Eagles Wake-Up Call: Most Overrated, Underrated Eagles

 NFL.com has been running a series where they go team-by-team and come up with the most underrated and overrated players in each franchise’s history. On Wednesday, they rolled out their choices for the Eagles.

A few highlights:

Tommy Thompson, Irving Fryar, William Thomas and Bill Bradley made the underrated list. On Irving:

The former Nebraska star caught 88 and then 86 balls in his first two campaigns in midnight green, the two highest totals in franchise history at the time (Brian Westbrook now holds the mark with 90 grabs in 2007). To this day, no other wideout has caught more than 78 in a season…The No. 1 overall pick by the New England Patriots in the 1984 NFL Draft averaged 74 catches, 1,022 yards and six touchdowns as an Eagle, despite hauling in passes from the likes of Mark Rypien, Rodney Peete, Bobby Hoying and both Ty and Koy Detmer.

You probably won’t be surprised to see Nnamdi Asomugha make the overrated team. Maybe Todd Pinkston being listed won’t move you much. But the rest of the group is interesting. NFL.com has Ricky Watters, Clyde Simmons and Norm Van Brocklin in there as well. On Watters:

If you take a look at Watters’ numbers from his three years in Philly, you might think I’m crazy for dropping him on this list. The guy averaged 3.9 yards per carry and 10-plus touchdowns per year, but Watters never embodied the city’s blue-collar mentality. This can be summed up by most Eagles fans in four infamous words: “For who? For what?”

Simmons is also listed in the underrated category, taking a little of the edge off his selection.

You can read the full article here.


Given Chip Kelly and Billy Davis‘ respective histories, this defense will be all about creating turnovers.

Michael Vick is the 25th best quarterback in the league, according to Ron Jaworski.


John Middlekauff from NFLs Future names Jordan Poyer as a seventh-round pick who can contribute in 2013.

I expect Poyer to give 2012 4th round pick Brandon Boykin (5’9) a run for his money for the 3rd corner job. At the end of the day I won’t be surprised if Kelly goes with a player he was involved in drafting, and knows well from college.

Jimmy Kempski has put together a list of the 10 Eagles the team can least afford to lose to injury. He has Fletcher Cox at No. 1.

In 2010, Jason Pierre-Paul was a rookie with the Giants. He was a role player, but flashed impressive athleticism, and made some plays. In 2011, there was a case for JPP to be the NFL’s defensive player of the year. In 2011, JJ Watt was a rookie with the Texans. Again, Watt flashed talent, and then in 2012 he became the best defensive player in the NFL, by a mile. Can Fletcher Cox be the NFL’s next defensive lineman to make that huge jump from Year 1 to Year 2?

It’s wildly unfair to expect him to make the kind of jumps that JPP and Watt made, but Cox absolutely flashed legitimate game-changing ability his rookie season, and he could be a player that the Eagles build around on their defense.


Happy 4th, everyone. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

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  • southy

    The NFL has 150 player- seasons of 91+ receptions. Kind of sad that our franchise mark is 90.

  • GEagle

    Most over rated player is Kurt Coleman!! he is much worse then anyone realizes lol…
    Vick being rated as the 25 best QB sounds pretty over rated to me as well lol

  • Johnny Domino

    Happy 4th everybody!

    What a country.

    • Warhound

      “…gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…”

    • Brenda Thompson

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  • MediaMike

    WAY off on Ricky Watters. He was a complete dope, but a great football player. “For who, for what?” didn’t diminish any stats.

    • GEagle

      Ricky was a BAWSS when he was here…I was at the for who for what game, and I friggin agreed with him..Why should our workhorse take unnecessary licks when the game is out of reach in garbage time?

  • MediaMike

    Trotter needs to make the overrated list. His signature style of play was a wrong guess on a run play, moving himself full speed to the wrong hole, and allowing the Eagles D to get gashed on a huge cutback.

    • GEagle

      How DARE YOU!!!!! Lol…That’s my boy, he can do no wrong! Lol

      • MediaMike

        I’ll drink beers and chop wood with Trot all day long, but let’s not forget all of those @&$^%#*@@() Tike Barber 20-40 yard long cutback runs because Trot didn’t gap contain well at MLB.
        My man was a straight up killer in the pass D / blitz game however.

        • Guest

          Really? You’re touting Trot’s pass D over his run D?

          • MediaMike

            His run D was sorely lacking. Do I need to repeat myself on the Tiki cutback party that broke out every game Trot played vs. NYG?

