What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s the weekly roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

Don Banks of SI.com writes that Chip Kelly is not about to let Michael Vick get comfortable:

But clearly Kelly is writing nothing in cement at quarterback this season in Philadelphia, and Vick should think of his starting designation as a status he’d be wise to earn a week at a time, for the next four-plus months. I listened to Kelly’s comments over the weekend, and I came away convinced that he’s on to something with the idea he introduced into his hotly contested quarterback derby: Namely that Vick at this point in his less-than-conventional career is better served by never being allowed to feel completely secure in the starting job.

In other words, here’s the carrot, and here’s the stick. Keep chasing.

Ashley Fox of ESPN.com weighs in on why Kelly chose Vick:

The guy is Vick. The reason is simple: The Eagles are Vick’s team. It is obvious. It might have taken Kelly several months to figure that out, but it is an inescapable truth. The players wanted Vick to be the starter. They like Foles, sure, but many look up to and admire Vick. Some idolize him. They all remember the Michael Vick experience. They remember how he ran as a rookie for Atlanta. They’ve all seen the good, and they believe in him.

Gary Horton of Scouts, Inc. has the Eagles’ offensive line as one of his most-improved units, league-wide:

This is a new offense under Chip Kelly that puts a priority on athletic ability and range by the guys up front. In addition, they must be able to block on the second level. All of these offensive linemen run well and have the attributes to flourish in this scheme.

Greg A. Bedard of TheMMQB.com likes what he saw from LeSean McCoy:

Also, for all the talk about the Eagles quarterbacks, the player who will reap the benefit the most from Kelly’s offense is running back LeSean McCoy (pictured at the top of this column, scoring against the Panthers). There might not be a better space runner in the league, and that’s the goal of that scheme—to create extra space. One more Eagles note: First-round pick Lane Johnson has been a standout at right tackle so far.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com offers his one lasting impression from  his visit to Philadelphia:

I never saw a huddle in two hours and 20 minutes. I saw Mike Vick complete seven passes in a row in seven-on-seven drills. I have no idea if the Eagles can play any defense, but this is going to be a fun offense to watch.

Adam Schein of NFL.com thinks the Eagles could be a surprise team:

Bottom line: The Eagles are going to be better than you think. I’m all in on Kelly and will continue screaming my belief in the NFL newbie from the mountaintop.

Could Philly prove to be the best of an average bunch in the NFC East and shock the NFL world?

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com predicts an All-Pro year for Evan Mathis:

The former journeyman is starting to get some credit; Pro Football Focus had him rated as the top guard in football last season. The transformation of the Eagles’ offense will depend on Mathis.

Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com says he’s rooting for Vick and the Eagles this year:

The awesomeness of Vick applies on the field, too. He remains one of the most perfectly constructed quarterbacks ever, a guy with a strong arm and beautiful throwing motion and tailback speed. He’s never had the right offense to showcase all of what he has, but what do you know? He has that offense now. Chip Kelly wrings every bit of production he can get out of his quarterbacks — he did at Oregon, anyway — and now he’ll try to do the same with Vick. If only he’d gotten Vick when he was 23 instead of 33 …

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 25th in his power rankings:

Chip Kelly sure has livened up that offense. And it looks like Mike Vick will be the starter. They will be fun to watch.

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  • Andy124

    OK Ashley, Kelly naming Vick the starter has everything to do with him being popular and nothing to do with Vick completing 13 of 15 passes and the rest of the stats that went with it.

    • What Would Saracen Do?

      I see what you’re saying, and the quote from Fox seems to insinuate that Vick’s locker room presence is the only reason that he got the job. She does mention his outstanding preseason performance thusfar in her full article.

      And to be fair, Sheil also makes that same point about the importance of Vick’s stature in the locker room in this article: http://www.phillymag.com/eagles/2013/08/20/three-thoughts/

      • aub32

        But what the hell does Vick’s speed as a rookie have to do with anything. There’s just always some stupid sentence that has no place in her arguments.

      • Andy124

        tbh, I’m reacting to the quote only. But it’s hard to imagine how she could have qualified that to something reasonable without directly contradicting it.

        No doubt that his locker room standing is worth writing about. But unless we’re insulting the players by insinuating they play harder/better for Vick than for Foles, mentioning his standing as a factor in the competition is unwarranted imo.

