Game Review: Eagles ‘D’ Vs. Broncos Offense


If you missed the first game review, breaking down the Eagles’ offense against Denver’s D, click here.

Now on to Bily Davis’ defense.


* The Eagles were in nickel for most of the game, often with three down linemen. Fletcher Cox was quiet for the most part. The official box score credited him with one tackle. Cox brought Knowshon Moreno down after a 1-yard run. As a pass-rusher, he got a hit on Peyton Manning in the second, even though Manning completed the pass. Cox jumped offsides on 2nd-and-5 in the red zone, giving the Broncos a first. Has not shown much development in Year 2. Scheme, of course, has something to do with that.

* Cedric Thornton had a nice pass-rush in the second, notching the Eagles’ only sack of the game. He was up-and-down against the run. Thornton shed a block and tackled Moreno after a 2-yard pickup in the first and stopped Ronnie Hillman after a 4-yard run in the third. On the flip side, Thornton got double-teamed to the ground in the third when the defense looked gassed.

* Isaac Sopoaga, Bennie Logan and Clifton Geathers played a combined 75 snaps, and I had a total of one note written down for them. Geathers got some pressure on Manning on a third-down play and forced him out of the pocket in the second half. Chip Kelly thought the Eagles had good defensive line depth before the season. That is not proving to be the case. These guys are asked to do the dirty work, but are invisible on a weekly basis.

* Vinny Curry played 13 snaps. By my count, exactly one of those came when Manning was still in the game. Clearly, the coaches feel Curry is a liability against the run. But given the lack of pass-rush, it’s still a bit puzzling why he doesn’t get more of an opportunity in obvious passing situations.


* Davis has several players in hybrid roles, including Trent Cole. Cole plays OLB in the base 3-4, but is one of three down linemen (sometimes four) when the Eagles are in nickel. He dropped into coverage nine times, per Pro Football Focus, after having done so just seven times the previous two weeks combined. Cole still doesn’t look comfortable in that role. He once put a good hit on a receiver within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. That’s his best strategy, it seems. Cole made a couple nice plays against the run, once slowing Hillman down behind the line of scrimmage for a 2-yard loss and another time tackling Moreno after a 3-yard run. He continues to play with great effort.

* Connor Barwin was OK. He dropped in coverage on 20 of 36 pass plays. Apparently, the coaches feel Brandon Boykin is a better pass-rusher (more on that later). Barwin consistently sets the edge well and plays the run. Nice job on a 2-yard Moreno carry in the first. He was called for encroachment on 3rd-and-4 in the first, giving the Broncos a first down.

* Brandon Graham had a total of eight opportunities to rush the passer. On the Demaryius Thomas touchdown in the third, he started out on the slot receiver and then rushed the QB. He had no chance of getting to Manning fast enough from that spot. Barwin was used in a similar way throughout the game.

Graham’s played 22.7 percent of the defensive snaps through four games, and that includes garbage time. Based on what we’ve seen, the coaches don’t see much value in getting him on the field.

* Kelly talked yesterday about the Eagles getting almost all 46 guys playing time on gameday. Not sure that’s such a good thing though. Casey Matthews played 14 snaps. He blitzed once from the slot (unsuccessful) and later had trouble getting off his block on a 17-yard Moreno run.


* DeMeco Ryans was around the ball all day, but many of his tackles were downfield. Ryans led the Eagles with 12 tackles (10 solo). He was blocked on Moreno’s 16-yard run in the second and again on a 17-yard run in the third. He missed a tackle on Wes Welker on an 11-yard catch and run. Ryans looked gassed in the third, matching up with Hillman and giving up a 14-yard catch and run. He also jumped offsides on 2nd-and-5 in the third. On the flip side, Ryans stopped Moreno after a 3-yard run in the second and assisted on a stop after a 1-yard gain in the second. He also finished off a stumbling Hillman for a 2-yard loss in the second. OK game overall.

* Kelly on Mychal Kendricks: “I think Mychal thinks a little bit too much and doesn’t let himself go play and just kind of pull the trigger and go.”

His coverage, is that consistent – Is he doing alright there?

“He’s doing alright there, yeah.”