          • Guest

            Nah, I can read.

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah, Clyde Simmons was overrated. Good player, but to think he was an all-pro any year where Reggie wasn’t is absurd. You almost wonder if the numbers he was able to put up because he played with Reggie informed the decision to let Reggie go to Green Bay.

    • MediaMike

      I think Reggie deserves more credit as the greatest D player in the history of the NFL, but Clyde was a good player after he left here as well.

      • LT is the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL. He changed the game.

        • MediaMike

          A lie, repeated and perpetuated by the New York media hype machine, doesn’t become the truth. Reggie White has far better career stats than LT, sacked the QB 21 times in a 12 game season, and didn’t need cocaine to inflate his energy and strength level to play the game. LT freely admits to playing the bulk of his best years high on cocaine during games.
          Reggie White was a better player than LT.

          • Warhound

            Until his last year (or two?) Reggie averaged more than a sack a game!!!

          • Since when is coke a performance enhancing drug? I’m not sure if you followed the NFL much pre the mid 90’s, but a good portion of your favorite players were high on something, on uppers or downers, or under the influence of alcohol while they played. That’s just the way things went. LT in his prime was the most dominant player to ever play defense. I could care less about sack totals. Reggie was the most dominant DE to ever play but LT was the better overall player. One of the best to ever play the game, right up there with Sanders.

            And lets not get all high and mighty on LT’s off the field choices when comparing to Reggie. LT may have been addicted to some drugs and hookers but Reggie was a bigot, racist, and a homophobe.

          • Maggie

            I get REAL high and mighty about LT’s off the field choices when it comes to 50-year-old males and 14-year-old little girls. I like sports as much as anyone on this site but I get so tired of “men” getting praise and glory for catching a ball or making a tackle, while all the time they are hiding behind their money and fame to sexually abuse children!

          • Maggie where the hell did I say he gets a pass for what he did? I’m I was telling Mike that Reggies bigot racism needs to held in the same regards as what LT did. They both had tarnished reputations off the field. Please get off your soap box, I didn’t ask for a morality lesson.

          • MediaMike

            She does that often.

          • MediaMike

            I don’t care who did what off of the field but clearly you don’t understand the properties of certain drugs on human strength and endurance. LT being more dominant than Reggie is a clearly nonsense. Granted I missed most of LT pre-1985, but clearly the “dominant” garbage isn’t on the stat sheet and is mostly stated by the New York media. I trust less than none of what comes from those folks. He bothered Randall Cunningham ZERO over their mutual careers. Reggie’s failings of bigotry, etc. are a shame, but they don’t cloud my view of him as a player.

            And if you’re two best players on D all time are LT and Neon Deon Sanders, I can’t do much for you. ESPN hype aside, I’d take Darryl Green every day of the week over Sanders as a complete football player.
            Ronnie Lott would also qualify as a better player than both LT and Sanders.

          • It’s not a very good topic to debate. It’s like splitting hairs really, a lot of comes down to personal opinion which never ends well when it comes to debates. It’s really deciding if you like a Rolls Royce or Bently. Reggie dominate the LOS, LT could rush and cover. LT has a ring up on him Reggie, Reggie has the better stats.

          • I’d take Ray Lewis over LT any day. And in honor of this great holiday, and my lack of desire to quote too much from my old psychopharmacology texts…..cocaine is absolutely a PED. It just is. If you need more proof, ask the more sober google

          • Warhound

            All stimulants are PEDs.

          • Dutch

            That’s not a good comparison, they played two different positions. Ray Lewis never had the impact and range that Lawrence Taylor had. You could run away from Taylor’s side, Ray plays the middle, you’ve got to come see him. Taylor absolutely shutdown offenses from going to the left in any manner possible other than bombs.

          • I didnt make a comparison, I stated my opinion- which, when it comes to GOAT, is all anyone does. And I hate to break it to you but Reggie didnt play LB. But I guess we know where you stand

          • Dutch

            That is ridiculous………Deon Sanders was the sole reason for the phase”Shut Down Corner” in the NFL. Deon Sanders is the single corner in NFL history with the impact of Mel Blount and Lester Hayes after a significant rule change that you witness and enjoy today in covering receivers. Blount and Hayes could shut down a passing game but the technique used by Blount was outlawed by the NFL to make the game more competitive. It was Sanders under the new rules who would disrupt a passing game and eliminate an entire side of the field and shut down top performing receivers. Sanders on defense was always a threat to score when an opposing team threw the ball. There’s not been a corner with that kind of impact since or before.

