Eagles Wake-Up Call: High Expectations For Peters

It’s been more than 19 months since Jason Peters last played in a football game.

But he’ll take the field Saturday night in Jacksonville in what essentially amounts to a three-quarter dress rehearsal before the regular-season opener against the Redskins on Sept. 9.

Asked what his expectations are for a now-healthy offensive line, Peters said: “Try to be the best, try to give up the least sacks ever in Eagles history. That’s the first goal. And try to get a championship. We’ve got an athletic line, and if we come together, we’re gonna win games because it’s gonna start with us.”

The 31-year-old injured and re-injured his Achilles last offseason, but looked good during spring and summer practices before dealing with a hamstring issue. He’s now back at practice and says he’s feeling no lingering effects from the injuries.

As things currently stand, the Eagles are expected to go into the opener with a line of Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Todd Herremans and Lane Johnson. With the guys up front healthy and a new scheme in place, Peters is expecting big things from Michael Vick.

“It definitely fits his skill set because it’s a read-option offense,” Peters said. “You read defensive ends, the tackles. You’re reading linebackers, a run/pass offense. So it fits Mike real well.

“I view Mike as a Pro Bowler. You see what he did when he had his offensive line. He got the big contract, went to the Pro Bowl. If you ain’t got your offensive line as a quarterback, your play’s gonna drop a little bit, so that’s what happened last year. He didn’t have his offensive line, he was fumbling the ball, and that all comes with not having your starters protecting you. So I’ll evaluate him as Mike… if we give him time, he’s gonna make plays.”

The veteran left tackle anticipates a monster year out of LeSean McCoy too.

“He’s definitely gonna be over 1,000 yards earlier than he has been because the defensive line, the linebackers are going to be winded,” Peters said. “We steady gonna be pushing on the D-Line, so I think he’s gonna break out early this year.”

As for the offense as a whole, Peters expects the Eagles to have an advantage early in the season. Teams don’t know quite what to expect out of Chip Kelly in his first year. Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said he’s “looked at endless film” of Oregon to prepare for the Week 1 matchup.

Asked if he thought the Eagles’ offense would surprise opponents, Peters said: “I think they’re gonna be shocked. As the year goes on, people are gonna try to game-plan for it and get adjusted to it. But they’re gonna be shocked the first couple weeks, coming at ‘em quick, fast. We’re gonna see.”

Kelly will have to make adjustments throughout the season, but his chances of success increase greatly with a healthy left tackle in Peters.


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Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com catches up with Bennie Logan:

Logan, who can also play nose guard, will almost certainly start at some point this season and will definitely get snaps in the rotation, but another good showing Saturday night against the Jags — and any slippage on Thornton’s part — could accelerate the rookie’s entry into the starting lineup.

“Every game is my ultimate showcase,” Logan said. “My first game was to get the jitters out, second game I’m comfortable, I know the scheme, I know what I’m doing. Last two games is really where you put the stamp on everything, from OTAs, minicamps, and just show the coaches what you’re able to do and just go from there and leave it to the coaches to make the decision.”

Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz.com offers some thoughts for the upcoming season:

While I do think the Eagles can have a winning record and do some good things this year, that isn’t to say I think they’ll be a flat out good team. The Eagles will be flawed. The defense needs work. I’m sure there will be some issues with the offense. You never know what will happen on STs. And Chip Kelly will be adjusting to the NFL. He will make a couple of mistakes, on gameday or in how he handles some of the crazy situations that pop up.


We’ll hear from Kelly this morning and some players this afternoon.

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  • “He will make a couple of mistakes, on gameday or in how he handles some of the crazy situations that pop up.”

    You know, I really don’t think so. I remember one of the reasons they hired him was b/c not only did have an impressive offensive scheme, but he had answers on how to nullify defenses when they tried to counter.

    If anything you’re going to see players screwing up here and there – like in the Carolina game when Foles called the timeout or Barkley called the timeout ’cause Jones wasn’t lining up properly.

    • Media Mike

      I think Kelly protected himself against that when he decided to hire a legit NFL OC in Pat Shurmur. Shurmur got a raw deal in Cleveland, knows the NFL game cold, and will be there for Chip each and every time he’s needed.

      • Eagles4Life

        Precisely. I see us scoring a lot of first and third quarter points this season. That’s not to say we are going 16-0, but Chip is going to wreak a lot more havoc than people expect.

        • Media Mike

          I agree in the sense that I’m not really worried about anything Chip does as a coach (other than having the QB run too much especially with read-option run plays) holding us back. Bigger worries are Vick’s health / decision making and the overall play of the D.

    • knighn

      I’m into Chip Kelly as much as the next Eagles fan. At the same time I have my feet grounded in reality and know that no human being is infallible… even the great Chip Kelly (first-time NFL coach). To think that Chip will make no choices that he will regret is just not realistic.

      Chip is human, therefore he will make mistakes. He’s not Andy Reid so his mistakes may not be as glaring, but rest assured: Chip will make mistakes. What kind of mistakes? Glad you asked. Lawlor also covered that back in May. There you go, BBaaS, another Tommy article for you to try to criticize…


    • Dutch

      Kelly and the Eagles will run into problems with teams who may have an overall advantage in speed and size. This is the same area of problems that major FBS teams running the spread option have at the collegiate level. Faster bigger and intelligent athletes working together and focusing on their assignments instead of making the highlight reel play discipline enough to create problems for this offensive attack. Kelly could never win consistently against top tier FBS teams outside Oregon’s conference.