        • What Would Saracen Do?

          Fair points. Here are the relevant quotes from the rest of Fox’s article:

          >After deciding to bring Vick back for another season, this is the only decision Kelly could have made. Vick deserves to be the starter based on his play in two preseason games. He was accurate, smart, efficient and careful with the football. He moved the chains. He didn’t turn the ball over, save for an interception on a Hail Mary pass to end the first half against Carolina.

          Vick had a long touchdown pass to Jackson in the Eagles’ first preseason game against New England, showcasing his strong arm and the effortlessness with which he throws the football. He scrambled with ease in the second preseason game against Carolina, showcasing his ability to be a dual threat given his mobility. Vick completed 87 percent of his passes in two games. Foles completed 79 percent of his passes, but he lost a fumble in one game and in the other threw a weak interception when trying to throw the ball out of the back of the end zone.

          But it is more than just statistics and decision-making and repetitive accuracy, and Kelly apparently understood that.

          Asked if his decision was based strictly off of what he saw on the field or whether he took into account the locker room, Kelly said: “We evaluate everything.”

          Fox then goes on to elaborate on how Vick has taken a leadership role in the locker room (Riley cooper situation) and how a lot of the younger players (McCoy, Jackson, etc…) look up to him.

    • JofreyRice

      Beyond just the preseason game performances, I feel like the practice reporters have said that Vick has been clearly a lot better there, as well, since about the 4th or 5th day of TC.

      • Andy124

        I read it as more of a slight advantage once the pads went on, with Foles still winning some days here and there. But, yeah, I’m sure that played a role too.

        • Dutch

          Did you see Kelly’s comments in regard to spring practices? Before the pads went on there was only about 3 occasions where receivers were actually defended in their routes. Both QBs were playing catch with receivers up to the point of the pads. Once the pads went on and defenders were involved, Foles disappeared. He would not in games try throws beyond 10 yds.

    • ICDogg

      I think a lot of us are saying the same thing, basically.Had Kelly went with Foles, several of the other members of the offense would have a difficult time accepting that as a fair decision, especially in the light of the performances in camp and in preseason games that they have all taken part in.

      Some of these guys grew up when Vick was considered the ultimate weapon. And that’s part of it. But they also know what he is still capable of doing.

      • Andy124

        As I said below(or above depending on your sort), I was reacting only to the quote provided here. That quote doesn’t mention the competition. It states that the reason Vick is the QB is because of his teammates’ hero worship.

        Had Foles won the qb competition he’d be the starter, hero worship be damned. I’m willing to put at least that much trust in Kelly.

        Therefore, the hero worship is not a factor in the least. Would it be an issue if Kelly wanted to start Foles after Vick won the competition? Sure, but nobody’s going there.

        • Dutch

          Actually a lot of the pundits, Fox included never saw this as a legitimate competition. You can’t go back through Fox writings and find anything written by her that remotely suggest that she viewed this as a real competition and a threat to Vick’s starting position with the Eagles.

          Outside a few of you who participate on this forum, there were no credible pundits who believed Foles had any chance of defeating Mike Vick a 4 time pro bowl selection and former No.1 pick for the the starter’s job in Phila.

  • Wilbert M.

    “The transformation of the Eagles’ offense will depend on Mathis.” ???

    I know Mathis is very good, but has an OG ever “transformed” an offense?

    • RIP illa

      You would think Lane and Peters are the biggest difference makers.

      Hope Todd steps his game up soon. I’m sick of A gap blitzes destroying our QBs since 2010

      • Richard Colton

        that’s an under reported story from this offseason Illadelph – can both Jason Peters and Todd Herremans play their positions like 2011?

        • RIP illa

          Very. But Peters has been hurt so I can understand why. I also think Peters will return to form or somewhere close. Todd on the other hand…I just don’t know about. He struggled pretty badly all last season and doesn’t seem to be back to pre 2012 form.

          • ICDogg

            Herremans has been an up and down player for the last several years. Fortunately he’s been more up than down.

            But if it turns out that Herremans is the “weak link” on that line, that can only mean we have a very good line.

