What They’re Saying About the Eagles


Here’s this week’s roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN.com did not like Chip Kelly’s decision to kick a field goal on 4th-and-4 from the Broncos’ 7:

“Game over” doesn’t go into my notebook any time a team kicks on fourth-and-short — fourth-and-short kicks can be smart moves. I write “game over” if I think a coaching decision dooms a team, either by surrendering a chance for badly needed points or by making it seem the coach won’t put it all on the line in search of victory. Trailing 14-3 on the road versus high-scoring Denver, Chip Kelly took a field goal on fourth-and-4 from the Broncs’ 7 — I wrote “game over” in my notebook. Kelly was communicating to his players that he expected to lose, and wanted to keep the margin of defeat respectable; the ridiculous field goal attempt when trailing 49-13 is proof of that.

In his weekly QB Index, Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has Michael Vick ranked 12th:

That first-half explosion against Washington seems like a long time ago for Vick. He’s still played well overall but can be so unpredictable on a snap-to-snap basis.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Eagles 23rd in his power rankings:

All the enthusiasm sparked by that opening-night win and the prospect of Chip Kelly changing the NFL is starting to wane now. That’s what happens when the defense is, uh, less than viable. This is a point we raised early on, and it will be relevant until the Eagles prove they can hold the fort.

Coming into last Sunday’s matchup in Denver, Philadelphia ranked 31st in the NFL in forcing three-and-out drives, doing it on just 10.5 percent of opponents’ possessions. Safe to say that number didn’t improve much against the Broncos.

Chris Burke of SI.com has the Eagles 28th in his power rankings:

The Eagles are averaging 24 minutes and 58 seconds of possession time per game this season, which is the lowest total in the league. That’s a tough way to win for any team, let alone one that has a rebuilding and undermanned defense.

Brian Billick of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 22nd:

For years, the NFL average for offensive plays per game is just about 65 … the Eagles are right at 67. There are currently 10 other teams that are running more.

Andy Benoit of TheMMQB.com has Evan Mathis as a first-team All-Pro through four games:

Mathis’s more finesse style is a good fit in Chip Kelly’s system.

ESPN.com has the Eagles 27th in its power rankings:

In each game after Week 1, Michael Vick’s completion percentage on throws 5 yards or fewer has gone down. Short throws are a staple of Chip Kelly’s offense.

Frank Schwab of Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner has the Eagles 25th:

The problem isn’t that the Broncos torched that bad defense. It’s that the offense hasn’t done much for two straight weeks.

Football Outsiders had Vick’s Week 4 performance ranked 11th:

When Vick and the Eagles took the field in the third quarter, they were only down by 15 points, and the game was still within reach. On the next three drives, Vick went 1-of-7 for 27 yards with two sacks. That third drive ended with a blocked punt and a Denver touchdown that put the Broncos up by 36.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the Eagles 23rd:

If Chip Kelly doesn’t have the right personnel to run “his offense,” maybe he shouldn’t be running “his offense.”

Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com offers his thoughts on Vick’s Week 4 performance:

Short passes, followed by yards gained after the catch, are supposed to be the hallmark of coach Chip Kelly’s offense. On Sunday, Vick missed on 6 of his 11 attempts that traveled 5 or fewer yards downfield. He also didn’t complete a third-quarter pass as the Eagles fell behind by 29 points.

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  • Adam

    Wait, going for a field goal to make it a 1 score game means the game is over? And not going for it on 4th and 21 down by 36 late in the game confirms that?

    • Basscase

      TMQ (who is a huge hack) has contradictory statements, like his “kick early, go for it late”, which he contradicted by hammering Kelly for kicking it early.

      His “out” for that statement is if you’re in a close game and almost in the opponent’s end zone, going for it “galvanizes” the team, to make them believe their coach believes they can do it.

      FTR, I actually agree with him (washes mouth out with soap) only because any hope of winning the game was going to be based on scoring TDs, but that’s like fighting over which dinnerware to save on the Titanic. But I had no problem kicking the FG. Which means I just contradicted myself.

      I should start talking in haikus then.

      • EaglePete

        good points but I get it, I was against the kick initially but then when they scored and cut it to 14-13 it seemed logical. You still have in the back of your mind though that you have to get TDs to compete with Peyton so its an understandable contradiction. It really was amazing how fast that game got out of hand. The KO return and blocked punt really just made it an absolute shellacking.

        • Maggie

          I respectfully disagree. The game was lost with the first (of several) well-placed passes that were DROPPED.

    • cliff henny

      game was over when Halladay returned kickoff. we all knew eagles needed the free points, not Manning. and when did 4th and 4 become short, and certainly not for a team who struggles in RZ.

      • G_WallyHunter

        Halladay lol must be a philly-ian?

  • B-West

    I find it best to read these articles just before I head to the gym.

    • Adam

      I honestly don’t even know why I read these.