Raise your hand if you take that as a ringing endorsement. Kendricks looks lost at times in coverage, which is disappointing considering he’s supposed to be the Eagles’ best cover linebacker. Against the run, he was up and down. Kendricks brought Hillman down after a pair of 3-yard gains in the second, and he shoved Hillman out of bounds after a 3-yard run in the third. But on Moreno’s 4-yard TD run, Kendricks was 2 or 3 yards deep in the end zone. Not going to be able to make many plays back there. Overall, he has not developed as anticipated in his second season.

* Jake Knott played 11 snaps. He stopped Hillman for no gain in the second.


* We wrote about Boykin’s role last week. After talking to Davis, the impression I got was he felt like he used Boykin as a pass-rusher too much against Kansas City. But against the Broncos, Boykin rushed on six of 25 passing downs. On those plays, Manning was 3-for-4 for 28 yards and a touchdown. On another play, he overthrew a wide-open Eric Decker deep, and there was also a pass interference mixed in. Boykin is 5-9, 182 and has little shot to get close to the QB, even when matched up against running backs. When he was used in the outside linebacker-type role, the Broncos ran right at him. Once or twice a game? Fine. But the Eagles need to re-think how they’re using Boykin, one of their best cover guys.

* Cary Williams got beaten badly by Decker on a double move in the second, but Manning overthrew his receiver. Williams dove and whiffed on Moreno’s 16-yard run in the second. He took a stiff-arm on a 14-yard gain by Thomas in the second. Not sure what he was doing on a 15-yard completion to Thomas in the third. Williams got completely turned around on the play. And he did a bad job of getting off of Welker’s block on the 15-yard screen to Thomas that went for a TD.

* Bradley Fletcher competed throughout. He’s not going to the Pro Bowl, but he’s been OK so far. Fletcher broke up a pass intended for Thomas in the first. Manning targeted him deep early on, but he had good coverage. He was targeted on third down late in the second, but Decker dropped the back-shoulder throw. Fletcher got called for a ticky-tacky PI call in the end zone in the third. He then got beat by Thomas for a touchdown. But it was a perfect throw and a great catch. Overall, I’d say “serviceable” is the word to describe Fletcher.


* Rough first start for Earl Wolff. He failed to account for Welker on the first-quarter TD. He didn’t maintain depth on the 52-yard completion to Decker at the end of the first half. He took a bad angle on a Moreno 16-yard run. And again on a 13-yard completion to Thomas in the third. Wolff got taken out by the left tackle on the 15-yard screen to Thomas that scored. The effort and energy seem to be there, but Wolff is clearly going to make mistakes as a rookie. We’ll see how the coaches manage his playing time once Patrick Chung returns.

* With the Eagles’ safeties, avoiding disaster is generally a sign of competent play. Keeping that in mind, this might have been Nate Allen’s best game of the season. Didn’t notice him in the middle of any of the Eagles’ breakdowns, although it’s obviously difficult to assess safety play off TV tape. Allen made a good open-field tackle on Moreno’s 16-yard run in the second. And he came up to make the tackle after a 7-yard completion on a screen to Welker in the third.

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  • Corry

    Bill Davis is terrible. I get he doesn’t have a lot of talent to work with, but some of his concepts are real head scratchers. Boykin at OLB? Really?

    • Token

      Dont you know anything? Have a 150lb guy go up against the offensive tackle is brilliant stuff………..

      • G_WallyHunter

        Little did the rest of the league know, they can go through the legs and duck under the OTs, one of the many creative and effective strategies deployed by Billy Davis

      • Andy124

        Throwing fastballs at the offense there.

  • Richard Colton

    Boykin is still the best pound-for-pound DE/OLB in the game

    • Bill Davis’ Genius

      I’ve read this 2-4 times and it’s been funny each time.

      Capt. Chippahpants

  • G_WallyHunter

    Earl Thomas


    • Richard Colton

      Yeah…conventional wisdom: the fans don’t know anything. How would this D look with Earl Thomas, Kiko Alonzo, Vontaze Burfict, Mark Herzlich, and Honey Badger? You know, the guys we were screaming for.

      • G_WallyHunter

        oh god, you named off enough to put me into cardiac arrest…
        Burfict undrafted lol…
        I wasn’t aware of how good Earl was back in ’10 draft, I wasn’t as informed as I have been the last 2 years, now I look back and its just a big :S

      • EaglePete

        ya but cmon, hindsight. I also wanted Burfict on a flyer and Thomas at the time but still mmqbing. Ihenacho, undrafted safety starting for Broncos is another one. Howie prefers his guys to have bad knees so the sports science dept can rebuild them in to bigger, faster, stronger machines.