          • Richard Colton

            I feel a lot better now that Johnson is in the fold rather than Peters-Watkins-Kelce-Mathis-Herremans. I still think OG/OT will be right up there with DB for top offseason upgrades draft/FA

          • RIP illa

            I was thinking that as well. But I’m never comfortable w/ drafting a OG in the 1st and w/ the amount of holes we have on D that comfort level drops past the 3rd. So hopefully we can get a good FA pick up.

          • Richard Colton

            Way too early – but there’s a lot of stud DBs we can look at early in the draft. I’m hoping there’s a 2014 version of Andy Levetre we can snag next FA period. I’d love to get younger on the line moving forward.

          • RIP illa

            2010 he was real good next to Peters. 2011 he was more than ok for playing the right tackle for the 1st time. 2012 he flat out sucked. So much so that they had to constantly keep Celek and Harbor in to not only chip but actually stay and block. Unfortunately Celek’s pass pro in 2012 was only a little better, if not just as bad as Todd’s. so that’s why I worry bout him. He needs to get back to 2010 form. If he’s only back to 2011 form then that won’t be so bad either.

          • Dutch

            That’s because Herreman played like a guard put in to duty as a Tackle for emergency purposes. Herreman had to fill in for Harris and held down the edge as best he could until that position was addressed. Now the question is can he regain his forum as a guard on the opposite side, he played on the left now he’ll be on the right side of the line.

        • Dutch

          Not if you’ve been watching Watkins over the last two seasons trying to pick up blitzes and stunts. Watkins inability to play in sync or pick up his responsibilities has been a major concern and for good cause. 49 Sacks and 180 Hits on Mike Vick in the pocket.

          • Richard Colton

            that’s it, huh? age and injury doesn’t concern you at all?

    • ICDogg

      Yeah… I like Mathis a lot. But I don’t see him as a big difference maker.

    • Kleptolia

      Larry Little of the Miami Dolphins might not have transformed the offense, but he transformed the way offensive lineman were viewed.

    • Dutch

      Did you see how Watkins, a guard in 2011 and 2012 threw off the footwork on the Eagles line and how he never could elevate his play to be considered a solid contributing addition on the Eagles offensive line? Same problem with King Dunlap.

      Mathis’s ability to pick up the footwork and work in sync with Peters and Kelce was the key to his play and responsible for his resigning with the Eagles. However, as Dunlap, Watkins and Bell demonstrated, any one of the offensive linemen out of sync leads to a disaster when the concept up from depends on zone blocking.

    • reb

      Orlando Pace was supposed to “transform” not just the Ram offense, but “the game.” He was good, but I doubt he did all that.

  • JofreyRice

    Totally agree about McCoy. At first, I wasn’t sure if he’d be suited to running in the scheme, because I mistakenly thought of it as a 1 cut vertical ZBS like Houston or Washington runs. Now that I’ve seen it a bit, I think the purposeful easy recognition of the formations is going to create some huge opportunities for Shady to do some creative running, in terms of cutting back against an overpursuing defense. I’d argue that he’s got the best lateral explosion in the league.

    Kelly has really impressed me so far. Lurie talked about how he’s focused on more than just the offense. I’m hoping there are some tricks up his sleeve, in regards to the D.

    • poetx99

      right. i call it ‘choose your adventure’ in the running game. kelly gives his backs freedom to pick their holes, and, as a matter of fact, the responsibility to do so.

      and you’re right, shady is the best cutback runner in the league now. you almost have to diagram running plays with a hurricane vector of probabilities of where he will strike.

      and then this offense goes and takes an extra 2 or 3 people out of the box, leaves at least 1 unblocked and frozen by the keeper threat, and tells him, run where you feel comfy.

      it is going to be nuts.

      • Serious higlight reels.

        Can’t wait.

      • Kleptolia

        Is this the same poetx99 who was on the Atlanta boards for a while in 2009 or so?
        If you are, I just want to say that I really enjoy your football IQ. I wish I knew the game like you do.

        • poetx99

          yep. and thanks.

          its a lot easier nowadays understanding the game. Sheil and Tim here do a fantastic job. you have folks like tommy lawlor and derek sarley.

          fishduck.com, man… if there’s a pulitzer for football knowledge… they should get it. that’s a sportsnerdgasm right there.

          we got All-22 now (i don’t, but sheil does… so it’s like, same thing).


          i don’t think there’s ever been a time to be a football fan AND gain understanding of the sport as now.

