Kelly (Predictably) Downplays Williams-Cooper Scuffle

Chip Kelly fielded questions today about the Cary WilliamsRiley Cooper scuffle and predictably downplayed it as no big deal.

Asked if there was any fallout from the incident, Kelly said: “No, we went right back to team period after that, and both those guys were lined up and played. As a matter of fact, Mike [Vick] threw the ball deep to Riley on the first play of team period and Cary was covering him, so I don’t see any fallout.”

With Williams, the discussion has more to do with a pattern of behavior and the new cornerback challenging authority.

Williams skipped most of spring practices. When the Patriots practiced in Philadelphia, he mixed it up with Aaron Dobson even after being told specifically that such behavior would result in him getting kicked out of practice. Even in the preseason game against the Panthers, he tangled with wide receiver Steve Smith after the whistle.

This all comes after Williams shoved an official in the Super Bowl back in February.

“We’ve talked to him about it, and hopefully he understands the ramifications and what it is,” Kelly said. “It’s a team game. Like I said, our whole deal, and we talk about it all the time, is you have to play with emotion and not let emotion play with you.

“We address that all the time in meetings. Our coaches do it in the position meetings. I talk about it in team meetings about making sure that you play with emotion and don’t let emotion play with you. You’ve got two competitive guys and it could [escalate] pretty quickly and was squashed pretty quickly.”

A player told the Inquirer that Williams used the N-word during the back-and-forth with Cooper. Kelly said he didn’t hear that and didn’t feel the need to address it with Williams after practice.

He added that he didn’t see any relation between Cooper’s racial slur at the Kenny Chesney concert and what happened with Williams.

“Do I think that was connected to what happened yesterday? No, no I don’t,” Kelly said.

Asked if he took into account Williams’ issues before the Eagles signed him, Kelly added: “I think we take everything into account with everybody we evaluate as a potential Philadelphia Eagle. So yes.”

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  • Adam

    What’s with the (predictably) in the headline? You sound like McLane!

    • GEagle

      I’m with you Adam……SMH….

      • All In Eagles

        Yeah, seriously Sheil. You think he will try and escalate a non issue like the media does? We have football to play in 3 days.

      • EaglePete

        well, not much to be written and Kelly responded to it so its a story and well “predictably” fits the response. I wouldnt worry about the team being distracted by the media, its not the Jets.

    • bentheimmigrant

      If he didn’t there would be all kinds of “Well of course he did! Why did you bother with this article?” comments.

  • GEagle

    And the Philly media predictably dramatizes this bogus non issue!!!

    This happens every single year, in every single locker room, at every single level, but let’s blow this out of proportion and start drama 3 days before we open our season…

    Excellent Journalism by Jeff McLane writing a story revisiting the Cooper drama yesterday(months later)..putting it in our players minds before one of our last practices before we open the season….NOT!!! HOpe that Hack, gets his access revoked.

    can’t wait til Chip has success so he can blackout the entire media like Bellicek does..I bleed green every day, and want as much info as possible, but I would rather have ZERO info, then continue to see media create BS, that might not hurt our team, but certainly doesn’t help…Media is supposed to work for the fans…You don’t work for this fan, if you bringing any type of silly drama to my team days before we kick off……If you have a negative story days before kickoff, I would prefer you pocketing it….I do not need to hear these bogus non stories that stir the pot further, days before kickoff. we are crying between dust ups between football players now? To the Eagles, this story would have been dead the moment every player woke up this morning, god forbid the media allows the players to squash it…but if course they think it’s actually news and they are doing their duty by “reporting” on it….anyone who has ever played football would prefer this being kept in house, where team can easily get over it…

    every single team fights…Chip didn’t allow a single fight all offseason, do cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it, about our defenders showing their teeth days before kickoff.

