What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Chip KellyHere’s the weekly roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

ESPN.com moved the Eagles down five spots to No. 19 in its power rankings:

There’s the track meet everyone expected. Philly averaged 20.4 seconds per play, more than five seconds faster than last week, and gained 8.8 yards per play Sunday.

Stanford head coach David Shaw talks to The MMQB’s Peter King about Chip Kelly:

“That’s why I love Chip Kelly,’’ Shaw said. “He knows that I love him. He used to say it all the time and no one would believe him. He would just laugh, one of those smirk laughs that he has, and he would always tell people, ‘What we’re doing is not hard. We’re doing it faster, and we’re doing it with big kids who are smart kids.’ We’re like that—changing formations, making our players communicate, communicate, and the ball is getting snapped and they’re running something very simple. Now, with Chip, he gets the ball to DeSean Jackson in space, he gets LeSean McCoy in space, he’s created the same thing. So it’s not just schemes, it’s the combination of schemes and personnel. If you’ve got the guys to do it, to get guys in space, you can make big plays.’’

Bill Barnwell of Grantland looks at Kelly’s decision to throw the red flag last week:

Chip Kelly stretched his streak of somewhat-bizarre challenges to two, having challenged an obviously dropped pass at the beginning of the Washington game a week ago. (That play at least fit the first-down-deep-in-opposition-territory criteria from above.) Here, Kelly challenged a first-quarter sideline catch by Malcom Floyd that would have turned a nine-yard completion on second-and-12 into an incomplete pass. The two replays shown between the completion and the ensuing snap raised some doubts about the catch being valid without making it clear that Kelly would win the protest, but again, the context didn’t make much sense. The upside of the challenge was turning a third-and-3 from the Philadelphia 19 into a third-and-12 from the Philly 28-yard line. Given how bad the Philadelphia defense is, I wouldn’t trust them to stop Philip Rivers in either situation; you’d rather force the opposing team to need 12 yards, but is that difference worth throwing the flag on a call that was ruled a catch on the field without seeing any indisputable evidence suggesting otherwise? I have to think it wouldn’t be the case.

Former Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder reflects on Andy Reid’s time in Philly, via ESPN.com’s Ashley Fox:

“What happened to us at the end was it wasn’t about the process anymore,” said Rick Burkholder, who spent all 14 seasons with Reid in Philadelphia as the Eagles’ trainer and joined Reid in Kansas City. “It wasn’t about Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. It was about the Dream Team. It was about, ‘You have to win 12 or you’re a failure.’ ‘If he doesn’t win the Super Bowl, he should be fired.’

“I don’t know how he lasted as long as he did there. The pressure’s so great in that city. It just wears you down. Ten [wins] is not good enough. If he wins 10 games for 10 years in this city they’ll put a statue of him outside of Arrowhead. He won 10 games for 10 years in Philly basically and still in the end it wasn’t enough.”

Dick Vermeil talks to SI.com’s Don Banks about Reid’s return:

“It is a different experience for Andy in coming back,” concedes Vermeil. “He left after being relieved of his responsibilities, and I left on my own. But I think what’s the same is once you’ve coached in Philadelphia, you get emotionally connected with the city and the fans get emotionally connected with you. Once they identify with you, I think they hang with you. They’re very, very loyal, and that’s why I think there will be a strong consensus, a high percentage of fans who will react with the very positive side of their passion when Andy takes the field. They will appreciate what he got done here.”

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 18th in his power rankings:

Can Chip Kelly fix the defense? That’s the issue. They can score all they want, but they have major problems on defense.

Prisco predicts a 30-23 Eagles victory Thursday night:

The Eagles can score. The Chiefs have been really good on defense. Something has to give. I say it’s the Chiefs’ defense that gives a little. Mike Vick and the offense will have some success down the field against the Chiefs. The Eagles defense has been awful, but it is better here against a Chiefs offense that is just OK.

Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN.com weighs in on Kelly’s second game:

It took exactly one week for the NFL to adjust. San Diego held the ball for 40:17, converting 10 of 15 third down situations and posting 33 first downs, to keep the Blur Offense off the field. Fast-snap offenses accustomed to flying down the field as spectators gasp become frustrated when they have to stand around watching the opponent, and the visiting Bolts quickly got the home Eagles frustrated. Maybe in retrospect, Philadelphia jumped ahead of Washington 33-7 in Week 1 for same reason Green Bay jumped ahead of Washington 31-0 in Week 2 — the cover-your-eyes awful R*dsk*ns defense.