        • poetx99

          shameless plug, i put stuff up on bleedinggreennation every now and then, including:


    • Dutch

      The Eagles ZBS is no different than the ZBS that Coach Howard Mudd implemented when he arrived in Phila. The difference between an Inside Zone run and Outside Zone run is the step and angle the Tight End takes to block the defensive end on the play side.

      The entire system of Zone Blocking relies on the Offensive Linemen steps in sync and angles. The concept is to block a combination of players at the point of attack forcing some kind of movement. Once the Offensive Line creates movement the tailback has the option to use any crease giving him the best possible advantage for positive yards. Often because of pursuit that means a cut or jump cut to the back side of the defense. Terrell Davis when he was with the Broncos under Shanahan was the prototypical tailback in an offense running a Zone Blocking Scheme.

  • B-West

    Yeah buddy. NFCE champs are here. Easily could happen. To me, it comes down to the o-line. If those guys stay healthy this year, I’m confident the results will be there. With that as the team’s backbone, I think the coaching staff pieces it together everywhere else. Shady for MVP!

    • Richard Colton

      if the Eagles run on 60% of downs – unlikely but possible AND Shady gets 85% of those carries – unlikely but possible AND he goes off – 1500 yards rushing and say, 350 receiving – possible AND (here’s the tricky part) Eagles go 9-7 and get a wildcard, It could happen.

      • B-West

        Predicting MVP for anybody is probably unlikely I guess, and it was more of an excitement thing. But, hell, I’ll make a case for him. I think its best to use Shady’s 2011 as a baseline. The o-line was healthy and the Reid regime hadn’t come all the way off the tracks yet.

        In review, Shady had 1624 yards from scrimmage (1309 rsh, 315 rec) and 20 Tds (17 rsh, 3 rec). The offense ran the ball on 44% of their plays. Shady got 273 carries in 15 games.

        Projecting, I think the O-line could be better this year. Kelce was a rookie that year and Watkins played a bunch at RG, altho Watkins was serviceable that year. Chip will crush that 44% ratio. Also, Chip’s offensive design should set Shady loose more often, as well simply running more plays overall. I think Shady gets more than 273 rushes. As a bonus, hes a highlight reel machine, which should catch the eyes of voters.

        If the overall offense can stay healthy, hes going to have a huge season. Hes 20/1 to take the rushing title, but hes not even on the board for MVP.

      • Engwrite

        Lets do some math. How many plays all together? The Patriots ran 72 last year. Although everyone expects The Eagles to run more than that, lets assume they merely match the Patriots.

        60% of 72 = 43 running plays. 85% of that is 37 running plays for Shady per game? Seems like a lot, wouldn’t you say? And if he gains1,500 yards then he will have averaged a measley 2.5 yds per carry.

        Permit me to re-arrange your assumptions: 72 plays per game (my assumption), 60% runs, 43 runs per game.

        20 for Shady @ 4.5 yds/carry = 1440 yds for the season. 15 carries for Brown/Polk. 5 carries for Vick. 3 carries for flanker/TE. That would add up to a lot of yards on the ground.
        With our Defense I expect that many games will be won by the last team to hold the ball and I wouldn’t be surprised if the do go 9 and 7. Nor would I be surprised if that’s enough for the NFC East.
        * All the positive assumptions above are contingent of course on turnovers, Vick’s health, everyone’s health, forthcoming U-tube revelations, Vick’s mental status, etc.

        • B-West

          Great points. To add on to that and incorporate my 2011 baseline, Shady averaged 4.8 ypc and 18.2 car/gm that season.

        • poetx99

          shady is going to average over 5.5 this year. book that. that was ATL’s team average in ’06, and they had no passing offense and did this against 8 and 9 in the box.

          this team will average over 5 ypc, and lead the league in explosive runs (20+ yards), and they will come from shady, brown, vick, and probably some WRs.

          the falcons ran the zone / cut block scheme and spread teams out laterally and they got tired of chasing vick and dunn. and every once in a while indecision or fatigue caused them to leave a gap opened, and that turned into a 30 or 40 yard gash up the middle.