  • knighn

    I get that the cupboard is pretty bare when it comes to this defense… but does anyone think Billy Davis is still the DC next year?

  • Beavis

    Somewhere, Juan Castillo is smiling.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Along with Washburn

  • B-West

    Is it possible to get an All 22 on Curry’s snaps against the run? Probably hard to find considering his playing time, but there is no way hes THAT much worse than the other stiffs that are getting playing time.

  • jabostick

    It feels like Davis over-compensating for being on the ‘innovative’ Chip Kelly’s staff. Just trying weird things for the sake of trying to keep up (i.e. Boykin).

  • Token

    I cant even stand to hear Davis speak at this point. Did you hear him today? Let me sum it up.

    -Curry is only a one gap player thats why hes not playing. O and because Manning checks to the run. Because you are worried about Denver running………. And because Curry is just sooo much more of a liability against the run that the other guys.

    -Says personnel fits 3-4 better, geez

    -Says we are getting better each week….. interesting

    -Need players to play within the call, within the sheme. Yea cuz the schemes have been so great

    -“Trust Me” players are getting more comfortable in scheme.

    • EaglePete

      I recall him saying before gm 1, low expectations because he didnt know what he had and it might not be good. Everyone got mad at him for not building his players up, maybe that was his honest moment. Now its just meeting the press. Hes getting overly creative to get any advantage he can. Not that I think hes a good coord but sometimes you need the horses, AR found some and left none.

    • Watchintapes

      I’m not sure about Curry anymore. He looked absolutely horrible against Denver. Again, only 12 or so snaps, but he was upfield way too much and was terrible against the run. He wasn’t even trying to two-gap.

      • Token

        I dont know that anyone is sure about Curry. What we are sure about is that he should be playing way more. Hes one of the few guys who has shown the ability to disrupt plays, even if it is in limited time. Theres nobody above him that offers you anything that should keep you from trying your former 2nd round pick.

        Chip has favorites. Why does Johnson get no playing time? Because the other WRs are so good?

      • Jason

        I’d rather see One Gap Curry then the No Gap coverage the rest of the D-Line seems to be playing.

        If he can only play One Gap, let him shoot the gap and have a linebacker fill the other hole.

  • Andy124

    I don’t know how many points Denver picked up on D and ST their first 3 games, but the 38 their offense scored in week 4 is only 1 more than the team’s minimum output so far this season. Considering what they were up against, I think the defense lived up to the extremely low expectations I have for them. They played worse against the Chargers imo.

    • CTAZPA

      The defense was terrible against the Broncos. Two special teams TDs? As it was happening my buddy and I hoped that because Denver was going to score a TD either ST or Manning, maybe it would tire out the Denver D to have the score happen so fast. Silly, I know, but the point is that you can’t take away those TDs without taking the possessions into account. How many actual stops did we get? The defense played against a powerhouse offense and looked totally unequipped to handle it.

  • jj4life

    Jim Johnson is turning in his grave at this defense

  • JofreyRice

    So with a “serviceable” grade, giving up a TD and committing a PI, Bradley Fletcher is the defensive gem of free agency and the draft?

    • Token

      His best play was when he wasnt even looking for the ball on a back shoulder throw that Decker couldnt get to. Just looked at his man the entire time and really didnt even react to Decker when he was going for the ball.

      Basically, our best defensive plays are usually when the other team messes up. I remember Fletcher doing the shaking of the head thing after that play too. As if he had anything to do with the incomplete pass.

      • JofreyRice

        Depressing. You can’t fail at player acquisition at this rate and hope to be a good team. I’m really curious how Roseman has instilled so much faith in Lurie–because I think, obviously, he has.

        • Token

          It worries me if Chip had a big input into these guys.

          I cant imagine Lurie can keep Howie next year. Not if hes serious.

          I never for a minute bought the BS Lurie said about Howie not being responsible for any draft before 2012. But even if you buy that, look at the last two seasons of drafts and FA signings. Its enough to get any other GM in the NFL fired. This team is a joke right now. Im hoping Lurie has some kind of pride and does what it takes to right the ship.

          After Howie they need a football guy. Someone with a track record of knowing what the heck they are doing. Is Gamble the guy? I dont know. Someone from Seattle maybe?

          • G_WallyHunter

            If Gamble wants to take over and maybe bring over some friends (from SF or elsewhere) I’d support that lol… he actually has a track record..