Brian Billick of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 19th in his power rankings:

Well one thing hasn’t changed for the Eagles … the Swiss cheese defense.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Eagles 17th:

Chip Kelly revolutionizing the NFL in its 94th season lasted one week. At least now that the Eagles are 1-1, people will tap the brakes when it comes to anointing them the second coming of “The Greatest Show on Turf (Er, Grass).”

Of course, the offense still put up a 30-spot in Sunday’s loss. Philly’s weak spot — as we suspected would be the case two weeks ago — proved to be the defense. Still, win or lose, this is an exciting team to watch.

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  • Folk are kind of contradicting themselves. If a team puts up 30 points in less than 20 minutes no one has “figured them out” or “adjusted.” What they’ve decided is to take advantage of the crappy defense and keep the offense off the field.

    Kelly was billed as an offensive genius. Not a defensive one. So this comment – “Chip Kelly revolutionizing the NFL in its 94th season lasted one week. At least now that the Eagles are 1-1, people will tap the brakes when it comes to anointing them the second coming of “The Greatest Show on Turf(Er, Grass).””- .makes no sense.

    The Eagles O is as advertised. The defense…well..they are who we thought they were.

    • anon

      Haters gonna hate

    • Broadcasting Wisdom

      My thoughts exactly – I still think Eagles “O” after two games is better than I ever saw it under Reid – and they aren’t even clicking yet! Plenty of missed opportunities and we’re still banking 30.

      • poetx99

        exactly. sun, moon and stars didn’t have to align for them to get all of those points and yards. and there were several ‘human’ plays (missed throws, dropped balls, missed blocks, etc) that make it clear that we’re not magically overachieving and playing at some unsustainable level.

        clearly this is a great marriage of scheme + personnel + playcalling, and they still have significant room for improvement.

    • Kevin

      Definitely agree. The Chargers didn’t stop the Offense, the Eagles stopped the Offense. At one point this season we may score 50+. The key to games will be forcing at least 1.. maybe two three and outs. Is that too much to ask.

      What will the over/under number be on the Bronco’s – Eagles game, especially if they have a good Offensive showing Thursday night? 65 points? 70 points?

    • Jonathan R. Henry

      My thoughts exactly. I have to laugh at your last line. I can’t get Denny Green out of my head.

    • ohitsdom

      Nailed it.

    • EaglePete

      Thats just all they can come up with for your “soundbyte” comment of the week. I suppose the reasoning is playing a grind the clock offense as opposed to anything no huddle or even a tad faster. Not a whole lot of “figuring out” going on there but its something.

    • Maggie

      I seem to recall that Kelly, himself, did NOT claim to be reinventing the NFL. It was the usual “media” who are now backtracking like crazy, trying to cover their own backsides.

      • All In Eagles

        Yep, exactly. All along he’s been saying ‘he’s just playing a game (football)’. The media created this whole thing and now they’re stuck.

    • Bdawk20

      The birds could have put up 50 with some better execution, so I would agree. I think we bounce back on Thursday because Andy Reid does not have the patience to wear down the clock.

    • UKEagle99

      I would just ignore them, how they get paid to write that is beyond me. They probably didn’t even watch the game, just look at the box score and type the first thing that comes in their tiny little minds.

    • Birdbrain77

      That’s exactly the same thing I was thinking. How did the rest of the NFL figure out Chip Kelly if the offense is still scoring at will? What they figured out was how to exploit our weakness…defense. That didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out either. Once our blitz package was on film, they were able to make the appropriate protection calls.

    • Justin

      I’ll say this about the offense: Putting up 50+ points isn’t outside the realm of possibilities for us. They’ve left some plays on the field that easily could have turned into 7 points. The newest All-22 shows some of that. If this offense can really settle into a rhythm and fire on all cylinders, it won’t matter how bad our defense is.

    • pearlk123

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  • Dutch

    Kansas City has the athletes, but Reid has never fielded or built a stellar defense so I look for a fast start after KC duplicates San Diego’s box stacking idea. Celek and Ertz down the seams, Shady popping runs brings the safeties up leaving DJax and Cooper in single coverage on the outside. The Eagles should run off 21 pts before the half, and hit Kansas City up for 30 after the break once their defense gets tired of chasing Vick, Shady and DJax around.

    This may be a easy 40 pt game. Slowly the offense is building chemistry, when they connect it’s going to be like a video game.

    • pkatz

      if anyone knows how to scheme to stop the offense it’s AR……

      • Same pieces, completely diff offense. You just gotta hope AR doesn’t use Charles much and that our guys on D are fired up to make up for the sh*tty showing they had against SD.