      In the NFL every team has world class athletes, some have more than others. He’s going to be forced into adjustments. That’s what I’m anxious to see. How will Kelly respond in a 10- 13 game going into the 4th Quarter.

  • Media Mike

    Simply put, Jason Peters is the best O-lineman in the NFL. I know the recovery from that injury scares a lot of people, but by all accounts Peters was moving well in every practice this off-season. I have zero concerns about Peters doing anything less than dominating all season. I look forward to Peters and Johnson completely and totally dominating Ware / Spencer, Orakpo / Kerrigan, and Tuck / JPP 6 times over this year.

  • ohitsdom

    I’m curious what Chip Kelly will think of Jason Peters’ comments. It seems like he has tempered the “dream team” and dynasty talk with the rest of the team. Any question to Mike Vick about the future and his expectations for the offense and he responds with something like “I’m just focused on being the best I can be today.” Night and day difference from last year with the dynasty talk, he seems to have completely bought in to Chip’s “win the day” philosophy. That’s why I’m a bit surprised by Peters’ comments, this is one of the few times we’ve heard a player speculate on probowl or project stats. I’m all for him being excited, but I’d rather them just go out and do it.

    • Media Mike

      Key difference:
      Peters – best o-lineman in the NFL
      Vince Young – lazy bum with no ability to read Ds or even attempt to ever act like a professional in his entire football “career.”
      Peters has every right to talk that way, Vince Young has every right to remain completely and totally silent until Jeff Fisher grants him the right to talk.

      • ohitsdom

        I’m not just talking about VY. It seems like the entire team the last couple of seasons talked about how great their potential was. Kelly’s focus is on today, win today and the rest will take care of itself.

        • Dutch

          Not talking up your potential and expectations doesn’t apply universally to everyone on a team. That’s the mindset of which marginal players take on their route to becoming overachievers.

          Peters is not a marginal contributor in any manner and is directly a key attribute to any success Kelly will enjoy his first season in the NFL. Peters has more than earned the right to say what he wants when he wants because he can back it up.

          • ohitsdom

            Disagree. That fire to never be satisfied and desire to keep working is what makes great players great. Tom Brady never talks like that, he has talked about his mindset being a 6th round pick and fighting to prove himself every day. When you start talking about how great you can be, you lose focus on the things needed to get you there. Vick is saying all the right things, I love that he shrugged off being named the starter and said he’s going to keep fighting everyday.

          • Dutch

            We will agree to disagree.

            Brady, like Manning talks a lot of crap under center. Brady a 6th round pick told Kraft exactly what he was going to do and how when he was sitting on the bench. He put the work in and did It. Brady was the same way at Michigan, he talked smack and was confident in his abilities…… I don’t know where you got the idea Brady never talks because that’s definitely not true.

            We’re not talking Vick, we are talking Peters. Peters is not out of order talking about his goals and expectations set by his own standards, and he has that right having been consistent since you’ve known him in reaching those goals.

            What you’re representing fits those individuals who are just happy to make the team, but Peters is not in that category of player and is considered by peers and pundits alike a definite Standout Super Star who always comes to battle ready to dominate.

          • ohitsdom

            Brady definitely talks crap. I’m fine with Peters setting his own personal goals, it was more the Mike probowl talk that rubbed me the wrong way.

      • Dutch

        You must have gotten the story second hand because that’s no where near what Vince Young said to the media that day.

    • Adam

      Not a big deal. If the season crashes and burns, do you really think anyone is going to dig up some comment that Peters thinks Shady is going to run for 1000+ yards? That’ll be the last of our concerns. Peters backs up his talk 100% on the field day in and day out.

      • ohitsdom

        Yeah, not a big deal. I’m just interested what Chip thinks of these comments. Most of the comments from the team this year have reflected a new culture that’s hungry to win. I could be reading too much into it, but the “projection” talk is a little too similar to past years’ culture for my liking.

      • Dutch

        I don’t see what Peters said as bragging rather than exposing the expectations that Peters has for his efforts to the team this year. What Peters said he expects is nothing less than the performance he turns in year after year if healthy.

        Sounds to me as if he understands his worth to the Eagles Offense and he should because everyone else in the universe knows.

  • William

    It’s funny how the media is starting to change their tune. When Kelly was first hired, they were saying that his style wouldn’t work in the prow because he would have the personnel, or this or that. Now they are saying ” this offense is going to be exciting. Vick wasn’t supposed to be here and Nick Foles was supposed to get traded because drafting Barkley meant he was gone. What I have grown to like about Kelly is that he is so unconventional. This is why I think the Eagles will win this year is because it appear that when every one thinks the Eagles are going right they go left . They are going to make a lot of folks eat crow.

    As for Peters, one word: BEAST. He is the best type of O-line . He is one that like to hit people. He reminds me a lot of Erik Williams from the Cowboys if anyone remembers the battles between him and Reggie White , a real beast. Peters, is cut from that are cloth, with out the dirtiness. I am really excited about this year . The best part about the summer coming to an end is the beginning of Football. Lets go Eagles .