Camp Notes: Cary Williams Gets Benched

Both sides were asked to play nice. Cary Williams either didn’t get the message, or didn’t listen to it.

Not long into the scrimmage portion of the Eagles-Patriots practice, Williams got into it with receiver Aaron Dobson, grabbing the rookie by the facemask. Kelly sent him to the sidelines, and he stayed there for the remainder of practice.

“Yeah, we both talked [he and Bill Belichick].  Someone got in extra curriculars they were going to be done for the day,” said Kelly. “It was one way we made sure that didn’t continue.  So I don’t know exactly name-wise who it was for them, but he sat and our guys sat.  That was one thing we agreed upon.  We didn’t want this to turn into a wrestling match.  Both of our squads knew before it happened.  If you’re going to get in a skirmish, you’re going to sit.”

Kelly is not big on practice dust-ups to begin with. He preaches discipline, believing that if you respond during practice in that way, you’ll do it in the games as well and cost your team.

There were no other skirmishes during practice.


Arrelious Benn suffered a torn ACL. Story is up on Birds 24/7.

 Connor Barwin was ill Tuesday and did not practice. Jason Peters (hamstring), Dennis Kelly (back), Antonio Dixon (hammy) and Ed Wang (knee) did not practice. LeSean McCoy, who missed Monday’s practice with a minor knee injury, worked mostly off to the side.  Damaris Johnson left early with a hamstring injury. Felix Jones also suffered a hamstring injury.

  • Kushan Patel

    I had optimism for Benn, but I’m starting to think he’s not going to pan out..

    • Adam Banks

      Tore his acl apparently so I think we can safely say you’re right unfortunately

  • sconces

    Way it go sconces, FYI Riley Cooper was wearing green and white so you got after the wrong cat, jack.

  • Adam

    Great comment from Jamaal Jackson on twitter Re: Cary Williams fight. He said that getting in a fight the first drill so you get kicked out for the day is a classic vet move to get the day off. Not sure if that’s true but I thought it was pretty funny.

  • tdilla

    great post, thanks for sharing

  • Adam

    Just to add to this great summary, Watkins looked good in 1 on 1 drills, even stood up a few of the Patriots d-linemen.

  • A Roy

    Gave him a little extra time for shopping…

  • southy

    I don’t think Watkins’ issue has ever been physical. If he can lock onto someone then he’s a fine guard. His problems come in recognition, deciding who to block, dealing with extra rushers, stunts, etc.