          THIS team has all of those advantages (although vick is not rushing for 1000 yds this season and i don’t want him to), PLUS the fact that the no-huddle up tempo is going to have teams gassed much earlier, AND because they are going to empty the box with the passing threats on the outside.

          Oregon’s teams did this. 4 yards. 5 yards. stuff. 3 yards. 25 yards….

          teams will have to perfectly gap control every down. and tackle very well. vs shady? good luck with that. and versus OL who can get up to the second and third level? don’t forget, kelly is salivating over what he can do with jason peters also.

          can’t wait.

          • Kleptolia

            I agree about Shady’s average. If he stays healthy, he will have a massive year. He’s from the same mold as the Oregon backs who were so successful over the past 5years. Shady, however, has just a bit of Barry Sanders in him. With the space created by the Zone Read blocking schemes, he’ll be uncatchable.

        • Richard Colton

          You think they’re going to run 72 offensive plays per game? It could happen. unlikely IMO.

          The opening premise was “Shady for MVP” – that was really interesting. What would it take to get his name in the conversation in an era dominated by QBs? For starters, he needs to be the driver of the Eagles offense, and it has to be clear that it’s a running offense. Let’s use AD’s stats to compare – he had 390 touches last year. That works out to around 24 a game – pretty heavy workload. Shady doesn’t have AD’s cache – so I’m thinking he would need even more. Again, based on what we’ve seen so far, and CK’s college record with RBs (not the best comparison I know) it’s unlikely that we’re having a Shady for MVP conversation come December. But wouldn’t it be fun?

          • Engwrite

            Sorry. Didn’t realize it was MVP talk.

          • Richard Colton

            I just don’t see anyway he can do it, even a 2K yard season and rushing title wouldn’t necessarily get him there.

  • Cyrus Robinson

    Just playing Devil’s advocate, and I’m honestly curious…
    Is Mathis really that good, or did defensive coordinators just realize that attacking Watkins and other subpar linemen was easier and more fruitful? Kind of like the whole Nnamdi in Oakland situation, but with the O-line?

    • RIP illa


      Mathis has killed in pass pro on the left side. Has been known to lack a little power in GL situations but has held his own in run blocking outside of GL. W/ the addition of Peters I think we could very well see what we saw in 2010 w/ Todd and Peters dominating the left side and Shady reaping the benefits.

      But you are correct about the D-Coords attacking the right side of Kelce. People like to only remember the DB blitzes that got to Vick from the outside. However it was really the A-gap blitzes (as mentioned earlier) that have really killed our O since 2010. And those blitzes always came to the right of Kelce, or Mcglynn in 2010, and which ever lackluster gaurd that was next to him.

      • Maggie

        Unfortunately, Herremans is not getting any younger and might not be able to return to his earlier form.

  • ACViking


    The last people who know anything about the Eagles are national media folks who’ve only watched the Eagles on TV.


  • “I have no idea if the Eagles can play any defense, but this is going to be a fun offense to watch.”

    That sums up how I feel.

  • rick h

    I hope Vick has a great year and stays healthy!!! I am a Nick Foles guy but I understand the decision. However: DO NOT SIGN MICHAEL VICK TO ANY CONTRACT UNTIL THIS THIS IS OVER OR EVER AGAIN!!! Then tread extremely carefully. Just let him go unless he takes you to the NFC Championship game (highly unlikely). I LIKE MICHAEL VICK THE MAN!!! Vick the QB just gets hurt way too much and until he proves over the long term that he isn’t a turnover machine I say let him go.

    • I’m still saying Vick is a one year rental – the only way I see that changing is if we make a deep playoff run – actually if we make a playoff run period. So we will see. I never really thought he’d be here another year…but if the offense is as advertised…well…

      • knighn

        The Eagles defense could be very bad. Last season the Eagles defense allowed an average of nearly 28 points per game. Over the last 10 games of the season the defense allowed nearly 32 points per game (as opposed to only 21 points per in the first 6). While we would like to believe that this defense will be better, I don’t see any evidence that we have upgraded the defense. In fact, you can actually argue that it will be worse.