    How has our choir boy defense these past two years done for us? Lol…cOuld you imagine today’s Philly media covering Lawrence Taylor? Lol….How many penalties has Cary’s warrior mentality caused us thus far? ZERO!!…Yet when the man spoke up about how soft we were, our defense went on to show the biggest improvement from 1 week to the next of the entire preseason…..We already had a Leader, Demeco…But his “Good Cop” act isn’t enough…Cary’s “Bad Cop” tough guy, FIGHT, Fight, and then Fight some more, Never back down attitude is EXACTLY what this soft defense needed….yet people are crying? I stand up and applaud Cary!!

    Any idea how much crap Riley is going to have to deal with this year…If I’m Chip, I would tell Cary to antagonize Roley every single day in practice for the rest of the season….Believe me, there are worst things then our WRs having to battle every single day in practice against a tough Physical Corner……Last year our defenders were allowed to quit and play like sissies because No one was their to get in their faces…we finally have that player who will demand toughness…screw skill, talent, ability….Toughness is a start, it’s a mentality…the sooner our young defenders develope it, the better….all the skills mean nothing without toughness to battle late in games in this league…Battle for every inch, back down to no one…and hit everything that moves…..Yous see any other defender on this roster that embodies that more then Cary Williams?

    maybe if we didn’t seriously lack what Carry brings to the table, all this anti carry talk would be warranted…But because of our Lack of heart,Carry brings a heckuva lot more good them bad to this team….I couldn’t care less if defenders don’t like the offensive players..Yous idealize and seriously over rate this coombaya crap…We finally got a Pitbull, and people are crying because he won’t be more of a poodle….oh that’s right, he missed voluntary practice and called out his soft defense which improved the following week….lEts place his head on a stake outside Novacare to make an Example of the treachery, Ned Stark style….

    I will have a Carry Williams Jersey by the end of this day, and I haven’t bought a jersey in a long time!!!

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      You are one passionate eagles fan

    • Richard Colton

      The idea of LT playing LB with Seth Joyner and Byron Evans just gave me a semi. The ’91 Eagles wouldn’t have given up a point.

    • nycbirds

      Beginning to think GEagle just wants it more than me.

  • Bird of Prey

    I have to tell you, when practice is without pads nobody should be hitting the ground. Williams is nuts, and that is the issue here. Even Vick’s comments afterwards were directed at Williams. Stop hyping this ridiculous crap already, I read you columns because this isn’t the Inquirer.

    • RIP illa

      Oh…heavens forbid that Williams goes all out in practice. 1st guys have a problem w/ him not practicing…now they have a problem w/ him practicing too hard…SMH! It’s not like he tackled Coop. He made a play on the ball using a common move CBs use. Wrap w/ one arm, swat the ball away w/ the other. It was perfect Defense! If Coop or anybody else takes exception cause his precious little practice jersey got dirty, too F’n bad. You’re being played hard…so what! Make the adjustment and step your game up! Don’t lash out and start something that the other guy is all to willing to finish! Perhaps if more people didn’t take it so easy on Coop in the past, he’d be further along in his development. I wasn’t even thrilled bout having C-Will as our #1 corner going into this season. Yet w/ all the ridiculous hate for a guy who has yet to hurt the team in anyway (granted he will get penalties this yr) and non stories being made into huge stories…he’s becoming one of my favs!

  • Mr.SweetDickWillie

    Two guys get into a scuffle. Okay, back to football

  • BleedGreenJames

    I’m more concerned about Sconces costing us games with his short fuse than how he feels about ol’ Riley. Remember, he had countless leaders in BAL to keep him in line as best as anyone could hope. Here, he’s unfortunately considered one of the better players on what is expected to be a pretty awful defense. Hopefully Chip won’t stand for too many yellow hankies.

  • glenn

    Cary Williams sounds like he is more of a problem than he is worth. He was the weak link on the Ravens defense. He acts like a cancer in the locker room, and guy capable of dividing the locker room with what he says, and what he does. I think Fletcher and Boykin are both better than Williams, and am frankly unconvinced there would be a big drop off if he was cut. Addition by subtraction. Williams is one bad day with the head coach away from convincing others not to buy in to Kelly.