      • nicksaenz1

        As soon as I see the headline I laugh…mainly because it’s senseless to get worked up about what they say. Until we give them reason to say anything other than some version of us being a bad team, no real reason to get mad at what they say anymore.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Screw you mike florio

  • EaglePete

    minus easterbrook I have no issue with any of the points they make, all accurate. Bad defense and if offense doesnt produce with time of possesion it gets ugly fast. Would be a whole different discussion had they pulled out that Chargers game. I felt that at the time, needed that win or Chiefs but knew Chiefs D would be an issue. Here we are, this team is capable of a winning streak in these next 5 or 6 games but its just as capable of losing with so many holes so……stay on top of those fantasy rosters and always bet against the public.

  • cliff henny

    well, those were pretty tame, 1000xs worse been said on 24/7 comment sections.

  • Will

    The Eagles sux on both sides of the ball. Nothing new about that, same awful football for 5 years running.

  • Bob

    Hey it’s a rebuilding team and I love chip Kelly as the coach. while we haven’t looked good lately we’ve got to remember we won 4 games last year and while it looks bad Chances are if we win a very very winnable game against a terrible Giants team we are in first in the division with the bucs coming up next week and then a huge game after that vs Dallas. If we can win these next 3 games were in great shape because chances are Dallas will go 1-2 and then they play Detroit, Minnesota and the Saints while we play the Giants again then the raiders and packers and by then Washington will be 1-7 as they play all playoff teams from last year with the exception of Chicago and the Giants will be probably 0-9 unless they maybe beat the raiders then from they’re on we play only 2 winning teams the bears and Lions while the cowboys play 3 teams with winning records. So while right now it looks bad if we win the really easy games who have and even split with Dallas and beat the redskins and giants both times were in good Playoff shape

  • Token

    Most of this stuff is right.

    What is this team right now?

    We arent a tough offensive team that pushes the tempo. Far more teams do that better.

    We dont play defense, in fact we seemingly try to run the worst scheme possible for our personnel.

    I just dont get what the vision even is right now. How much longer is Chip going to let himself look like a fool? Because as far as rookie head coaches right now, the bottom looks like Gus followed by Chip. And Gus has far less talent than even we do.

  • Maggie

    I have to ask, What happened to fresh innovative formations and play calling? The BRONCOS went 8 plays or some such without huddling. not the Eagles. Philly looked like just another average team doing trite, average things. I kind of stopped watching in the last quarter. Not because they were losing, everybody does that sometimes. They were BORING.

    • Kraxx

      I stopped watching in the last quarter because the network turned off the game. And I was too sad to go and find it in the 700s.

  • Mr. Wu

    Evan Mathis has been Pro Bowl caliber?? …really? ….each and every game it seems he makes big crucial penalties or misses a huge block….when he is playing good week to week you didn’t hear anything from anyone about him….some of the media simply doesn’t know an a$$ from an elbow.

    • Token

      Id say Evan Mathis may be the least of the problems on offense.

      • Mr. Wu

        well no doubt…but that article is ridiculous^^

  • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

    For the last two weeks Ds have been sitting on those short routes pretty heavy. The next few games there will liekely be more in the short game ’cause the defense aren’t that good.

  • #7

    These “what they’re saying about the Eagles” posts piss me off so badly. No offense to Shiel and The Great Tim McManus, but this is why I hate the media.

    They were all on Chippah’s di…. after the Skins game and now they turn on us. I’ve been critical of Chippah, but the man never once said that he was “reinventing the way football is played”. The media today overall is a joke…. they might as well be TMZ.

    The Eagles need to kick the shit out of the Giants. No excuses just win.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    1 for 7 isn’t good

  • Chuck Dougherty

    Getting frustrated that other teams thst are struggling or has a weakness are making trades to fix or shore up their issues…and here we are standing pat…we need a wr, safety, perhaps a lb badly…be nice to see them make a move…

  • UKEagle99

    Comments still mixing in from other posts, damn you Billy Davis, can’t you do anything right?

  • Bdawkbdawk

    Anyone see the Browns game last night and still think it’s clear cut that Vick should feet-first slide every time?

  • Soybot

    I like that SoS stat from Football Outsiders. That’s a good nugget. Gives me some hope.

  • Token

    Sucks the comments are so broken.

    Giants have enough players to hurt your feelings. And its a division game. This is going to be a tough one. Chip cant trot the same thing out there he has the last 2 weeks and expect to win.

    • cliff henny

      like 24/7 best, think it has/had best combo of articles for information along with intelligent/differing opinions/non-trolls comment section…loses little luster with discuss being f’d

    • Tim Haas

      The comments functionality has been sorted out. Some previous comments may remain associated with the wrong posts, but new ones should be fine.

  • BlindChow

    Or if Boykin blitzes (he’s done so 17 times in the last two weeks), the Eagles might deploy their “no one cover the slot receiver” defense.


    • nicksaenz1

      “I have an idea, we’ll blitz our slot corner and leave the slot receiver so wide open, the QB won’t actually know what to do with it! Muwahaha!” – Billy Davis

      • G_WallyHunter

        He was probably thinking it would easily fool Peyton Manning, because Peyton’s nothing special..

        • nicksaenz1

          Peyton’s overrated…

          • G_WallyHunter

            Ya Billy didn’t think he was anything more than an average QB

  • Soybot

    Which sign card is the “no one cover the slot receiver” defense? I think it’s this one: