving up 18pts a game, that knows it absolutely has to carry its offense, then he is just dumb.

        Vick is drastically faster then he was last season. It’s Obvious. His legs kept the Giants game from being a disaster for him…he hasn’t passed the ball well enough against the good defenses we have faced especially in the RZ for me to believe that he can be successful against the Tampa defense without his speed….

        As someone who would much rather watch FOles play 16 games, if I could only choose one game to play Nick it would be this week, so that Vick has a chance of beating the cowboys. it’s bad enough that Vick practiced all week on an injury that’s so easy to aggrivate…if he plays on Sunday then him and Chip are just dumb..
        if you aren’t going to develope FOles by giving him the playing time he needs, and then you won’t play him when Vick is hurt, then why the hell is he here? And why the hell aren’t we sitting here with extra drafts picks because we traded him?

        Its one thing to play thru injuries, but a guy can’t play when he injures what makes him good…in this case, Vicks speed.

        Vick should have NEVER been on a practice field this week if he is a better option to beat Dallas than FOles….we can win a low scoring game against the Bucs….but we need to put up points against Dallas

        • G_WallyHunter

          why the FOles?

          Good points, agreed, I hope this is just a smokescreen for TB.
          Who knows how he’s really feeling though, if he was practicing then he must be alright, must have been a very minor hammy pull.

          I just hope they leave him out regardless, let him rest for that Dallas game at home which is the beginning of a 5 game stretch of playing the division + Raiders in Oakland + GB in Lambeau…. We need 100% Vick and a 100% Hamstring for those games…


          I agree, if Vick plays on Sunday then him and Chip are dumb, unless Chip really does have THAT MUCH faith in Foles, to have him start those next 4 games because of an aggravated hamstring… hmmm…
          I can’t wait for the game in the black hole, it will be very fun to watch

          • GEagle

            Retarded autocorrect. Typed it that way by accident the first time, and it’s always did it since….
            Yeah I really hope Vick sits, and not because I want to see FOles, but because Vick is worthless injured, it’s been proven…and if he is going to keep FOles on the bench, I want him to be successful and not play an entire quarter without completing a pass

  • Dutch

    Beautiful….. you’ve got to take the Eagles and the 3 pts.

  • I’d rather Vick didn’t play Sunday. I think that hamstring has been nagging for awhile to give it some rest than make it worse. We need him for Dallas.

    • nicksaenz1

      Why you think it’s been nagging for a while? Didn’t really appear to be bothering him before, IMO.

      • I think it was the KC game where he just all of a sudden stopped running much after his last long run. There would be green for days, no one open and he wouldn’t eat up the yardage. I remember thinking then he may have pulled something. And the Giants game isn’t the first one where we’ve seen him get up limping a bit. I could see it having been a minor issue, that turned into a big one.

  • Weapon Y

    Even though I still favor Michael Vick as of now, I hope that Foles gets to start on Sunday for two reasons. First is that I want Vok to get more time to heal so he can be closer to 100%. Second is that I want to know if Foles is a viable candidate to be our starting quarterback next year. If he’s great, fantastic. Problem solved. If he sucks, then at least we know and we can replace him in the draft.

    • Andy124

      What about the more likely scenario where he’s somewhere in between?
      How do you factor in quality of opponent?

      The only thing that will tell us if Foles is a viable candidate is a large sample size. Unless he exceeds reasonable expectations, he won’t get a chance to provide that sample size until Vick gets injured again.

      • Weapon Y

        He doesn’t have to be perfect, but he needs to be clearly better than Vick is now to earn the spot as the long-term starter. In other words, it has to be obvious. The thing is that there’s only so much mediocrity we can be willing to let him have. He’s not a rookie anymore. He needs to be judged based on almost the exact same criteria as Vick by this point. This will be his eighth game (if you count half of the 2012 home Dallas game and half of the away 2013 Giants game as one game put together). Sooner or later, the sample size is big enough and Foles will reach his plateau. Maybe we’re not there yet, but we’re pretty close. I do think he has a lot of potential and I want to see him become our franchise quarterback, but only if he can play up to that potential.

        • knighn

          Whoah. Even most first round picks need more than a year to develop. Eli Manning definitely did. Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench for three years, finally started for a year and the Packers went 6-10. Foles still hasn’t started even 10 games. He’s got a lot of potential growing left to do.

          • Weapon Y

            If Foles is our long-term starter, that means we pass on Teddy Bridgewater, Brett Hundley, Tajh Boyd, etc. We could potentially ruin our chances of making the playoffs if we choose Foles and he busts. That’s why it’s important to know now. Who knows if the 2015 or 2016 QB class will be any good? Who knows if Lurie would even keep Kelly around by that point if he still didn’t find the right QB?