            LT made the Giants right side defense inpenetrateable, Lawrence Taylor was to the linebacker position what Earl Campbell was to the running back position. Lawrence Taylor is arguably the greatest linebacker to ever play the game. I say arguably because Derrick Thomas was equally as disruptive.

            Lott couldn’t cover receivers, but receivers out right refused to catch the ball in front of Ronnie Lott on in an area where he lurked. If you caught a ball in the area of Lott he made you pay a premium price so that you didn’t think of coming over the middle again.

          • MediaMike
          • Sorry man, I’m not about to take a wordpress blog as a source. That’s just some guys opinion.

          • GEagle

            LT was a great OLB…Reggie was a great DE…problem solved lol

          • Dutch

            Reggie was awesome no doubt about it, but I’ve seen Erick Williams of the Cowboys and Southwest Phila’s Bartram High School, tame Reggie’s pursuit. Nobody loves Reggies as much as I do, but I’ve seen him handled by one Tackle and my hat goes off to Erick Williams who has to be considered one of the nastiest Tackles to play the game in the last 30 years.

            Having made that fact clear, Deacon Jones, Joe Green, Derrick Thomas and Lawrence Taylor I’ve never seen either of those defenders handled. I watched Derrick Thomas pile up more than 10 sacks in a single game. There were players that turned in performances under the brightest of lights in big games in the NFL that reminded fans of dominating kids in High School and weight league Football.

            Reggie was just as dominating, as was Bruce Smith. Reggie along with these other guys are in a league all by themselves they were “Game Changers”.

        • Maggie

          Mel Blount changed the game, along with the entire Steelers defence. Deacon Jones changed the game. Jim Thorpe changed the game. Jim Brown changed the game. Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh changed the game without setting foot on the field. The NFL has existed for quite a number of years now, perhaps even before you were born.

          • Great, thanks.

          • Dutch

            It’s apparent some of these kids, never saw those Rams fronts with Deacon Jones, and Olsen just as it’s obvious they’ve never witnessed Blount who is the single reason that receivers today have the 5 yd bump rule as protection down field. Reggies is one of the most dominant players I’ve ever seen, but Deacon Jones as well as Bruce Smith are equally as dominating and amazing and it’s Jones who is recognized as the most dominant Defensive End to ever play in the NFL. Lawrence Taylor was a trailblazer, however, Derrick Thomas who played with the Chiefs is just as much a legend at Linebacker who was as unstoppable as Lawrence Taylor any day of the week.

    • Brian

      You’re probably right. :(

    • Jack Waggoner

      I don’t agree. Clyde’s stats were inflated, to be sure, because of Reggie’s presence, but everyone always knew that, and didn’t overrate him due to that. He was considered an excellent player because he was an excellent player, because he took full advantage and got to the quarterback consistently.

      • JofreyRice

        Over/underrated is tricky, because it’s all based on perception. A savvy fan would know that Clyde’s numbers were what they were because of Reggie, and wouldn’t overrate him.

        It really comes down to the all-pro year, for me. Clyde was judged to be one of the two best DE’s in the entire NFL in 1992, because of the sacks. White made the Pro-Bowl that year, but there is just no way Clyde gets those sacks w/o White; so judging him one of the best DE’s in the entire league based on #’s that couldn’t be accomplished without #92 is a good description of overrating a player, for me.

        Clyde had 1 double digit sack year after he left playing with White. He was a consistently disruptive passrusher, but I think he got a little more credit than he deserved, considering. I’ll stand by the characterization of him as a “good” but not “excellent” player. I’d say Trent Cole’s career, so far, has been better than Clyde’s.

        • Elliptical M an

          “Clyde had 1 double digit sack year after he left playing with White.”

          I’ve seen this argument about Simmons before. Well, when he started his post-Eagles career he was 30. So yeah – he didn’t have the sack numbers in his 30’s that he did in his mid to late 20’s. It’s called aging, people.

          And btw – why does Simmons get hammered for being a White product while Jerome Brown gets a free pass? Because JB died at 27?

  • Max Lightfoot

    Happy Fourth, Tim and Sheil!

    • TMcManus247

      Same to you, Max!

  • Jack Waggoner

    And in the category of “probably cost us the Super Bowl but all anyone remembers is that McNabb puked”, I nominate Hank Fraley, who got trucked all game.

  • therealpistolp

    To compare Reggie off field to LT is asinine!! One was devout in his religious beliefs and the other was hopped up on coke and in and out jail..