    • Soybot

      But surely, AR will make halftime adjustments to bring his team back if the Eagles are leading at the break. LOL.

    • EaglePete

      no way, thats the #1 d in the league right now. Of course its early so that doesnt mean much but I see them slowing down our run and forcing us to win in the air without the run gm. Changes everything and they have a tough line. I hope Im wrong. I still think Eagles can win if that happens but will be a 20-17 type game otherwise what youre saying wins the day 31-24, just dont see Smith scoring more than 24 on any team.

    • BlindChow

      Will Reid be more afraid of the run or the pass? The way he played DJax, I’m thinking pass.

    • You’ll get a feel early what this game is going to look like. They have a legit D line. If our oline show they can hang and hang early. It should be a good night. At least offensively.

  • Johnny_P

    Most fans have better insight than these guys. Yes the Eagles D needs some serious work, but it’s not like they are just rolling over (see last year). They are actually playing through the whistle and giving effort, if that means giving up 30 points, than so be it. The point is, it’s good to know they aren’t a bunch of quitters. Adjustments will be made. It’s only the third week….

    • ftotheyu

      Agreed. Even though we lack talent on D, at least the guys are trying and giving effort. Unlike last year’s unit which didn’t seem to have a pulse. Asomgha, DRC, Babin = paper tigers.

      • Johnny_P

        Precisely. I also particularly liked how Fletcher Cox did not give Rivers a hand after he was knocked to the ground. It’s just the small stuff like that that validates the defense is in a more aggressive mindset.

    • meANDmyCharger

      Nate ALLEN is putting forth “EFFORT” I totally missed that…

      • Johnny_P

        I wouldn’t say it’s lack of effort on the part of Allen. I don’t see him ‘taking plays off’. The guy is just not in the right line of work.

  • Andrew

    1. The Eagles have faced the two worst defenses in the NFL in the first two weeks. We’ve got the third worst defense. Now, are these two defenses two of the worst BECAUSE we played them? Don’t know. This week will present a great test for the offense in playing against a top 5 defense

    2. On the flip-side, we’ve face two of the top 10 offenses in the league in the first two weeks. Are they tops BECAUSE they’ve played us? Don’t know.

    Something got to give this week and I’m hoping it’s KC’s defense.

    • ftotheyu

      I hope so too. But I have to say, the defense is going to cost us a few games this year, which I expected coming into the season. Hopefully we get a high draft pick and start there (get a stud pass rusher or safety, or better yet, an elite QB). In a year or two, we’re going to be unstoppable.

    • EaglePete

      exactly, their D will test this offense. I think that right there is key to this game going either way.

    • BlindChow

      KC played the Jags their first week. Don’t underestimate how much that can skew their stats on defense.

    • theycallmerob

      What makes them the 2 worst? 2 weeks of stats? So SD playing two of the better offenses and giving up points makes them one of the worst? And KC is top 5 because they’ve played Gabbert and Romo? I dunno…..

      • Andrew

        Stats make them the worst. Just like Aaron Rodgers is the best QB through two weeks because of stats, and Shady is the best RB.

        But if you want to look at it a different way, Washington also sucked on D last year (28th).

        • theycallmerob

          I guess that makes Jackson the NFL’s best WR? Or would it be Eddie Royal, if you prefer TDs to yards? Come on, stats cannot be used like that in football. We will be the first actual NFL-caliber offensive line that KC has played all year, so maybe their DL is not so great. The one skilled offensive player DAL has, Dez, went off on them for awhile too before he got all the attention in the 2nd half.

          And if you want to bring last year into it, we’re a 4-12 team that sucked at everything going against a 2-14 team.

          • Andrew

            You can use stats how you see fit. I see to use Total Defense and DVOA. (http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef)

            Regardless, it’s hard for you to argue that the two defenses we’ve played against have NOT been good. Both while playing us, and their other game. And I don’t think that KC will stay as good of a defense as they’ve proved in the first two games, mainly because (to your point) they’ll play better teams.

        • UKEagle99

          I believe Offences and Defences should be ranked on points scored/conceded. Seems mad to rank them on yards, I know that means they are productive but ultimately it’s comes down to points.

          The late great JJ said his goal was to hold the other team to 17 points or less, he didn’t give a rats a** how much they moved the ball as long as they kept them out of the endzone.