          • anon

            sadly doesnt seem like howie is going anywhere

          • JofreyRice

            They need a guy with a background in scouting, period. Ryan Grigson toiled under Banner & Howie for years, and as soon as he was allowed to run the show, he became NFL Exec of the Year, in Indy.

            Now, of course, it helps to have the #1 pick in the draft, and get a QB of Luck’s caliber, but he also snagged TY Hilton, Fleener, Dwayne Allen, etc. He made a few pretty key FA signings to improve the D, and swung the trade for a franchise running back for a pick that will probably end up being in the 20’s; not a bad spot to get a foundation runner.

            I bet there are a ton of guys with real talent for identifying talent, but half the problem is the good old boy network. If we’re hiring a “Boy Wonder” type, I want a young scout, who has spent time on the road, with a really good track record for picking players.

            Actually, for years, I’ve wanted the Eagles to pursue Ozzie Newsome’s second in command, Eric DeCosta.

          • Token

            If hes come up under Newsome, im interested.

            Right now the picture of this team is cloudy. These next 5 games could make this better or much worse.

            You have Howie, Chip and Davis as arguably the three most important guys in the franchise currently. We know Howie and Davis should be gone after this year. That combo doesnt help Chips cause very much, but hes got his own side of the ball to worry about also.

            He did inherit a bad roster. But he also kept most guys in place. He coulda brought in more UDFA and probably not lost any ground compared to the bums he wanted to see stick around. He kept the QB. Which is weirder now because they dont really run the read option at this point. Kept all these bum “ST aces” and still cant field a good ST unit.

            I just wanna see progress over the next 5 weeks. If it stays as it is currently I think the Chip era will be very short.

        • Richard Colton

          Voluminous notes

          • Andy124

            He stole Reid’s binder that got him the HC job and taped a “Player Eval” on the top. Lurie took one look and knew he was set at GM for the next 14 years.

          • JofreyRice

            Lurie’s PC’s are so bizarre. Does anyone believe he seriously kept notes about who was right and wrong? I think he had a falling out with Banner of some unknown cause–power struggle or ego or something–and chose sides with a guy that’s probably got a lot of really great qualities as a manager and administrator of an organization; talent evaluation of NFL players not being one of them.

  • Token

    “Apparently, the coaches feel Brandon Boykin is a better pass-rusher ”

    It never seemed Barwin was doing much as a rusher. Guess that seals the deal. He sets the edge well. But you are paying him this much for that?

    Again, cant imagine how Howie survives this season. Davis should be considered for a in season firing. If its Kelly thats forcing the 3-4 on him, well then it really is a cluster……..

    I really hoped this new era would at least get rid of the ridiculous things we are used to seeing each week. But I can not see what has changed. I was hoping we would no longer have to worry about things such as Boykin being used as a OLB.

    A new face, but the same product. Guys still not playing with much heart or effort. Most seem to have already quit.

    • G_WallyHunter

      See boykins coverage on WW touchdown? Looked like he was jogging in practice, although he may have done that after realizing he was already beat, but even then..

      • Token

        yea he got beat.

        Looks to me like his first step is as if hes gonna rush. Then welker comes out and he just is stuck flat footed, no chance. Dont know the call, but id ask why his first move was to rush or fake a rush in that spot.

        If you notice, the running back had a easy score on the other side too. Manning could really have done whatever he wanted there.

        Maybe you mean this TD, the first one.

        Not sure if this was his fault. Safety was really late to react.

        • G_WallyHunter

          I think I meant the first one you talked about. When he just gets flat out beat on the flat and gives up, due to that first step and not concentrating on covering the best slot WR in the league :/ … he got stuck flat footed then just jogged to cover knowing he was beat

          • anon

            i think he was supposed to blitz

          • G_WallyHunter

            and then realized he can’t leave Welker like that? second too late.. makes sense..

          • anon

            yeah that’s the scheme. Safety is supposed to come up and cover the slot guy, but i think Peyton read that all day and took advantage. Scheme just makes you shake your head.

          • G_WallyHunter

            ah yes, I figured something along those lines, Boykin isn’t one to jog, hard worker

  • cliff henny

    i can live with the bandaids since switching schemes. see who can and cant play, address in ’14 FA and draft. by no means is this defense acceptable, but it’s not far off what i was prepared for. but, kendricks, WTF! know it’s only 20 games, and we all want him to be something, a somebody, but it’s getting close to point it either clicks or it doesnt. the missing tackles and poor coverage has to stop asap.