        All of that said: Vick could lead a very prolific offense that averages 28 to 30 points a game and the Eagles still may lose over half of their games! If Vick can stay healthy and can effectively run this offense, I think the Eagles bring him back. But that’s for 2014… and right now that’s looking too far ahead. Let’s just get through the rest of 2013’s preseason first!

        • Andy124

          Yeah, but you didn’t even get the Mike Tyson’s punchout photoshop (re: Kempski’s commedy), so what do you know?

          • knighn

            Damnit. I should have guessed that. I guess I just didn’t play enough video games growing up…. (but apparently I have watched plenty of movies!)

        • Maggie

          Last year the Eagles also had Washburn. A true cancer on the defense and in the locker room. I honestly believe that IF many players “quit on Reid” it was out of sheer desperation.

          • knighn

            I agree that Washburn’s scheme was bad for the team. Never a good thing to be that predictable. As for the locker room stuff, a lot of that might have been spin. At any rate: I try to avoid the serious name-calling (even though I don’t always succeed).

        • Dutch

          The Eagles may not have the final say on bringing him back. If he has a good year doors around the league will open. That’s a reason the Eagles can’t consider trading Foles or Barkley at this point. If the Eagles win 10 games, there’s going to be a scramble down at the Novacare complex trying to get Vick’s signature on another agreement.

          • knighn

            Vick will be a free agent and so he will have some choice. Still I’m not sure one year of exceptional play is going to sway people that strongly at Vick’s age (34 before next season). If his past performance was good enough he wouldn’t have had to take a pay cut in 2013 – he would have just gone elsewhere for more money. Now, if he plays exceptionally in 2013 other teams will wonder if it is just because of Chip Kelly’s system. And Vick, if he did have the choice for more pay in 2013, stayed here for a reason. Those same reasons will likely still motivate Vick in 2014… if he plays well enough in 2013.

        • KobraKai7474

          The Patriots have proven that a team can be successful with a mediocre or worse defense. That aside, comparisons to last year’s defense aren’t particularly relevant. The reality is that last year’s defense was reasonably decent (not good but decent) while Castillo was in charge. For better or worse, the players quit when he was fired. This year’s defense, if nothing else will NOT quit.

          • knighn

            This defense may not quit but does it have enough talent? Especially with new roles for a number of the guys? Kelly and Co may not call this rebuilding but it sure seems like it… and I feel like there is a lot of building left to be done with this defense. If the defense is truly terrible: The Eagles offense might average 28 points or more per game and the Eagles still might lose more than half of their games!

      • Dutch

        The only way I see Vick staying another year is because his wife insist they remain in Phila. Other than that, if he has a good year he’s definitely going to be in demand other places. Jacksonville with their stable of receivers and backs looks like a nice two year stop with deep pockets. I’m sure a two year contract worth 40 Million trumps his wife’s ties to Phila.

        After seeing how the Eagles treated McNabb and Dawkins he’d not be real smart to hang out here in Phila beyond this season.

      • defroe81

        if vick and the eagles make a playoff run this year we are winning our first superbowl in metlife stadium of all places. man i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • knighn

      If Vick has a very, very good season and only misses three (or fewer) games, I would not at all be opposed to the Eagles crafting a heavily incentive-laden contract to take Vick through 2016. Keep in mind: I have SERIOUS doubts about Vick, but if he proves he can run this offense and stay relatively healthy, it just seems worth it to give him an incentive-laden contract.

      If Vick plays very well there’s a good chance that the Eagles won’t be in a position to draft a QB… and Foles still hasn’t shown that he’s ready to take the reigns of an NFL team. So if the Eagles aren’t in the position to draft a QB in 2014, and Foles still hasn’t shown that he can run the team on the same level as Vick (although differently), why wouldn’t the Eagles sign Vick to another incentive-laden (though more lucrative) deal?

    • Dutch

      Does that mean you do not hold Foles to the same standard? Foles turn over record is higher than mike vick’s……

      • nicksaenz1

        Comparing 7 games (8 TOs) to 121 games (121 TOs) isn’t exactly a fair way to compare. I could go on to use last season’s turnovers, Foles 8 in 7 games, Vick 15 in 10, but then I’ll be told I’m a cherry-picker for stats or that we can’t use last season as a way to evaluate, despite it being the only season in which they’ve played in the league at the same time. So, sure, 8 in 7 games is technically worse than 121 in 121.