          • theycallmerob

            I agree, as does Chip. However, by any measure, a defense will still come out #1 if they get to play Gabbert. If we had played them week 1, lord knows how many commenters would be on here singing the praises of Nate Allen (after 4 INTs)

  • Will
    • Shark

      Just stop. You can’t play football with bum knees

      • shark

        NVM, i read kenny phillips, my mistake

    • Explorer51

      Will, though it seems like you are a voice in the wilderness about Rhodes, keep posting those links. This is a complete no-brainer…not to sign him but to at least give him a tryout! And for people to say let’s give Earl Wolff a chance first, even if he becomes an adequate starter, it’s not like we are set at safety; besides, isn’t the conventional wisdom now that quality safeties are one of the hardest positions to fill?

      Plus, it looks like we still have over $17M available to spend (with only four other teams having more cap space): https://nflplayers.com/reports/RunPublicReport.aspx?report=top51

      Man, I hope we’re not seeing a different version of stubbornness settling in; it’s a little frightening that the same guy, Howie Roseman, who spent valuable 2nd round picks on Nate Allen and Jaiquan Jarrett to fill our needs at safety can’t or won’t even consider a proven commodity.

      • Maggie

        Another comment from someone sitting alone in a dark room with his computer who keeps insisting that General Managers of professional sports teams operate the same way. There are no such things as scouts, personnel managers, head coaches, coordinators, position coaches, contacts on other teams or in universities, etc. Just a guy sitting all alone making multi-million dollar decisions.

        • ICDogg

          Yeah… as it’s been mentioned from time to time, Bill Davis coached Rhodes in Arizona. It’s not as if they’re not aware he’s available, or don’t know what kind of player he is. When the whole league passes on a guy, it’s possible but very unlikely that they’re all wrong to do so.

        • Explorer51

          Well, actually the room is pretty bright and I’m on an iPad; and I respect your comment about professionals who are more knowledgeable doing their job. However, I think it may be a gross over-assumption that the scouts, personnel managers, etc. have all given a thumbs down on this particular player or that the GM doesn’t influence those opinions. Besides, anyone in any profession can and will make mistakes; it’s just that in a business, like professional sports, where the decisions are public…and rigorously debated…fan scrutiny is expected. I find it hard to believe that you have never questioned a decision, from draft choices to what play is called; or if you have that you ultimately conclude that a coach or GM is always right.

          I think the whole point of forums like this is to share thoughts and opinions, and the folks who run Birds 24/7 ask us to be respectful. The over-used stereotype of someone sitting alone in a dark room (though you did leave out the “Mom’s basement in pajamas” variation) is a trite and slight insult but if you thought it strengthened your comment, so be it. It won’t stop me from offering thoughts in the future.

          • theycallmerob

            I’m not speaking for Maggie or in her defense, but it is ridiculous how much Kerry keeps getting mentioned. Kelly has alluded to it a hundred times now, there is no chance of Kerry or anyone else coming in off the street. Period. Just let it go already.

          • Maggie

            I was replying to your last paragraph about Roseman somehow being entirely responsible for every bad decision regarding some players. Here’s a thought for you and others who keep insisting Howie Roseman made those bad decisions all by himself. The same holds true for the players who have worked out or are getting netter. Roseman made THOSE decisions all by himself too. Can’t have one without the other.

          • B-West

            I mentioned this on another board this morning, but did you get a chance to listen to the conference call with Reid this week? Reid alluded to (I’d say admitted but Reid never gives a concrete answer) the fact that he had become too involved in the personnel side of things. It seemed to be a main goal of his new start to not be quite as involved, and to get his focus back on the field.

            I say this because I think those drafts that involved Allen and Jarrett were when Andy was at the peak of his power in the organization (09-ish to 12-ish). He had been stacking up wins and years in the organization, acquiring the final say on personnel matters along the way. I don’t think he was answering to anybody at that point.

            IMO, he simply overextended himself and as a result everything began to suffer. The drafts stunk and the product on the field went downhill. Reid knew it, and that’s why he made a point to get out the personnel side in KC.

            So, that’s the long way of saying that I think the drafts prior to ’12 (when it was made public that Roseman was running the draft room), had much more to do with Reid than with Roseman.

    • ohitsdom

      This is what determination looks like. God knows how badly you must be clogging up Howie’s inbox with youtube highlight links…

      • Eagles4Life


      • Will

        The more I see Nate Allen play the more motivated I become!

      • Justin

        I imagine soon we’re going to hear about some lunatic screaming outside the Linc about Kerry Rhodes.

    • nicksaenz1

      Too bad we’ll see him twice this year once the vaGiants sign him after his workout today.