    • Token

      But why would you have faith in them making the right choices in FA and draft?

      Howie talked today about Cox, said something like in 20 games its hard to tell what you have. Is that true anymore? I feel like its not. I feel like after two seasons you know what you have now. Years ago maybe not, but I think its different now. Rookies can come in and make impacts.

      • Andy124

        Is that true anymore?
        Yes. That hasn’t changed a lick. Not sure why you think it has.

        • Token

          Look around the league. Rookies can step in and play now. By the 2nd year if you cant play you are likely a lost cause.

          • Andy124

            That’s nothing new. There have always been rookies that stepped in and contributed at a high level right away. And there have always been, and continues to be, guys who take a few years to develop.Having too short a leash with players you’re trying to develop is a great way to turn in to a farm team for the rest of the league.

        • anon

          problem is that we don’t have veterans so rookies have to start and we don’t have a ton of on the field leadership

      • cliff henny

        well, if you believe kelly is the right guy, then you have to believe either he’ll help howie or force lurie’s hand. i know you believe howie is to be blamed for everything since he’s arrived, i choose to give him pass till ’12-but he’s on the shortest leash imaginable. my only hope is Eagles went cheap on purpose, rolled over 20+m, will crush it in free agency, have contracts expiring everywhere, too. the firesale was delayed a yr for cap purpose, and that does make some sense. kelly said he was in win now mode, but in reality, he goes 3-13, nothing happens. reid left a freaking mess.
        cox is tough, he can play, but scheme change and lack of talent around him sucked all wind out of his sail so far.

        • B-West

          Any chance you buy the idea that part of the going cheap strategy was to be in better position to draft a QB next year? I’m not sure I buy it, but the thought has crossed my mind. And I know the idea of throwing a season drives fans nuts, but it would make long term sense.

          No amount of FA spending was going to put this team in a position to win a Super Bowl. As you said, take your lumps this season and make your moves next offseason. I’m just adding draft position to that strategy.

          The Eagles caught a tough break in that the year they were in the top 5, it was a dreadful QB class. So, perhaps they just rolled it over to what looks to be a loaded 2014 QB draft class.

          • anon

            sadly we aren’t bad enough

          • cliff henny

            oh, i 100% think vick was 1 yr rental. look at what kc had to give up to get smith. kolb cost more to goto buffalo. vick was cheapest option, both contract and cap and no picks. been saying for 7 months our future qb is playing saturdays. reason i was for vick is so kelly could evaluate his offense and players with guy who has many flaws, but can run more of it. if you mean tanking, no, i dnt think tanking was in mind. fans overrate draft picks. every team misses in rnds 1-3. i have no problem packages picks, just better be right guy. looking back, say we were 10th pick in ’99, you’d give up whole draft to get mcnabb. i would-extreme example, but qb is just that important. i dont want kelly to fail before he hand picks his qb. f’s that up, i’ll help pack his bags
            in regard to bringing in top teir free agency, a, they had to want to come (saints lewis is rumored to turn down an offer) and b, kelly really didnt now what he had here considering double scheme change. he needed yr to know roster. hoping ’14 we’ll get litle more agressive. whereas reid, he had to do nothing except not f up defense in kc and get slightly better qb play. honestly, kc isnt going anywhere w/ smith, wont be surprised if eagles in ’15 are in better positon than cheifs.

        • JofreyRice

          I think the spending splurge of ’11 really affected Howie. Made him skittish. I’m pretty sure Howie knows if he spends that much money for that little net result again, he’s toast.

          This was close to his dream job, second only to being the GM of the Jets. He was sending emails to Joe Banner and to Mike Tannenbaum trying to get his foot in the door. We’re still paying Nnamdi in San Fran to blow tackles. Casey’s on the bench getting paid to max and relax. Herremans and Cole have just been re-signed, and both have underperformed since then. Right or wrong, I’m not sure Banner would have been as eager to re-sign them approaching 30–the guy let BDawk walk!

          I think Lurie is giving him a shot at redemption, but I don’t think Howie could weather another free agency debacle of that magnitude. He played it with scared money this year, at the expense of talent on the team.