      • Warhound

        Vicks # of games played makes his historic trends much more viable as a statistical predictor.

      • tomw

        Most rookies have a lot of turn overs.If you are talking this years pre season, they both had two.

  • EaglePete

    Gregg Doyel reminds me a lot of so many of the talking heads insistence on Vicks skill set. Even after plenty of evidence to the contrary.

    “If only he’d gotten Vick when he was 23 instead of 33”

    This sums up the idolatry and appeal of Vick. Hes still selling potential at 33. A bit ridiculous at this point. Yes, it has always been the system, never the player. Hes either a coach killer or hes the product of too many coaches and systems, you decide. It borders on delusional at this point, I dont get it. I wont get it until he proves me wrong, Im guessing this is his last chance to do so. Although the rebuild, potential bad defense are all in line to help keep the perception going.

    • Richard Colton

      Nope. What you don’t understand is that THIS is the year things are DIFFERENT.

      The problem was Coach: Reeves, Mora, Reid, Mornhigweg, Reid…now it’s Kelly!
      For the first 13 years, he didn’t slide…now he will!
      For the first 13 years, he didn’t practice ball security…a 5 minute conversation changed that!
      For the first 13 years, he tried to be superman…now he’ll play within the offense!

      What’s your problem? You want the Eagles to lose? Or are you upset your boy Foles lost?

      • Andy124


    • Maggie

      Coach killer?? Now, where have I seen that before. Hmmm. Along with a lot of pointless and very personal attacks. Hmmm.

    • KobraKai7474

      The difference is that, thanks to the success Russell Wilson, RGIII, et al, it is now socially acceptable for an NFL coach to run the read option rather than than an over complicated west coast hybrid. Andy Reid was never going to do it and that is one of the many reasons he is now the Eagles ex-coach. Regardless, now the Eagles can run an offense that is not only perfectly suited to Mike Vick’s skills but to the entire returning offenses’ skill set. Vick may still be a bust this year, but, if he is, he will have no one to blame but himself.

      • EaglePete

        right, I get that, just like I said though…”I wont get it until he proves me wrong” I think were still waiting for that to win a superbowl though, its having great success “now” so I cant discount it. Defenses could catch up as they always seem to do. I think Kapernick is going to win a few myself but he looks to have all the skills and size to take the beatings. I guess Im just surprised at all the fawning after some mild success in two preseason games. Love the screen name.

  • Adam

    Sheil and Tim, is the podcast coming back this year?? More player guests!!

  • KobraKai7474

    Let’s face it, for better or worse, the read-option is tailor made for Michael Vick and not just for the obvious reason (ie his speed) but for the same reason he has never quite blossomed into greatness in spite of his physical gifts: He is not particularly good at reading defenses and, when necessary, finding his third and fourth options while standing in the pocket. In this offense, he makes a couple of quick reads and, if the receivers are covered, he is SUPPOSED to run and make the most positive yards he can. If his previous coaches had been smart enough to do that (and if he could have avoided injuries and legal entanglements), we would be looking at a Hall of Famer right now rather than a big slice of unrealized potential.

  • #7

    I just want the team to ignore the praise for once. Just put your head down and play football

  • Max Lightfoot

    I agree with Banks’ assessment. Kelly is never going to let Vick think that he is the starter, something that’s carved in stone (it’s gonna be sand, and stay that way). I think that Chip may yank (or at least threaten to pull) Vick outta there if his production starts to slide (like he should – feet first). Gonna be interesting at the very least!

  • ClamCop369

    Only thing worse than the beagles are it’s fans!

  • dislikedisqus

    In ESPN the Magazine’s team by team analysis, on p 94 they cover the Eagles and, obviously before the QB decision, they rndorse Foles. The reasoning is worth pointing out. They reviewed every NFL QB’s decision making in every game in 2012 and they said Foles’ drcision making was perfect in 4 of his 7 starts. For his whole season, his decision score tied Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers in the NFC and they were only outscored by RG3, Russell Wilson and Sam Bradford.

  • Scott J610

    The Eagles could “shock the NFL world”? Oh god, please stop! No more dream team crap. Lets just play ball and see what happens!