McCoy Stands By Moreno Comment


LeSean McCoy stepped up to the podium inside the tent at the NovaCare Complex today just as he does every Wednesday afternoon.

But this time, the Eagles’ running back had an opening statement.

“I just want to say, I think Doug Martin is a heck of a running back,” McCoy said, drawing laughs from the reporters.

So he doesn’t suck?

“No, he’s one of the better backs in the NFL for sure,” McCoy answered.

The back-and-forth stems from a Tweet the Eagles’ running back sent out on Sunday afternoon.

Moreno responded:

“I don’t want to talk about the past,” McCoy said today. “It is what it is. But what I said is what I meant.”

Any regrets? “No.”

Asked today if Chip Kelly had a chat with him about the Tweet, McCoy said: “The only thing Coach said to me was stay focused on the next game. That’s what really matters. We’ve got Tampa. It’s a big game for us to win. So that’s what I’m really worried about.”

McCoy was taken in the second round (53rd overall) of the 2009 draft. Moreno was selected with the No. 12 pick in the first round that year. Moreno’s rookie deal was worth a reported $16.7 million ($13.125M guaranteed). McCoy’s was worth $3.47 million ($1.72M guaranteed).

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  • ICDogg

    It was a pretty bizarre tweet.

  • macadood

    Shady feeling a little butthurt, and rightfully so. Moreno has done nothing but underachieve for the most part up until this season. And even now he’s nowhere near on McCoy’s level.

    • cloisterwater

      Why would Shady be butthurt now? He makes a lot more money than Moreno and is universally considered a much better RB? McCoy, while very talented, is extremely immature and should really stay away from twitter.

      • macadood

        yea, but he can’t be redrafted and chosen in the first round anymore, and I’m sure he still holds a grudge for his measly $3.47 mil rookie contract as compared to moreno’s overrated one. Still good money he could have used as a rookie.

        but yea, chippah should get him off the twittah

    • morgan c

      But he plays on a team that is going to contend for Super Bowls for the next three years, is improving rapidly, and is the best pass-blocking back in the game right now.

      McCoy is a really hard guy to like and respect, in terms of qualities as a person. Great player, total asshole off the field it seems. He will probably be bankrupt at 40.

      McCoy, shut up and play. Your team sucks.

      • NJDIII

        I saw him out over the summer at like 2 am… He took time to appease my drunk friends and I getting a couple pics in the process… You generalize him off a few tweets. He is like 23 man. What r you doing on an eagles blog if you refer to it as your team sucks it’s “our team”. And his side of the ball is on pace to have the most yards in NFL history in the first year of a new offense. So if that’s sucking I can’t wait to see what’s great. McCoy say whatever to whoever just let the haters hate.

  • EaglePete

    What an ahole. Someone still needs to proofread his tweets for his own good. I guess bad pub is good pub to some. At least knowshon took the high rd. good for him. Hard to root for some of these guys sometimes

    • macadood

      not hard to root for him when he’s on the field though. that magic cutback.

    • SunShine

      i dont see why. We do not watch these guys to be great public speakers and be very kind to everybody. He is who he is and as long as he puts the work out on the field than im not gonna be complaining.

    • Julian Ivey

      EaglePete I believe in the 1st amendment and letting McCoy speak his mind. It’s not like he was lying. Moreno IS garbage. McGahee beat him out the last few years and the Broncos drafted Ball. Ronnie Hillman even won the Broncos starting RB job out of camp this year.

      • EaglePete

        Hes been way better this season and has at least progressed but not near as good as shady. But yes ill still root for him but now w access to every detail its hard to ignore it. Per comment about ripping bayless im pretty sure that RT is what skip said not shady.

  • MulWR7

    If there is no history of beef between these two… than Shady is out of line. Pretty childish.

  • Justin

    I care about this as much as I care about his other Twitter news. Which is to say, I don’t care at all.

    • UKEagle99

      If you devote the 30 seconds it took to read and reply to this, to all the things you don’t care about, you will be one busy dude with no time to devote to the things you do care about.

  • Adam

    Just like DeSean Re: Revis, it’s hard to be mad because it’s true. Shady is in another league compared to Moreno. If you’re good you don’t have to rock paper scissors for touchdowns.

  • BleedGreenJames

    I understand what he’s saying though, Knowshon was a joke to go at 12, another instance of the SEC throwing out overrated NFL prospects. The only reason he’s having a somewhat decent season now is because he’s the 5th most thought about player on the offense, not to mention never running into a loaded box with Peyton always having the offense in an optimal look.

  • BartStarr

    The tweet from McCoy was a knock on Bayless, who has bashed Moreno in the past. McCoy is making fun of Bayless saying that Moreno sucked and was overrated, etc, and points out how wrong Bayless is when McCoy says Moreno was killing the Cowboys. Context is kinda relevant here.

    • Bukester

      Wait a minute – I think you’re right Bart. He says Moreno was killin the Cowboys and he WAS. I don’t see a big jab there, nor an underhanded compliment. Its an attaboy. I have no idea what Bayless is saying or said, but if so that provides the context. I hate twitter – makes me feel so old.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    Hey Sheil/Tim, the Kelly press conference transcript is up on and it got me thinking: Anyway we can start getting the specific journalist who asks the question identified in the transcript? Because some of those questions are so stupid, and I’d love to know which hack is asking them.

    I love Kelly’s responses, especially the one at the end when someone was asking whether defense is dead and he says no, that question’s dead though. I got practice.

    • G_WallyHunter

      so funny some of the answers, CK puts this look on his face where he’s like “are you dumb?”.. but then he answers them politely but with lip… pressers will be fun all year.. Like when they keep asking specifics lol he just shuts them down

  • brent

    i dont know, after sunday’s game it sure doesn’t look like shady is much of a weapon without vick

    • sprawl

      Just like how AP is nothing without Ponder

  • sprawl

    Lesean might be a little crass but at least he’s not lying through his teeth like Knowshon’s teammate, Mr. Peyton Manning, who said with a straight face that “the Jaguars are a good football team”

  • therealpistolp

    Y’all can’t expect these guys in they early twenties to be perfect role models… It’s not enough to be, at the least, the second best back in the game right now?? Let that man tweet!! It’s just tweets… Stop being so sensitive!! He ain’t lying… Knowshon sucks!!