  • Bdawkbdawk

    I think Barnwell missed it this time. Sure, the call didn’t get overturned, but he vastly overstates the process flaws.The nature of the Eagles’ offense renders timeouts slightly less valuable (especially in the first half). The Eagles defense has massive holes. And 3rd and 3 is worlds away from 3rd and 12. The Chargers punted one lousy time against us. I think if there is even a slight chance of the call being overturned, you throw the flag. Kelly needed to help his defense any way he could.

    • EaglePete

      totally agree

    • ohitsdom

      Agreed, he massively understated how difficult it is to convert on 3rd and 12, even against a bad defense. You know pass is coming, and a 12 yard route is enough time for QB pressure.

  • Soybot

    Easterbook is a clown.

  • meANDmyCharger

    i dont give a rats ass WHAT people are saying.. bunch of clown anyway

  • meANDmyCharger

    im sick of seeing kerry rhodes name up here every damn day..the eagles have NO interest in him.. he will NOT get signed here.. KILL THOSE DREAMS PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • ftotheyu

      We keep bringing it up because so far the fanbase hasn’t been given a plausible reason as to why they refuse to sign him. It’s gross negligence when your safeties are inept and you refuse to sign Kerry Rhodes without giving any reason as to why not. If management confirms to us that Rhodes is injured, dismembered, or otherwise wiped off the face of the planet, then OK, we will drop the subject.

      • meANDmyCharge

        “We keep bringing it up because so far the fanbase hasn’t been given a plausible reason as to why they refuse to sign him”
        And YOU wont get ONE so let it go and MOVE on…

      • Adam

        What about the other 22 teams that have inept safety play? Why haven’t they look at him? It took the Giants getting down to 2 healthy safeties on their entire roster to even kick the tires.

        • ftotheyu

          Your guess is as good as mine. So are you suggesting that the Eagles aren’t looking at him because the 22 other teams haven’t looked at him and therefore he must be damaged goods, or are you suggesting that there’s an NFL-wide conspiracy against hiring Rhodes?

          • Adam

            I’m suggesting that his price is too high or his not good anymore. Could be both. He’s already said he’s willing to retire if he doesn’t get the offer he wants. If he’s asking for much higher than the vet minimum, I don’t want him.

            It’s not uncommon for defensive backs to fall off out of nowhere in their 30’s. Look at Nnamdi if you need an example. You get old, you lose a step, and once you lose a step in the NFL you’re finished.

            Billy Davis was his DC in Arizona. If he had any inkling that Rhodes would help out this abysmal safety team I have no doubts he’d bring him in for a workout.

            Davis and Chip don’t have some secret agenda to keep Nate Allen on the field. They didn’t draft him, they could let him go at any time if they felt they could get better safety play out of someone else. And I have no doubts as soon as they find that person Allen will be on the bench. It’s not Rhodes, and it’s not Wolff just yet.

          • UKEagle99

            Stop teasing with this stuff!

            “Davis and Chip don’t have some secret agenda to keep Nate Allen on the field. They didn’t draft him, they could let him go at any time”

      • UKEagle99

        Dear UKEagle99,

        I can confirm to you that we will not be trying our or signing Kerry Rhodes as he refuses to meet with us and sully his name by playing on this defence. I trust you will pass this on to your fellow forum members.

        Yours sincerely,

        Howie Roseman

        PS. Any tips on safeties coming out of college would be gratefully received.

  • DunedinEagle

    Oh cry me a river Burkholder. He loooooonnnngggggggg over stayed his welcome and should have been relieved years before he actually was for driving this team into the ground especially when it came to picking defenders. If it was so bad he should have just left with his millions sooner.

  • morgan c

    Rick Bukholder: Ya, we needed to win 12 games and win the SB that year, because we were the “dream team.” We brought in like a zillion free agents and sold-out for the SB. Management, the team, and Reid himself indicated as much. And he failed spectacularly.

    I liked Reid overall, and he was a great coach. But his record the last couple of years was / is unacceptable. And he was very rightly fired.

  • JoeKnows

    Memo to Rick Burkholder – I know it was a comparison-for-emphasis remark, but, gotta tell ya, Rick, even the great Andy Reid did not win 10 games for 10 years in a row, here. Not all his fault, of course.

    Now, ask Marty Schottenheimer how patient Kansas City is, when you become a genius of the regular season and dunce in the playoffs. No pressure, right? No tarnish on the coach’s rep, right? Give me a break. Pressure is the same to win, everywhere. Philly fans are just more open and care more, that’s all.