Did Chiefs Players Fake Injuries To Slow Eagles Down?

The biggest boos from the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field Thursday night came when fans thought the Chiefs were trying to employ a familiar tactic to slow the Eagles’ offense down.

On separate occasions in the second half, cornerbacks Sean Smith and Brandon Flowers went down with injuries while the Eagles were driving. But in a league that’s as violent and physically taxing as the NFL, it’s pretty much impossible to separate real from fake.

“Once you stop the momentum we’re having, and when we are coming back and moving the ball, I think the [Chiefs’ defense] was getting tired,” LeSean McCoy said. “[Injuries] give them time to get their breath back. Who is to say if they were faking it or not? People get hurt during the game.”

Added Michael Vick: “I think Flowers at the end was hurt. He had been nursing an injury and he wasn’t able to return. We can’t feed into that. If that’s the case, then so be it. We just have to keep pushing and keep fighting.”

The truth is, while Eagles players might have been suspicious, there’s really no point in wasting their time being concerned over an issue that right now is impossible to police.

“I had a feeling the fans were feeling that I was faking it out there, but I got an IV because I was cramping up,” Smith said. “The offense of the Eagles is so fast-paced and we had to prepare for it, but it tired my body a little. But I definitely was not faking it.”

Added outside linebacker Justin Houston: “A lot of the time the crowd is going to think that players are faking injuries, but we were not doing that. We were well-prepared for this game and ready for this game physically, so when our defensive players went down, they were really injured.”

And finally, former Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder chimed in:


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  • jon h

    Seems like the guys were injured, but also seemed like they could have gotten off of the field on their own power. Some things have become evident in the last few games:
    1. Our TEs are invisible. This was supposed to be an offense where TE was a weapon – haven’t seen that so far.
    2. I miss David Akers
    3. LFF is in bad shape – the turf looks awful
    4. Riley Cooper may be big, but he’s slow – we need a burner on that side also
    5. We need a safety that can anticipate the run – why not take a flyer on Kerry Rhodes?
    6. Vick doesn’t get rid of the ball quickly enough
    7. Vinny Curry shouldn’t be inactive again this year
    8. We may start seeing Foles sooner than expected
    9. DeSean needs to be involved in the offense every game
    10. Andy Reid still hasn’t figured out how to manage time at the end of a half

    • usmcnole

      4. We had a burner on that side. He tore his acl

    • evanphilly

      1) Yup. Celek has almost been a non factor. Ertz may be starting sooner rather than later. Casey had a big drop coming off a week where he was complaining about playing time.
      2) Don’t give up on Henery yet. Sure two misses so far, but even in a small sample size, he is more accurate than Akers.
      3) Truth.
      4) Losing Maclin hurts. Cooper is trying, he is just not that good. May be time to see what Avant can do on that side or give Damarias Johnson some looks
      5) I am all for signing Rhodes, but there has to be a reason why no team has called on him so far
      6) Yup. Nothing new here
      7) Yup. Nothing new here
      8) The home game against Dallas may be Vick’s last stand, but if this team is 1-5 before that, Foles may be in for that game. They ‘should’ be 3-3 a that point, but who knows
      9) I am sure they were trying to get DJax more involved, Flowers and the Safety shut him down. Still, Kelly needs to get him more involved somehow
      10) Yup. Nothing new here

      • jon h

        I’m made about the Henery misses, but he also killed us with the horsecollar last night and the inability to pick up the ball against SD. Cpt., I hear you – just as excited as anyone when Vick runs or throws the ball deep, but cringe when he holds the ball too long. Foles tends to get rid of it quickly, but coming to the realization (like everyone else) that these guys are stop gaps until next year’s draft. Is Rhodes really worse than what we have? Let’s at least put him out there and if he sucks, we can cut him – no harm no foul.

    • Capt. Chippahpants

      8. Calm thyself. Where is this team without the big plays Foles is not known for?

  • Myke Lowery

    flowers was questionable before the game so I have it the benefit of the doubt.. but Smith didn’t even know what hamstring he hurt.

    • Kp

      He had to get an iv for cramps. He sat out two drives…

  • Mr. Magee

    Were chiefs players faking it? Yes, absolutely. Did it make a difference in this game? No, it did not.

    • Kp

      I guess McCoy and Vick were faking too? To slow down their own offense??..

  • ND

    After the first time Flowers was hurt, he got up ran to sideline and told trainer he was “fine”..these injuries happen at the most inconvenient times for the eagles offense. Something needs to be done about this

  • Rage114

    If the Chiefs wanted to fake an injury, you wouldn’t have your best corner taking the dive. That’s dumb.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    I can’t believe this is even a topic. If a key player doesn’t return for the entire drive (or game), he wasn’t faking it.

    Moving on, anyone notice the announcers kept harping on Cooper not winning his one-on-one match-up since there was one high safety? Couldn’t the same be said for Jackson except for the one deep ball he caught? I’ll be really interested in the All-22, because anytime a team plays press man, I have to think there were times both Cooper and Jackson had a step on their guy and Vick just didn’t pull the trigger. I know twice I saw Cooper with at least two steps on his man sprinting down the field.

    • Cyrus Robinson

      Jackson had the safety over him. He was pretty much double covered all game. Cooper had to beat one man who was faster than him. Even if he got a step, the corner would have made it up.

      • Broadcasting Wisdom

        The safety was in the middle of field and was not over Jackson, particularly when Cooper and Avant were both lined up on opposite side of Jackson (when safety cheated over to their side even more).

        Also, I know Riley Cooper is white and tall so he looks slow, but he’s got 4.5 speed, which is the same as that DB Sean Smith who was guarding him, plus he has the height and leaping ability advantage on DBs.

  • jon h

    The injuries (or faking of them) had no impact on the 5 turn overs. We should have lost that game by 20+ points.

    • Cyrus Robinson

      The Eagles’ defense played well, give them credit.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    When will we win T.O.P. and turnover battle. that’s when the next win will come. at least as long as T.O.P. isn’t 2 to 1..thats ridiculous to have our d on the field that long. they did what they could and yet the offense and ST. let them down. 2/3 of the game the d is on the field. has to get better there. and Henry needs to get his shit together

  • Glenn

    I thought it was rather obvious Smith and Flowers were not faking the injuries. And was embarassed that the fans were booing, showing the stupidity of some, the minority of the Eagles fans, the ones that give the whole fan group an undeserved bad rep.

    • Dutch

      Smith and Flowers played a heck of a game. The Flowers kid absolutely took DJax out behind the wood shed and flogged him. It’s not often Jackson is shut out, he caught 3 ball for 62 yds but make no mistake Flowers with help over the top was all over Jackson.

      Cooper was not allowed to draw a breath without Smith being up in his jersey. And Berry was a night mare supporting the underneath routes and turned the lights out on our Tight Ends. Not every team is capable of that sticky defense, coupled with an outstanding pass rush.

      Kansas City just had the Eagles number and superior athletes to defend our offense. There just was no place to go with the Ball. One on One coverage is a gamble, but with the athletes to pull it off it is effective.

  • philliesfan136

    F#&k Rick Burkholder! Dude is a punk ass Philadelphia traitor….bad mouthing phila and it’s fans! Only wish it was winter time and he could of got a few welcome home snowballs ( with a few aa batteries inside. )