          • cliff henny

            give you might have been little skittish. still, could have been concerted effort to pool resoures for ’14. think we’re going to leverage 1st part of draft for qb, and need all that excess money to upgrade talent. for every Indy, there 10 Tampa Bays that are good for 1 yr, then dissappear for 4. you’ve chatted with me enough, if ’14 off season is a debacle, the overreaction line starts behind me.
            in fairness, cole is 5m and herrmanns is 4m dead, about equal to contracts. casey is 1m, dead next yr. peters isnt getting 10m, and jax is scheduled for 12m. graham 6m (though his contract confuses me, guessing 3m dead). can save 3m cutting soap, 2.5m on chung. avants due 4m but 700k dead. lot of guys that are due 3-4m with 1m dead money. all those listed add up to 16m dead, but 52m against projected cap and they’re close to 25m under w/ roll over, worst case…HECK, I SHOULD BE GM-HAVE US 60M UNDER!!! half a team, but kinda what we are now, lol. eagles will have a ton of cap space. we may stink, but at least the cap is well managed.

          • cliff henny

            oh, forgot celek, scheduled for 4m, no dead money…beat it brick hands! benn’s another 1m, no dead. damn, close to 65m. basically, we just had to wait a yr. lurie and howie couldnt come out and say it, but just goto, it’s all right there.

          • GiveMeABreak

            What a pant load of you-know-what. The guy doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. He is there to keep Jeffie’s costs down and tell him he’s doing everything perfectly. He doesn’t know squat about talent or tactics. If you believe what has been written, he is the father of the FA debacle, Washburn, and Watkins. If you look at guys like Clayton, and T’eo and Bryan Smith, they are different enough from earlier drafts to suspect him there as well. Any one of those should have gotten him fired. Plus, we had a good GM in house. He now runs Indy.

    • JofreyRice

      Yeah, I really liked him out of Cal, was my favorite LB in the bunch. When you look at the LB’s that came out last year, Kuechly, Wagner, Lavonte David…I don’t think there is any argument to be made that Kendricks is playing anywhere close to their level. Hell, I don’t think he’s even playing as well as Danny Trevathan for the Broncos, or Soft Zach Brown, on the Titans. This scheme was supposed to showcase his ability and he hurts the team multiple times per contest. I was hopeful that he’d put the missed tackles and coverage gaffes behind him, but it really doesn’t seem like the light is ever going to turn on. 4.4 speed doesn’t help when you’re running the wrong direction.

      I can live with being wrong on a player–I’m just a fan. But the GM of the team has to be held accountable for consistently making the wrong picks. What is the metric for when they make a move? 1 Probowl player in 20 years? 30 years?

      • cliff henny

        ’12 draft is getting worse. i’m trying to look under every nook and cranny for positives…on the subject of howie, i’m souring fast. gamble and donahue are ready and waiting, so there’s no rush. whether it’s howie or lurie’s trust fund manager, just better get right qb next draft

        • Token

          Speaking of QBs. Mariota. Watched him again against Cal. Bad weather game, but didnt come away impressed. I like some things about him after watching 2-3 games. But he seems to have not improved as a thrower. Maybe regressed. Was really hoping he would have taken that next step this year so I could get really excited about him. He seems to have the arm, accuracy is suffering. May be mechanics. He has the complete opposite of happy feet in the pocket. He is too still and flat footed when back there IMO.

          • cliff henny

            that’s a shocker. guy is posting 50 hand over fist, but token isnt impressed. token, you could dig up a 200lb gold nugget out of your backyard, and first words out of your mouth would be ‘it’s all dirty’

          • Token

            I could care less about the score of a college football game. Im just looking at him as a prospect. Since we badly need to pick the right qb next year i find it interesting. But by your evaluation metric Dennis Dixon and Darren Thomas should be NFL stars qbs by now.

          • cliff henny

            marioti is graded in top 3-5 qb prospects everywhere, neither of those 2 ever were. nice try, mr. negative. did you watch bridgewater against kentucky? he looked awful. boy, hope he doesnt slip, dont want him cause 1 game i watched he struggled

          • Token

            You act like I hate the kid. Aside from Bridgewater, hes probably the QB im most interested in at this time. Thats why I wanted to look into him more.


            That guy agrees he was off against Cal as far as throwing the ball. But as I said it wasnt good weather.

            I feel hes a guy with all the tools you want. But he still needs work on accuracy. I think its a mechanics issue that can be corrected.

            Arm strength- check
            Speed – check

            He just needs to get more accurate. And its hard to evaluate an Oregon QB because they are always leading. I want to see him in a tough situation. I want to see if he has that clutch gene. Stanford will probably be the only game thats a test for Oregon.