          • knighn

            I agree – the Eagles should try to find out more about Foles. However, even if Foles proves that he might be a very capable starter, that doesn’t mean he actually will be. So Foles showing he can be a “great” starting QB doesn’t mean the Eagles should pass on one in the draft if they think that 2014 draft QB has the chance to be “special”. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the drafted QB will actually turn out to as good as they hope, but a team has very few chances to draft a special QB – they have to take that chance if they get it!

          • GEagle

            I would prefer FOles growing into the answer so we can draft a special OLB like Barr…
            Nothing gets us back to being a top team faster then the QB of the future already being on This roster. FOles success is in our best interest…so he should be given every chance to grow into what we need

          • cliff henny

            good post. how can people not be all over the map on our qb situation? vick, tremendous athletic talent, serious flaws as qb, but best chance at winning this yr, but really, what are they winning w/ this D? foles, so unknown, get people wanting to see more, but he hasnt shown that ‘pop’ like a luck rg3 etc, guys you know from day 1, that’s an nfl qb. can he, who knows, i doubt it. i’d personally rather watch vick. then have ’14 draft, inexact science, just have to hope kelly is who we hope he is. seems there will be plenty of guys coming out withraw tools kelly can mold, but mental side is huge unknown.

          • Dutch

            Chip Kelly found out, he also faced Foles a few times while he coached Oregon. His one decision speaks volumes of his opinion of Foles, he used a 4th round pick on Matt Barkley that could have been used ot harvest defensive talent.

            Chip and the Eagles found out, the disconnection is that some of the fans in Philly don’t want to accept the obviou in that Chip doesn’t think Foles fits his offense and, or has an arm and IQ for the game to depend on.

          • Dutch

            Kelly should have taken Geno Smith off the board when he had a chance in the 2nd round, the gamble at that point was not as huge as it would have been selecting Smith with the 4th pick.

            He had a guy in his sights and allowed him to get away in exchange for Ertz. It’s within reason to suggest that Ertz had better have a much better and productive career than Geno Smith, but it’s not starting out that way.

          • Dutch

            So you see something in Foles mechanics that resembles Rogers or Manning?

            Eli won 5 of his first 7 games in his rookie year, what was Foles, 1 and 5 in his?

            Case closed………

          • GEAGLE

            I swear you get dumber by the day

          • knighn

            Eli Manning went 1-6 in his Rookie year starts. He had a stellar 55 QB rating.

            What was your point again? That you can’t read? That you can’t count? That you don’t know how to use the Internet? That you remain, as far too often, full of it? Or some combination of all of the above?!

        • Andy124

          “Only so much mediocrity” is a given. How much is enough is the question. I want 20+ games to start to really form an opinion on a qb.

          • Dutch

            Starting Foles denigrates his effectiveness as a relief guy, which is his best asset to a NFL team. He was no better in game 5 than he was in game 1 last year and he’s not destined to be any better in game 20 than he showed in game 7.

        • Andy124

          He doesn’t have to be perfect, but he needs to be clearly better than Vick is now to earn the spot as the long-term starter.
          Well, if we’re comparing Nick against TB, to Vick, it’s gonna be Vick against KC that we look at. That’s a pretty low bar. Works for me.

          • cliff henny

            for rest of this year, has to show more than vick, and doubt 1 game can get him there. as for long term starter, where kelly’s first hand knowledge of marioti is great. would think that bar is set at minimum projected marioti level, and who would know that better than kelly.

          • GEagle

            I think that’s true…you can’t compare Vick vs. the chargers or Vick vs. Denver to FOles vs. Tampa…this game is pretty insignificant in terms of answering the question who will FOles be? But we will start to get some intel to compare FOles vs. Vick and how our offense looks under each guy. we will have:
            1) Vick vs Giants compared to FOles vs Giants.
            2) Vick vs. KC compared to FOles vs Tampa

            if FOles gets to play Sunday and then gets the continuity of another week against Dallas, it would be huge because that provides such a drastically different test from Tampa…Tampa will show FOles claw, scratch, battle trying to ground out a win…Then the Dallas game would show how FOles and Chip can keep up in a shoot out against Dallas who will put up points, but struggle tremendously against our Run game…
            It would be awesome to see FOles get continuity while showing what him and Chip can do together at this stage of his development in two games which will probably be stylistic polar opposites…How can FOles grind out a win against a top defense who will shut down our run game…and then how can FOles keep up with a team who will score a lot of points while enjoying Shady at his most effective….

      • AZ_Eaglesfan

        Tampa’ defense is very good. If he plays well then he is doing it against a top 10 defense.

        • GEagle

          Top 5 defense

        • Dutch

          Passing Defense 15th, Rushing Defense 9th; Total Defense 13th
          1Houston Texans

          2New York Jets

          3Carolina Panthers

          4Cleveland Browns

          5San Francisco 49ers

          6Seattle Seahawks

          7Kansas City Chiefs

          8Cincinnati Bengals

          9Tennessee Titans

          10Pittsburgh Steelers

          11Indianapolis Colts

          12New Orleans Saints

          13Tampa Bay Buccaneers

          • GEAGLE

            You do realize that Tampa completely shut down Drew Brees?