    • anon

      Practice fights happen all the time, I’m sure the instigation by Williams was partially motivated by Riley’s comments. I don’t think it’s a big deal, i don’t think it’s lockerroom divisive — you saw the way Boykin and Vick came to Cooper’s aid. From the video it looked like both were at fault and Williams just escalated it. He’s small — he probably got beat up a lot as a child.

  • NickS1

    I can’t wait to watch the Red Zone Channel, aka God’s Channel, all day on Sunday.

  • Will

    Just two competitive guys, a little scuffle, more Williams than any thing , Carey’s a hothead that this happens with him from time to time! This will happen again with him……

  • #7

    I don’t care about him fighting, he just better be able to cover and back up all of that talk

  • Samuel

    Williams using the dreaded “N” word is the real issue….and Kelly ignoring it is the real issue. Kelly suspended and punished Cooper fro using this awful word, so now Kelly needs to also do the same to Williams…no DOUBLE STANDARD, everyone needs to be treated the same…period.

    • Andy124

      1) Kelly didn’t suspend Cooper. He “let” him go home to “get some help”.
      2) Like it or not, the reality is that at this time in history, there is a double standard and what Williams said is not in the same ballpark as what Riley said (or Hugh Douglas for that matter). Hopefully someday everybody will be living by the same set of rules. But today is not that day.

  • Samuel

    Kelly is the leader of this team, it is Kelly’s responsibility to investigate if Williams said the same “N” word that Kelly suspended Cooper for saying. There are numerous eye witness reporters and players that said they heard this word being used by Williams, so it’s Kelly’s responsibility as leader of this team to do a complete investigation and issue whatever punishment that is necessary….Kelly can’t just ignore this serious allegation.

  • Samuel

    Also it is the reporters responsibility to investigate this serious allegation, reporters need to dig deep and ask many pertinent questions, they just can’t be meekly lied to by team management.

  • Samuel

    Kelly is the leader of this team, it is Kelly’s responsibility to investigate if Williams said the same “N” word that Kelly suspended Cooper for saying. There are numerous eye witness reporters and players that said they heard this word being used by Williams, so it’s Kelly’s responsibility as leader of this team to do a complete investigation and issue whatever punishment that is necessary….Kelly can’t just ignore this serious allegation

    • OregonEagle

      “Kelly is the leader of this team….”.

      I think you can leave it there. Kelly’s policy at Oregon was that things that effected the team were dealt with. Things that effected people were dealt with in private, as much as possible.

    • therealpistolp

      Yeah because referring to yourself as one, and calling somebody one in a negative way are the exact same thing… Nice try though…

    • GoBirds1

      you are an idiot right. First of all CW used the N word referring to himself. And in case you have not noticed Cary is black in a private setting in the wry secure confine of the Nova Care complex. Since you can’t grasp the obvious, Riley is white, directed the N word to complete stranger Afro- American in a public setting. If you think these two events are remotely similar there something. Wry wro g with you.

    • UKEagle99

      He may well have been heard using the N word but if I am heard saying the word bomb am I a terrorist? It needs context. I would bet harribo to dollars if CW did say it he was quoting Cooper back at him. Sounds like only 2 people know the answer to that so lets leave it there and concentrate on Monday.

  • Filadelfia

    cooper is a punk

  • OregonEagle

    Have faith that CK knows how to deal with these things.

    Lagarrette Blount, starting senior running back and NFL prospect – suspended 9 games. Jeremiah Masoli, starting senior quarterback and potential Heisman candidate – suspended then released from team. Cliff Harris, starting senior DB and all-american prospect – suspended then released from team. I’m confident that all of the players will know what is acceptable behaviour within the context of the Philadelphia Eagles. If for some reason they can’t accept it, it will be next man up.

  • UKEagle99

    I think this has all been taken completely the wrong way. I think as they rolled to the ground Cooper asked if CW got his sconces free with a happy meal.