      • Chali

        May as well throw the Curry pick out the window as well.

  • Bullwinkle

    I don’t know why they kept Curry if they feel he doesn’t have the skills they are looking for and they don’t play him. The fans will get a little “chippy” when he becomes a good player on another team.

    • anon

      who doesnt like a little curry

  • anon

    Funny Billy said he wanted to be a TO team, but is playing zone nickel so we don’t get beat overtop. Then a reporter asked, well if the guys are playing over top how are they going to be in a position to get picks?

    I think the scheme is bad for players like Cary and Fletcher who are bump and run press guys, but instead they just give them the underneath stuff and play prevent. Sadly what we say in Washington in the second half has turned out to be the real defense.

  • septa_rida

    It has been said that this defense has no identity. I agree. If Cary Williams is the “voice” of your defense that’s a pretty sad state of affairs. What are they good at? What do they hang their hat on? I don’t see any outward team unity or cohesiveness from this group. Williams said last year’s Ravens defense was a family. I’d liken this year’s Eagles “D” to a bunch of random dudes standing in a DMV line.

    • anon

      takes time, ravens d grew up together and had ray lewis leading on the field and off.

      • septa_rida

        Agree, but we need a guy or two who can develop into that leadership role. Other teams seem to have that guy.

    • Andy124

      At least they’re in the same line this year. Last year (after the bye) they were in entirely different zip codes.

      • anon

        we gotta win some games or may happen again.

        • Andy124

          A distinct possibility. I do think we’ll be 3-3 two weeks from now and finding new things to complain about fwiw.

  • theycallmerob

    Kelly talked yesterday about the Eagles getting almost all 46 guys playing time on gameday.
    Isaac Sopoaga, Bennie Logan and Clifton Geathers played a combined 75 snaps, and I had a total of one note written down for them.

    Cox and Kendricks not developing? Blitzin’ Boykin? [edit: trademark nicksaenz] This year just seems to scream “player evaluation and assessment”. Unless, of course, Davis is really just that bad. I can’t imagine an NFL coach would get away with some of this sh!t unless it had Big Ball Chip’s blessing.

    Really going to be tough to stomach 2013 if the young guys don’t develop to help the mediocre vets.

    • nicksaenz1

      I trademarked “Blitzin’ Boykin”. That’ll be $5.

    • Chali

      Couldn’t have said it better bro. What kills me is that what Davis is now, is like what Mornhinweg was to us with those damn gimmick plays. Why is he trying to be overly creative? Vinny Curry not great against the run, but we’re going against Peyton. . . . and Blitzing Boykin just makes no sense at all. Davis blew some 3rd and longs on the Chargers and Chiefs game that the announcers even said “you just can’t let that happen” and it wasn’t the player fault. The scheme was so terrible during those 3rd and longs.

  • Token

    At some point in time Chip has to get a backbone.

    This is a easy part of the schedule now, no more excuses about playing tough teams. If we dont start winning some games or showing progress this thing could really get away from him already.

    Hes gotta either reign in Davis or start saying goodbye to some of these obviously under performing guys. Benching them at very least.

    Right now you have Curry not playing and Boykin playing 50% of the time. Two of your only guys who seemed to play like they gave a crap in the summer. Herremans somehow holding a roster spot when hes pushed back constantly. Etc…

    And on top of all that theres the offense. Hes gotta start showing hes got some idea of how to right that ship. Some new ideas.

    A lot on the guys plate right now. This team is playing with the same fire they showed Reid the last two years. Not a good sign.

    • anon

      i blame the scheme.

  • Chali

    This article tells the tale. Where is that troll I argued with yesterday about these schematic issues I talked about. Sheil and Tim do a great job, glad we have them to tell the real tale.

  • Jim

    Guys I understand that the Eagles defense looks terrible and that Davis is using players the wrong way but that’s what we expected right. Plus I don’t understand all this giving up talk especially because if we win next week chances are we’re I first with the bucs next week and then a big game vs Dallas it’s not been very good so far but we’re still in pretty good shape right now

  • Sensei

    How can you be so inflexible as a defensive coordinator that you don’t attempt to tweak your scheme much even after giving up a historical amount of yards? Also just play Vinny Curry maybe he can’t two gap well but unfortunately no other DL on the phone roster can either so it can’t hurt