            Even a broken clock is right twice a day, yet I’m still waiting for you to say something that isnt 100% ridiculous

          • AZ_Eaglesfan

            Cause statistics are 100% always right.

      • Dutch

        7 Games in 2012 isn’t a good enough sample size? It’s been the barometer for most every other prospect at QB in the NFL. Christian Ponder got no better in the 12 games he started, games 8 to 19, than he was in the initial 7 games he started before proven to be a wash and complete waste of time.

        Brandon Weeden showed a similar ineffectiveness and a host of other cast offs who were tried as starters in the league. How is Foles different that those guys who’ve washed out already? He isn’t.

        The facts are in already, Foles is a decent back up best suited to play when the opposing team has not prepared to face him. He doesn’t have the tools to run Kelly’s preferred attack and he’s a liability to the run game.

        Why you guys refuse to accept reality is beyond the pale of reason. This isn’t XBox or Playstation.

        It’s quite obvious some of you are taking a horrible and inept Giants defense as something they really were not, and that’s good or adequate.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Vick already at practice. If Chip lets him he will probably play this sunday. That being said I really want to see Foles play. I still believe that Vick gives the eagles a better chance to win. But I would love to see what Foles does against a pretty good d. I dont mind being proved wrong as long as the eagles win. Unless the d steps up I still say we finish 8 and 8. With the condition of our division this year this may be enough to take it and gain a playoff spot. Dallas seems the biggest threat within the NFC east.

    • GEagle

      I’m expecting the division to be decided the last week of these season when we play Dallas

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    With all this man coverage and single safety high d that being couppled with either a spy or scrape technique I would love to see how Foles would handle it. It begs for a passing attack with all the single coverage looks. I really wonder if Foles can pick it appart with short quick accurate throws. This actually plays to his skill set. If they do scrape I think that running with Foles will not be effective.

    • GEagle

      Yup…as much as I’m dying to see FOles play, I’m just as excited to see what a Chip Kelly called game looks like when he has Nick under center. The Bucs were going to shutdown our run game and force the QB to beat them whether it was Vick or FOles…I’m really hoping to see Chip switch things up. Go with his multiple TE package, and find a way to grind out yards and move the chains with our 3 RBs…if we can impose our run game and really pound it, teams will be forced to play less Zone and play more man coverage on The outside with limited safety help…getting man coverage on the outside opens up the deep balls for Vick, but If FOles can throw with the timing, accuracy and anticipation he displayed last week, then he should be able to have a lot of success and get all kinds of production out of Desean and company.

      Expecting a big game out of shady as a WR..

      Hoping Mykal out shines Lavonte

      Interested in seeing how their fast, athletic Dline matches up with our athletic Oline…

      Our young QB vs. the number 4 ranked defense

      can “Curry and the Hurry” get pressure on a rookie who has a good Oline in front of him…
      our Big Physical CBs vs. Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams

      can we take the muscle hamster out of the game and make them one dimensional with a rookie?

      Its not often that you get so many great tests out of playing an 0-4 team

    • Those short throws have to be there. Defenses have been taken them away with great success. Even if you hit them they aren’t getting much YAC and you end with a 3 and out. I don’t see that changing with the Tampa game.

  • Will

    This will be a good test for Foles if he should start…

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    As I have said in the past I would love to see the eagles throw in a power running game to negate that scrape technique. Id love to see pulling guards.


    Vick has to have the pound for pound stupidest following in the history of sports
    the dude is a class act, and has been decent this season, but he has to be gone. I can’t deal with another year of his fans…they make us dumber as a fanbase, polluting reality with their fan boy, delusional, video game nonsense.
    never in my life have I seen an average at best player, who has had about as much success as Tony Romo have such a ridiculous iconic cult following.
    I swear his fans are as ridiculous as the dumb woman who send their panties with love letters written on them to serial killers. What is wrong with people? With all the amazing football players in the league, how does someone end up worshipping such an average player? Because he is fast? Because he used to have a ton of highlights while he led his team to nothing?…With all the elusive WRs and RBs…how does a fan become enamored by a QB who can run? Their are players surrounding the QB that can all run and make people miss…problem is none of them can throw the ball. How does a human become so enamored with QBs who struggle or are average at best at THROWING THE BALL?
    Teams sorrounded QBs with all types of skill weapons that are fast and make people miss…when we talk about QBs, how isn’t decision making, intelligence and accuracy ALL we talk about? How did this Vick insanity ever even happen? I don’t get it at all

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Mike’s been playing good football the season. Now’s not the time geags.